Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Race baiters

What really chaps my hide is these two race baiters. Everytime some black motherfucker and/or bitch gets into trouble these two asshats show up and cause problems and the worse thing is that the liberal media won't hold them accountable for the damage they do. No one in the liberal media holds Jackson accountable for what he said about his own people (Jackson said that if he were alone on a dark street late at night and heard footsteps behind him he would hope the owner of those footsteps was white) and nobody holds Sharpton accountable for allying himself with sexist/racist Tawana Bradley. Speaking of sexist/racist,that reminds me of Crystal Gail Mangum who knowingly made a false rape complaint against the Duke university lacrosse team and Jackson vowed to pay all her expenses. I think the height of hypocrisy came when Jackson had the nerve to console Bill Clinton even though Jackson has had affairs of his own. Black America just bends over and does what these two say and they think nothing about it. Jackson and Sharpton come off like they oppose the "white slavemaster" (whoever that may be these days) but in reality they just want his job. These two just piss all over black America and black America just laps it up like a masochistic whore. These asshats,along with the rap community,foster anti-white racism but if racism comes against them they scream foul. Black America demanded that white America do something about the racists within them and white America has. Now it is time for black America to do the same and that is for black America to disown the racists among them otherwise it is bullshit hypocrisy and not worth it. So my message is clear,black America: do something about the racists among yourselves or shut up about other groups. You've played the vicim for so long and now that is the only role you know and since you know no one blames victims you cling to this role and willfully look the other way when the racist among you make anti-white comments and you try to make it look like you couldn't be racist. Bullshit,you are the world sees it. One of the most recently underreported things in the media is when Shaquille O'Neal made a racist remark about Steve Nash and O'Neal gets away with it,no one cared that he made a racist statement. Contrast that with what happened to Don Imus and that Imus was crucified for the statement he made. Apparently political correctness only works one way and as long as liberals asshat apologists run things it will continue to be that way.


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