Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Campaign For LIberty

As we look back over the past five years since our founding in 2008, we here at Campaign for Liberty are thankful for all of you who have stood with us to fight back against the statists, not just in Washington, D.C., but also in our states and towns across this country.

It hasn't been easy, and at times the odds seemed overwhelmingly against us.

But time and again, liberty movement activists have stood up in the face of tyranny and fought back.

Though at times it may be difficult to see, we as Americans have a lot to be thankful for -- even in the age of Obama.

At Campaign for Liberty, we are certainly thankful we still live in a country where we have the freedom to fight back and speak out.

As you gather with family and friends for dinner this Thanksgiving, be sure to give thanks for all that we have, including the lasting legacy of liberty passed down to us from our forefathers.

From all of us here at Campaign for Liberty, Happy Thanksgiving!

In Liberty,

Campaign for Liberty Staff

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Freedom Works Thanksgiving

From Freedom Works:

It’s that time of the season, when we take a look at our lives and reflect on what we are thankful for.

Family, friends, liberty, and community – I’m thankful for all of these. I’m sure you are, too.

But if I and the rest of the FreedomWorks staff had to choose what we are most thankful for this year…it’s YOU.

Our community wouldn’t be the force it is without you.

YOU are the reason we’re able to take on the Establishment in Washington. And YOU are the reason we’re able to challenge the powerful lobbyists looking to cut special deals.

None of our victories this year would have happened without the dedication and support of patriots like you.

For all of your hard work, the staff at FreedomWorks wanted to give you a big THANK YOU this holiday season.

happy thanksgiving.jpg

This year, patriots like you have driven more than 3 million phone calls and messages to Congress. YOU made your voice heard. And more importantly: you made a difference.

It’s because of your dedication to liberty and limited government that we stopped the war in Syria. It’s because of you we came within twelve votes of defunding the NSA’s unconstitutional spying – and next time, we’ll win. And because of you, we had a real debate over ObamaCare. And now, America knows you and I were right. ObamaCare is imploding.

Right now, we have the progressives on the run. We were the ones who knew it would fail. And with your help, we will stop ObamaCare and take our country back.

FreedomWorks didn’t do these things – YOU did.

We couldn’t have done these things without you!

Your hard work is driving the narrative in Washington.

And for that, I am thankful.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe Signature

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

The attempted murder of Eugene Delgaudio

From Public Advocate:

I’ve been putting off sending you this letter for a while because I didn’t want to worry you.

But late one night while sorting through pro-Family petitions from supporters like you, a thug crept in through a door, threw a blanket over my head and pummeled me with a rock.

Thankfully, one of my volunteers heard when I yelled for help. I thank God that when he came running into the room, this goon was startled and ran off. I wasn’t seriously hurt.

I’ve gotten death threats before -- nearly two dozen this year alone -- and I never take them lightly. But when they go beyond threatening and actually try to kill me, it’s a whole different story.

There’s more my friend...

They harass my family and neighbors trying to turn them against me.

Radical homosexuals recently littered my entire neighborhood with hateful flyers filled with terrible, false accusations I dare not repeat -- I was out until 4:30 in the morning going door to door gathering them all up so my children wouldn’t see this trash.

They know their father is a good man and that I stand up for what is right, but when they have to defend against these vicious attacks in school, it really hurts them.

But that’s not even the worst of it: strangers have followed my family around town...

Idling cars sat across the street at all hours of the night...

...the threatening phone calls and the outrageous lies... oh, it’s endless... but thank the Lord for He truly blessed me with a family so strong, so brave... and yes, so supportive!

I’ve taken precautions to protect my family. Some things I’ve told you about, but some things I must keep confidential or they’d be in more peril.

Will you pray for my family and me? I need your prayers!

To top it all off... a throng of homosexual offenders and evildoers now demands I turn over ALL my private records and correspondence.

They know with Barack Obama controlling the U.S. Justice Department, I’ll get no help -- and they’ll have their guys on the inside.

I know you don’t want the Homosexual Lobby to know our plans to stop them...

If I were to comply, they’d know everything. They even demand I turn over confidential lists of supporters like you.

And because of the grassroots pressure from pro-Family Americans over the Gay Bill of Special Rights, we all know why the Homosexual Lobby and their political cronies want access to Public Advocate’s confidential information...

Private residences targeted for vandalism, individual supporters targeted for harassment, even violence by virulent homosexual activists...

I can’t... I won’t. I will fight them every inch on this. I will burn the records and shred every document before I’ll turn anything over to the Homosexual Lobby.

You can count on me to protect your privacy, my friend, but I need you by my side in this...

All of this, at times, just seems too much for me. Then I pray and turn to the Lord.

My wife Sheila comforts me as well.

The Homosexual Lobby wants to shut us down or bleed us dry, whichever comes first... Either way, these radical deviants want your Public Advocate closed for good.

They want me silenced... and you, to be shut up and out of commission.

With you and me out of the way -- and Barack Obama in the White House -- they know they can’t lose. I won’t let that happen!

“Homosexual rights” sympathizers and their government allies are trying to force me to jump through one bureaucratic hoop after another -- telling me what I’m allowed to tell Public Advocate supporters.

The state of Minnesota demanded as much as $100,000 and a completely new audit that costs us $1,000’s and time away from our fight for morality.

And Pennsylvania, Oregon, Tennessee and elsewhere are telling me what I can and can’t say to you and other Public Advocate supporters.

They demand I pay thousands of dollars or they threaten to have their State Attorney General come after your Public Advocate.

They call their demand for money “fines”, I call it extortion.

Filing charge after frivolous charge, until you and I either conform to their new standards -- which is just another form of thought control -- or we’re forced to shut down permanently.

The paperwork to comply with all their demands piles up.

But the Homosexual Lobby knows I can’t fight to oppose the Gay Bill of Special Rights, defeat the Homosexual Classrooms Act or defend marriage if I’m bogged down in reams of bureaucratic filings.

The demands stack up. The costs are staggering. It nearly broke my heart to contact my attorney to tell him the latest news. He’s already overworked with other court actions and concerned we won’t have the funds to fight current battles.

Then I had to tell my lovely wife Sheila the bad news.

She has been through so much these last few years, and the thought of telling her about the latest attempt on my life was almost too much for me to bear.

And all the while, we’re still dealing with the legal and financial turmoil stirred up by the enemies of the family.

Of course, the radical Homosexual Lobby rakes in buckets of cash a year --a huge chunk of it from your tax dollars– so they never have financial troubles.

It’s nothing for them to dump a million or so bucks to keep me buried in attorney fees and court costs and away from the Halls of Congress where I do the most good.

And what good Christian man would harass them the way they do me?

I don’t want to shut my doors but the thought of tens of thousands of dollars more in attorney and court costs is overwhelming. I just don’t have it in the budget.

Can I count on you for an emergency contribution of $20 to help?

My friend, I must also be able to fight the Homosexual Lobby in Congress... I’m asking you to generously give $20, $15, $10, or $5 right now.

It would really make a huge difference.

Whatever you can afford, please send it in immediately -- I know what a sacrifice this is and believe me, if I could pay for this on my own I would.

I must have enough money to cover what could be a mountain of legal fees and at the same time prepare for an all-out homosexual onslaught.

How can this happen in America?

I’ve never let the radical homosexuals intimidate me.

And I never will.

My wife Sheila and I are still agreed on this: Our work is too important to be scared off.

But to fight effectively, I need you to stand with me.

My friend, your contribution of $20 -- and maybe even a note of encouragement right now -- would be such a blessing to me.

The Homosexual Lobby has been waiting for a moment of weakness to strike.

Now with their Democrat allies controlling the White House and Senate they feel victory is at hand -- if only they shut down the pro-Family voice.

You and I are the only reason they have failed to pass the Gay Bill of Special Rights and the Homosexual Classrooms Act through Congress yet.

Last year, by God’s Grace and with your help, Public Advocate exposed the Homosexual Lobby’s subversive plan to indoctrinate our nation’s youth into accepting homosexuality as a “lifestyle choice” to be “experimented” with.

They call it the “Student Non-Discrimination Act”, a relatively nice sounding bill name that would have disastrous consequences for our school children.

Had we failed, the Homosexual Lobby would have everything they want.

Schools, from high school down to kindergarten -- yes, our 5, 6, and 7 year olds -- would be taught a pro-homosexual curriculum.

The federal government would rewrite our nation’s long history of moral strength and values into a “class struggle” against Christian “oppression” and “bigotry.”

Your children and grandchildren will be taught that the values you hold dear, the traditional morals that made this country great, are evil -- they will be turned against you and against God.

You and I can’t let them succeed!

Though we have staved off the Homosexual Classrooms Act, we are already on the defense this year. The Homosexual Lobby won’t give up. They never rest in their schemes to pervert our nation.

Adult homosexual lobbyists walk up to me in the Halls of Congress and ask about my son by name. I’ve heard that these veiled threats are common; other families are also in danger. These homosexual lobbyists have corrupted other children...

What kind of a person does this sort of thing?

It reminds me of the homosexuals who clamored for the angels at Lot’s door before God’s justice destroyed Sodom.

I’ve seen the men with cameras outside my home...

One time a car drove by with a video camera as my family was taking a walk.

And there’s the time a man appeared to be going through our garbage.

And the letters, emails and crank phone calls...

One wrote me saying, “You are a pox on this county, this nation, and this species, Mr. Delgaudio -- a virulent disease.”

And this was mild compared to others...

But you stand with me. Don’t you, my friend?

If you will continue to stand with me, I know we can beat them again.

Please click here to make a generous contribution now.

Members of the establishment news media constantly attack me in the most underhanded manner. Their smear tactics are easily refuted, but their power to reach broad audiences just can’t be matched.

But it’s your support I care about and desperately need...

...And I need your prayers.

The mocking by the Homosexual Lobby is like a constant noise now.

The laughter of the rich lobbyists and some elected officials is derisive and hurtful. They play to the Homosexual Lobby and they know they have power.

I would not be human if I didn’t tell you that sometimes I cry from the pain.

But the support you have given me keeps me in this fight... a fight that does make a difference for the family and our values.

And there are workers and fine patriots who join me and give me encouragement.

I hope and pray that I do not demand too much.

I pray constantly. Hoping that I have told you everything about what we are up against and what is needed to stop this evil.

And Public Advocate keeps on bringing petitions, visiting Capitol Hill, the White House, and the courts and federal agencies.

I am not stopping my daily and nightly efforts to speak out.

One pro-Family radio network compared your Public Advocate to the early Minutemen -- it’s good to be appreciated and recognized by members of the conservative talk show network as I have been.

But the other side is pouring on the lies and attempting to destroy me and everything we have worked for.

I am still shaken from the latest attempt on my life...

Just hours before a crazed homosexual activist -- Floyd Lee Corkins -- opened fire on another pro-Family organization, he was waiting to ambush me at a local restaurant where I often eat breakfast.

And Corkins himself has admitted on video that he used materials from the virulent, anti-Family Southern Poverty Law Center.

Worse yet, after this shooting, the SPLC attempted to publish my home address.

Thank God, a judge stepped in and saw this for the danger it obviously was.

And I remember the first massive effort to silence me back in 1992, with flyers posted in gay bars with my personal phone number.

Will you help me stand up to these deranged bullies by giving your most generous contribution today?

Can I count on your contribution of $20 today?

This fight is bigger than any one man.

You and I are fighting for our nation’s soul.

Don’t get me wrong. I am willing to take reasonable risks for the cause you and I champion, but that doesn’t mean I’m eager to do so... or that I am reckless.

I’ve had to toughen up security at the office.

And I’m never alone anymore.

Even working late at the office, I have volunteers who’ve committed to stay with me in case the radical homosexuals try again.

Some of my most trusted allies and friends have even suggested I hire a professional bodyguard, though I hesitate to go that far.

You see, every penny I spend on security is a penny I can’t spend fighting the radical Homosexual Agenda in Congress.

That’s why I need your help right away.

Please click here right away to chip in with your generous gift.

The Homosexual Lobby has already passed the Gay Bill of Special Rights in the Senate this session.

And if they bring up the Homosexual Classrooms Act tomorrow, I won’t have the money to fight back.

Your most generous contribution will go a long way toward preparing for that.

I know I’m asking for a lot, but I have no choice.

Without your support, you and I might not win this next battle.

As it stands now, I don’t even have enough money to fight the new wish list the radical Homosexual Lobby plans to force through Congress.

Bills that would force religious adoption agencies to hand over children to practicing homosexuals and give special loans and other benefits to homosexuals... the list goes on...

And I estimate that I need $153,000 in the next few weeks if I’m to be prepared for all of that.

The radical homosexuals have their liberal friends, Hollywood stars and your tax dollars to bankroll their agenda.

But remember, we do have weapons at our disposal. We even beat the Homosexual Classrooms Act together.

I have the truth, and I have you and your support.

Even when they threatened my family with physical violence and forced me to place my children into hiding, burned my private property and hurled their threats and insults at us, you and I did not back down.

Even now, there is hope if we stand together again, so please click here to give a generous emergency contribution.

I know I ask a lot of you. But if you and I stick together, we can beat the radical Homosexuals and their friends in Washington again this year.

I simply must have your help.

Please, my friend, prayerfully consider a contribution of $20, $15, or $10.

Or if $5 is the most sacrificial gift you can make, please send that right away.

Whatever you can best afford, please act today.

Please, I’m counting on you.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. In the past, militant homosexuals have attempted to kill me, threatened and stalked my family, and smeared my good name across the media. But all that did was make me more determined than ever to fight back.

At this very moment, I'm readying Public Advocate's fight against the Gay Bill of Special Rights in the House of Representatives.

And any day, the Homosexual Classrooms Act could return to Congress, so I must have your help.

The Homosexual Lobby is a powerful enemy -- so I’m asking you to generously give $20, $15 or $10 right now.

My friend, even $5 would be a special surprise and such a boost to me.

Please click here to give right away.

Don’t give up hope. Don’t give up the fight!

To Donate

Oppose NSA spying

From Fight For The Future:

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Congress must think we’re easily fooled, or just not watching. That’s the only explanation.

Dianne Feinstein and a team of NSA cheerleaders in Congress are trying to sneak through a fake NSA reform bill that would actually give the government more power to continuously monitor our phone calls, text messages, email, and internet usage.

The most important thing to do right now: click here to stop fake fixes to NSA spying in its tracks.

If you think the NSA’s programs are bad now, wait until you see what they’d do with even more legal authority to spy on us in secret.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to find out what they would do with unprecedented legal authority.

Click here to tell Congress that you’re NOT easily tricked. Demand that your reps stop the fake NSA fix from moving any further and pass real laws that end mass surveillance.

For the first time ever, public opinion is totally on our side -- but Congress can be super sneaky. The Senate Intelligence Committee debated and modified Feinstein’s bill in secrecy, and already they’ve been spreading misinformation about it, claiming that it ends NSA bulk collection when really it expands and protects it.

It’s up to us to make sure that our friends and family aren’t fooled by NSA defenders. Forward this email to anyone who might sign, and use the buttons below to share.

We can kill this bill. But we can’t waste any time. The NSA’s defenders have already rammed this through the Intelligence Committee (who are supposed to be keeping the NSA in check), and it will be heading for a vote on the Senate floor soon.

Click here to tell your lawmakers not to be fooled by the fake NSA fix.

Thanks for all you do.


Fight for the Future

Protect your Fourth Amendment rights

From Rand2016:

The British government's abuse of general warrants was one of the kick starters of the American Revolution.

Sadly, our government still insists there is no expectation of privacy when it comes to your bank records, visa purchases or internet searches.

And the worst part is supporters of the surveillance state are trying to define government spying out of existence.

Recently, Senators who defended the government's data mining program proclaimed that no American is being spied on.

I hope you'll take a few moments to watch this video I recently released exclusively to where I discuss these attempts to airbrush government abuses out of history.

And after you watch the video, I hope you'll sign your "Fourth Amendment Protection Act" petition and demand your Senators slam the brakes on the assault on our protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Once you sign your petition, please make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 so I can mobilize millions of Americans through email, direct mail, online and social media ads to dial up the pressure on their Senators to support my Fourth Amendment Protection Act.

If that is too much for you to afford, please chip in a contribution of $25 or $10 today.

I thank you for all that you do.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. I recently released a video exclusive to where I discussed how defenders of the surveillance state are trying to airbrush out of history the government abuses of our Fourth Amendment protections.

I hope you'll take a few moments to watch this video.

After you watch the video, please sign your "Fourth Amendment Protection Act" petition and make your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, $35, $25 or $10 right away.

Sign the petition

We don't have a link to the video at this time but I hope to get it soon. However the petition is ready for signing and if your Constitutional rights matter to you then by all means sign this petition. The rights you save may be your own.

Donate to Audit the Fed

A couple of articles from Campaign For Liberty:

We've passed Phase One of our Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb!

Nearly 3,000 Campaign for Liberty supporters chipped in to help us implement Phase One's targeted mail and email program.

Already in this fight, C4L has generated over 50,000 petitions urging U.S. Senators to support Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill!

However, the most powerful forces in American politics - such as the Big Banks, the Wall Street financial firms, and every special interest who benefits from the Fed's loose money policies - are lined up against us.

Victory is going to require every possible resource at our disposal.

So I've decided to extend our Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb through Tuesday, November 26.

It's critical we reach Phase Two of our program by hitting the $145,000 mark.

These added funds will help pay for Internet, radio, and newspaper ads in target states to turn up the heat on fence-riding Senators to support Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill.

We've got a little over $44,000 to go and about 72 hours left to reach this new goal.

I know that's not a lot of time, so I need you to act now.

Are you with me?

If so, please help turn up the heat on the Senate by chipping in with a donation to the Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb.

Please click here to make a donation now.

Time's running out.

In Liberty,

John Tate

and this:

We're closing in on our Phase Two fundraising goal, but time is running out!

Campaign for Liberty has set a goal of raising $145,000 by midnight November 26 to fund Phase Two of our Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb program.

C4L is launching a hard-hitting program designed to turn up the heat on the Senate to force a vote on Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill, but first we must reach our goal.

So will you please chip in a with a donation of $10, $25 or more?

We can reach our goal, Ray, but only if you chip in now.

Please click here right away to donate to the Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb.

In Liberty,

John Tate

To Donate

We can beat these people. We've done it before we can do it again. We can tell powerful special interests that are pro-statists to stick it where the sun don't shine. So let's do it again.

For those who don't want Hillary to be President

From Stop Hillary PAC:

One week.

That's all we have to set the stage for an epic showdown with Ready for Hillary - the Hillary Clinton Super-PAC commissioned to elect Hillary Clinton our next president.

Let me explain: November 30, 2013, is the most critical deadline yet for Hillary's presidential campaign. The political world - Democrats and Republicans alike - will judge the strength of her candidacy by the amount of money raised and supporters gained as of next Saturday. Depending on your help...this month could literally make or break them.

In anticipation of Ready for Hillary's end of the month push, Stop Hillary PAC is gearing up to have our biggest month ever. But first, we need to raise an additional $72,000 to fully fund our efforts.

Don't get me wrong, this is a big undertaking. $72,000 is a lot of money. But if we can even $36,000 between now and the end of the month, we can hit our goal. Can I count on you to do your part?

Please chip in $25, $50, $100, or more to Stop Hillary PAC right away.

November 30 is like the playoffs. Your record during the regular season doesn't matter anymore. All that matters now is how you perform when it really counts.

Well,this is it. This is the month that really counts. We either shut Ready for Hillary down right now, or we'll be looking at President Hillary Clinton. Four years of Hillary's political pandering and radically left experiments will be painful. A Hillary Clinton White House will simply be devastating.

You've pledged to help us STOP Hillary and prevent her from ever becoming President of the United States. Now I beg you to put your money where your mouth is.

Please chip in $25, $50, $100, or more to Stop Hillary PAC right away.

It's all coming down to November 30, 2013, and we have just 7 days to prepare. Please, help Stop Hillary PAC raise $72,000 to ensure we end Hillary's dreams of ever becoming president.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Ted Harvey
Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Colorado State Senator
Co-Founder, Stop Hillary PAC

P.S. It's time for Hillary to throw in the towel and retire from the career she built on ruining American lives. Keep Hillary out of the White House by kick starting her retirement with a donation of $25, $50, $100, or more to Stop Hillary PAC today.

To Donate

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Realing shoking stuff

From Citizens For Self Goverence:


We’re tired of government intimidation, corruption, and incompetence, so we’re fighting back. Here’s the latest:

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker supporters had their homes raided and subpoenas issued in a taxpayer-funded, opposition-research campaign.

The GOP is conducting yet another ridiculous strategy to fix the unfixable ObamaCare, and a constitutional attorney says, “The state can’t impose penalties for noncompliance with state mandates when Obamacare compliance is impossible.”

A WashPo columnist accused the Tea Party of being – once again -- racist.

There’s been a lot of talk about JFK’s legacy, but listen to what he said about taxes!

And in Florida, citizens are fighting back against United Nation dictates!

Lastly, listen to Citizens for Self-Governance Founder Mark Meckler explain The Convention of States Project, the Sue the IRS Project, and why the success of those Florida citizens is so significant.

Thank you for standing with Citizens for Self-Governance in defense of liberty. Stay up-to-date with the latest news on the issues you care about by following our Twitter account and “liking” us on Facebook.

Thank you,

Pam Wohlschlegel
Director of Grassroots

Sign the petition to retire Mitch McConnell

Fellow Conservatives:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) used the "nuclear option" yesterday to eliminate the free and open debate of judicial nominations.

Harry Reid did this because he knows Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will let him get away with it.

Reid Nukes McConnellThe only way to deter a nuclear attack is to make it clear that the response will be equally devastating. Unfortunately, weakness is the only message Mitch McConnell has sent the Democrats on this issue.

He's been so ineffective that even his allies in the mainstream media are mocking him with political cartoons like the one shown here from Politico.

Please sign the petition to retire Mitch McConnell.

This is the fourth time Mitch McConnell has allowed Harry Reid to chip away at the freedom to debate in the Senate.

In 2011, Harry Reid used the threat of the "nuclear option" to prevent senators from forcing the public reading of legislation. Mitch McConnell supported the change while conservatives like Jim DeMint (R-SC) opposed it.

In January of this year, Harry Reid used the threat of the "nuclear option" again to shorten debate on legislation and to limit the number of amendments that can be offered by senators. Mitch McConnell supported this change too while conservatives like Ted Cruz (R-TX) opposed it.

RetireMitch.comThen in July, Harry Reid used the threat of the "nuclear option" a third time to confirm President Obama's radical nominees. Mitch McConnell backed down yet again, allowing every single nominee through, including Richard Cordray for the new Dodd-Frank agency, Gina McCarthy to head the EPA, Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor, two people of Obama's choosing to fill the vacant slots at the National Labor Relations Board, and Todd Jones to head ATF even though he was at the scene of the "Fast and Furious" scandal.

Take a stand and sign the "Retire Mitch" petition today.

Each time Mitch McConnell capitulated, he said it would save the filibuster, but each time it encouraged Harry Reid to go even further. Now radical judicial nominees will sail through on a simple majority vote.

When asked by reporters yesterday what he would do to respond, Mitch McConnell said it wasn't time for "reprisal" but instead time to "be sad."

That's it? Republicans are just sad? If the roles were reversed, Harry Reid and the Democrats would have shut down the Senate by blocking all legislation and by objecting to all procedural requests.

Mitch McConnell must be replaced by conservative Matt Bevin in Kentucky's May 20 Republican primary election.

Matt Bevin (R-KY)We need leaders in Washington who have the courage to fight for our principles and to defend our freedoms.

Matt Bevin is not only a courageous conservative, he's also a more compelling candidate with a better chance of defeating the Democrat in this race.

Mitch McConnell knows how to play hard ball, but he only does it against conservatives. When it comes to dealing with liberals, he capitulates. He's helped them pass bailouts, debt limit increases, tax hikes, and funding for Obamacare.

If we want to change the leadership in Washington, we need to help Matt Bevin replace Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

Please sign the "Retire Mitch" petition and donate to Matt Bevin's campaign.

With your help, we can change the Senate next year.

Best regards,

Matt Hoskins
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fight TPP aka SOPA

It's official: the Trans-Pacific Partnership is SOPA on steroids. Thanks to a leaked chapter of the secret international treaty, we now know that the TPP would grant unprecedented snooping and censorship powers to ISPs, copyright holders, and governments.

The TPP would impose SOPA-style censorship on internet users everywhere. Click here to tell your lawmakers to stop it.

The TPP -- a trade agreement between 12 of the world's most powerful nations -- would encourage ISPs to censor web content, prosecute supposed copyright infringers without due process, spy on your web activity, share your private data with copyright holders, and even block your internet connection altogether.

The intellectual property provisions in the TPP -- leaked by WikiLeaks last week -- amount to a wish-list for Hollywood and Big Pharma: criminalizing small-scale downloading, destroying Fair Use standards, and undermining access to medicine for million of people worldwide.

We still have time to stop this corporate coup d'etat -- tell your lawmakers stand against censorship and corporate protectionism.

Put simply, the TPP sacrifices our rights to serve the interests of giant companies. Lax food safety rules, unregulated fracking, overseas job shifts, rocketing drug prices, internet monopolies, slashes to public services to profit Wall Street robbers -- are just some of the projected effects of the TPP.

And if the President has his way, this thing will be "fast-tracked" through Congress -- which means lawmakers' won't get a chance to debate or modify the trade law.

Click here to tell your lawmakers to reject fast-track trade authority, and stop the TPP -- before it's too late.

Thank you,

Demand Progress Team

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Repeal Obamacare

From The National League of Taxpayers:

President Obama and his big-spending pals in Washington have been piling on to our national debt with every passing day.

And they’re sparing no expense when it comes to the massive federal-government boondoggle known as ObamaCare.

Obama’s signature healthcare law is already costing the American Taxpayer BILLIONS of dollars.

Businesses across the country have been forced to scale back employee hours, or worse, cut them off completely from their payroll.

You see, American businesses are preparing for the tidal wave of taxes and regulations inside the ObamaCare monsoon.

Higher premiums; canceled coverage; lower quality healthcare . . .the list goes on.

Everyday another story surfaces on the plagues ObamaCare promises to bring.

I’m usually a "glass half full" kind of guy. But there’s nothing positive about a glass filled with endless debt and failure -- all funded on the taxpayers dime.

Plain and simple, the Obama Administration did not plan and prepare for one of the most important aspects of the President’s signature "accomplishment."

And once again our bloated federal government has proven they're incapable to oversee this massive and unprecedented expansion of power.

The fight to get rid of ObamaCare is far from over.

And through your support, the National League of Taxpayers is able to fight against this radical agenda every step of the way.


Gary Paumen, President
National League of Taxpayers

P.S. You and I have an opportunity.

Thanks to the government shutdown battles, we know specifically which Members of Congress to target, since we saw how the chips fell this last round.

If you and I generate enough pressure, lawmakers will hold the line against Obama and his big-government allies in Washington during the next ObamaCare fight.

Or they'll be learning a lesson in the power of angry voters next election.

If you have not already signed your "Repeal ObamaCare" petition, click here to do so right away.

Indefinite detention is coming up again

From Rand2016:

Sometimes my colleagues' callousness toward the very foundations of our country makes my head spin.

If the federal government can arrest you on a whim and throw you in prison for years -- without ever giving you the opportunity to prove your innocence -- what freedoms do you and I really have left?

The fight over the indefinite detention of American citizens in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) strikes at the very heart of our fragile Republic.

It effectively GUTS the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. It effectively places the freedom of every American citizen at the mercy of the federal government.

So when the NDAA comes up for a vote, I'm determined to repeal the indefinite detention language out of the NDAA bill passed in 2011 and reaffirm the 6th Amendment.

But I can't do it without your help.

Won't you please sign the STOP INDEFINITE DETENTION Petition I've made for you, so I can circulate it throughout the Senate?

During the last fight over indefinite detention, the U.S. Senate passed an amendment curtailing its use.

But sadly, it was abandoned in a conference committee and never made in to the final version.

I know some of my colleagues hem and haw at you and me for daring to stand up for our constitutional freedoms.

They say, “What's the big deal? The federal government will never abuse its power.”

After the NSA spying scandals and the IRS targeting of conservative political organizations, Americans aren't buying that argument any longer.

So this time, if you and I can turn up enough heat, I'm convinced the story will be different.

The Founders understood that men are corrupt and too much power in the hands of a few is incredibly dangerous.

They didn't even trust each other with this kind of power!

And they understood that our Creator endowed each of us with certain inalienable rights.

Today, those rights are under assault like never before.

It's up to you and me to protect them.

So please sign your STOP INDEFENITE DETENTION Petition TODAY, so I can show my colleagues that you simply won't stand by while they destroy the very foundations of our Republic.

And if you can please make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 to help me mobilize Americans all over the country to this critical fight through email, direct mail, online and social media ads, I'd truly appreciate it.

If that is too much for you to afford, even chipping in a contribution of $25 or $10 would be a tremendous help.

Your generosity will help me turn up the heat on my colleagues even more.

So won't you please act right away?

Please sign your STOP INDEFINITE DETENTION Petition right away.

And if you can, please agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, $25 or even $10 right away.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. Do you believe our federal government should have the power to lock American citizens up and throw away the key – all without trial?

I think this is madness. And so did our nation's Founders.

That's why it's vital you sign your STOP INDEFINITE DETENTION Petition and agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, $25 or even $10 TODAY.

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Contribute to fighting the Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

With years of intense debate at an end, congratulations, smiles, and enthusiastic applause filled the room.

As reporters pictured their headlines, they reviewed the collection of notable cabinet members, congressional leaders, and presidential family gathered for the signing ceremony.

The President, less than a year into his first term and excited about his momentum, used four gold pens to sign the bill.

According to The New York Times, he concluded his post-signing remarks by noting:

"I cannot say with what deep emotions of gratitude that I feel that I have had a part in completing a work which I think will be of lasting benefit to the business of the country."

The Federal Reserve was born.

Christmas was two days away that December night in 1913.

But in fewer than twenty years, many would find causes for celebration lacking, as a devastating depression strangled the country.

Almost one hundred years later, a crowd would again gather in the White House to watch another President speak about the Federal Reserve.

In what he called "one of the most important economic decisions that I'll ever make as President ... because the chair of the Fed is one of the most important policymakers in the world," President Obama nominated current Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke in the Fed's top spot.

If the President believes the Fed chair is one of the world's most important positions, why do he, his party's Senate Majority Leader, and others in places of influence oppose keeping it accountable to the American people?

Maybe it's because they know exactly how much President Wilson's "work" makes the Big Government they love possible.

Will you help me fight back?

Nearly one hundred years after the Fed was created to be "of lasting benefit," our nation is over $17 trillion in debt.

You and I have been put on the hook for trillions of dollars more off the books - without a vote or often even the knowledge of Congress - because the Fed just "creates" what it needs to cut deals.

The Fed has wrecked our dollar, devalued our savings, and recently fueled another massive economic crisis.

If you had gone to the store in 1913 after leaving the White House ceremony, what you could have bought for $1 then would now cost you over $23.

It's time to put a stop to the out-of-control Fed.

That's why your generous support during Campaign for Liberty's Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb is so important.

Audit the Fed

Our critics have been quick to pronounce doom for our movement, and they've been wrong every time.

They think we've had our moment, and we can't expect to get any further or grow our ranks any larger.

I know they're wrong.

Our time is now.

With my son, Senator Rand Paul, placing a "hold" on Janet Yellen's confirmation, Audit the Fed has once again been catapulted into the spotlight.

And it's coming at just the right time, with the country's attention gripped by fierce debates over spending and debt.

Even if the light is shining brighter than ever before, it will not do any good if you and I don't capitalize on this opportunity to expose the root cause of our economic problems.

I hope you saw the new Rasmussen poll a couple weeks ago that showed nearly 75% of the American people believe the Fed should be audited.

That's an incredible number.

But I think it could be a lot higher.

You and I have seen how quickly people become outraged once they learn how the Fed operates and what it has done.

With your help, Campaign for Liberty can spread the word to millions more Americans about the secretive Federal Reserve.

Once Campaign for Liberty alerts them to the Fed's disastrous ways, I'm confident we'll greatly expand our support in this fight.

But thanks to the Fed's eroding dollar, funds just don't go as far as they used to.

So the bar for this project has been set high at $250,000 to enable Campaign for Liberty to reach as many people about the Fed as possible through as many avenues as possible, including mail, phones, email, ads, and more.

Will you commit to give $10 or $5 today?

Audit the Fed

Maybe you can even afford as much as $15.

With the Fed's 100th anniversary just around the corner, its allies have made their choice.

Their course will guarantee the further destruction of the American economy.

Will you choose to help C4L stand up to them?

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to guarantee a country where savings actually increase in value over time.

Where dreams aren't scrapped because Americans can barely afford to get by.

But what kind of country waits around the corner for us and our family, or what kind will exist in another 100 years, depends on what we decide to do about debt, spending, and the Fed right now.

Please make your most generous contribution today to Campaign for Liberty's Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb.

Unlike President Wilson, let's advance a cause that will be of real and lasting benefit to our nation.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. The Fed's 100 anniversary is just around the corner.

With the Fed's history of wrecking our dollar, fueling economic crises, and devaluing our savings - and with the spotlight on Audit the Fed shining brighter than ever before - I'm confident Campaign for Liberty can greatly advance our cause if it can alert more Americans to the out-of-control Fed.

But thanks to the Fed's eroding dollar, funds just don't go as far as they used to.

Will you commit to give $10 or $5 today toward Campaign for Liberty's Emergency Audit the Fed Money Bomb?

Maybe you can even afford $15.

Your support today is vital to helping C4L reach millions more Americans and stand up to our nation's secretive central bank before it further devastates our country.

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Establishment persecutes Congressman Thomas Massie

From Congressman Thomas Massie:

It’s happening.

The Establishment is targeting Liberty candidates in Republican primaries across the country.

I’m at the very top of their list to take out.

I want to keep pushing the envelope in Washington, D.C. But without your support today, I’m afraid I’m going to be a sitting duck.

Whatever their reason is, the establishment has put me squarely within their crosshairs.

But why? After only a year in Congress, why?

Well, maybe it’s because I won’t fall in line. Maybe it’s because I’m fighting to represent YOU.

Maybe it’s because at every turn, I’m fighting to preserve our freedoms instead of preserve the political status quo.

Maybe they’re mad because . . .

*** I stood with my good friend, and fellow Kentuckian, Senator Rand Paul on the floor of the Senate in the wee hours of the night during his filibuster protesting the use of domestic drones, and I cosponsored legislation in the House to ban domestic drones.

***I loudly stood up against domestic NSA spying, forcing the U.S. House to vote on legislation to stop this madness.

***I introduced my first bill HR 133, in January to repeal unconstitutional Gun Free School Zones.

***I voted “NAY” both times they suspended the debt ceiling.

***I turned down the Congressional pension and taxpayer-funded health benefits when I came to Congress making my colleagues look bad. I’ve also cosponsored legislation to strip the exemptions to Obamacare that the president granted all Congressmen and Senators. They’d love to keep living comfortably above the law instead of within it.

***I was endorsed by Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and Mike Lee in my 2012 Republican primary bid when I upset the establishment’s handpicked candidate who gave up her State House seat in what was supposed to be her “coronation” to the U.S. House.

***Their lobbyists pushed the Internet Tax through the Senate, and I quickly took to the floor of the House to lead a thirty-minute speech to kill momentum for the bill in the House of Representatives. Within minutes of my speech, lobbyists were banging on my door literally promising to fund my opponents.

I’ve been profiled as someone who doesn’t go along to get along.

I’ve been ID’ed as someone the establishment would like to eliminate once and for all from Congress.

And now it’s public: A profile of my victories in my sometimes lonely battle for liberty was recently on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Although the article was positive, it has raised my profile and now I’m a target for big government Republicans to eliminate in my next primary race.

Liberty candidates now have a toehold in the House and the Senate, but we desperately need to grow our numbers.

Ron Paul was the only one for decades. As a result, our nation is mired in $17 TRILLION in debt!

What we need is more men and women who are willing to fight the status quo.

I’m willing to. I’ve proven that.

If I don’t return to Congress, I’ll be fine.

I’ll come back to my farm in Kentucky with my wife and four children.

But I’m worried for our country.

That’s why I want to stay and keep fighting the machine in Washington.

I want to be there on January 3rd, 2015 when the new freshmen are sworn in . . . to offer them a hand . . . to show them how to fight against almost impossible odds . . . and to show them how to BEAT the establishment.

We can’t let the establishment extinguish our flame of liberty.

Can you contribute $100 to this cause? What about $50 or $20?

If you can do more, I’d really appreciate it.

I can tell you my opponent will have lobbyists and big business cronies to write big checks.

I’m not asking for big checks, but I’m relying on you and thousands of other grassroots patriots to give something.

It all adds up, and this is how we beat them.

Some say I wouldn’t have to worry about my re-election if I hadn’t stood up to the establishment at every turn.

But I say why come to Washington DC, if you’re not going to fight?

Maybe you didn’t know about me in my first race, but fortunately for me the opposition’s donors didn’t know I would be such a fierce defender of liberty.

It’s different now: they know that I am unafraid and they are motivated by fear . . . fear that I can and will upset the status quo.

I hope I’ve earned your trust by now, because we have to match them dollar for dollar if I am going to return to Washington and keep up the fight.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $50 or even $20 today.


Thomas Massie

P.S. The Establishment is targeting Liberty candidates in Republican primaries across the country.

I’m at the very top of their list to take out.

I want to keep pushing the envelope in Washington, D.C. But without your support today, I’m afraid I’m going to be a sitting duck.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $50 or even $20 today. I MUST be able to count on your support!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obama repays his debt to Oprah Windfrey

I was watching the Kelly Files on FOX when they showed Okrah Windbag (Oprah Winfrey) receiving the Medal Of Freedom from Obama. What did Okrah do to deserve this award? She basically rallied around the President when she was interviewed by the BBC. Granted this a nothing award. The scandalous part is that Okrah received it quid pro quo or you watch my back and I'll watch yours and that is what happened when she gave that interview. This is called Chicago style politics and it is rife in this White House. I guess Obama sees himself in Okrah,the same snake oil salesperson,the same racist rabblerouser,the same crybaby. Windbag is nothing great,she made her money by exploiting women's fears about men and now she is playing the race card. She prides herself on her humble beginnings then again Hitler had humble beginnings too but he is far from praised. His methods are used by rulers all over the world,from presidents and prime ministers to dictators and despots yet the messanger is condemned. Okrah Windbag has proven that there is at least one sucker born every minute and a legion of them made her a millionaire.

Backlash against Senator that voted in favor of gay special rights

North Carolina’s Senator Kay Hagan is already feeling the pro-Family backlash for her vote of support for the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Just one week after casting her vote against the Family, her poll numbers have plummeted.

She is running for re-election next year, and her conservative opponent Greg Brannon has now passed her in recent polls.

And it’s due to angry pro-Family citizens in North Carolina paying closer attention to Hagan's radical pro-homosexual beliefs.

Almost 7 million Internet banner ads and email blasts to tens of thousands of conservative North Carolinians generated thousands of phone calls, emails and signed faxes to her office.

We made sure that millions of North Carolina voters learned just how dangerous the Gay Bill of Special Rights is -- and that Sen. Kay Hagan supports it.

Now she is paying the price.

Public Advocate’s education and awareness program has a proven track-record of raising opposition to the Homosexual Agenda and weakening politicians who support it.

And after our successful Emergency Battleground Action Inititaive, I'm ready to turn this political machine on the House of Representatives.

The House is our last chance to defeat this bill, as Obama is 100% supporting it.

But you can be sure that Kay Hagan and the other traitorous senators have not heard the last of this issue.

With your help, we will make sure that their constituents never forget their support of the Gay Bill of Special Rights (H.R. 1755).

And we will defeat the radical Homosexual Agenda.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. If you haven't yet, click here to sign your petition to your Congressman against the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Support Chris McDaniel for Senator for Mississippi

From Senate Conservatives:

Fellow Conservatives:

We have some good news regarding the U.S. Senate race in Mississippi.

A new poll shows conservative Chris McDaniel (R-MS) surging.

This seat is currently held by Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS), a 34-year incumbent Republican with a record of supporting bailouts, more debt, tax increases, and funding for Obamacare.

Chris McDaniel (R-MS)We have endorsed Chris McDaniel because he's a constitutional conservative who will stand up to the big spenders in both parties.

The new poll shows McDaniel trailing Cochran by only 6 points, which means he has closed the gap by more than 30 points since we polled in August.

This is a remarkable spike in support and it's largely because of your willingness to support his grassroots campaign.

Senator Cochran hasn't decided yet whether he will seek a seventh term, but he recently announced that he will make his decision at the end of the month.

The next 10 days are critical.

We're working to encourage Cochran to retire by aggressively promoting Chris McDaniel in a new statewide TV ad. If Cochran has to face a strong, well-funded primary opponent, he will likely retire.

Click here to watch our Mississippi TV ad.

We're reaching out to you today to encourage you to make a contribution to Chris McDaniel's U.S. Senate campaign.

We have already raised over $40,000 for him, but we need to raise more to reach our $100,000 goal. With your help, we can replace Senator Cochran with a principled leader who will fight for our values.

The outcome of the race in Mississippi will impact the lives of all Americans. We can win it, but only if we work together.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Matt Hoskins
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund

Senator Cochran along with Senator Mitch McConnell voted against VAWA but they also voted in favor of Obamacare which is a problem. If Cochran retires then supporting McDaniel is a must. We musn't let the Democrats get that seat. Not if you don't want another rubber stamper whom will rubber stamp whatever comes out of the White House.

Federal government pushes its weight around in Arizona

I need your help.

Let me lay it out for you. I continue to be under attack by Barack Obama's federal government.

Two years ago, the Obama Justice Department sued me for so-called "civil rights" violations which turned out to be purely politically motivated, based on the timing of their lawsuit. Filed just months before the election, it was a blatant attempt on their part to influence my re-election as Sheriff.

But I won with your support.

Then, just two months after I was re-elected after being targeted by the media and millions of dollars in outside special interest groups, a recall campaign was launched against me.

But I beat them with your support.

Then, in the middle of the recall effort a federal judge claimed that my office engaged in racial profiling while we were enforcing illegal immigration laws. My office was following the guidelines that were laid out to us by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Yet, I'm the one they pin the "racial profiling" label on.

That same judge has now ordered a "federal monitor" to oversee the actions of my office. This is an egregious attempt by the federal government to take over my office and keep me from doing the job I was elected to do.

Shortly after that judge's ruling, another federal judge ruled that we can no longer detain illegal immigrants that pay a coyote, or professional smuggler, to sneak them across our borders! You see, Arizona passed a law years ago that made human smuggling a crime. Yet, in every other instance, paying someone to break the law for you means that you too are guilty of a crime. But now, a federal judge is saying local law enforcement has no power to detain these criminals.

Do you see a pattern here? The federal government is going out of their way to tie the hands of my office and my deputies to enforce the law - and take over the office of a constitutionally elected Sheriff! This is unacceptable and it is why we are appealing these rulings. We'll go all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. This aggression will not stand.

But you know how pervasive and aggressive the federal government can be, especially under Barack Obama's Justice Department.

Maricopa County in Arizona has been the gateway into the United States for illegal immigrants, human smuggling, drug-trafficking and illegal weapons for years now. But I'm the bad guy for trying to stop it?

That's why I need your immediate support today. Will you stand with me by following this link and making an instant online contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more?

I am sure this is not the end of it. They'll keep coming after me until I completely surrender. That's not going to happen. I'm going to continue doing the job I was elected to do, and the job the people want me to do.

I've spent 50 years in law enforcement, including as a top official with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration around the world, and 21 years as Sheriff. I'm not about to back down to a bunch of political threats from a federal government that is simply out of control.

Between the federal government harassing me, radical activists protesting and burning me in effigy, and the numerous death threats against me and my family, it would be easy to surrender in this fight, retire from office and go away. But I won't do that.

I'm going to keep fighting for what I know is right. I took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and I will keep that oath until my last breath.

But I need your help. You've been such a strong supporter that I must ask for your help again.

Will you show your immediate support and stand with me by following this link and making an instant online contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more?

I have already filed the necessary paperwork to run for another term - much to the angst and consternation of my political opponents. They would just rather see me worn down and defeated but they have no idea how much more fight I have left in me.

But I cannot do it alone.

Will you please make a contribution to "Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio" today? Your help and support will give me the resources I need to stand and fight against these groups that wish to see me go away.

And, a new law was recently passed here in Arizona that raises the contribution limits for my campaign. Those new limits are now $5,000 per person, which covers the primary and general election cycles. I know that's a lot, so any amount you can give today, $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $35, is greatly appreciated.

Please click here to make a contribution today. I would be forever grateful if you would continue supporting my efforts and send a signal to my political opponents that I'm not done fighting just yet!

Thank you for everything you have done. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. Please don't delete this email. It's clear there is a pattern here that shows the federal government is coming after me. They don't want me to expose their hypocrisy in enforcing illegal immigration laws and it doesn't fit their political agenda. I'm up against the most powerful government in the world and I need your help today! Thank you.

P.P.S. We must get the word out about this. Please do me one more favor after making a contribution please forward this email to at least five of your friends or family members who share our values in upholding the Rule of Law! Again, I thank you for your support.

To Donate

The Obamas think they can buy a Senate seat

Not only is Barack Obama supporting my opponent, but now his wife Michelle has entered the race.

In fact, just yesterday First Lady Michelle Obama hosted an extravagant fundraiser in New York City for my Democrat opponent, Michelle Nunn, where Nunn fully embraced the policies of the Obama Administration.

Michelle Obama can raise millions of dollars just by passing the hat.

Make no mistake: Michelle Obama's money in this race will go directly to support Obamacare, stricter gun control laws, higher taxes and full scale amnesty for illegal aliens.

Will you help me fight back in the next 48 hours, with your most generous contribution?

Donate, let's show the Democrats that Michelle Obama can't buy a Senate seat.

Don't be fooled by Michelle Obama endorsing Nunn. She is not worried about Georgians or Americans - this is a pure numbers game to the Obamas. In order to pass destructive bills like Obamacare, gun control, higher taxes and Amnesty for illegal aliens, they need more Democrat puppets in the Senate.

In fact Michelle Obama said, And let's not forget about that common-sense gun legislation that so many of us feel so strongly about. Sadly as you know, that bill failed. Anyone know by how many votes? It failed by just six votes in the Senate. Six. So make no mistake about it: the midterm elections, they matter. They matter.

Well Michelle Obama and I agree on one thing... midterm elections matter.

This election will determine much:

>>> Will we repeal and replace Obamacare or will more Americans lose their healthcare as Obamacare is expanded thorughout America?

>>> Will we protect the 2nd Amendment or will we pass more gun control laws making the American people less safe and vulnerable to attacks?

>>> Will we respect the rule of law or will we grant amnesty to millions who have broken our laws and give them a place at the front of the line?

>>> Will we unleash the power of free enterprise and create jobs and opportunities for millions or will we continue the Obama recession with job killing taxes and regulaitons?

Elections do matter and have severe consequences. And a vote for Michelle Nunn is a vote for the Obama Administration.

That's why I need your immediate support to show Michelle Obama and Michelle Nunn that our campaign has the grassroots support and financial backing to defeat the Democrats and destroy the Obama agenda. We have the support of thousands of Americans, and fancy high-dollar events in New York City won't stop us.

Will you please follow this link to chip in whatever amount you can afford. Even $5 will go a long way to help us compete with the millions Michelle Obama is raking in for my opponent.

I am running for Senate in Georgia to serve as your conservative voice in Washington and fight for the millions of Americans who are suffering under the failed policies put in place by Obama.

Please help me fight back in the next 48 hours by sending your most generous contribution right now.

Stand with me,

Congressman Paul Broun

Keep up the pressure on Audit The Fed

From Rand2016:

After 100 years of the Fed's secretive policies, I think it's about time you and I pull back the curtain and take a peek at exactly what the Fed is doing.

Even after all the bailouts and the economic stagnation Americans have suffered through, too many in Washington are eager to look the other way on Fed accountability.

With your help, that stops.

By placing a hold on Janet Yellen's nomination to succeed Ben Bernanke as chair of the Federal Reserve, you and I have our best chance yet to force a vote on my Audit the Fed bill (S. 209).

But I'm going to need your help to crank up the pressure on my colleagues.

Only a grassroots uprising will force wavering senators to take action to prevent the Fed from further mangling our economy.

I need to prove to my colleagues that the grassroots are FURIOUS with their refusal to hold the Fed accountable for their failed easy-money policies that choked off economic growth.

Will you stand with me in the fight to force a vote on Audit the Fed?

If you agree, it's vital you sign your "Audit the Fed" petition right away.

The truth is, ever since the financial crisis of 2008 – which the Fed’s easy-money policies helped create in the first place – the Fed’s economic central planning strategy has boiled down to this:

Print now. Ask questions later.

That alone has made many Americans nervous. Printing money out of thin air to pay the bills ultimately leads to fiscal disaster.

Not only that, but many Americans were shocked to learn the Fed has doled out more than one TRILLION in U.S. dollars to foreign banks.

What else have they been up to? What else are they hiding?

Sadly, since much of the Fed’s actions are “off limits” to the public, you and I can only guess.

We’re just supposed to look the other way and trust them not to misbehave.

Whether it’s the IRS targeting Tea Party organizations, the Justice Department’s wiretapping of reporters who dared to criticize President Obama – or the NSA admitting to thousands of privacy violations after assuring us there were none – more and more Americans are now understanding just how foolish it would be.

The fact is, nearly 80% of the American people agree the Fed should be audited.

With your help, my Audit the Fed Bill will finally expose the Federal Reserve’s:

***Aiding and abetting big spending politicians in Congress by simply printing more money to pay the bills – destroying the dollar and driving the costs of housing, food, gasoline, higher education and medical care sky-high – when all of Washington, D.C.’s taxing and borrowing still don’t make ends meet;

***Corruption and cronyism and the incredible power the unelected financiers wield over our economy;

***Interest-rate manipulation, “Quantitative Easing,” and secret bailouts, which instead "paper over" economic problems and lead to worse conditions down the line – instead of improving economic conditions as some would have you believe.

That’s why it’s so critical you act NOW.

The Janet Yellen nomination will put the Federal Reserve in the spotlight like never before.

Will my colleagues in the Senate really stand up and say “NO!” to auditing the Federal Reserve?

It’s up to you and me to act right away.

So please sign your "Audit the Fed" petition and make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 to help me mobilize the grassroots to demand their senators hold the Fed accountable.

If that is too much for you to afford, please chip in a contribution of $25 or $10.

Your generosity will help me mobilize Americans all over the country through email, direct mail, online and social media ads to turn up the heat on Congress to Audit the Fed.

Whether it’s stopping President Obama’s march to war in Syria, stopping gun control or forcing the administration’s hand over drone strikes within our borders, you’ve proven your action makes a difference.

Now it’s time to turn our focus on EXPOSING the Federal Reserve.

So please contribute as generously as you can to help force a vote on my Audit the Fed Bill at once!

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. For 100 years the Fed has escaped accountability for their destructive policies.

But to force my colleagues to take action on Fed transparency, I'm going to need your immediate help.

So please sign your "Audit the Fed" petition and make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 to help me mobilize the grassroots to urge the senate to take action.

If that is too much for you to afford, please chip in a contribution of $25 or $10.

With your support, I’m convinced we can create the grassroots tidal wave it will take to force a vote on my Audit the Fed Bill (S. 209) in the U.S. Senate.

Click to sign

Monday, November 18, 2013

Public Advocate update

We're oh so close.

Public Advocate's Battleground Action Initiative is just $2,744 short of our goal.

That's why I've extended yesterday's deadline.

I need Public Advocate supporters like you to stand with our efforts to defeat the dangerous Gay Bill of Special Rights.

The Homosexual Lobby does NOT want you to be heard.

They do NOT want to go head to head against Public Advocate when we are at full strength.

They want us to fail.

Can you give $20 to Public Advocate's Emergency Battleground Action Initiative to defeat the Gay Bill of Special Rights and the radical Homosexual Lobby?

This extension has cost us precious time.

So after you've read my important message below, please stand with Public Advocate by making a contribution to our Battleground Action Initiative today.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

To Donate

Pelosi persecutes Stop Pelosi PAC

Nancy Pelosi is furious, and she's fighting back.

Only days after we launched Stop Pelosi PAC, Nancy Pelosi's favorite federal bureaucracy - the Federal Election Commission - has demanded we shut down or else.

What is our "crime?"

We had the audacity to mention the "precious name" of "Pelosi" in - Stop Pelosi PAC.

Now we're waiting on legal papers from the Federal Election Commission demanding we shut down Stop Pelosi PAC or else face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

So your immediate advice and support is needed in the next 48 hours.

Never before have I backed off when threatened by Nancy Pelosi and her band of leftist bureaucrats.

You see, I helped start Stop Pelosi PAC for one simple - but very important reason - to ensure Nancy Pelosi never becomes Speaker of the House again.

But now I'm faced with a critical decision, and I need your help.

Should I cave in to the FEC's gag rules, allow Nancy Pelosi to become the next Speaker of the House and pay whatever fines they impose?

Or should I defy their unconstitutional, anti-free speech abuse of power and continue working to defeat Nancy Pelosi before she becomes Speaker of the House?

I need to hear from you within the next 48 hours.

If you agree I should fight, then I must ask you to chip in with a contribution of $5 or more today.

Fighting the FEC (not to mention battling Nancy Pelosi) could cost us hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

If you support our fight, I'm asking you to chip in with a contribution of at least $5 or more today.

I have to make a final decision within days - so please let me hear from you within the next 48 hours.

If you want me to proceed with our efforts to defeat Nancy Pelosi and defy the FEC bureaucrats, I must have YOUR IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL HELP.

Since its inception, the FEC has had "constitutional amnesia"-- forgetting that all Americans, especially those involved in the political process--have First Amendment rights!

Together, we can restore our right to free speech (imagine that!)--and insure that the FEC will be forced to respect the First Amendment!

You see, all they have to do is drag us through the nearly endless mud of court proceedings: charge, countercharge, discovery, depositions, preliminary motions, written briefs, oral arguments, and appeal after appeal.

A gaggle of government lawyers are at the FEC's beck and call, backed by a division of support staff, researchers and investigators with many tens of millions of dollars to spend.

As I said, never before have I backed off when threatened.

But I must have you on my side to continue to fight.

If you want me to proceed with our efforts to fight Nancy Pelosi and her FEC minions, I must have YOUR FINANCIAL HELP and support within the next 48 hours.

Without your financial help, fighting an FEC lawsuit may not only be foolish -- it may spell the end of Stop Pelosi PAC.

But if you want me to fight on as I hope and pray you do, please chip in with a contribution of $5 or more - immediately.

Nancy Pelosi's resources are unlimited, and her allies in the federal government are ruthless -- so Stop Pelosi PAC needs friends like you as never before.

The future of America -- and our ability to defeat Nancy Pelosi -- is in your hands.

Please give me your advice and support . . . today.


Congressman JD Hayworth (Retired)
Co-Founder, Stop Pelosi PAC

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Make the White House come clean on Benghazi

From Congressman Steve Stockman:

Four Americans were left to die in Benghazi, Libya.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refused to send help.

And now the biggest cover–up imaginable is underway to protect Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency; a cover–up including obstruction, witness tampering, intimidation and an all–out campaign to hide the full truth from the American people.

You see, you won't hear this straight talk from most politicians in Washington, DC – but I'm different.

My name is Congressman Steve Stockman and I need your help. I won't stop until the American people and the families of those who died in Benghazi have been told the truth about this horrible tragedy – and those who are responsible are brought to justice.

I'm starting with Hillary Clinton.

That's why I'm writing to you today. You see, I've joined with Stop Hillary PAC to gather millions of petition signatures to pressure Congress into holding full and open hearings on the Benghazi tragedy.

I've filed a discharge petition with the House of Representatives forcing an up or down vote on authorizing a full committee hearing.

If I can get 218 Congressional Republicans to back me (a majority of the House), we will break through the D.C. stonewall and there will finally be a vote on creating a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi.

Then FINALLY, we will know, on the record, just who is trying to obstruct the investigation into Obama, Hillary and their roles in Benghazi.

But I need your help.

Are you ready to stand up to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama today? If you're ready to hold Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama accountable, please sign our petition demanding Congress hold hearings and "Come Clean on Benghazi."

Some facts are now clear: When our diplomatic mission came under attack from an Al Qaeda–led mob of terrorists in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration shamefully chose to abandon our Ambassador and three other Americans– leaving them to die.

But other facts are still unclear: Why are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton trying to cover up the crimes in Benghazi? Why did Obama and Hillary refuse to send help? Why did Obama and Hillary apologize to the terrorists for offending them? And even worse, why are Democrats in Congress now intimidating the witnesses and obstructing an investigation?

The victim's families deserve answers.

I'm writing you today to ask you to join me in exposing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by signing our "Come Clean on Benghazi" petition and making an urgent contribution of $25, $50, or more to Stop Hillary PAC.

Secretary Clinton left the American citizens under her care to die a horrible death at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi. And when Congress demanded she explain herself, the best she could do is burst out "What difference does it make?"

I'll tell you what difference... it makes a difference to the families of those who died and it makes a difference to the American people.

So please, join me in signing Stop Hillary PAC's "Come Clean on Benghazi" petition today demanding full and open hearings. And also join me right now by making an urgent donation of $25, $50 or more to Stop Hillary PAC.

Here's the bottom line: I'm never going to forget what happened in Benghazi and I'm determined to expose this massive cover–up. I'm starting today by circulating a discharge petition to Congress that will force a vote on Benghazi investigation that will reveal the shocking truth about what happened starting with Hillary Clinton's fabricated tale about what happened that night in Libya.

I know that Stop Hillary PAC is the ally that I need in this fight –– please join me in supporting them today by signing this petition and making an emergency contribution.


Steve Stockman
Member of Congress

PS: Four Americans died. Their families still don't have answers. The American people still don't have answers. The best time to stop Hillary is now before her liberal allies can organize and gather their strength. Join me in signing Stop Hillary PAC's "Come Clean on Benghazi" petition today demanding full and open hearings. And also join me right now by making an urgent donation of $25, $50 or more to Stop Hillary PAC.

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Take the survey to eliminate fraud in Washington DC

From The National League of Taxpayers:

The cave-ins have got to stop.

The politicians in Washington, D.C. may think they just dodged a bullet by raising the debt ceiling yet again, but the truth is they’ve pushed us closer to ruin than ever.

That’s why I pray you will immediately complete your Emergency Taxpayer Questionnaire, which I’ll link to in a moment.

The fact is, the $17 trillion national debt we hear so much about is just the tip of the iceberg.

When the government’s unfunded liabilities for Medicare, Social Security, and federal employees’ retirement benefits are counted, American taxpayers are really on the hook for over $86.8 trillion.

On top of entitlements, the feds run 79 different welfare programs, 160 programs for housing assistance, 47 for job training, 82 for teacher quality, 80 for transportation assistance, and 56 for financial education.

In return for all that, we still have an official poverty rate of 15 percent.

Yet Barack Obama and his big-government pals keep binging.

The fact is, we can immediately achieve hundreds of billions in savings by:

***Abolishing the boondoggle Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development;

***Repealing the monstrously expensive ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank financial regulation law;

***Transitioning Medicaid and food stamps back to the states where they belong and cutting back on the $37 billion spent on foreign aid.

Now, with more votes on the debt ceiling next year, and other budget fights on the horizon, it’s vital that you return your Emergency Taxpayer Questionnaire for transmittal to Congress.

The only way to force Congress to confront the debt head-on is by making sure they know the American people won’t stand for inaction.

In addition to that, it’s vital that you help the National League of Taxpayers with a special contribution.

The fact is, even though many Americans who receive this e-mail will fill out their Taxpayer Questionnaire, many won’t be able to contribute.

That’s why it’s vital you give $10, $25, $50, $100, or even more if you can.

Your special gift of $35 or even $100 or $500 will ultimately save taxpayers literally billions of dollars in the years to come.

You should also know that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, so there isn't a better time to give.

Your donations will help the National League of Taxpayers organize:

*** Extensive internet, direct mail, and telephone campaigns to generate at least one million petitions and questionnaires to Congress like the ones that accompany my letter.

*** Extensive personal lobbying of key Members of Congress by rank and file National League of Taxpayers members and staff.

*** Hard-hitting TV, radio, and newspaper ads to be run in targeted states and districts, mobilizing the American people and detailing the dangers of our soaring debt.

So after clicking here to fill out your questionnaire, please help with a contribution of at least $25 or $35.

Some people have already given as much as $500.

Others have sent $50 or $100, but no matter how much you give, whether it’s chipping in with $10 or a larger contribution of $150, I guarantee your contribution is urgently needed and will be deeply appreciated.

And don't forget that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, no matter the amount.

Here’s the bottom-line question: what kind of future will you and your kids have?

The national debt is such an out-of-control behemoth that if we again raise the debt ceiling, it will threaten to put America on a path of permanent decline.

With your help, we can stem the tide of Big Government and stop Barack Obama and his tax-and-spend pals from spending us into oblivion.


Gary Paumen, President
National League of Taxpayers

P.S. Federal entitlement costs are out-of-control while our national debt is skyrocketing.

So please fill out your Emergency Taxpayers Questionnaire at once.

And to serve a mandate on Congress and take advantage of the special matching grant, please send a generous contribution of $100, $75, $50, or $35 at once.

Remember, a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, so there isn't a better time to give.

With the next debt ceiling fight coming up in January, it's vital the Congress face a tidal wave of grass-roots pressure before voting, so please click here.

Donate to defeat the gay bill of special rights

From Public Advocate:

I'm not sure if you'll read this message before it's too late, but I have no choice but to write it in hopes that you do.

In this fight, every second is critical.

So I only have time to contact the most devoted and dependable Public Advocate supporters.

Because without your help, our fight against the Gay Bill of Special Rights might already be over.

You see, the deadline to reach the $50,000 goal for our Emergency Battleground Action Initiative is tomorrow.

And you and I still have a long ways to go.

We are just short of halfway, leaving us little more than 24 hours to raise almost $27,000 to reach our goal.

It's a monumental challenge.

But there isn't another group of people I'd have more faith in to rise up to this challenge than the committed supporters of Public Advocate.

You and I know the stakes have never been higher in the fight against the Gay Bill of Special Rights than right now.

It has already passed the Senate, and President Obama wants nothing more than to sign this freedom-killing bill into law.

And the bill's chief sponsor in the House, Jared Polis (D-CO), has already said if Speaker of the House John Boehner holds a vote, it will pass.

So Public Advocate is readying an all-out grassroots action plan to stop the Gay Bill of Special Rights from reaching a vote in the House.

Monday marks the first full week of the House's current session.

Time -- and the opportunity to stop this assault on our First Amendment religious liberties -- is quickly running out.

And you can bet the radical Homosexual Lobby and their allies in the House aren't waiting for us to regain our financial footing.

That's why it's vital our Emergency Battleground Action Initiative reaches our goal tomorrow.

Can I count on you to make a generous contribution of $20 right now to help defeat the Gay Bill of Special Rights?

Please don't wait, or say "I'll get to this later."

Because the threat is real and the clock is ticking.

We simply must get our viral Internet, targeted mailing, and direct response programs running immediately.

If the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- misnamed the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" -- becomes law, it will turn religious liberty upside down.

Churches, religious schools, and other faith-based institutions would be legally obligated to employ individuals whose lifestyles directly contradict their beliefs.

Private citizens would be legally forbidden from operating their business in full accordance with their Christian values.

It flies in the face of the spirit of freedom that America was founded on.

So please, join Public Advocate's Emergency Battleground Action Initiative with a gift of $20, $15, $10, or even $5 today.

Our November 17th deadline is tomorrow.

There's not a moment to lose.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S., I need your help right away.

Will you please stand with me and Public Advocate by giving to our Emergency Battleground Action Initiative right away?

With little more than 24 hours until our deadline, we still need to raise almost $27,000 or our critical grassroots programs could come up short.

Please don't wait.

So please, Can you give $20, $15, $10, or even $5 today?

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Defeat Obama's court-packing scheme

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Your pressure is working.

This week, as your faxed petitions and phone calls poured into Senate offices, the Senate Republican Minority -- minus Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine -- held firm and voted not to cut off debate on the second of Barack Obama's three nominees to pack the nation's second most powerful court.

I'm hopeful if we keep up the pressure, we'll defeat Barack Obama's court-packing scheme.

But the threats to break the Senate rules and gut the filibuster are growing.

"I think we're at the point where there will have to be a rules change," union-label Senator Patrick Leahy fumed after the most recent vote.

Big Labor ally Senator Dianne Feinstein added, "I've always thought that a president deserved his team."

That's precisely what's at stake -- judges aren't a part of the President's "team".

While the President is entitled to nominate judges, it is the Senate's duty to review those nominations and ensure the integrity and independence of the courts.

Make no mistake, this is all about Barack Obama seeking revenge against the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals for rebuking his unconstitutional "recess" appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The constitutional separation of powers cannot survive long if a President -- any President -- is allowed to go on a court-packing binge any time he doesn't like one of the Court's decisions.

With a third vote looming, we must keep the heat on the entire U.S. Senate, especially if Harry Reid renews his threats to gut the filibuster.

Remember, once they gut the filibuster for judicial nominations, it's only a matter of time before they try to end minority rights in the Senate for good by gutting the filibuster for all legislation, paving the way to ram through Big Labor's wishlist of power grabs.

Card Check Forced Unionism. Police/Fire Monopoly Bargaining. Eliminating all state Right to Work laws at once by repealing Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act.

The Obama Administration has done enough damage to worker freedom through the federal bureaucracy.

The courts have stopped some of those forced-unionism power grabs. That will get even harder if Big Labor apologists take over the courts too.

Thank you for all you are doing to help in these critical fights.


Mark Mix

P.S. Barack Obama wants revenge against the nation's second most powerful court for ruling his "recess" appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional.

Your pressure has kept Harry Reid from ramming through the first two of Barack Obama's three nominees to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, but the threats are growing to gut the filibuster.

Please chip in with a contribution of $10 or more to help the National Right to Work Committee fight back.

To sign the petition

Sign the pledge to stop Hillary

Fellow Patriot,

You know me as the toughest sheriff in America.

You also know me as a straight talker – I tell it like it is.

My friend, America is in trouble.

I've spent my entire life fighting for the rule of law and what is right and just. I have fought against the Mexican Drug Cartels who have threatened my life and my family. I have fought against the corrupt Obama Department of Justice that is more interested in scoring political points than enforcing the law. I have fought against President Obama who doesn't have the first clue on how to secure our borders or protect our citizens.

Today, I'm ready to take on a new fight and I need your help.

You see, I'm convinced that "the fix is in" and that without a huge effort starting right now – Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Her henchmen – James Carville and Harold Ickes – are busy greasing the skids, raising millions of dollars, buying off the competition... all designed to install her in the White House without a fight.

Well you know me... I'm always up for a good fight. And fighting for America is what I do best.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Stop Hillary PAC today. Will you please click on this link and sign your name to my Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign?

And after you sign your pledge, will you please chip in with a generous donation of $25, 50 or even $100 to help me fight Hillary Clinton across America? Your gift could not come at a more important moment.

Stop Hillary PAC is organizing across the country to stop Hillary Clinton from ever becoming president of the United States.

We have a plan – and with your help we can Stop Hillary Now.

So I'm asking you today — before you do anything else — to follow this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign.

I know I don't have to tell you the damage a Hillary Clinton presidency will do to the America we know and love. Building upon the dangerous Obama legacy, President Hillary Clinton will cement the disastrous policies of Obama into the fabric of America forever.

>>> Open Borders and Permanent Amnesty: Hillary will finish what President Obama and Harry Reid have started – an immigration policy that rewards law breakers and leaves our citizens vulnerable to criminals and thugs.

>>> A Bigger and more Overreaching Government: Hillary will continue Obama's assault on free markets and plot to gut conservative and Tea Party groups. Will the IRS start targeting all conservatives under President Clinton?

>>> A Foreign Policy that leaves America Weak and Vulnerable: Does anyone really believe America is stronger in the world after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been in charge?

>>> Obamacare expanded into Hillarycare: Hillary will be the ultimate implementer Obamacare – resulting in sky rocketing taxes, health-care costs and rationing of care?

>>> Jimmy Carter style Joblessness and Unemployment: From the big banks to the taxpayer funded government takeover, a Hillary Clinton Administration will be a dangerous anti-capitalist government that will destroy our economy.

But here is the real scary part: Hillary is even closer to the presidency now than ever before.

That's why I'm asking you, before you read any further, please click on this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign – and please make a generous gift to our campaign.

My friend, if there is one thing I've learned during my years in law enforcement... it's you can never start preparing too early for a fight.

Our immediate goal is to collect over 1 million signatures – a grassroots army of Americans committed to doing whatever it takes to defeat Hillary.

Then we will enact an all-out media blitz to expose Hillary's left-wing record of failure. Finally, we will target precinct-by-precinct with a coordinated hard-hitting TV, radio and digital effort in every county in America that Hillary needs to win the presidency.

One more important thing: we simply cannot achieve our goals without your financial support as well. I also need you to make a contribution today.

Please, in addition to signing your Pledge to Defeat Hillary, I urge you make your most generous contribution to help me and Stop Hillary PAC do what it takes to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President.

I assure you that your contribution of $25, $50 or even as much $100 will go directly to exposing Hillary Clinton to voters across American and ensure she never becomes president.

My friend, as I wrote above... America is in trouble.

I'm going to fight back with – or without – your help. The only difference is: will I have the necessary resources to fight or will Hillary Clinton run over us with her mountains of support?

It's up to you.

Please send help if you can.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

Sign the pledge