Saturday, August 31, 2013

Protect non-union workers from union violence

From the National Right To Work Committee:

In a few minutes I'll be heading over to the AFL-CIO headquarters.

As we enter Labor Day weekend, I can think of no better way to spend it than by remembering the suffering of the tens of thousands of victims of Big Labor's violence and intimidation.

For decades, honest men and women, merely trying to work and feed their families, have been the victims of union thuggery.

I'm going to celebrate this Labor Day by lighting a candle for those victims.

And while I'm down at the AFL-CIO, I hope you'll join our online vigil, by clicking here.

Over the years, equipment, cars, homes, and lives have been destroyed.

All because some union boss wasn't getting his "cut" of someone else's paycheck.

Every once in a while, the thugs get prosecuted for it.

But the union bosses -- the ones who organize, coordinate, and direct the violence -- CAN'T be prosecuted under federal law.

You read that right.

In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court, in its infamous Enmons decision, ruled that union bosses were exempt from federal prosecution for coordinating campaigns of violence and extortion in pursuit of "legitimate union objectives."

As if any "objective" could legitimize vandalism, arson, battery, and murder.

But union bosses continue to claim that immunity regularly.

By drawing attention to this issue, you can help me close that loophole.

That's why I hope you'll click here to join our online vigil this weekend, light a virtual candle against union violence, and sign your petition in support of the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

The United States is a nation dedicated to the ideal that every man is equal under the law. No union official should be able to get away with crimes for which you and I would be sentenced to prison.

But until the Freedom from Union Violence Act passes, that is exactly what continues to happen.

That's why it's critical that your Congressman as well as the House Judiciary Committee Chairman hear from you today.

So please, click here to light your virtual candle and sign your petition today demanding action on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

The union bosses have had this "get out of jail free" card for far too long. It's time for Congress to tear it up.


Mark Mix

P.S. I'm heading out to light a candle in front of the AFL-CIO headquarters right now, to remember victims of union violence.

I hope you'll join me at our online vigil, and help me keep it going by lighting your virtual candle right away.

And if you can, please chip in with a contribution of $10 or more today to help me bring this issue to Congress' attention.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

SOPA is back

From Fight For The Future:

SOPA is back. Well, one of the harshest and most ridiculous parts of it, anyway. The Obama Administration wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony -- with years of jail time.

If this passes, sharing a video of yourself singing karaoke could land you in prison. Singing “Happy Birthday” with your family and videotaping it would be a felony.

This latest push to crack down on everyday internet activity comes from the Commerce Department’s Internet Policy Task Force1. They want to make it so that any streaming or sharing of copyrighted content could be punishable by years in jail. Just imagine. If these recommendations become law, kids could be locked up for singing pop songs on Youtube.

Tell Obama: No SOPA-style censorship. Ever.

The prospect of teenagers going to jail for uploading their bands’ cover songs is terrifying, but the good news is that Congress is still pretty shaken up from the SOPA strike last year 2. We’ve got a good chance of stopping this toxic legislation before it gets anywhere, but we need to let everyone know, right now. So far the mainstream media hasn’t paid much attention to this, and there’s a danger that this censorship bill could fly under the radar and pass if we don’t act now.

Even better, forward this email to 10 people, or to any email lists that you’re on. We can’t waste any time in getting the word out. We fought tooth and nail last year to keep the internet free from SOPA-style censorship, we can’t let this bill sneak through and kill the open web.

People shouldn’t go to prison for sharing a video. Click here to fight censorship.

We’re counting on you,

-Tiffiniy, Holmes, and Evan

Fight for the Future

P.S. this latest attempt at SOPA-style legislation is a reminder that the fight for internet freedom will be long and hard. Can you chip in $10 today to keep us fighting for the long haul? Click here to donate.


1) Washington Post, “SOPA died in 2012 but the Obama Administration wants to revive part of it.”
2) Techdirt, “Don’t get SOPA’d is the new mantra on Captiol Hill”

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Update on Gay Special Rights legislation

From Public Advocate:

This is an urgent update.

The so-called "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (S. 815) -- better known as the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- is poised for a vote on the Senate floor when their session begins in the coming days.

The only thing standing in the way of a vote on the Senate floor is Harry Reid, a known ally of the radical Homosexual Lobby.

That's why your Public Advocate has been working overtime for weeks creating a grassroots campaign, gathering petitions and turning up the heat on Congress.

Our program is so effective that I've gotten multiple calls from senators begging us to call off our supporters.

But I refuse to back down while our values are still under attack.

Unfortunately, Public Advocate is facing skyrocketing operating costs due to these vital programs.

So please chip in $10 or $20 to help fund Public Advocate's ongoing fight defending our First Amendment religious freedoms.

Thank you for your continued support of our pro-Family efforts.

For the Family,


An extremely dangerous piece of the Homosexual Agenda is once again moving through Congress at breakneck speed.

And to be blunt, if I can't count on you to act now, we might not be able to stop it this time.

Just last week, the so-called "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (S. 815)-- more accurately known as the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- passed out of committee in the Senate and is heading to the floor the moment Harry Reid sees fit.

Public Advocate has squared off against this bill in numerous forms since it was first introduced over 30 years ago by open homosexual Barney Frank.

And with the support of people like you we've defeated it every time.

But this year, I'm worried our defense of traditional marriage and religious liberty might fall short.

You see, the Homosexual Lobby and their radical activists are more emboldened than ever.

Thanks to their recent success at the Supreme Court in overturning California's Prop 8 and key parts of the Defense of Marriage Act, their actions are getting more and more brash.

And more and more politicians in Washington are taking the easy way out -- using the Homosexual Lobby's manipulation of public opinion in the media as cover to abandon the principles they were elected to uphold.

I truly believe they are closer to victory than ever before in this fight.

All they need to succeed in Congress is a few more Senators and Congressmen to betray your religious liberty and traditional values.

It will take all the strength we can manage to foil their scheme this time.

If passed, the Gay Bill of Special rights would:

*** Make homosexuals a permanent special, protected class while you and your family foot the bill and have your First Amendment liberties denied

*** Hinder the ability of families to choose schools for their children, force values-based businesses to hire homosexuals, and force churches to marry homosexual couples

*** Force taxpayers, business owners, and customers to subsidize benefits for homosexual "spouses" previously limited to one man-one woman marriages and families. As a supporter of Public Advocate and a defender of the family, I need you to take immediate action.

In response to this dire threat posed by the dangerous homosexual activists, Public Advocate is swamping the offices of fence-leaning politicians with petitions from concerned Americans demanding they respect our God-given rights to raise our families as we see fit.

So please, take a stand with me today by clicking here to sign your Family Rights Petition and chip in $5, $10 or whatver you can afford to stand with me in this fight.

By adding your name alongside other Public Advocate supporters across all 50 states, you will be making a statement the politicians in Washington can't ignore.

I've seen it time and time again, and I wish I could share with you the look on the politicians' faces when they are confronted by Public Advocate members demanding they stand on principle against the radical Homosexual Lobby.

I hope you agree that we just can't sit by while the Gay Bill of Special Rights blazes through Congress.

When the bill hits the floor of the Senate, there will be little time to act.

And that is largely because Harry Reid can count on certain Republicans to help him pass it when it does.

You see, GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mark Kirk (IL), and Orrin Hatch (UT) voted to pass this bill out of committee.

They have joined the growing list of Republicans who've betrayed their party platform and turned their backs on the family by endorsing the radical Homosexual Agenda.

It's part of the Homosexual Lobby's plan to split the GOP in two, rendering them helpless to fight the deluge of pro-homosexual, anti-family bills.

That's why signing your Family Rights Petition today is so vital.

Won't you please sign today to demand our representatives in Washington uphold their duty to the God-fearing Americans who sent them there?

It is vital that we don't let these politicians off the hook for turning their backs on our families and American values.

The Republican Party promised Americans they would strongly oppose any attempt to redefine marriage -- even going so far as to make it a major part of their platform.

But thanks to traditional values traitors like Ohio GOP Senator Rob Portman, more and more Republicans in Congress are betraying our families.

I haven't backed down from fighting any threat to our values and our way of life, including a dangerous rift in the party that claims to most represent what we believe.

Including facing down those who have tried to throw me in prison and threatened my life because of my work on behalf of pro-Family Americans with Public Advocate.

I'd be lying if I said it was easy.

But what keeps me going through the years, through countless battles like this, is knowing I have your support.

That I'm not the only one fighting.

So please won't you sign your Family Rights Petition today?

Public Advocate does not fight for our own satisfaction, but so that future generations of Americans may enjoy the same freedoms we do.

Freedoms that are now in great jeopardy.

But they are not a lost cause.

We can defeat the Gay Bill of Special Rights, but only by acting now.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. The Gay Bill of Special Rights is very close to becoming law, and we must take immediate action.

The threat this legislation poses to our First Amendment religious liberties is too great. If this key piece of the radical Homosexual Agenda passes, I fear the America you and I love so dearly will be radically altered forever.

If you haven't yet, sign your Family Rights Petition today and please consider chipping in $5 or $10 dollars to help Public Advocate fight this menace.

The Homosexual Lobby is extremely well-funded, and defeating their agenda puts a tremendous financial strain on Public Advocate, so your generous gift of $5, $10, or however much you can give can make all the difference in the world.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oppose forced unionism

Source:click here

Defund Obamacare

From Campaign For Liberty:

"We have to pass it [ObamaCare] so that you can find out what's in it...." - Nancy Pelosi, 2010

Well, now we know what's in it, Nancy, and we know why you wanted us to wait till ObamaCare became law before we found out what your plans would lead to.

Skyrocketing insurance rates.

Doctors fleeing the medical profession. "Exemptions" for unions and other Obama cronies.

Government bureaucrats peering into your medical records.

The good news is that you and I have an opportunity to stop this monstrosity. The bad news is, unless you act NOW, this chance may slip through our fingers.

And another opportunity may not come around until it is too late to reverse the damage ObamaCare is doing to our health care and our liberty.

That is why I need you to sign your DEFUND ObamaCare Petition today.

And if you can, please send your most generous contribution to C4L of $50, $40, or $30 to help Campaign for Liberty's efforts to fight for health freedom.

Next month, Congress will consider a "continuing resolution" (CR) to keep taxpayer dollars flowing to the federal bureaucracy.

Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul are spearheading an effort to attach language defunding ObamaCare to the CR.

This would force President Obama, Harry Reid, and their statist cronies to choose between funding all their other big-spending schemes or defunding what they see as their signature "accomplishment."

Talk about a win-win for us!

But some Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, are heading for the tall grass, claiming it would be "irresponsible" to force Obama to choose between admitting his health care plan is a disaster or funding his other favorite programs.

They would rather bask in the approval of the beltway media than obey their promise to you to fight to repeal ObamaCare.

This is why it is vital you sign your Defund ObamaCare Petition today.

And, if you can, provide your most generous contribution possible to Campaign for Liberty.

If you and I don't repeal ObamaCare this year, it may be too late.

Once the mandate and subsidies kick in next year, it will be much more difficult to reverse ObamaCare.

And make no mistake, this bill will do damage.

Not only will ObamaCare force you to buy major government-approved health insurance, raise health care costs, and limit your health care options, it will also force you and your doctor to turn over your medical records - to the IRS - for inclusion in an ObamaCare database.

That's right. The same IRS that was recently caught harassing pro-liberty groups will be reading your private health care records.

And they are authorized to share your personal health care information with other federal and state bureaucracies.

President Obama has made it clear he wants to use your personal medical information as a means of restricting your Second Amendment rights.

Who knows what other uses the government may find for your medical records?

Especially if the government tied this to other databases, such as the TSA or the proposed E-Verify/National ID system.

And the administration has admitted there are no adequate protections against ID theft and other violations of your privacy!

You and I must do all we can to stop this massive invasion of privacy now, before it comes into full effect.

That is why I need you to sign your Defund ObamaCare Petition today.

And please make your most generous contribution of $50, $30, or $20 to C4L right away!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. The debate on the continuing resolution provides us our best chance to stop ObamaCare before it is fully implemented, and you and I are forced to buy government-approved insurance, watch federal spending further explode, and turn over our private health care records to the IRS.

But, while Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz are committed to leading the fight against ObamaCare, many Republicans are running for the hills, scared of taking a stand on principle against ObamaCare.

And, of course, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi will pull out all the stops to defend what they see as their signature "accomplishment."

C4L must be able to turn the heat up on politicians of all parties.

That's why I need you to sign your Defund ObamaCare Petition today and send your most generous contribution of $50, $30, or $20 to Campaign for Liberty right away!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Barrack Obama is gay

From Before It's News:

This would explain a lot.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Support Audit The Fed

From Senator Rand Paul:

A close friend of mine has prepared an urgent video detailing exactly how YOU can help pass Audit the Fed in Congress.

But without your immediate action, I'm afraid you and I could miss the best chance in 100 years to finally EXPOSE the Federal Reserve's corruption and cronyism.

I hope you won't let this opportunity pass you by.

Take a moment and check it out by clicking here.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul, MD
U.S. Senator (R-KY)

Demand government accountability. Support Audit The Fed.