Monday, November 24, 2008

The shakedown of Michael Richards

The Rogue Jew

The Black Mafia’s Shakedown of Michael Richards
2006-11-28 at 7:27 am · Filed under Vox Populi

What Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame did and said was wrong. The way the African American Community is handling it, even more wrong then the action itself!

The NAACP, a racist organization in its own right along with some other Racial oriented groups, now want to “SHAKEDOWN” Michael Richards for millions of his dollars saying that if he were to donate Millions of his dollars to their childrens charities, then all would be forgiven.

Two men who were at the comedy club when “Kramer” went on his racial tirade are using the help of attorney Gloria Allred to shakedown Richards and separate him from millions of his dollars that he earned.

Allred would like Michael Richards to go not before a judge, but a retired judge of her choosing so that Richards can apologize and then the judge can decide whether or not Richards should poney up the dough to the two men who are visually upset to the point that they see dollar $ign$.

Of course where the microphones and cameras are, you are more then likely bound to see the Shakedown King of Racism himself, Jesse “Whose Your Daddy” Jackson, who is also trying to cash in on Richards’ slip of the tongue.

The group of Politically Correct idiots have now come out of the woodwork calling for censorship by banning the N word.

I don’t defend the behavior or the words, but I defend the right of someone to be as big an idiot as they want to be and say those words.

I am not saying what Richards did wasn’t wrong, it was without a shadow of a doubt wrong as hell, but to cash in on what he did and said, is even more wrong. A$$holes like Jackson and Sharpton are always extorting money from people and businesses in the name of their race, although the only ones benefiting from the ill gotten dollars are crooks like Sharpton and Jackson.

What’s next, banning of the Muhammad Cartoons? Not on my watch.