Sunday, January 31, 2016

This racial group pisses me off

These are the same assholes that ruin things for other people

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The bureaucrat behind the prohibition of medical marijuana directive

Sandra V Henriquez

Who is Sandra V. Henriquez? She was the faceless nameless bureaucrat that wants to throw people out on the street for using medical marijuana. What was her rationale for coming up with this bullshit? Second hand smoke. Yep,that's right second hand smoke. Her bullshit excuse was that the smoke goes from the medical marijuana patients apartment to adjoining apartments. That is a bullshit theory that has been debunked. That bitch likes to go after medical marijuana patients. Then let's go after her. Let's get her fired. Let's make her life a total hell. Let's make her life so unmanageable that she'll think twice about fucking with the pro-legalization movement. If you see her in the community make trouble for her. If she has children say you do not want her children with the others. Tell them the play areas are for other children but not hers. Make her feel very unwelcome in the community. Ostracize her and her family. No one fucks with the pro-legalization movement nobody. Is that clear? One of my followers has started a petition to get Sandra V. Henriquez fired. It is here. Another follower disclosed her name that is how I found out and I want to thank them too. Do you like what these bureaucrats are doing? If not sign the petition.

Original post here

(NOTE: I was pissed when I wrote this. Please leave the kids alone just sign the petition. I repeat no one is hurting children I was simply pissed because this is an issue I really care about and I'm very passionate about this issue. I post with passion but at this point I'm sure you are aware of that.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rand Paul on Donald Trump

Rand Paul Slams "Orange-Faced Windbag" Trump

Rand Paul says a speck of dirt is more qualified to be president than Donald J. Trump

Posted by NowThis Election on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keep Hillary off the Illinois ballot

From Stop Hillary PAC:

Without your help, Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States.

In the next 24 hours our legal team will be in court in Illinois battling Hillary's legal team.

If we win – Hillary will be kept off the Illinois ballot and will automatically lose Illinois 190 electoral votes.

I only have a chance of winning, with your immediate help.

Will you help Stop Hillary PAC keep Hillary off the ballot or will you stand aside and let her win?

We have 24 hours to finalize our legal strategy – can compete with Hillary's Washington lawyers.

I need your immediate help if we have any chance to win. This is important, the future of our country is at stake.

The Clinton campaign is fighting tooth and nail to stay on the Illinois ballot. But Stop Hillary PAC is working to keep her off.

We have made great progress over the past few days.

Will you keep Hillary off the ballot with an emergency contribution?

Here is the deal. We need the resources to mount an aggressive campaign to fight back against Hillary and her Beltway lawyers.

We have 24 hours. 24 hours to knock Hillary off the ballot and seriously damage her chances of becoming the next President of the United States. Will you fight Hillary or let her win?

They have hired a massive law firm to defend Hillary. They think if they bury us in paperwork and motions, that we will give up and walk away.

I need you. Without your help, Hillary Clinton will stay on the ballot. When you look back at this election in December, will you be able to tell your kids and grandkids that you played a part in keeping Hillary out of the White House.

The time is now. Step up.

Thank you,



Without your support,Hillary is guaranteed to win Illinois. How will you feel if Hillary wins Illinois and you did nothing to stop her? Will you step up and Stop Hillary or will you let her go again?

HUD prohibits medical marijuana

If you are on Section 8 housing or something similar to it that is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and you need medical marijuana to treat your aliments you may run into a problem. HUD has added medical marijuana to its "prohibited" list meaning if you are caught with it you will lose your housing. Other people in you state can use it medically but you can't. Meanwhile other people on housing can use pharmaceutical drugs with no penalty. They can even abuse them with no penalty but if you are a medical marijuana patient and you get caught taking your medicine it is out in the street you go. Who decided this? Some faceless, nameless bureaucrat at the federal level, just like the "Dear Colleague" situation. From what I hear this is the first time this rule has been implemented. If you are someone who is on housing and you think this is unfair then contact your Representative and Senators and tell them that you think this is unfair discrimination against medical marijuana patients. The DEA is not harassing state medical marijuana dispensaries so why is HUD bothering medical marijuana patients. If this issue personally effects you or you are tired of overreach by government bullies then get in touch with your elected representatives and let them know about how you feel.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stop Hillary PAC takes Hillary Clinton to court

From Stop Hillary PAC:

I have good news and bad news!

Stop Hillary PAC has just heard back from the Illinois Court, and our case to take Hillary off the ballot is progressing.

The good news: after months of preparation and some very late nights, Stop Hillary PAC is dragging Hillary Clinton into court!

The bad news: we're about to go up against what is most certainly one of the highest paid campaign law firms in the country – and they're going to try and bury us.

They will try to win at all costs.

That's where you come in...will you chip in even $3 to help us take Hillary head on in court?

Or donate another LEGAL FUND amount:



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gay hooker gets sex change operation on taxpayer's dime

From Public Advocate:

I'm outraged.

When your W-2 arrives and you pay taxes this year, remember this:

Your tax dollars paid for a transsexual hooker named "Magnolia Thunderp****" to have a sex change.

That's right -- it cost taxpayers well over $25,000 as many Medicaid plans have ended bans on so-called "transition" surgeries.

The hooker, Jerome Nimmons, was celebrated by the liberal media with four full pages in a Sunday edition of the New York Times.

Jerome shared the common story of radical homosexuals capitalizing on his vulnerability as a neglected youth.

He lived with what he called his "gay family", along with other transsexuals and troubled youth the homosexuals recruited to convert to their lifestyle.

But even that wasn't enough for Jerome who discovered Brooklyn, New York to have a stronger welfare system and prostitution market.

In just days, Jerome received government funding for his apartment, "disability" checks and food stamps as he enjoyed spending all day watching television.

And ultimately, he got his wish of a "free" sex change claiming he is now a "woman in mind, body and soul before the Lord and before the law".

Gender Insanity is rapidly growing at an alarming rate.

And the radical Homosexual Lobby continues to throw fuel on the fire.

They ignore science in order to push their radical agenda.

A plethora of medical research from psychologists exposes these "transsexuals" suffer from underlying psychological disorders.

In fact, the renowned Johns Hopkins University Hospital closed their sex change unit because these psychological disorders are made worse by going under the knife.

The radical Left is quick to use false science to claim homosexuality is "normal" but continues to ignore the facts regarding these individuals.

And unless pro-Family Americans fight back, "transgenderism" will be the new norm in every community.

That's why I need you to sign your "Stop the Gender Insanity" petition right away.

Please chip in $10 or $25 to help Public Advocate identify and recruit pro-Family Americans to fight back against the radical Homosexual Lobby.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. Taxpayers are now paying for more and more "sex change" operations as the radical Homosexual Lobby continues their tidal wave of Gender Insanity.

Help Public Advocate fight back against the spread of transgender toxicity by signing your "Stop the Gender Insanity" petition and chipping in $10 or $25 right away.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Media blackout of Rand Paul

From Rand Paul 2016:

The Washington machine has really shown itself this time.

I will not be featured in tonight’s main debate.

In fact, I will not be participating in either of the debates tonight.

The media just wouldn't allow it.

Though the polls show me in a steady 5th place, ahead of Bush, Christie, and Kasich (who will be in the debate), they've decided they would rather choose winners and losers.

They don’t care what the voters want, they have their own agenda.

And that agenda seems to be shutting down my campaign.

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised after watching the GOP establishment and the national media continuously attempt to slam the door on my dad's supporters in 2008 and 2012.

But I think you know by now, I’m not going to let them quiet this campaign without a fight, and I don’t think you will either.

Will you help show the establishment and the mainstream media that the liberty movement will not be silenced?

If you can contribute just $25 today to our Fight The Media Blackout moneybomb, we can send a big message.

We have a top tier campaign. Over 1,000 precinct captains in Iowa and a 500-membership leadership team in New Hampshire. We’ve proven time and time again that this campaign is here to stay.

Let’s show them one more time.

Stand with me today.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S. I have plans to discuss the important topics America needs to hear, debate or no debate. Stay tuned for more information about our social media townhall tonight.

I'm less than thrilled with this decision by Fox. I thought they had integrity. If this pisses you off like it pisses me
off then send Fox CEO Keith Murdoch an email at and tell him you are upset about the way Rand Paul was treated and that you expect better from them instead of this treatment.

Any questions 2

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Victory in the Senate

From Campaign For Liberty:

Today Campaign for Liberty members like you made history!

You see, over the last week, Campaign for Liberty members have flooded the Senate with phone calls demanding they vote for my Audit the Fed bill.

And members like you also provided Campaign for Liberty with the resources necessary to run a series of hard-hitting Internet ads targeting weak-kneed senators.

And THANKS to those efforts, earlier today, a bipartisan majority of the U.S. Senate, 53-44, voted in favor of Audit the Fed!

While we were unable to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to break the filibuster launched by Fed allies like Sherrod Brown (OH), Elizabeth Warren (MA), and Janet Yellen's favorite Republican, Bob Corker (TN), having a majority in the Senate is quite a victory!

And this is only the beginning. Even before the vote was completed, your Campaign for Liberty staff was preparing a two-pronged campaign to make Audit the Fed a huge issue in the upcoming elections, and forcing politicians to either pass Audit the Fed this year... Or face a sea of angry voters in the fall.

Prong one is to go back to the House, and push for a new vote there to pass Audit the Fed. Remember, the House voted overwhelmingly on September 17, 2014 to Audit the Fed, 333-92. That will set the table for another showdown in the Senate, with election day looming.

At the same time, prong two will focus on rallying Campaign for Liberty members and other Americans concerned with the banksters' abuses in the swing Senate seats up for re-election this year. As the late-Senator Everett Dirksen said, "When I feel the heat, I see the light."

So with your continued support, we guarantee to make them "feel the heat."

Your actions got us this far.

Remember, the last time the Senate considered my Audit the Fed bill in 2010, only 37 senators voted yes.

This time, we faced an all-out effort by the Fed and its cronies, including going up against the most powerful big business lobby in D.C., and a PR-blitz unlike any seen before.

It’s important to note, two Democrats who voted for it in 2010, Maria Cantwell (WA) and Ron Wyden (OR) and four who voted for it in 2012 as members of the House -- Joe Donnelly (IN), Martin Heinrich (NM), Mazie Hirono (HI), and Chris Murphy (CT) -- voted “NO” today.

Only Tammy Baldwin (WI) crossed party lines to vote “YES” despite the Democrat Leadership whipping members to vote “NO.”

Please realize that it’s BECAUSE of your efforts that ANY Democrat and 51 Republicans voted for this bill today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot even begin to thank you enough...

Even though it’s easy to be disappointed we could not ultimately break the filibuster today launched by Fed allies like Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, and Bob Corker, make no mistake, this vote marks a huge leap toward Fed transparency.

You and I are only SEVEN VOTES away from breaking the filibuster...

(Six votes if you count Senator Ted Cruz, who, despite being an original cosponsor of the bill, decided he had “more important” things to do in New Hampshire.)

I simply can’t emphasize this enough! Having a majority of the U.S. Senate vote for Audit the Fed is DUE to the dedicated efforts of Campaign for Liberty members like you who turned up the heat on the Senate.

In fact, several Senators that we expected to vote “NO” on the bill switched their votes to “YES” after hearing from Campaign for Liberty members!

But this is far from the first time Campaign for Liberty members like you have shocked the political establishment.

When Campaign for Liberty launched its Audit the Fed efforts in 2009 most political experts thought the bill would never reach the House or Senate floor.

But you proved them wrong!

When the House overwhelmingly passed Audit the Fed in 2012, most political experts predicted that Audit the Fed would die with my retirement from Congress.

But you proved them wrong!

When Campaign for Liberty members forced the House to vote on Audit the Fed again in 2014 -- and it passed the House by an even larger margin than it did in 2012, most political experts predicted it would never be voted on in the Senate.

And, once again, you proved them wrong!

Now most experts are predicting that Audit the Fed will never break the 60-vote threshold necessary to break the banksters’ filibuster...

Well, you and I have proven them wrong before, and we can do so again!

As mentioned above, your Campaign for Liberty staff is currently putting together plans for the next step in our fight to Audit the Fed, and I will be sure to share more as soon as I can.

But right now, I wanted to sincerely say “THANK YOU!” from the bottom of my heart for all of your efforts and dedication to the cause of liberty.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Getting 53 votes on Audit the Fed today was an ENORMOUS achievement and couldn’t have happened without the dedicated support of Campaign for Liberty members like you.

Your Campaign for Liberty staff is already preparing our next step in this crucial fight for Fed transparency.

I’ll be sure to share more details with you soon, but please chip in whatever you can afford today toward our ongoing efforts to Audit the Fed.

Audit The Fed is happening now,call your Senators

From Campaign For Liberty:

Today at 2:30 PM eastern, Audit the Fed will receive its first ever stand-alone vote in the Senate.

So you and I need to get those phones ringing off the hook RIGHT NOW! I've already called my senators this morning.

Will you take five minutes and call your senators?

According to our records, here's who you should call:

Your Senators

If that doesn't look right, call the switchboard operator at (202) 224-3121.

Please make sure you let them know you expect them to vote "YES" on every vote, including cloture.

You can get involved from wherever you are.

All you have to do is call your senators right away.

And then please click here and take a moment to let us know what your senators say.

It’s vital that senators hear LOUD and CLEAR from their constituents DEMANDING they vote “YES” on every vote, including cloture.

Please take action today and call both of your senators right away.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Obama admits he is a muslim

Notice how he praises Iran. He never appraised America like that.

Generous donor has agreed to donate to Campaign For Liberty regarding Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

There have been many times in my political career when I've been counted out -- told that I couldn't do it, told that the Federal Reserve was just too powerful, told to not even waste time introducing my bill in the first place.

I've only gotten this far because I've had people like you with me every step of the way.

All the blood, sweat, and tears Campaign for Liberty's grassroots boots on the ground army poured into turning up the heat on Congress to Audit the Fed...

The hundreds of thousands of phone calls and fax petitions...

The tens of millions of emails. The hard-hitting Internet, Facebook and Google banner ads calling on politicians by name to support auditing the Fed...

Right now the Fed's lobbying machine is scheming to obliterate all of that hard work by killing the Audit the Fed bill and crushing out our efforts.

You and I cannot let that happen.

That's why I'm so excited that a generous donor is standing by, ready to match anything you give TODAY - dollar for dollar - up to $100,000.

That means your contribution is worth 2x as much.

Won't you please sign your pledge to call your Senators and then chip in an emergency Matching Grant contribution immediately?

Please keep in mind that you and I aren't just fighting against the powerful Federal Reserve's lobbying machine.

Barack Obama spent the week shredding the Constitution with his gun-grabbing Executive Orders while shedding crocodile tears and holding anti-gun town halls.

Then we have the weekend, and then the State of the Union on the same day as our Audit the Fed vote.

And not to mention the Iowa caucuses are less than 30 days.

As you can see, you and I are competing with a lot of political noise right now.

But the reality is we have no control over the Senate calendar, so if there's a lot of noise surrounding our scheduled vote...

... then you and I must make sure Campaign for Liberty has the loudest megaphone in Washington.

After all, we've got nearly 80% of the public on our side.

Now, thanks to this Matching Grant, with your emergency contribution we can fully execute our grassroots mobilization program and keep up the pressure on fence-riding senators.

So after you pledge to call your senators, can I count on you to help me sound the Liberty megaphone by chipping in an emergency Matching Grant contribution?

Thank you in advance for your support.

-- Ron Paul

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Audit The Fed is finally here

From Ron Paul:

It's happening.

Audit the Fed is scheduled for a vote next Tuesday, January 12.

This is the best chance you and I’ve had yet to finally audit the Federal Reserve.

With this breaking news, Federal Reserve apologists are on high alert and are already working overtime to make sure you and I don't have the votes needed to succeed in the Senate.

They know Audit the Fed would EXPOSE the Fed's corruption and cronyism.

So, I've instructed my staff to double down.

I've developed a two-prong approach to counterpunch the Fed's army of lobbyists and derail their scheme to scare and intimidate senators into voting against Audit the Fed when they return next Monday.

FIRST >>> Campaign for Liberty must generate at least 50,000 phone calls from concerned grassroots Americans like you. Our goal is to flood the Senate Halls when they return from recess, demanding each and every senator vote for Audit the Fed.

After you sign, please share this alert with your family and friends, encouraging them to pledge to take action.

SECOND >>> You've been a long-time supporter of mine. And Audit the Fed has been the focus of Campaign for Liberty’s efforts since I founded it in 2008.

You know the importance of contacting and mobilizing like-minded liberty lovers. But that costs time, money, and significant resources.

Resources, I'm afraid, Campaign for Liberty just doesn’t have lying around.

Campaign for Liberty expended a lot of resources just to get where you and I are right now -- and it will take much more to reach millions of like-minded Americans to aid us in this fight.

So, I'm asking you today to please make a generous donation of $10 .

Your contribution, of whatever you can afford, will be put to immediate use where it’s needed most.

Emails. Facebook. Google. TV, radio, and YouTube ads, if the funds can be stretched that far.

Every dollar we raise will help us flood every outlet to reach millions of Americans and fight back against Janet Yellen and Barack Obama’s Federal Reserve System.

Can I count on you?

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Time is short, so I need your pledge to take action today.

The Audit the Fed vote is happening next Tuesday, January 12.

Please let me know if I can count on your support in this critical battle against the Federal Reserve.

The vote for Audit The Fed is set for Tuesday January 12,2016 which means that we need to contact our Senators on January 11 and tell them to vote in favor of Audit The Fed. This is what we've fought for: a stand alone Audit The Fed bill. This will tell us which side our Senators are on because this is a stand alone bill. It has no riders. If your Senators vote against Audit The Fed or if any one Senator does you know which side they are on and remember that when it is reelection time for them.