Monday, March 31, 2014

Help Rand Paul send a message to the establishment

From Rand2016:

This is just a quick note to ask for your help to reach our NEW GOAL of $300,000 -- which we must meet by midnight.

That will send the message conservatives are united and mobilized to fight in 2014.

This end of quarter push has raised roughly $250,000. Will you help Senator Paul raise an additional $50,000 by midnight?

The momentum generated by grassroots supporters is overwhelming and the establishment never saw this one coming.

President Obama, the mainstream media and the rest of the elites in Washington were hoping Senator Paul would fall short of his $150,000 goal.

But by racing past that total, conservatives have demonstrated they understand the stakes.

Can Senator Paul count on you to keep this end of quarter push surging by helping him reach $300,000 raised by midnight tonight?

If you could chip in $5 -- or more if you can afford it -- you'll help Senator Paul deliver a message no one in Washington can ignore.

The clock is ticking so please chip in a contribution right away.

In Liberty,

The Team at Rand Paul for Senate 2016

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hillary is running for President,we need to stop her

From Stop Hillary PAC:

There is not any time left so let me be blunt.

Hillary Clinton is running for President.

And in less that 48 hours Hillary Clinton herself will be looking through our financial report to see if the American people will rise up against her run...or if we are going to accept the inevitable and just give her the presidency.

If we can file a strong report -- Hillary will know she has a fight on her hands.

But if you ignore this email and set it aside -- Hillary will see a weak report and be encouraged in her campaign for the presidency.

My friend, Stop Hillary PAC is the ONLY organization solely dedicated to end Hillary's political career.

Will you please make an emergency EXPRESS donation to end Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency?

click here to donate

There are only hours left. And Hillary is watching.

Please do all you can.

Benghazi. Remember that? Now I hear reports that Hillary did more than just fumbled the ball she flat out denied help to our ambassador in Libya. That means Hillary left those men TO DIE. She must not be allowed anywhere near the Presidency. Donate to Stop Hillary PAC today.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Carbon based energy exceed the costs by 500 to 1

From the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow:

Would it surprise you to learn that the Obama administration exaggerates the costs of carbon-based energy?

Would it surprise you further that they ignore the benefits?

It would surprise many to learn that the benefits of carbon-based energy exceed the costs by a whopping 500 to 1!

CFACT senior policy adviser Paul Driessen teamed up with energy scholar Roger Bezdek to co-author a trenchant analysis which just appeared in Investor's Business Journal.

Obama's EPA and the rest of his administration are blinded by ideology.

Share the facts and help us open their eyes.

For nature and people too.

Rainbow mafia threatens St. Patrick's day parade organizers

From Public Advocate:

The St. Patrick’s Day parades in New York City and Boston may soon become unrecognizable.

The Homosexual Lobby declared war last week on the pro-Family organizations that have historically organized these religious events.

You see, in keeping with Catholic tradition, these parades have never allowed homosexual “pride” groups to march openly.

They refuse to allow their platform to be used to endorse the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And this year was no different.

However, the Homosexual Lobby -- emboldened by recent victories -- was shocked when the Irish organizers stood up to them and said “No.”

Only a few weeks ago, the Homosexual Lobby threatened an entire state and forced a Republican governor to back down from signing legislation that would've strengthened protections for religious liberty.

Well the politicians may be willing to cave, but average pro-Family Americans are still willing to fight!

And now the Homosexual Lobby and their allies are in a rage over having been denied.

Homosexual activists are now calling for the NYPD -- a known ally of the Homosexual Lobby -- to revoke the parade permit for St. Patrick's Day parades in the future.

If they have their way, pro-Family expression and public displays will be completely banned.

Hypocritically, these calls for official discrimination of Christians are coming just weeks after radical homosexuals cried foul over the numerous states moving to counter the federal government's efforts to advance the Homosexual Agenda.

They claim the laws being considered by these states would allow discrimination of homosexuals and homosexual “marriage.”

But they are happy to discriminate against anyone they don’t like.

You see, the Homosexual Lobby does not care about fairness or even the rule of law.

What they do care about is stamping out any opposition to their radical ideology.

As long as you and I and other pro-Family Americans are willing to speak out in support of real marriage, strong families and traditional values, they will try to silence us.

That’s why Public Advocate will never back down, and I hope you will continue to stand with us.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Will you chip in $5 or $10 to help Public Advocate fight for family values?

Replace Obamacare with the Patient OPTION Act

From Congressman Paul Broun:

As a family physician for four decades, I know firsthand that Obamacare fundamentally changes the American healthcare system as we know it.

Just as I feared, it is breaking down the patient-doctor relationship and placing bureaucrats soundly in the middle of the decision-making process - all at a huge cost to our economy, jobs, and future generations. It doesn't have to be this way.

I have introduced H.R. 2900, the Patient OPTION Act, which would repeal Obamacare in full and replace it with market-based, patient-centered solutions. Futhermore, the Patient OPTION Act has been endorsed by FreedomWorks and the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons. FreedomWorks called the bill "the most impressive legislation that has been introduced toward this goal of patient-centered care."

If you agree that we need to repeal and replace Obamacare then I hope you will immediately add your name to become a citizen co-sponsor of my bill.

The Patient OPTION Act will make health insurance cheaper for everyone, save Medicare for our seniors, and empower patients when it comes to making their healthcare decisions.

Together we can repeal Obamacare and change our nation for the better. Click here to become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of my Patient OPTION Act right now!

God Bless,

Congressman Paul Broun

Help Senator Rand Paul in defeating the statists

From Rand2016:

The March 31st reporting deadline is just 6 days away.

President Obama, his allies in Congress and establishment politicians in both parties are waiting to see how strong my fundraising report will be.

All eyes in Washington are waiting for my report to see if conservatives are mobilized and ready to fight on all fronts in 2014.

I'm committed to fighting President Obama's disastrous agenda and winning at the ballot box in 2014.

But I'm just one Senator.

Can I count on you to stand with me in these fights?

You see, the politicians in Washington take their cues from you.

If I can reach my goal of $150,000 by the March 31st reporting deadline, the political establishment in Washington and candidates across the country will see the American people are demanding Congress protect the Bill of Rights and stand up to President Obama's reckless policies.

And while 2014 looks like a year where conservatives can score major victories, it's vital conservatives capitalize on a promising political environment with action.

That's why I hope you'll agree to your most generous contribution before the March 31st, deadline.

So please chip in a contribution of $10 or $40 and send a clear signal to the Washington elite that the grassroots is primed to fight and win in 2014.

And believe me, the political class in Washington would like nothing more than to write the obituary for conservatives this year.

Prove them wrong by standing in my corner and helping me to reach my goal of $150,000 by the March 31st deadline.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

P.S. March 31st is rapidly approaching. This is the End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline. Immediately following, I must turn in my financial report for the last quarter.

And I can promise you, all eyes will be on me during that critical time.

Your action -- standing with me over the past several months -- has made an enormous impact in Washington, D.C.

But politicians in Washington, D.C. have short memories. That’s why I need you to prove you’re still in my corner.

I hope I can count on your support to help me raise $150,000 by the March 31st deadline. So please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 right away!

Defeat the Internet Tax Mandate,defeat UN censorship

From Campaign For Liberty:

Harry Reid and big-spending, high-tax statists in BOTH parties have already RAMMED the National Internet Tax Mandate through the Senate.

And without C4L members' continued action, it could be gaveled through the House and sent to Barack Obama’s desk for his guaranteed signature.

So it’s absolutely critical you sign the petition I've made up for you DEMANDING Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor KILL the National Internet Tax Mandate in the House.

I'll give you the link shortly, but first let me explain exactly why this is so important...

Currently, because of the Founders' vision for our country, states are "laboratories" - free to set their own tax policies.

High-tax, big-spending, highly regulatory state governments send businesses and citizens alike fleeing across state lines in search of more liberty.

But under the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme, the statists are setting the stage to bring it all to a crashing halt.

Under the National Internet Tax Mandate:

*** All Americans would pay more for the “privilege” of shopping online, as big-spending governors of BOTH parties work with the federal government to implement the Mandate.

Big-spending governors are running their states into bankruptcy, and - instead of reducing spending - they want Congress to force YOU to bail them out with Internet sales tax revenue!

*** Tax collectors in one state would now be free to pursue retailers across state lines.

For example, if a customer in New York makes a purchase from an online retailer in Texas, that retailer MUST collect New York's exorbitant sales taxes and send them to New York's tax collection agencies;

*** New and higher taxes would CRUSH economic growth and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.

Make no mistake.

This is all bad enough on its face.

But it's hardly the end of it.

You and I both know, under the guise of "national security," establishment bureaucrats are already feverishly looking for new ways to trace, track, and register all Americans' online activity.

What you read. What you buy. What videos you watch. What you write about THEM.

Now the one-world socialists at the United Nations want in on the action, as well.

In fact, the U.N. has already drafted a new "Telecommunications Treaty" to impose restrictive regulations, global CENSORSHIP, and a massive new tax on all Internet operations.

If ratified by the United States Senate, the United Nations' Treaty could give control of the Internet to U.N. bureaucrats.

Ultimately, the U.N. hopes to use this scheme to take a tax bite out of the TRILLIONS of dollars exchanging hands via Internet commerce - money that will make the U.N. a true world government.

And this National Internet Tax Mandate is playing right into their hands.

That's why it's so critical you sign your No Internet Tax petition and make your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 to C4L IMMEDIATELY.

Even if you can only chip in $20 or $10, it will make a tremendous difference.

Just like the Wall Street bailouts and the "deal" over the debt ceiling during the so-called "government shutdown," this National Internet Tax Mandate is "bipartisan" to its core.

And statists in BOTH parties are determined to RAM this scheme into law.

Governors from all over the country who literally CANNOT wait to get more tax money are busy bending the ears of Congress.

And with big spenders in BOTH parties lining up in support of increasing government control over the Internet, I’m afraid this legislation - or some sort of so-called "compromise" - could make it through the House unless you act today.

Will you stand by while the big taxers grab yet more tax dollars from hardworking Americans?

Do you simply shrug your shoulders at the thought of United Nations global socialists shutting down the free flow of information worldwide?

Or will you help me FIGHT BACK?

Please take a moment to sign your petition DEMANDING Bob Goodlatte, Eric Cantor, and John Boehner kill the National Internet Tax Mandate IMMEDIATELY.

And if you can, please chip in $10 or more to C4L TODAY.

Your generosity will help me alert hundreds of thousands of Americans to this critical fight and stop the National Internet Tax Mandate.

C4L will use mail, email, and hard-hitting Internet ads - and even newspaper, radio, and TV ads, if necessary.

And with the fight going on right now, this won't be cheap.

But it will be what it takes to win.

During the Senate fight over the National Internet Tax Mandate, Campaign for Liberty generated phone calls and thousands of petitions in opposition to taxing the Internet.

When the fight began, the statists thought they could ram their bill through the Senate with as many as 90 votes.

Capitol Hill insiders have told me and my staff that Campaign for Liberty's efforts were the key to changing the minds of many senators and making sure the bill passed in the Senate with far fewer votes than expected - greatly helping stall the bill's momentum.

If you and I can generate this type of massive pressure on the U.S. House, I'm confident we can DEFEAT the statists' attempt to get more of your money through the Internet.

So in addition to signing your petition, won't you please agree to chip in whatever you can afford IMMEDIATELY?

There's no time to waste.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Members of BOTH parties in Congress are working to unleash a new National Internet Tax Mandate.

If passed, the National Internet Tax Mandate would hand the federal government massive new controls over state tax policies, setting the stage for government at all levels to take another helping of your money via the Internet.

That's why it's critical you sign the petition DEMANDING House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, House Speaker John Boehner, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor kill the National Internet Tax Mandate.

And please chip in $10 or more to C4L IMMEDIATELY.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Help support the Balanced Budget Amendment

From the National League of Taxpayers:

Your petitions are making a difference!

Thanks to you and other National League of Taxpayers members, you and I have reached more than 40 cosponsors on H.J. Res. 5 and S.J. Res. 7, a tough Balanced Budget Amendment that would not only require a balanced budget, but also require a two-thirds vote to raise taxes.

But now, you and I must take it to the next level.

My ultimate goal is to force a vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment to put tax-and-spend politicians in Washington on record for or against fiscal sanity.

To do that, you and I must add on as many cosponsors as possible to show House and Senate leadership that you and I are serious about forcing a vote.

You see, one of two things will happen.

We either pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and force tax-and-spend politicians to live within our means.

Or a whole round of tax-and-spend politicians will go down to defeat in the November elections.

Either way, you and I win.

So please, if you haven't already signed your petitions to Balance the Budget, please do so at once.

If you have, please forward this message to a friend, to help us add a tidal wave of cosponsors to help force a vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment.


Gary Paumen, President
National League of Taxpayers

P.S. If you haven't yet signed your Balanced Budget Amendment petitions, please do so at once.

After signing, I hope you'll also chip in with a sacrificial contribution to help me identify and mobilize additional taxpayers.

Rand Paul on the November elections

From Rand2016:

I know you’ve heard the old saying, “money talks.”

Well, I’ve been in Washington, D.C. long enough to tell you plenty of people here have heard it too!

That’s why this March 31st has been circled on their calendars for weeks now.

You see, that is the End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline.

Immediately following, I must turn in my financial report for the last quarter.

And I can promise you, all eyes will be on me during that critical time so that's why I've set a goal of raising $150,000 by the reporting deadline.

Mainstream media types and Washington, D.C. insiders know a big fundraising quarter for me will send a loud-and-clear message to President Obama and Big Government politicians in BOTH parties that the American people are insisting on a return to limited government and constitutional principles.

I can’t think of anything more important with so many fights still raging in Congress and November 2014 now rapidly approaching.

So won’t you please contribute as generously as you can today?

I know it’s hard to look at Washington, D.C. and be optimistic about anything when we’re constantly barraged with news about:

***Our federal government’s $17.4 TRILLION in national debt. In real terms, that’s almost $220,000 for a family of four!

***The disastrous ObamaCare roll out, which recent CBO reports say will cost $2.6 TRILLION we don’t have, 2.5 million jobs we need and still leave 30 million Americans uninsured!

***Government spying on American citizens, which has exposed a constant string of NSA abuses and outright disregard for our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.

And I haven’t even mentioned new schemes still being considered.

The National Internet Sales Tax, which would dramatically increase taxes on many "mom and pop" small businesses, could still rear its ugly head before the 2014 elections.

So could gun control.

So could misguided immigration reform efforts that still do virtually nothing to ensure proper border security.

Besides the economic costs our country is bearing because of our national debt, I fear we’re leaving future generations of Americans – our kids and grandkids – with nothing but fewer freedoms and less opportunity.

Only in Washington is this irresponsible behavior viewed as “consensus.”

I won’t stand for that and I’m determined to fight.

That’s why this next End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline is so critical.

At a time when both Congress and the President have approval ratings in the basement, if I can have massive and growing support, it will help me prove that the American people are fed up with Big Government schemes.

I can’t think of anything more important this election year.

So much is at stake this November . . .

Will the next U.S. Congress be controlled by those who will kowtow to President Obama’s every wish?

Run by those who only throw up tacit opposition?

Or will it be controlled by those who think our remaining freedoms as American citizens are worth fighting for?

Your action today will help decide that.

As I mentioned earlier, “money talks.”

Not just for the national media. Not just for Washington, D.C. insiders.

But also for those running for office.

A big fundraising quarter for me will also help show the candidates running for office that staying true to their word by standing up and fighting for constitutional conservative principles, as I’ve done, is a sure way to get rewarded by grassroots patriots.

After all, I’m just one man.

One U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

At the end of the day, it’s really the millions of grassroots patriots like you who hold the power to turn our country around.

And despite all the madness we see in Washington, your action is making a difference.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of Americans from all over the country stood with me during my 13-hour filibuster, which ultimately forced President Obama to admit he could not deploy drones to target for killing American citizens on U.S. soil.

You and other patriots swamped the offices of my colleagues with phone calls, emails and petitions to beat back President Obama’s initial push for gun control.

And not long ago, good folks like you forced the Obama administration to halt its misguided march to war in Syria.

These victories were only possible because the politicians in Washington saw that you stood with me.

But memories are short in Washington, D.C., and it seems politicians love repeating the mistakes of the past. So it’s never been more important you stand with me once again.

I know you understand the problems we’re facing as a country right now. And you’ve proven you can make an enormous difference here in Washington, D.C.

I’ll continue the fight. I will never back down. But I need to prove you’re still in my corner. And there’s not much time.

So please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 today.

The press would love nothing more than to report “Washington, D.C.’s Big Government establishment is winning.”

Without a big fundraising quarter, I can guarantee you, that will be the headline. And it will be used as an excuse by politicians in BOTH parties to ram through all sorts of new outrageous schemes.

That’s why your support today is so critical.

Please agree to chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 at once!

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

P.S. March 31st is rapidly approaching. This is the End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline. Immediately following, I must turn in my financial report for the last quarter.

And I can promise you, all eyes will be on me during that critical time.

Your action -- standing with me over the past several months -- has made an enormous impact in Washington, D.C.

But politicians in Washington, D.C. have short memories. That’s why I need you to prove you’re still in my corner. So please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 TODAY!

So I hope I can count on your support to help me raise $150,000 by the March 31 deadline.

Rush Limbaugh,oxycontin and marijuana

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh (3-21-14) where he put down marijuana legalization. I like listening to Rush,I agree with him on issues such as feminism,Obama and the damage the left is doing to this country. But his position on marijuana is one I will not support. Marijuana is a lot more harmless than oxycontin,which is synthetic heroin. Heroin is heroin and if you use it you are a junkie. The withdrawals from heroin are very intense from what I hear. On the other hand,there are no withdrawal symptoms from marijuana use. If given a choice between marijuana and heroin the smart money on the marijuana.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Say no to pot prohibitionist Ron Nehring

Anti-Pot Rhetoric Out of Step With California Voters
Steven Greenhut | March 21, 2014

SACRAMENTO — As the state Republican Party searched for new ways to reach California’s young and independent-oriented electorate during its weekend convention outside of San Francisco, its main lieutenant governor candidate has chosen to run on an increasingly unpopular issue: opposing the decriminalization of marijuana.

At a press conference on Saturday, former party chairman Ron Nehring of San Diego argued that the advancing movement to decriminalize pot is endangering children: “Anyone who thinks that this is only going to be limited to adults needs to put the crack pipe down because that is simply not reality.”

Nehring seeks support from voters who don’t like Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s support for marijuana decriminalization. Oddly for a GOP convention, Nehring praised Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who recently suggested that a stoned populace is bad for the state’s economy as he criticized legalization efforts similar to those in Washington and Colorado.

Nehring said he favors the approach taken by a group called Project SAM. Its “Smart Approaches to Marijuana” are short on specifics, but are mainly about keeping marijuana illegal. In a Huffington Post article last April, Nehring even criticized the use of medical marijuana, which has been legal in California since Prop. 215’s passage in 1996.

He’s got an uphill battle, not just with his candidacy but in gaining traction for this issue. A December Field poll found that most California voters, by a 56 percent to 39 percent margin, favor a proposed marijuana-legalization initiative, with opposition coming mainly from Republicans and self-identified conservatives. Voter preferences can change as campaigns heat up, of course, but attitudes are shifting in the legalization direction over time.

Supporters of legalization say it’s better to regulate it than to fight a drug war. Despite what the governor said at a district attorneys’ event in 2010, marijuana legalization will not help the Mexican cartels. The last thing drug lords want is legal competition.

In his Huffington Post piece, Newsom argued that “Californians must renew our push for common-sense marijuana policy by developing a state level regulatory system and lead the national effort to end draconian laws that favor incarceration over education.” But the latest effort to develop such a system is sponsored by the police chiefs’ association and the California League of Cities – two groups that are trying to clamp down on dispensaries. Authored by Sen. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana), SB 1262 would give state authorities the power to license those facilities that sell medical pot, but it would also make it harder for patients to get doctor recommendations to buy it.

This seems counterproductive given fiscal realities. The state’s prison system is so overcrowded that officials are releasing inmates who have committed serious crimes. Cities are cutting their public-safety budgets as pension costs consume more dollars. One would think that police chiefs and city-government advocates would have other priorities.

Pot foes complain that it’s too easy for anyone to get a marijuana “card” for medical uses and that such drugs are harmful to kids for recreational uses. Legalization supporters say the question is not whether marijuana is good or bad, but whether maintaining a prohibition is a wise use of resources. Legalizing a substance does not necessarily mean that it will be more widely used, as Portugal’s drug-decriminalization efforts suggest.

Both sides of the debate insist that they want to downplay incarceration and focus on drug treatment, which might be a good place for a little common ground. But sensible solutions will no doubt get lost in a statewide political campaign where voters can expect sound-bites and hit mailers about crack pipes and potheads.

In 1983, conservative icon William F. Buckley argued that “The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents.” On the political level, not much has changed after three decades. But voters seem to be moving beyond the scare tactics.


Prohibitionism is a bad position as I have pointed out before. With medical marijuana or legal dispensaries money goes out of the pockets of organized crime which deprives them of a source of revenue. I don't usually endorse Democrats but on this one I have to. The Republican challenger is bringing up the bad old days of police raids and organized crime getting rich again. The War on Marijuana is a failure. The people have spoken and our elected leaders are duty bound to obey the will of the people.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stand up to the NSA with Senator Rand Paul

From Campaign For Liberty:

"I believe what you do on your cell phone is none of their d--- business!" -- Senator Rand Paul

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment Senator Paul expressed above at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend to raucous applause from the standing-room-only crowd.

After walking away with the CPAC straw poll win for the second year in a row, Senator Paul has shown that there is strong support amongst young people and the broader conservative movement to protect our civil liberties.

My staff was tabling at the conference, and one of the most popular petitions on our table was one to "Stand with Rand on the NSA!"

For a conference that once crowned Donald Rumsfeld the "Defender of the Constitution," this was quite a change from years past.

The NSA domestic surveillance scandal is just one example of what Big Government will do without vigorous oversight and restraint.

After 9/11, many Americans, and particularly our representatives in government, were far too willing to trade our liberties away for what they perceived as "security."

But as Benjamin Franklin admonished centuries before, those who trade one for the other will end up with neither.

Thankfully, Americans are beginning to fight back to protect their natural rights and liberties.

Privacy has once again come to the forefront of American political discourse.

While testifying on behalf of Campaign for Liberty against reauthorization of so-called "Patriot" Act provisions in 2011, Bruce Fein told members of a House Subcommittee, "Liberty, the right to be left alone, is at the top of the Constitution's hierarchy."

I trust that as a member of Campaign for Liberty, you feel the same way.

That's why it's important you sign your "Stand with Rand on the NSA!" petition to your representative and senators urging them to hold the Obama Administration accountable and to cosponsor and pass legislation ending the NSA's abuse of power!

The Fourth Amendment was written to protect against the very same abuses the Obama Administration and the ones before him have carried out.

John Adams once wrote to his wife Abigail, "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."

Let's make sure we stand up and fight for our liberties while we still can!

In Liberty,

John Tate

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Michael Reagan on Rand Paul

From RandPAC:


I disagree with some of Rand Paul’s more libertarian positions, especially on social issues. And I’m certainly not endorsing him or anyone else to be the Republican nominee for president at this time. But Sen. Paul of Kentucky did two things recently that won my favor.

He showed the 2,500 conservative activists at the CPAC conference last weekend that he understands what the GOP must do if it wants to take the Senate this fall and win back the White House.

And then on Monday he wrote a good column for calling for his fellow Republican presidential wannabes to, as the headline said, “Stop warping Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy.”

CPAC, as all conservatives and political junkies know, is the annual bathing beauty competition for every Republican who’s ever had a daydream about running for president.

Sen. Paul’s brand of libertarian-leaning conservatism has shifted the GOP’s center of gravity his way and everyone at CPAC knew it.

He was the landslide winner in the straw poll, taking 31 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz stumbled in second with 11 percent and neurosurgeon Ben Carson had 9 percent. The media’s favorite conservative, Chris Christie, managed 8 percent.

At CPAC Sen. Paul had a personal victory, but he also did the right thing for the GOP. He went out of his way to give his full support to fellow Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, who’s up for reelection.

It wasn’t because Sen. Paul is moving to the McConnell center of the GOP, it was because he wants his party to win the U.S. Senate in the fall.

A Republican Senate is Prize Number One. Making friends and cementing cracks in the party is what’s most important right now and Sen. Paul understands that side of the equation.

In his Breitbart column he did two good things. He reminded his more bellicose fellow presidential competitors that their hero Ronald Reagan was a peacemaker and a negotiator, not a war-maker.

Saying he admired Ronald Reagan because he “was not rash or reckless with regard to war,” Sen. Paul pointed out that my father, who believed in “Peace Through Strength,” was attacked harshly by the hawks in the Republican Party.

He was called an appeaser for meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in Iceland and for pulling American forces out of Lebanon after 241 Marines died in the suicide bombing there in 1983.

In his column Sen. Paul also told conservative Republicans something else they need to remember — something I’ve spent half my life preaching and he has been practicing.

Sen. Paul wrote that he doesn’t claim to be the next Ronald Reagan and will not engage in disparaging his fellow Republicans for “not being sufficiently Reaganesque.”

But, he said, no doubt thinking of Sen. Ted Cruz, “I will remind anyone who thinks we will win elections by trashing previous Republican nominees or holding oneself out as some paragon in the mold of Reagan, that splintering the party is not the route to victory.”

Splintering itself is something the GOP has become really good at doing.

The 2012 presidential primary was a cluster suicide mission for conservative Republicans, which is why Moderate Mitt was the last candidate standing.

Then, because 25 percent of evangelicals stayed home in November rather than vote for Romney, we ended up with “The Obama Horror, Part 2.”

Liberals speak with one voice. Conservatives are a squabbling family of factions — social conservatives, economic conservatives and libertarian conservatives.

But if conservatives of all stripes want the GOP to win in 2016 they have to come together and pick their best candidate early, then let the party moderates fight among themselves and split their votes.

That’s what happened in 1980. My father was the only conservative in the primary and he got to watch as the George H.W. Bush moderates and Rockefeller Republicans beat each other up and split their votes.

That’s the way it should work in 2016 — after the GOP takes the Senate.

Reagan was great on foreign policy however when he came to domestic policy he sucked royally especially with the war on drugs which in reality was the war on the Constitution.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tell the House to defeat the Internet Tax Mandate

From Campaign For Liberty:

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Internet sales taxes, and what we heard was troubling, to say the least.

I submitted written testimony to the committee in opposition to what we call the National Internet Tax Mandate, but I’m afraid, without an immediate influx of grassroots pressure in opposition to this plan, representatives eager to compromise could help usher in the Mandate by next Cyber Monday.

While there are a few staunch allies of limited government and less taxes on the committee, many of the members are already dreaming about how their states will spend this tax revenue.

Of course, it won’t be long after the Mandate’s enacted until big-spending state legislators raise sales taxes to grab even more money out of our pockets.

One Republican even endorsed the Internet Sales Tax because he said it would make it easier to impose federal sales taxes on all Americans!

So please help us turn up the heat on the House right away by signing your Fax Petition to Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte demanding they oppose the National Internet Tax Mandate!

In Liberty,

John Tate

Defeat the Internet Tax Mandate

When it comes to TPP Obama wants to put the fox in charge of the henhouse

From Demand Progress:

The Obama administration wants a former SOPA lobbyist to negotiate the TPP. We can't let that happen.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive international treaty that lets the world's most powerful corporations make a power grab for our resources at the cost of our civil liberties. And now President Obama has nominated Robert Holleyman, a former lobbyist for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), to help lead the TPP negotiations for the U.S.

Help us tell the US Senate not to let the salesman for an awful bill become the architect of a monstrous treaty.

The TPP will have ruinous consequences for free speech on the Internet by expanding already ridiculous copyright protections and laying the groundwork for internet censorship. If confirmed by the Senate, Holleyman would be working to ensure that these anti-free speech provisions are enshrined in the TPP for good.

Click here and urge the Senate to block this disastrous nomination.

We've done a good job slowing down the progress of the TPP, but we can't let up. By blocking Holleyman, we'll not only keep this dangerous lobbyist away from this trade agreement, we'll also send a message to the architects of the TPP that they are in for a fight.

Let's send that message and continue that fight.

Sign on and tell your Senator: No to Holleyman.

Thank you.

- Demand Progress

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Support The Right To Work Act

From the National Right To Work Committee:

Please complete and return your 2014 Membership Ballot immediately.

It's vital that you do so at once.

Every year, the National Right to Work Committee surveys our members to ask which of our ongoing efforts is most important to you.

But this year, your response has never been more important!

With the 2014 mid-term elections right around the corner, it is vital I know how you want me to order the Committee's priorities.

You see, this year the Committee will be devoting extensive resources to our education and mobilization program in key states and districts to let the American people know which politicians support Right to Work and which politicians support compulsory unionism.

Of course, you and I both know Big Labor will do everything in their power to keep the Committee from informing folks about their radical, forced-dues agenda.

And for decades, one of their favorite weapons has been to use their allies at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) -- and similar bureaucracies at the state level -- to harass us with wasteful subpoenas demanding we prove we have members or that our education programs are "legal."

That's why it's vital you sign your 2014 Membership Ballot IMMEDIATELY.

When I last wrote you about the FEC's continuing harassment of the Committee, your response was overwhelming: "FIGHT ON!"

But with union boss puppets still calling the shots in virtually every federal agency, FEC bureaucrats aren't backing down.

That's why your IMMEDIATE action is so critical.

As you know, union boss water-carriers at the FEC have time and again buried your Right to Work Committee under a mountain of harassing subpoenas with the ultimate goal of stopping you and me from informing Americans which politicians support Right to Work and which ones kowtow to the union bosses.

In fact, Big Labor's cronies at the FEC have concocted rules which refuse to recognize that you are a "real" member of the National Right to Work Committee.

They have insisted that you aren't entitled to the same rights under the U.S. Constitution accorded to members of other organizations!

From what my attorneys tell me, the Committee's position will be stronger if as many members as possible certify each year that they currently consider themselves to be members of the National Right to Work Committee.

In the past, the FEC bureaucracy has attacked the Committee for exposing corruption involving candidates for federal office and top-level union officials.

But today, with Big Labor cronies in control of the White House and federal bureaucracies, you can bet FEC bureaucrats will attempt even more brazen assaults on the Committee -- with no fear of sanction.

Just think of the IRS harassment of groups the President doesn't like back in 2012!

So your 2014 Membership Ballot -- demonstrating that we do have members -- may be essential to winning any legal challenge to our membership.

Returning your Membership Ballot is also very important for another reason.

You see, you and I face some tough decisions.

As I mentioned, my goal is to expand our federal and state programs as we move into 2014.

I would like you to help me determine what aspects of our programs on which to focus.

You can bet Big Labor will be firing on all cylinders to elect their radical, forced-dues candidates this November.

So, now is the time to put every member of Congress on record on the forced-unionism issue by forcing a roll-call vote in both houses of Congress on the National Right to Work Act (H.R. 946/S. 204).

A National Right to Work law would mean that no worker could be forced to join or pay dues to a labor union just to get or keep a job.

And just getting a roll-call vote would be a win/win scenario for Right to Work supporters.

After all, every time in the past five decades that Big Labor's pet politicians have been exposed to the nearly 75% of Americans who think forced unionism is just plain wrong, they have gone down in flames at the ballot box.

That's why I believe you and I must do everything we can to FORCE Congress to go on record for or against the National Right to Work Act.

But this fight won't be easy -- or cheap.

So I'm counting on your support, and your advice.

You see, in addition to battles in Congress, Right to Work supporters face some tough challenges and tremendous opportunities on the state level as well.

After Big Labor-dominated Michigan passed Right to Work in 2012, the union bosses were beside themselves. They vowed to overturn Right to Work.

The union elite hope that overturning Right to Work in Michigan will stall our momentum going forward in other states.

It's critical you and I not let that happen.

And Michigan isn't the only Right to Work state Big Labor is targeting. Indiana, Iowa and Harry Reid's home state of Nevada are in the crosshairs as well.

In addition to protecting Right to Work Laws in Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and Nevada, now is the time to use our momentum to extend Right to Work to other states like Montana, Maine and Kentucky, as well as in a host of other states where the political climate is ripe for freeing workers from the shackles of forced unionism.

The fact is, after years of hard work, both Indiana AND Michigan became Right to Work states in 2012 -- something that hasn't happened since 1954!

If two states deep in the heart of the union boss dominated Rust Belt can pass Right to Work, I'm confident other states can as well.

So, should I emphasize a federal campaign, concentrating on forcing a roll-call vote on the National Right to Work Act?

Or should protecting state Right to Work laws and going on the offense in states where it's possible to pass Right to Work be our top priority?

Or should the Committee try to fight both nationally and on the state level?

Now, I'm sure you agree that it's vital you and I do everything we can to put all members of Congress on record for or against forced unionism -- especially with the 2014 elections on the horizon.

So, if you think our federal legislative program should take priority, mark "FEDERAL LEGISLATION" on your Membership Ballot and return it to me today.

But before you do, give some thought to what's at stake in the state legislatures.

Shouldn't you and I strike while the iron is hot in states where it may be possible to pass Right to Work laws?

But we can't leave current Right to Work states undefended in order to gain new ones.

So should defending state Right to Work laws and working to end forced unionism in target states be a top priority?

If you think so, mark "STATE LEGISLATION" on your ballot.

I'm sure you can see why I'm torn . . .

. . . And why I'm writing to ask you for your advice -- and, I hope, for your increased financial support.

Unless we can generate a major influx of support at the beginning of this year, it's likely that I will be forced to cut back on both federal and state legislative programs.

This would be a tragedy.

Opportunities to go on the offense like this are rare, and you and I must take advantage of our recent gains while we have the chance.

In fact, the worst thing you and I could do is wait.

So can I count on you to make a contribution, equal to or even larger than $50?

I know that's a lot.

But in truth, I'm hoping you'll even consider doing more with a generous contribution of $100.

But even that might not be enough.

Without an immediate infusion of resources, I'm afraid we may miss out on a real opportunity to go on the offense and take the fight directly to the union bosses.

I know the current economic situation makes things tough, but with everything at stake, I hope you'll agree to make a contribution large enough for us to keep fighting in Congress and the state legislatures.

So, please consider sending a contribution of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford right away.

But whatever you can send, please send it right away so I'll know how to budget for the coming year.

And please sign your 2014 Membership Ballot right away with your advice on how to proceed in 2014.

The mid-term elections will soon be upon us, and the state battles are raging as I write. Your advice and support are critical.

Please act today. The Board of Directors and I anxiously await your reply.


Mark Mix

Fight the Internet Tax Mandate

From the National League of Taxpayers:

They are on the attack again.

And this time, members of both parties are the problem.

Of course, the only thing big-government politicians love more than spending your money is taking away more of it.

Are you prepared to pay taxes to use online services like Google, Facebook, Ebay or Netflix?

How about surrendering even more money to help finance ObamaCare?

If your answer is a resounding NO, then please keep reading.

President Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and unfortunately even a number of Republicans are looking at a new source of "revenue" through the Internet Sales Tax.

Of course, when tax-and-spend politicians introduce controversial legislation, they make sure to give it a name that'll be more receptive to taxpayers.

That's why they're calling it the "Marketplace Fairness Act" in an attempt to hide its obvious implications from you.

But make no mistake. Nothing about this big-government boondoggle is "fair."

You see, the Internet Sales Tax would hand the Federal Government massive new controls over state tax policies and set the stage for government at all levels to tax, regulate and track every transaction you make on the Internet.

The Internet Sales Tax would also create an online regulatory nightmare that will wreak havoc on businesses by forcing them to comply with 50 separate tax codes.

That's why it's critical you sign the petition DEMANDING my colleagues in the House and Senate vote "NO" on the Internet Sales Tax.

I'll give you a link in just a moment, but first, let me explain exactly what's at stake.

Tax-and-spend politicians are foaming at the mouth fantasizing about new spending programs they can create by using additional taxpayer dollars.

Today, instead of finding ways to cut spending and reduce taxes to get our economy going again, members of both parties are moving to squeeze even more money from the American people

Money that they intend to use in their efforts to fund and create more government programs like ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion.

The last thing we need is more taxes for the purpose of implementing more government.

That's why it's so critical you sign your No Internet Sales Tax petition.

And after you sign your petition, please chip in with $10, $15, or more to help fight back against the Internet Sales Tax right away.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time – and it's one of the last marketplaces where individuals can purchase goods and services with limited government intrusion.

That's why I hope you will help today in keeping the Internet as free from government interference as much as possible.

You see, under the Internet Sales Tax:
*** Obama's Federal Government will use the IRS to force online retailers to pay for their new revenue scheme, all while raising costs for consumers.
*** Tax collectors in one state will have the backing of the Federal Government and the IRS to pursue retailers across state lines.
*** Many of your favorite sites will be flooded out of business due to a tidal wave of new and higher taxes and regulations that threaten the Internet as we know it.

We should be lowering taxes. Not raising them.

But that will not happen unless I receive your support.

Will you stand by while Obama's IRS and big-government politicians in both parties continue to dig their hands in your pocket?

Or will you sign your No Internet Sales Tax petition telling your Congressman and Senators ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

And after you sign, please consider sending your maximum contribution of $100, $500, or $35 to help me mobilize Americans in our fight against the Internet Sales Tax.

If we don't stop the Internet Sales Tax scheme, every consumer in the country will feel the crippling effects as Congress takes a massive chunk out of American prosperity.

Your support will help alert hundreds of thousands of Americans on the nature of this battle, all while putting pressure on my counterparts in the House and Senate, demanding they vote NO on the Internet Sales Tax.

That's why your support is crucial.

This won't be easy.

But your support is what we need to win.



Steve Stockman
United States Congressman

Tell Congress what you want

From RandPac:

Did you get a chance to read my email below?

Congress is back in session and the midterm elections are rapidly approaching.

It's vital that RANDPAC fight for your conservative priorities so please let me know which fight is most important to you.

From Repealing ObamaCare to stopping President Obama's liberal agenda to winning at the ballot box in 2014, conservatives face a monumental opportunity this year to advance our cause.

But that will only occur if conservatives are focused on the most important battles.

After you read the email, please fill out your "Grassroots Directive" right away.

If you've already signed the petition, please forward this email to as many people as possible.

I'll need to mobilize millions of Americans to join this fight for our conservative values so please take action today.

Thank you for all you do.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Support the Balance Budget Amendment

From The National League of Taxpayers:

Are they our servants or our masters?

As I write you today, the federal and state governments continue to inflate government workers’ pay and benefits with your tax dollars.

And wherever bureaucrats can exploit taxpayers to enrich themselves, they’ll fight like tooth and nail to keep the gravy train going.

As a result, government employees are wealthier and enjoy far greater perks than their private-sector counterparts.

For example, following the October government shutdown, federal employees who the government itself deemed “non-essential” received $2 billion of back pay for the sixteen days they didn’t work.

But the politicians who get elected with the support of the teachers’ union and the various government employees' unions know where their support comes from.

So they keep paying them off with not only your money, but also your kids’ and grandkids’ money.

For example, a recent financial review determined that more than half of the country’s state-run pension plans are fiscally unsound because they promise far more than they’ve got the cash to cover.

As growth in these plans’ liabilities continues to overtake that of assets, another study reveals that public-sector obligations are bleeding cities dry, too.

61 major cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle, and San Francisco, owe a combined total of over $126 billion to government workers’ retiree health costs, but have only saved enough money to fund 6% of that amount.

Only two of these cities, Los Angeles and Denver, have even managed to scrape past half their obligations -- and just barely.

And yet, the public-sector unions are always looking for more.

Aren’t public servants supposed to serve the people rather than the other way around?

Today we should be reducing crushing taxes, cutting meddlesome regulations, and demanding economic sanity from our government.

But instead, our public servants now see themselves as our public masters, constantly rolling out new regulations and burdensome red tape on their counterparts in the private sector.

It’s time to cut the gravy train and the demands at both the state and national level.

That’s why National League of Taxpayers members fight against taxes at the state level, and at the federal level support H.J. Res. 5 and S.J. Res. 7, a bullet-proof national Balanced Budget Amendment.

This NLT-supported Balanced Budget Amendment would require a balanced budget every year, limit the size of the federal budget to 18% of our gross domestic product (GDP), and require a two-thirds vote by both houses of Congress to raise taxes.

Tax-and-spend politicians can’t be trusted to voluntarily make real spending cuts, but this amendment would finally force all the national waste, including federal workers’ gravy train, onto the chopping block.

The taxpayers would finally cast off their federal public masters.


Gary Paumen, President
National League of Taxpayers

P.S. Please click here to sign your Balanced Budget Amendment petitions to your Congressman and two Senators at once.

And if you are able, please consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or more to keep our vital programs running. We receive no government funding.

Pot prohibitionists assist organized crime

If you've ever watched The O'Reilly Factor up to this point you know that one of the things that O'Reilly harps about is marijuana. He is the fucking Carrie Nation of the 21st Century on this. He and I am on the same page when it comes to children using it but when it comes to adult recreational use he needs to back off. During the height of the drug war in the '80's it was Bill Maher who said to prohibitionist Nancy Reagan: "Fuck you,Nancy. Some people need that after work joint". The one thing that O'Reilly never brings up is long time damage by marijuana use. I mean if the truth was on the prohibitionists' side they would have no problem bringing this up. So why doesn't O'Reilly bring up fatalities or those damaged by marijuana use? Because there is no evidence to collaborate what they have to say? All O'Reilly is doing is helping the black market stay in business. He claims to be for law and order but how many criminal cartels does he make wealthy because of he and his fellow prohibitionists' influence? Right now is at a tipping point in the discussion on marijuana. Colorado is up and running with legal marijuana. Washington has legalized it but hasn't started up sales to the public as of yet. Fortune 500 companies are starting to look at marijuana now that the majority of the people favor legalization. Others are finding other ways to profit from legal weed from offering chauffeured rides to marijuana tour tourists to other enterprises. The thing about marijuana is that there is a high demand and some one is going to supply that demand. Who's it going to be? these people or these people. There is no middle ground. It's either one or the other. If you side with o'Reilly and other prohibitionists then you are aligned with organized crime. It's just that simple. Like I said there is no middle ground. It's either one or the other. Which one is it going to be?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Say no to forced union dues;support S. 204

From Rand2016:

Not long ago, I introduced a simple, one-page bill designed to usher in the biggest change in American politics in generations . . .
For nearly 70 years -- with our federal government's blessing -- Big Labor bosses have mocked our Constitution and strangled our economy as they've built a massive political empire on the backs of hardworking Americans.

These workers' FORCED union dues -- confiscated by union bosses under the threat of outright job termination -- have bankrolled tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for decades.

Just take a look at the federal Leviathan you and I live under today to see the horrific results.

If you and I are serious about restoring liberty and limited, constitutional government in America, you and I must strike at the very heart of Big Labor's illicit power by passing my National Right to Work Act (S. 204) to finally END forced union dues in America.

Of course, I'm depending on you to help make that happen.

As you'll see, I've made up a special "End Forced Unionism" petition for you to sign that urges your U.S. Congressman and Senators to cosponsor my National Right to Work Act (S. 204).

In fact, with your help, my hope is to generate such a flood of support for this legislation that my colleagues in Congress will realize they have no choice but to act.

The truth is, every American who has any interest at all in freedom has a stake in this fight because Big Labor's billions are at the very root of virtually every Big Government assault on our most basic freedoms, including:

***The "ObamaCare" disaster, restrictive new economic regulations, higher taxes and bigger government as union bosses tighten their grip on the private sector and seek to control, bleed, and bankrupt the government;

***Abortion-on-demand, gun control and assaults on the family as Big Labor uses forced union dues to bankroll politicians who support their radical social agenda; and

***So-called "Green" boondoggles like Solyndra, federal taxpayer handouts and bailouts for Washington, D.C.’s politically-connected corporate cronies who have done union-label politicians' bidding and handed their workers over to Big Labor control.

And just like most problems in America, you can thank the federal government for this mess.

I know some Big Labor apologists try to pass their forced-dues privileges off as a "state issue."

But the truth is, federal laws on the books since FDR are the root source of the union bosses’ illicit compulsory unionism power.

And if Congress created the problem, it's up to Congress to end it.

But of course, I'm not naive.

I know the union bosses and their cronies in Congress are going to do everything they can to sweep this issue under the rug.

But with nearly eight out of ten Americans opposed to forced union dues, I'm not about to back down.

In fact, with poll numbers like that, my colleagues can vote against my bill if they want.

I know they'll pay the political price down the line, and you and I will only move closer to finally passing this critical bill.

So won't you please sign your "End Forced Unionism" petition?

And if you can, please agree to a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 TODAY.

Your generosity will help me reach more Americans and generate even more support for this critical legislation.

If you're fed up with politics as usual, you MUST be involved in this fight.

So please sign your "End Forced Unionism" petition and make your most generous contribution TODAY.


In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. If you and I are serious about restoring liberty and limited, constitutional government in America, you and I must strike at the very heart of Big Labor's illicit power by passing my National Right to Work Act (S. 204) to finally END forced union dues in America.

With Labor Day weekend right around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to launch this fight to free American workers and our fragile economy from the shackles of forced unionism.

So won't you please sign your "End Forced Unionism" petition? And if you can, please agree to a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or $35 TODAY.

Rand Paul's CPAC speech and defending your freedoms

From Rand2016:

Yesterday I was honored to be voted the winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Presidential straw poll.

CPAC is where conservative activists from all over the country meet to discuss the future of our movement.

I spoke to the attendees about how defending the Bill of Rights is a winning conservative message.

And that means defending EVERY part of the Bill of Rights.

Conservatives should fight as fiercely against politicians trampling on the Fourth Amendment as we do when they infringe on the Second Amendment.

You see, President Obama's poll numbers are plummeting as more and more Americans are outraged over his Big Government schemes that shred our Constitution.

From signing the National Defense Authorization Act which allows for indefinite detention of American citizens to the NSA's domestic spying program, President Obama's assault on the Constitution betrays a failure to understand our rights.

Our rights come from our creator and cannot be separated from our being.

They aren't subject to the whims of a President and can't be stripped away by simple majority vote.

But our party can't dilute our message or shirk our duty to defend liberty.

In fact, our conservative values of limited government and defending the Bill of Rights are building momentum throughout the country.

If we stand strong on principle, conservatives can elect defenders of liberty and restore America's promise for all.

So I hope you'll take a few moments to watch my speech at CPAC and sign your "Statement of Republican Principles" to join me in the fight to defend our conservative values.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

P.S. After you watch my speech to CPAC and sign your "Statement of Republican Principles," please chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight for our conservative values in the Senate.

Contribute to opening the Keystone Pipeline

From American Tradition Partnership:

Tom Steyer is at it again.

Last fall ATP reported that Steyer was using his BILLIONS to attack the Keystone Pipeline.

Now he is paying to run an ad claiming that the Pipeline Extension is a Chinese project!

The ad itself is over the top ridiculous.

But even worse, it grossly distorts the facts.

The Chinese investment in Canadian energy is a minor one at best, and very little of it is actually connected to the Keystone Pipeline.

There is no trick the radical environmentalists won’t use to scare people away from traditional energy.

And the most frustrating part of this story is that Tom Steyer made his billions in Oil and Gas!

He was fine using the industry to make his fortune.

But now he wants to shut down competition.

Well you and I won’t be fooled.

The Keystone Pipeline is America’s best chance to lower the price you and I pay at the pump.

And the project could be approved any day now.

ATP worked over time gathering signatures for the project -- and they are all on their way to the White House.

We won’t be cowed by the lies of Tom Steyer, or any of Gang Green.

I hope you will continue to stand with ATP as we fight back against destructive regulations.


Chris Michael
Communications Director,
American Tradition Partnership is a project of ATP
P.S. Can you chip in $5 or $10 to help us fight for American energy?

Support Audit The Fed Support HR 24

From Campaign For Liberty:

"Monetary morphine."

That's how some are now referring to the Fed's risky and unprecedented print-now, ask-questions-later policies.

As a doctor, I can tell you morphine is one of the most dangerous and addictive substances known to man. First, just a little of the opiate masks a patient's pain. But then, addicts crave more and more until overdoses result in death.

The Fed has tried hard to mask many of our economic problems for years now. But today, the first cracks are starting to appear in what I believe will be nothing less than a Federal Reserve-created, global financial meltdown.

And every second Congress waits to finally audit and EXPOSE the Federal Reserve - the first step toward finally ENDING the Fed once and for all - the problems get bigger and bigger.

That's why it's critical you sign your Audit the Fed petition right away.

As you'll see, this petition urges your U.S. Representative to do everything in their power to achieve a standalone, roll call vote on the Audit the Fed bill (H.R. 24), including cosponsoring it if they haven't yet done so.

As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid showed us during Fed Chair Janet Yellen's confirmation fight - when he blatantly broke Senate rules rather than allow so much as a vote on Audit the Fed - he'll resort to any dirty trick in the book to stop you and me.

But the truth is, there's never been any defense in Washington, D.C. against a tidal wave of angry Americans DEMANDING political action - or politicians' hides.

That's exactly why I'm counting on your action today to help me create that tidal wave of outrage before it's too late.

You see, just recently, news broke that Wall Street bigwigs, including George Soros' investment firm, held off-the-record private meetings with Fed officials, where they urged a new round of Fed "intervention" to prop up Europe.

Apparently, the TRILLIONS in bailouts and secret loans the Fed has issued to overseas banks in recent years aren't working.

Now,some foreign banks are fearing old-fashioned panics and demanding depositors show proof of need just to withdraw "large amounts" of their own money! And I'm afraid it's only a matter of time until this madness reaches our shores.

Today the U.S. dollar acts as the world's "reserve currency" - the currency most often used in international trading.

This has encouraged our federal government's monetary morphine high, enabling Congress to spend like drunken sailors as U.S. dollars - even when printed out of thin air - stay in demand around the globe.

But as foreign economies crumble and stop needing U.S. dollars - and the Federal Reserve continues to print money like there's no tomorrow - I truly fear an all-out, global financial catastrophe resulting in the collapse of the U.S. dollar.

And our massive and growing $17.3 TRILLION national debt could end up wiping out every last shred of American wealth.

That's why your action today is so critical.

If you and I can FORCE Congress to Audit the Fed, the American people will finally see that the Federal Reserve System leads to:

***Ever-expanding Big Government boondoggles like "ObamaCare."

Now that politicians have figured out the Fed will just create money out of thin air to pay the bills if taxing and borrowing can't make ends meet, the floodgates are wide open for even more of the statists' utopian plans;

***Constant economic crises.

The housing crisis and the resulting chaos is just one example of an economic bubble created by centrally planned interest rates and money manipulation;

***The destruction of the middle class.

As fuel, food, housing, medical care, and education costs soar, everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of their money sinks;

***Currency destruction.

History shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize their money isn't worth the paper it's printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

That's why it's so important you help me turn up the heat on Congress today!

I know that despite an outpouring of action by the American people during Janet Yellen's confirmation hearing, Senator Reid flat-out REFUSED to allow a vote on Audit the Fed.

But luckily for him, my ability to participate in the fight was limited by federal law.

As a former Member of Congress, I was restricted on what I could say and do regarding legislation and grassroots mobilization for one year after leaving office. For example, I couldn't even directly ask you to call Congress for or against a piece of legislation.

But those restrictions were lifted on January 4.

And with so much at stake, I'm more determined than ever to FORCE Congress to act on auditing the Federal Reserve.

Without an audit, I'm afraid there could be no stopping the economic calamity you and I both sense roaring at us like a freight train.

The good news is your action is proven to work.

Just ten years ago, discussion of the Federal Reserve was limited almost solely to libertarian academics and a few of us in Congress.

Today, it's a MAJOR national political issue - one supported by nearly 75% of the American people.

And it's your action in support of Campaign for Liberty that put it there.

Thanks to your help, my Audit the Fed bill passed the U.S. House with an incredible bipartisan three-fourths majority in 2012. And if you and I can create another massive tidal wave of action in 2014, I'm convinced there will be no stopping us.

But there's no time to waste. You and I have a LOT of work to do.

And it all starts in the House.

Today, the House version of Audit the Fed (H.R. 24) stands at 184 cosponsors, just 34 short of a majority.

If you and I can pressure a majority of House members to cosponsor Audit the Fed, pressure will dramatically increase on the House Leadership to schedule a vote.

I'm confident, once a vote is scheduled, the bill will sail through the House yet again.

At that point, will Senator Reid and President Obama really be able to say "NO" to holding a vote?

Well, 2014 is an election year.

As I mentioned earlier, Audit the Fed is supported by nearly 75% of the American people.

"Thanks" to ObamaCare, NSA spying, and a host of other issues, the political winds are already blowing against President Obama and Senator Reid.

If they want to add Audit the Fed to the mix, it'll be their political funeral in 2014.

The American people are FED UP with Big Government politicians trying to run their lives.

And more and more now understand Federal Reserve banksters aren't running our economy anywhere but into the ground.

That's why it's so important you sign your petition IMMEDIATELY.

My hope is to contact up to 12 million Americans from coast-to-coast to generate additional petitions to Congress.

That alone will dramatically turn up the heat on Congress to take action. But I'm not going to stop there.

In fact, I've instructed Campaign for Liberty staff to craft a $500,000 Internet, email, and TV mobilization campaign.

Not only that, but it seems just about every other day, I get a call from another news network asking for an interview.

Now that my restrictions have been lifted, I'm going to come after the Fed with everything I have.

But I'm just one man. And I know what it's like to stand alone.

For almost 40 years, I've fought to restore constitutional principles in America.

I've warned about the dangers of the Fed.

Today, as much as I hate to see it, my predictions are coming true.

But I know I'm not alone any more. The support of good folks like you who are willing to take action to save our beloved Republic gives me hope.

So won't you please sign the petition to your U.S. Representative at once?

And, if you can, please agree to your most generous contribution.

Campaign for Liberty doesn't have the money in the bank to fund everything that needs to be done.

And I know without money, all our best-laid plans are nothing but words on paper. So I'm counting on you to help me turn up the pressure on Congress.

Won't you please agree to a generous contribution of $15?

I know I'm asking you to stretch.

But I also know you understand just how important it is we finally Audit the Fed and FORCE our federal government to give up its addiction to "monetary morphine."

Of course, if $15 is just too much, please give what you can.

Perhaps you can give $10 or $5?

Regardless of what you can give, please act right away.

Please sign your petition and agree to your most generous contribution of $15, $10, $5, or whatever you can afford IMMEDIATELY.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Every second Congress waits to finally audit and EXPOSE the Federal Reserve - the first step toward finally ENDING the Fed once and for all - the problems get bigger and bigger.

Now that my legal restrictions have been lifted, allowing me to turn up the pressure on Congress higher than ever, Campaign for Liberty is doubling down on its efforts to Audit the Fed before the Federal Reserve destroys every last shred of American wealth.

That's why it's critical you sign your petition to your U.S. Representative and make your most generous contribution of $15, $10, or at least $5 TODAY!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tell the CEO's of Amazon,Facebook,Google,Netflix and Yahoo to stand for Net Neutrality

From Free Press Action Fund:

Think about how much you rely on companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo. They deliver our email, our news, our entertainment; they keep us connected to friends and family — and they allow us to look up pretty much anything.

And just like us, these companies will suffer in a world without Net Neutrality.

Here's the hard truth: A world without Net Neutrality means the messages we send to our families and friends might not get through. The videos we want to watch might not load. The apps we want to use might not function. The Internet we love could be destroyed.

No one (except AT&T, Verizon and all those other greedy Internet service providers) wants this kind of world. That’s why we’re working with RootsAction to push companies like Google to help us bring Net Neutrality back.

Tell the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo to urge the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify broadband and save the Internet.

Most of these CEOs have expressed their support for the open Internet. But since a court threw out the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules in January, they’ve said nothing about an issue that could make or break their businesses — and our online lives.

The only way we’re going to win back Net Neutrality is if FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler finds the courage to do the right thing. And a message from Google’s Larry Page or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos carries a lot of weight in Washington.

Sign our letter urging Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo to save the Internet.

We’re in a scary new era: Comcast and Verizon have been making Netflix videos harder to download. Google (which owns YouTube) could face the same treatment. This is just the beginning of the ISPs’ campaign to wring every last cent they can out of the Internet.

Pressure these Silicon Valley CEOs to help us save the Internet.

Thanks for all that you do—


P.S. The Free Press Action Fund fights every day to protect the open Internet. We don’t take money from business, government or political parties and rely on the generosity of people like you to fuel our work. Please donate $15 (or more!) today. Thank you!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stop the IRS harassment support S 2011

Campaign For Liberty:

We are at a crucial point in our battle to block the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) proposed “gag” rule that would prevent Campaign for Liberty and like-minded groups from making communications that take place:

“... within 60 days of a general election (or within 30 days of a primary election) and clearly identify a candidate or political party." [IRS Regulation IR-2013-92]

I will provide more details about the next step in our efforts in a moment, but first I want to update you on our progress and let you know how C4L members are making a difference on this issue.

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act (H.R. 3865) by a vote of 243-176.

This legislation blocks the IRS from implementing its gag rule for one year and was passed by a much wider margin than expected . . .

. . . a result that was incredibly strong thanks to the efforts of Campaign for Liberty members like you and other liberty-loving activists who demanded Congress stop the IRS from muzzling Campaign for Liberty and like-minded groups.

Getting this bill passed in the House by such a large margin was a great victory. But we are going to have to work even harder to get this bill through the Senate, and we do not have a moment to lose.

So please sign your Fax Petition to the Senate urging your senators to follow the House’s lead and pass the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act (S. 2011) right away.

Last week, as part of the IRS’ “comment period” on the rule, an influential group of Big Government-loving senators — including Chuck Schumer of New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Patrick Leahy of Vermont — submitted comments to the IRS in support of the rule.

These senators actually urged the IRS to go through with their plans to stop C4L and like-minded groups from letting you know how they stand on key liberty issues 60 days before a general election and 30 days before a primary — the very time when Americans are most interested in such information!

And while only ten other senators joined Schumer, Warren, and Leahy in publicly supporting the IRS, I’m fully confident many more politicians in both parties are secretly hoping this rule goes into effect.

These politicians are tired of Campaign for Liberty letting you know about how they are siding with Janet Yellen, the Banksters, and the Wall Street special interests against the nearly 75% of Americans who support Audit the Fed.

They are also eager to have the IRS stop us from telling you which politicians are refusing to take action to protect your liberty, privacy, and dignity from the National Security Agency (NSA).

And they would certainly be glad to have the IRS stop us from telling you about how they are unwilling to fight to save America from the ObamaCare disaster.

You can see why Schumer, Warren, and their allies might be working with Harry Reid to make sure S. 2011 never sees the light of day.

The only way to force the Senate to stop this nightmare for the grassroots is for you and me to loudly make our voices heard while we still can.

So please sign your Fax Petition to the Senate in support of the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act today.

And, if you can, please chip in to support our fight against the IRS gage rule with a contribution of $50, $40, $30, $20, or $10.

Campaign for Liberty is working hard to defeat this rule. We are determined to flood the Senate with faxes, e-mails, and phone calls demanding that Congress pass the bill.

Your support will ensure that even with so many other battles going on, we can fight back against the IRS gag rule, which, if it takes effect, will cripple our ability to make major progress on our core issues.

So please sign your Fax Petition to the Senate in support of the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act today, and, if you are able, support Campaign for Liberty’s efforts with whatever you can pitch in at this time!

In Liberty,

Norman Singleton
Vice President of Policy

P.S. Last week, the House passed the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act (H.R. 3865), legislation blocking (for one year) the IRS’ proposed rule muzzling Campaign for Liberty and like-minded groups 60 days before a general election and 30 days before a primary.

This victory is due to the actions of Campaign for Liberty members like you and other liberty-loving activists who demanded Congress stop the IRS’ latest assault on the First Amendment!

But we must intensify our efforts if we are going to convince Harry Reid and his statist cronies to pass the Senate version (S. 2011). After all, many politicians want the IRS to stop C4L and like-minded groups from letting you know where they stand on Audit the Fed, reining in the NSA, repealing ObamaCare, and other important free market issues.

So please sign your Fax Petition to the Senate in support of S. 2011 right away. And if you can, please chip in a contribution of $50, $40, $30, or $20 to help Campaign for Liberty stop this gag rule.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The backlash to the IRS's oppressive regulation is a success

From The National Right To Work Committee:

We sounded the alarm, and you took up the call.

I can't say I have any high hopes the Obama IRS will listen to the outpouring of comments by citizens like you opposing new regulations designed to stifle political speech, especially after the outrageous targeting of conservative groups.

But I'd like to thank you for standing up and making sure opposition to this unconstitutional scheme was heard.

By last night's deadline, the IRS had received over 140,000 comments. After 98,000 comments had been received, the IRS confirmed to the media that was a new record.

And "most were overwhelmingly critical," Roll Call reported.

Nearly 6,000 of those comments contained the exact sample language I sent Right to Work supporters like you, and countless others submitted their own comments about protecting the First Amendment.

Not only that, over 20,000 Right to Work supporters signed our petition against these onerous regulations.

Make no mistake, the Obama IRS drafted these regulations with the goal to shut you up.

And even if, as I expect, the Obama IRS doesn't heed your call to withdraw the proposed rules, you sent a loud and clear message that even the mainstream media noticed.

One of the reasons the Big Government championed by union bosses is so dangerous is the damage it can do to our rights without the level of public scrutiny that occurs over battles in Congress.

You and I know what that's like, after facing off against the radical Obama Labor Board these past several years.

Thank you again for fighting back against this unconstitutional assault on your freedom of speech.

I'll keep you updated if the IRS implements these speech-chilling rules -- and how we can fight back in court.


Mark Mix

P.S. The National Right to Work Committee relies on your voluntary contributions to fund its programs. Please chip in with a contribution of $10 or more today.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tell Obama to open up the Keystone pipeline

From the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow:

The clock is winding down.

Thursday, March 6th, is the deadline to submit public comment to the State Department on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Over 10,000 people signed CFACT's petition to approve the pipeline and thousands more keep coming in.

Thank you to everyone who signed and forwarded the petition to their friends.

The facts are clear:
Keystone means energy
Keystone means jobs
Keystone is clean
Keystone is safe

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry should approve Keystone XL without further delay.

CFACT is working hard to educate the public and make your voice heard.

This week the Washington Times published a detailed analysis of the overwhelming reasons to approve Keystone XL by CFACT senior policy adviser Paul Driessen.

You can read it at

Will Obama and Kerry choose the radical eco-left gadflies who have delayed Keystone XL for years, or the economic interests of the American people?

The time to speak up is now.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director

Politicians given survey on family issues

From Public Advocate:

Public Advocate is proud to announce that our Official 2014 Senate Candidates Survey on Family Values is well underway.

In the past, we have used candidate surveys to defend traditional values and real marriage, such as the 2012 Presidential Campaign.

So far we have surveyed seven states with plans to expand to an additional 14 states.

The first round of surveys were delivered to candidates in Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and South Carolina.

Public Advocate asks candidates if they will oppose legislation -- the Gay Bill of Special Rights, the Homosexual Classrooms Act and the Offense of Marriage Act -- supported by the Homosexual Lobby, resist efforts of certain courts to overturn pro-Family state laws, and investigate allegations of abuse of Christians in the U.S. military.

The deadline for the Texas candidates has already passed, and our results have been widely published to our Texas supporters.

Three U.S. Senate candidates answered 100% pro-Family so far!

However, allies of the Homosexual Lobby are already pushing back, insisting that Public Advocate shouldn’t be allowed to speak out about family issues in the Lone Star State.

Some candidates who have refused to answer their survey have even attacked us in an effort to silence our reporting.

But Public Advocate will never back down.

Many of the incumbent senators in these states felt the pressure of Public Advocate’s supporters last year during the fight over the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Senators Kay Hagan (NC), Mark Pryor (AR), and Mark Udall (UT) all ignored the will of their constituents by publicly supporting and voting for this bill.

Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) quietly helped the bill out of committee and then refused to make a public statement against the bill-- despite hearing from thousands of constituents asking him to do exactly that.

And despite calls for aggressive action, Senators John Cornyn (TX), Mitch McConnell (KY), and Lindsey Graham (SC) all opposed it with a bare minimum of effort -- not one spoke out boldly against it.

All of these incumbent senators and their respective challengers are being asked to publicly pledge to stand against the Homosexual Agenda in 8 key areas.

Now is their chance to pledge themselves for the Family, or go on record as anti-Family.

Family values, the rights of parents, and the sanctity of real marriage are issues on the forefront of the American political discussion.

Pro-Family states are being bullied by the Homosexual Lobby and the courts from coast to coast.

Just in the past two months, five states have had activist judges strike down all or part of their real marriage amendments.

The U.S. Senate needs to take action against these courts, but it is currently controlled by a radical caucus in the pocket of the Homosexual Lobby.

Under their influence, the Gay Bill of Special Rights passed in the Senate for the first time ever.

A bold pro-Family voice is more important than ever in the Senate, and American voters need to know about their candidates.

Completed surveys not only inform America where the candidates stand on issues, but also provide us with a tool to hold these politicians accountable when in office.

The next set of deadlines is March 31st.

Many surveys have already come in, but many are still missing.

Once the deadline passes, Public Advocate supporters in these states will be called on to contact each and every candidate to either thank them for a completed survey, or ask them to complete it.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Will you chip in $5 or $10 to help Public Advocate fight for family values?