Thursday, January 28, 2016

The bureaucrat behind the prohibition of medical marijuana directive

Sandra V Henriquez

Who is Sandra V. Henriquez? She was the faceless nameless bureaucrat that wants to throw people out on the street for using medical marijuana. What was her rationale for coming up with this bullshit? Second hand smoke. Yep,that's right second hand smoke. Her bullshit excuse was that the smoke goes from the medical marijuana patients apartment to adjoining apartments. That is a bullshit theory that has been debunked. That bitch likes to go after medical marijuana patients. Then let's go after her. Let's get her fired. Let's make her life a total hell. Let's make her life so unmanageable that she'll think twice about fucking with the pro-legalization movement. If you see her in the community make trouble for her. If she has children say you do not want her children with the others. Tell them the play areas are for other children but not hers. Make her feel very unwelcome in the community. Ostracize her and her family. No one fucks with the pro-legalization movement nobody. Is that clear? One of my followers has started a petition to get Sandra V. Henriquez fired. It is here. Another follower disclosed her name that is how I found out and I want to thank them too. Do you like what these bureaucrats are doing? If not sign the petition.

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(NOTE: I was pissed when I wrote this. Please leave the kids alone just sign the petition. I repeat no one is hurting children I was simply pissed because this is an issue I really care about and I'm very passionate about this issue. I post with passion but at this point I'm sure you are aware of that.)

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