Saturday, September 27, 2014

Help the Senate Republicans defeat Harry Reid

From Senate Republicans:

After months of predicting GOP victory, the Washington Post’s statistical model now shows a 51 percent chance that the Democrats hang on.


The answer is simple – the Democrats are spending over $40 million more than the Republicans in battleground races. For weeks, our candidates have been holding on, despite a relentless barrage of negative ads – but we need your help now or it’s over.

I know that times are tough, that’s why we’re fighting so hard to bring new leadership that will turn things around. But, if we don’t rally together now – as a team – then we will lose as individuals.

Can we count on you?

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Make Congress hold Eric Holder accountable

From Public Advocate:

We did it!

After months of Public Advocate's hard-hitting grassroots efforts, rogue U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Thursday he will be resigning from his post by the end of the year.

This is something your Public Advocate has been working very hard to see come about.

Over the past three years, Public Advocate has gone head-to-head with the Attorney General countless times.

We launched a petition against his solicitor general when the Department of Justice (DOJ) refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court.

With Holder’s public blessing, the DOJ actually opposed U.S. Law passed by Congress!

Since that ruling, 19 states have seen their Real Marriage protections attacked and struck down in federal or state courts.

We also forced the FBI -- under Holder's watch -- to publicly cut ties with the dangerous Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Our scathing subpoena against the SPLC threatened to expose details about their relationship with the Department of Justice.

It’s known that the DOJ hosted links to the SPLC on the government agency’s homepage and hired SPLC founder Morris Dees to train their attorneys...

...Even after baseless classification of Public Advocate as a "hate group" nearly got me killed.

But Public Advocate’s media and legal activities tarnished the image of the SPLC so much Holder couldn't risk any more blowback.

And most recently, we challenged Eric Holder's pattern of lawlessness by launching our national petition drive to impeach him as U.S. Attorney General!

Over the last six months, we collected and delivered nearly 25,000 petitions to Congress calling for Holder’s impeachment.

And we joined the National March for Marriage in D.C. where we spread the word of Holder's lawless war on Real Marriage and the Family.

Through email and the internet, we’ve reached millions of Americans with our call for his impeachment and the details of his misdeeds.

In just the last few weeks, we generated thousands of phone calls against Holder’s ally, Mark Herring -- Virginia’s Attorney General -- who is following Holder’s example.

Public Advocate's unrelenting demonstrations, videos, social network outreach and our petitions delivered to key members of Congress pushed Holder to his breaking point.

All this has lead to Holder's announcement of his resignation as soon as President Obama appoints a replacement!

But resigning his position does not absolve Holder of his crimes against the Constitution and Traditional Values.

He can run, but he can't hide from the pro-Family backlash.

The House of Representatives has promised to continue their contempt proceedings against Holder for his role in the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal.

And I will continue to push Congress to hold him accountable for his illegal undermining of the Defense of Marriage Act and state-level Real Marriage laws.

So if you haven't yet, please click here to sign your petition urging Congress to impeach Holder and destroy his anti-Marriage, anti-Family legal precedents.

Thank you so much for all your hard work towards making this possible.

Holder has been a staunch ally and advocate of the Homosexual Lobby since taking office, and losing him right before the 2014 elections is a hard blow to their agenda.

But Obama will certainly try to replace Holder with someone just as radical.

In fact, radical Leftist agitator and MSNBC commentator Rev. Al Sharpton has announced he will advise President Obama on the search for Holder's replacement.

That's why we will need all the support in the Senate we can get.

Conservative Senator Ted Cruz already expects this to be a very tough fight, riddled with dirty tactics from Obama's allies.

Public Advocate has been working all year to secure Pro-Family pledges from U.S. Senate candidates.

And this work will pay off as you and I gear up for the looming fight over Holder's replacement.

So while you and I should rejoice in this victory, we must always be ready for the next battle.

I know you will help me when the time comes.

Until then, thank you so much for your dedication and sacrifice.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. After months of Public Advocate's hard-hitting grassroots efforts, rogue U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Thursday he will be resigning from his post.

But resigning his position does not absolve Holder of his crimes against the Constitution and Traditional Values.

Please click here to sign your petition urging Congress to impeach Holder and destroy his anti-Marriage, anti-Family legal precedents.

And after you've signed, please chip in $10 or $20 to help Public Advocate gear up for the coming fight over Obama's next radical Attorney General nominee.

What we have seen from the Holder DOJ is the most corrupt department of the federal government ever. Corruption like this has not been seen for over 50 years. The last corrupt DOJ was under the watch of John N. Mitchell during the Richard Nixon presidency. Perhaps Holder is worse because Holder used not only racist tactics but used his race to attack critics and to shield him from scunity. His allowing New Black Party Members to intimidate white voters in Philidelphia in 2008 is a sure sign of his hostility toward those who are caucasian. On the other hand Holder wasted no time in getting involved in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson,Missouri. Holder made accusations even before all the facts were in yet in the Philidelphia voter intimidation case he is presented with the fact fully investigated and does nothing. The reign of terror by Holder may be weakening but hopefully the long years of holding him accountable and finding him guilty of crimes against the American people destroy his chances for public office.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Support Senator Rand Paul

From Rand 2016:

There are just 4 days left until I have to submit my financial report.

President Obama, his allies in Congress and establishment politicians in both parties are waiting to see if you're still in my corner.

Polls for key Senate races across the country show control of the Senate is up for grabs.

The liberals in Washington are counting on their big money Super PACs to push Democrats across the finish line and preserve Harry Reid's status as Majority Leader.

So the September 30th reporting deadline is a key test of our movement's strength.

President Obama and Harry Reid are hoping I fail to turn in a strong report on September 30th.

Can I count on you to help me prove them wrong?

I'm committed to fighting President Obama's disastrous agenda and winning at the ballot box in 2014.

That means fighting for 100% repeal of ObamaCare, ending the NSA's unconstitutional spying and always standing for life.

But I'm just one Senator.

You see, the politicians in Washington take their cues from you.

If I can turn in an eye-popping report by the September 30th deadline, candidates across the country will see the American people are demanding Congress to protect the Bill of Rights and stand up to President Obama's reckless policies.

And while 2014 looks like a year where conservatives can score major victories, it's vital we capitalize on a promising political environment with action.

That's why I hope you'll agree to chip in a contribution before the September 30th deadline.

Whatever you can afford - $10 or $20 - will help me reach my goal and send a clear signal to the Washington elite that the grassroots is primed to fight and win in 2014.

And believe me, the political class in Washington would like nothing more than to write the obituary for conservatives this year.

Prove them wrong by standing in my corner and helping me to submit the strongest report possible by the September 30th deadline.

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Help defeat Hillary and support her enemies

From Stop Hillary PAC:

I have a CRITICAL update for you: in the last 24 hours, Hillary Clinton has revealed a devastating campaign agenda to boost Democrats this November, keep Harry Reid and Barack Obama in charge of the Senate...and ultimately launch her official presidential campaign.

I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming, but now we must take action.

In only the last 3 days, Hillary has:

>>>Written personal emails to millions of the Democrats' best donors with the message, "This November, we have a clear choice - and a chance. It's a chance to elect Democrats to Congress who will fight for us every day." Hillary's plea for money is expected to raise as much as 10 million dollars.

>>>Installed herself to headline a major fundraiser for Florida Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist -- setting herself up to be in another key presidential state.

>>>Dispatched her future first lady, Bill Clinton, to campaign for targeted Democrats' races all across the country - motivating Democrats to defeat conservative candidates this November.

>>>Just flew in from Iowa where she filled the financial coffers of endorsed Iowa Democratic candidates. NOTE: Control of the U.S. Senate will hinge on who wins the Senate race in Iowa, and Iowa is the first presidential primary. This is key to her campaign plan.

>>>AND she has teamed up with Nancy Pelosi -- working day and night to raise millions in San Francisco, charging couples $32,400 to rub elbows with America's most elite and liberal women.

I cannot let Hillary's campaign attacks and fundraising machine sink the mid-term elections. Her endorsed candidates will be a disaster for America, and cement the foundation for her campaign.

That's why I'm asking you to join Stop Hillary's Frontline Defender's program today.

Let me explain:

Frontline Defenders is a special program specifically chartered to stand up to Hillary everywhere she goes. That includes blocking the leftist politicians she endorses and funds.

Will you join our Frontline Defenders program to help Conservative candidates who are under attack from Bill and Hillary through their massive fundraising operation? A contribution of as much as $50 or as little as $5 will help us fight and win the most competitive races in the country.

The Stop Hillary Frontline Defenders program is dedicated to helping conservative candidates raise the necessary funds they need to defend themselves against Hillary's attacks.

***100% of your contribution will go to exposing Hillary's attacks on conservatives and developing more critical intel like what you saw above.

***Frontline Defenders will help fund candidates under attack from Hillary - through direct contributions and other means, Stop Hillary will directly counter the Clintons fundraising against conservative candidates.

***Your contribution will bring Stop Hillary's critical message to millions of voters in the mid-term election so they can identify Hillary Clinton endorsed candidates and their liberal, pro-Clinton record.

***With your help, Frontline Defenders will focus on 20 key districts across the county with targeted contact programs to educate, motivate and activate voters to defeat Hillary Clinton backed candidates.

But Stop Hillary's Frontline Defenders program can only fight as hard as our supporters will allow.

That is why I'm asking you to personally make a special gift to Stop Hillary's Frontline Defenders program today.

Can I count on you to make a gift of as much as $50 today?

Current Frontline Defenders have given as much as $500 to fight back against Hillary's candidates, and for others $5 is a sacrificial gift. No matter how generous you can afford to be, please give something because we cannot afford a Hillary presidency.

Her campaign agenda will be devastating to Republicans and Conservatives this election cycle if we can't mount an effective - and immediate - counter attack.

Stop Hillary's Frontline Defenders program is ready to strike.

Will you please make a special, urgent gift of $50 today? If you do, I promise Hillary won't be happy, and America will be better off.


Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Colorado State Senator
Co-Founder, Stop Hillary PAC

PS. I knew it was the last 24 hours Hillary Clinton has revealed a devastating campaign agenda to boost Democrats this November. Can I count on you to make a gift of as much as $50 today to help our Frontline Defenders program fight back?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help protect people from forced union dues.

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Just weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court handed the National Right to Work Foundation attorneys a sledgehammer.

With your help today, I’m ready to start swinging.

Even as I write you, Foundation staff attorneys are crafting class-action lawsuits that are ready to launch in states all over the country.

The goal is to ENFORCE the recent Foundation-won Harris v. Quinn Supreme Court case and return the tens of millions of forced-dues dollars illegally seized from daycare owners, parents, and other health care providers!

But you and I can’t be na├»ve.

With the November elections right around the corner, Big Labor will fight like a cornered animal to protect its forced-dues treasury.

Big Labor has many of those forced-dues dollars earmarked for electing and reelecting their handpicked candidates!

They’re going to fight this effort tooth-and-nail, determined to keep their forced-dues-funded political machine running full throttle.

My advisers and analysts have calculated we'll need an emergency influx of funds of $40,000 by Thursday, September 18 to fully implement these lawsuits.

Can I count on your most generous tax-deductible support today?

The truth is, class-action lawsuits aren’t cheap.

They come with some pretty big risks too, which I’ll tell you about shortly . . .

But you and I both know the law means absolutely NOTHING if it’s not enforced.

I can’t begin to explain what a travesty that would be.

Under the recent Harris v. Quinn Supreme Court decision, the Illinois union-label "state worker" classification scheme was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Under this scheme, people who received Medicaid funding to take care of sick loved ones were defined as "state employees" so Big Labor could force them to pay union dues!

Of course, no American citizen should ever be forced to join or pay dues to a union just to get or keep a job.

Sadly, the Supreme Court’s decision didn’t go that far.

But the ramifications of the Harris v. Quinn decision could be HUGE -- if you and I can enforce it.

You see, not only was the Illinois union-label "state worker" classification scheme ended, but similar Big Labor schemes that have popped up all over the country are now ripe to be knocked down.

With your help, our goal is to wipe these laws (and in some cases, executive orders) off the books and DRAIN Big Labor’s coffers of all their illegally-seized forced-dues money!

It is hard to express how huge this could be.

As I write you, over 14 states have similar laws. Nearly 650,000 workers nationwide are affected.

And the union-bosses' architects of these schemes owe them ALL money . . .

. . . hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars you and I know would otherwise be spent on electing and reelecting their political cronies and furthering Big Labor’s forced-dues agenda in state after state and Washington, D.C.

I need to be blunt here.

The class-action lawsuits Foundation staff attorneys are preparing could take a sledgehammer to Big Labor’s forced-dues funded campaign coffers.

But that doesn’t mean it will be easy.

It won’t -- especially because this is such an important election year.

But every dollar you give brings you and me closer to BREAKING THE SHACKLES OF FORCED UNIONISM.

That’s why I must count on your contribution today.

Because class-action lawsuits multiply the impact of a decision tenfold, even a hundredfold, Big Labor always fights back fiercely.

They assign their best lawyers to the cases and use every trick in the book to avoid responsibility.

In the past, during pre-trial proceedings for similar class-action suits, union bosses have even demanded the Foundation turn over the name of every supporter!

In one case where that demand was made, a union lawyer said they needed the names to make "discreet inquiries."

You and I both know what that means.

"Discreet" to Big Labor means threatening phone calls, visits from muscle-bound union goons, slashed tires, wrecked businesses. Maybe worse.

That’s why I’ll never put Foundation supporters in harm’s way.

Foundation Chairman Reed Larson was even threatened with jail time at one point for refusing to hand over the list of our supporters!

But he dug in his heels and eventually won.

Likewise, I will never back down. Ever.

Foundation supporters are small businessmen and women and union workers.

If Big Labor’s thugs found out they were helping us, I shudder to think about what they’d do.

The union bosses HATE the Foundation because we have been so effective in curbing their abusive power.

And the class-action lawsuits that Foundation staff attorneys are preparing -- forcing the union bosses to hand back all that illegally-seized dues money -- will make them hate us all the more.

But I can’t launch these class-action lawsuits without your help.

As I told you, they’re risky.

Big Labor won’t just be on the defense. They have the best lawyers money can buy.

They’ll make outrageous demands of your Foundation just like the past ones I’ve mentioned.

So the staff attorneys are making sure all of their ducks are in a row before launching any class-action suit.

These class-action suits are expensive.

And unlike Big Labor, we don’t have the steady stream of forced-union dues to pay our legal bills.

Since 1968, the Right to Work Foundation has relied on the generosity of good folks like you to make a difference.

So I must count on you today.

Won’t you please agree to chipping in $30 right away?

I know that’s a lot. But every dollar you give is tax-deductible.

But if $30 is just too much, please chip in $20 or at least $10 right away.

The good news is, investments from good folks like you are getting results. BIG results.

Today, your Foundation is involved in over 200 legal cases. The recent Harris v. Quinn win was the 17th time Foundation attorneys have had a case before the Supreme Court!

But for our attorneys, bloated resumes, trophies or plaques on the wall aren’t the real measure of victory.

Our victories are measured in workers being freed from Big Labor’s forced-dues clutches.

They’re measured in the restoration of real freedom in hardworking American citizens’ lives.

They’re measured in DRAINING Big Labor’s coffers of money that’s been illegally seized to fund union bosses’ iron grip on our political system.

With the Harris v. Quinn decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has handed us a massive opportunity to do exactly that.

Now it’s time for the next phase -- ENFORCEMENT.

So I'm counting on you to chip in to help us reach our $40,000 goal by Thursday, September 18.

Won’t you please consider chipping in $30, $20 or at least $10 right away?


Mark Mix

P.S. The ramifications of the Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn decision could be HUGE -- if you and I can enforce it.

Not only was Illinois’ union-label "state worker" classification scheme ended, but similar Big Labor schemes that have popped up all over the country are now at risk.

14 states have similar laws that cover roughly 650,000 workers. Now, Big Labor owes them all money!

Today, Foundation staff attorneys are preparing class-action lawsuits that could return to home-care providers HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars illegally seized by Big Labor.

But I’m counting on your help to launch them. Please chip in a tax-deductible gift of $30, $20 or at least $10 right away!

Tell the Senate to Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

I just received an email from Congressman Paul Broun thanking me for helping pass Audit the Fed in the House.

I wanted to forward it to you because the real reason why so many Members of Congress are supporting Audit the Fed is not what my staff and I did.

Rather, you and I are picking up support because of the petitions, post cards, phone calls, and letters that you and other dedicated Campaign for Liberty members and supporters have sent to Congress.

And now that Audit the Fed has passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, you and I must now apply that same pressure to the U.S. Senate.

Harry Reid is expected to adjourn the Senate no later than Tuesday, September 23 - so there's no time to waste.

My staff has prepared an Emergency Audit the Fed Fax Blast urging your U.S. Senators to demand Harry Reid bring Audit the Fed to the floor for a full roll-call vote.

You can sign your Fax Blast here:Click here

Once you sign your Fax Blast, please chip in $5 or $10 to help C4L flood the U.S. Senate with tens of thousands of faxes urging a roll-call vote on Audit the Fed.

If there's ever a time when politicians are listening to the folks back home - it's right now when they're out looking for votes.

Thank you in advance for your support.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Anti-Hillary video

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Internet slowdown protest a success

From Fight For The Future:

Thanks to you, the Internet Slowdown was a resounding success. More people took action to defend net neutrality in one day than ever before in history.

Click here to check out this inspiring infographic showing what we did together on September 10th. It will seriously make your day, unless you happen to be a Comcast lobbyist.

Have a look. Like what you see?

Please chip in $5 so we can keep the fight going.

The slowdown was so big it was impossible to ignore. Several members of Congress tweeted about how their phones were ringing off the hook, and we dominated the mainstream news headlines. More than 40,000 websites took part, including many of the most popular sites in the world, and at the peak of the day, there were more than 1,000 phone calls to congress every minute!

This changes everything. Victory is more tangible now than ever before. But we still need to bring it home. Now that we’ve shown our strength, the giant Cable companies that are lobbying tooth and nail to destroy net neutrality will redouble their efforts, and work every connection they have to keep the public’s voice from being heard in Washington, DC.

There’s only one solution: we have to fight even harder, and grow our movement even larger, and we have to be ready to battle for the net for the long haul.

Organizing the Internet Slowdown day and hosting the website used up a huge amount of our resources. Will you chip in $5 (or more!) today to make sure we can keep the pressure on while we have so much momentum?

Yes, I will chip in today to save net neutrality!

All of us here at Fight for the Future are so proud of the Internet right now. Now more than ever it's so clear how powerful the Internet really is as a platform for free speech, and how absolutely critical it is that we not only fight for it, but we fight to win.

With gratitude and determination,
-Tiffiniy, Holmes, Evan, Jeff, Kevin, Vasjen, and Jessica
Fight for the Future

P.S. The deadline to submit comments to the FCC is this Monday, September 15th. We’re helping plan protests on that day in NYC and Philadelphia. There’s still time to submit a comment. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?! Here’s the link.

P.P.S We really want everyone to see this infographic, it’s so epic! Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Democrats are the enemy of the American people

Sen. Cruz Op-ed: The Democratic Assault on the First Amendment
June 1, 2014 | Sen. Ted Cruz
From The Wall Street Journal:

For two centuries there has been bipartisan agreement that American democracy depends on free speech. Alas, more and more, the modern Democratic Party has abandoned that commitment and has instead been trying to regulate the speech of the citizenry.

We have seen President Obama publicly rebuke the Supreme Court for protecting free speech in Citizens United v. FEC; the Obama IRS inquire of citizens what books they are reading and what is the content of their prayers; the Federal Communications Commission proposing to put government monitors in newsrooms; and Sen. Harry Reid regularly slandering private citizens on the Senate floor for their political speech.

But just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does. Senate Democrats have promised a vote this year on a constitutional amendment to expressly repeal the free-speech protections of the First Amendment.

You read that correctly. Forty-one Democrats have signed on to co-sponsor New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall's proposed amendment to give Congress plenary power to regulate political speech. The text of the amendment says that Congress could regulate "the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect to federal elections." The amendment places no limitations whatsoever on Congress's new power.

Two canards are put forth to justify this broad authority. First, "money is not speech." And second, "corporations have no free speech rights."

Neither contention bears even minimal scrutiny. Speech is more than just standing on a soap box yelling on a street corner. For centuries the Supreme Court has rightly concluded that free speech includes writing and distributing pamphlets, putting up billboards, displaying yard signs, launching a website, and running radio and television ads. Every one of those activities requires money. Distributing the Federalist Papers or Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" required money. If you can prohibit spending money, you can prohibit virtually any form of effective speech.

As for the idea that the Supreme Court got it wrong in Citizens United because corporations have no First Amendment rights, that too is demonstrably false. The New York Times is a corporation. The television network NBC is a corporation. Book publisher Simon & Schuster is a corporation. Paramount Pictures is a corporation. Nobody would reasonably argue that Congress could restrict what they say—or what money they spend distributing their views, books or movies—merely because they are not individual persons.

Proponents of the amendment also say it would just "repeal Citizens United" or "regulate big money in politics." That is nonsense. Nothing in the amendment is limited to corporations, or to nefarious billionaires. It gives Congress power to regulate—and ban—speech by everybody.

Indeed, the text of the amendment obliquely acknowledges that Americans' free-speech rights would be eliminated: It says "[n]othing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress the power to abridge the freedom of the press." Thus, The New York Times is protected from congressional power; individual citizens, exercising political speech, are not.

If this amendment were adopted, the following would likely be deemed constitutional:

Congress could prohibit the National Rifle Association from distributing voter guides letting citizens know politicians' records on the Second Amendment.

Congress could prohibit the Sierra Club from running political ads criticizing politicians for their environmental policies.

Congress could penalize pro-life (or pro-choice) groups for spending money to urge their views of abortion.

Congress could prohibit labor unions from organizing workers (an in-kind expenditure) to go door to door urging voters to turn out.

Congress could criminalize pastors making efforts to get their parishioners to vote.

Congress could punish bloggers expending any resources to criticize the president.

Congress could ban books, movies (watch out Michael Moore) and radio programs—anything not deemed "the press"—that might influence upcoming elections.

One might argue, "surely bloggers would be protected." But Senate Democrats expressly excluded bloggers from protection under their proposed media-shield law, because bloggers are not "covered journalists."

One might argue, "surely movies would be exempt." But the Citizens United case—expressly maligned by President Obama during his 2010 State of the Union address—concerned the federal government trying to fine a filmmaker for distributing a movie criticizing Hillary Clinton.

One might argue, "surely books would be exempt." But the Obama administration, in the Citizens United oral argument, explicitly argued that the federal government could ban books that contained political speech.

The contemplated amendment is simply wrong. No politician should be immune from criticism. Congress has too much power already—it should never have the power to silence citizens.

Thankfully, any constitutional amendment must first win two-thirds of the vote in both houses of Congress. Then three-fourths of the state legislatures must approve the proposed amendment. There's no chance that Sen. Udall's amendment will clear either hurdle. Still, it's a reflection of today's Democratic disrespect for free speech that an attempt would even be made. There was a time, not too long ago, when free speech was a bipartisan commitment.

John Stuart Mill had it right: If you disagree with political speech, the best cure is more speech, not less. The First Amendment has served America well for 223 years. When Democrats tried something similar in 1997, Sen. Ted Kennedy was right to say: "In the entire history of the Constitution, we have never amended the Bill of Rights, and now is no time to start."


Monday, September 8, 2014

Take the pen from Obama's hand

From Campaign For Liberty:

Barack Obama seems to have forgotten that he's a President - NOT A KING!

Instead of fulfilling his oath to “faithfully uphold the laws of the land,” he's using his pen to create new laws via executive order.

He's used his pen to unilaterally rewrite and delay sections of ObamaCare in a desperate attempt to shield his congressional cronies from public backlash over the disastrous law’s harmful effects.

He's used his pen to impose new restrictions on your constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

He's used his pen to impose new job-killing regulations on small businesses and American workers.

He’s even used his pen to implement (through executive branch regulations) legislation that was rejected by the American people and Congress.

Remember Cap and Trade (more accurately called Cap and Tax) – President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s tax-increasing, job-destroying, “environmental protection” legislation?

In 2007, then-Speaker Pelosi rammed this bill through the House, but the public outcry was so great that Harry Reid never brought it to the Senate floor for a vote.

The backlash against Cap and Tax played a major role in the tidal wave of the 2010 elections that swept Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s Chair.

Yet President Obama recently announced new “climate change” regulations, unilaterally imposing many of the key features of the rejected “Cap and Tax” legislation!

President Obama is also preparing to use the crisis at the border to issue executive orders implementing parts of the immigration “reform” bill that the Senate passed last year - which the House refused to pass.

President Obama is doing all this because he knows - thanks in large part to active pro-liberty citizens like you - he cannot get Cap and Tax, gun control, and the rest of his Big Government agenda through Congress.

So he's imposing his agenda on his own.

Campaign for Liberty is fighting back to rein in President Obama and bring more attention to what’s happening by pressing Congress to pass Senator Rand Paul’s “Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act,” S. 82/H.R. 410.

In order to get Congress to act on Senator Paul’s legislation, I need you to help us turn up the heat by signing your petition telling Congress to “Take President Obama’s Pen Away.”

Senator Paul’s bill states that any executive order that exceeds the President’s constitutional authority is null and void.

It also explicitly prevents President Obama from using his executive powers to infringe on your Second Amendment rights.

As important as protecting the Second Amendment, repealing ObamaCare, and stopping President Obama from imposing new regulations on the struggling American economy are, there are even bigger issues at stake.

President Obama’s use of executive orders to create laws strikes right at the heart of America’s constitutional system of checks and balances.

Creating law is the function of the legislative branch.

The Founders separated the power to enforce laws from the power to create laws because they recognized that putting both in the same hands was a recipe for tyranny.

Passing this legislation is vital to protecting our Constitution and our liberties from an out-of-control President – of any party.

While past Presidents used the executive order power to unilaterally create laws, none brazenly used such a disregard of the constitutional limits on their authority as an applause line in the State of the Union!

As abhorrent as President Obama’s actions are, Congress is also neglecting its constitutional duty to take his pen away.

You see, the drafters of the Constitution expected Presidents to try to expand their authority, but they thought Congress would aggressively act to check the Executive.

But Congress is doing little more than engaging in cheap PR stunts to make us think they are standing up to President Obama, so we must let Congress know WE THE PEOPLE expect them to do their job and stop him from violating the Constitution.

That is why I need you to sign your Take President Obama’s Pen Away petition to Congress right away!

And, if you can, please help us alert and mobilize millions of Americans on this issue by making your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10 today.

If President Obama gets away with using his pen to rewrite and create new laws, there is no telling where he will stop.

He could:

*** Continue rewriting ObamaCare;
*** Further curtail your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
*** Order the NSA to ramp up surveillance on Americans who oppose his policies;
*** Increase TSA harassment at airports and even further expand it to train and bus stations or “roving checkpoints” on interstate highways;
*** Order the IRS to step up its harassment of organizations that oppose his agenda;
*** Keep rewriting the nation’s immigration laws;
*** Impose even more “Cap and Tax” type of regulation on the country.

The truth is there's no way of knowing how a future President will build on his precedents.

Help us take a stand and make our voices heard.

Please sign your Take President Obama’s Pen Away petition, and, if you can, support our efforts to get Congress to protect you from an out-of-control executive with a contribution of $30, $20, or $10.

If we can raise the support, Campaign for Liberty will launch a hard-hitting program of emails, Facebook and other social media, op-eds, and more to alert millions of Americans to the dangers of President Obama’s serial overstepping of his authority.

I know I have asked a lot of you lately, and Campaign for Liberty members have had a number of successes in the legislature this Congress.

But unless we convince Congress to put politics and partisanship aside and stand up to President Obama, our ability to effectively shape public policy by putting the heat on the legislature will be greatly threatened, since an out-of-control Executive may unilaterally act even if we win in the legislature.

President Obama may be particularly brazen in his abuse of executive orders to get around constitutional limitations on his power, but he is not the first, and sadly, he will not be the last . . .

. . . unless we get Congress to rein in the President now.

That is why it is so important you sign your Take President Obama’s Pen Away petition to Congress!

And please help us make our maximum impact in this cause by making your most generous contribution to Campaign for Liberty of $30, $20, or $10 today!

In Liberty,

Norm Singleton
Vice President of Policy

P.S. President Obama has used executive orders to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, rewrite ObamaCare, and impose new regulations on the American economy. He’s acting like a King, not a President.

This abuse of executive orders is a dagger aimed straight at the heart of our Republic.

Campaign for Liberty is fighting back and supporting Senator Rand Paul’s “Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act,” S. 82/H.R. 410, which explicitly makes clear that presidential executive orders that create new laws are null and void.

Passing this legislation is crucial to stopping President Obama - and future Presidents - from exceeding their constitutional authority and creating laws that threaten our liberty.

So please, sign your petition demanding Congress “Take President Obama’s Pen Away” so we can turn up the heat for change.

And, if you can, please help us alert and mobilize millions of Americans to take a stand by supporting our efforts with a generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10 today!

Hillary let those men die in Benghazi

From Stop Hillary PAC:

This is an emergency. We just learned the damning truth about Benghazi -- the loss of 4 American lives was COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE.

The key U.S. security team in Benghazi was FORBIDDEN from immediately responding to the attack on the American diplomatic mission.

That's right...their inside account of what happened the night of the September 11, 2012, Benghazi attack is proof that Hillary Clinton had the means to save her diplomatic team.

Five minutes into the attack a team was ready to respond, but they were ordered to "Stand down" not once or twice, but 3 times...

Had they not been held back for more than 30 minutes, things would have turned out differently for the 4 Americans who died.

"I strongly believe if we'd left immediately, they'd still be alive today," one of the U.S. security team members.

Here's where it gets even more disturbing.

Obama's Press Secretary, Hillary's State Department Spokesmen, and even the House Intelligence Committee insisted there was no order given hindering anyone from responding to the attack.

Hillary Clinton is guilty of more than just lying. Crippling indecision, or worse, willful inaction were Hillary's death sentence for those 4 Americans who died September 11, 2012.

We must Stop Hillary Clinton from recasting the story, and marching her way to the White House. Donate at least $5 here to Stop Hillary.

She can't afford for America to know the truth. So, we're going to make sure everyone hears the truth about Benghazi.

For our freedom,

Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC

P.S. We've gathered more than 160,000 signatures to support Trey Gowdy's Select Committee on Benghazi and Subpoena Hillary to speak under oath. BUT despite all this momentum, we cannot afford to rest yet. Donate $5 or more help us spread this message and grow the movement to STOP HILLARY!

Harry Reid and Obama want to stack the deck against the American worker

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Barack Obama's latest payback to Big Labor is moving quickly -- and I need your help right away.

The U.S. Senate Labor Committee just announced it will hold a kangaroo court "hearing" on Tuesday on Obama's nomination of Sharon Block to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

You may remember Sharon Block.

Block, a former staffer for longtime forced-unionism proponent Ted Kennedy, was one of Barack Obama's bogus "recess" appointees to the NLRB.

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held over the summer those appointments were unconstitutional.

Now the same Big Labor partisan who defied the rule of law could find herself back on the very federal agency at which she illegally participated in hundreds of decisions!

The rogue Obama NLRB has dedicated itself to rewriting American labor law every chance it gets, including;

***Forcing workers in non-Right to Work States to pay for union lobbying and political activities, via the Jeannette Geary case, where the NLRB blatantly IGNORED the Supreme Court's 1988 Beck decision;
***"Micro-organizing," which allows union militants to target and organize small units of workers if they know most employees at a workplace don't want to join a union;
***Ambush elections, which subject workers to quick-snap organizing where only Big Labor's side of the story is ever told and expose workers to many of the abuses of Card Check instant organizing;
***Forcing companies to continue automatic dues collection for Big Labor fat cats even after union contracts expire, flagrantly violating 60 years of precedent.

If the Senate confirms Block to a five-year term, undoing the damage the Obama Labor Board has already done -- and whatever union-boss power grabs they ram through in the final two years of Obama's terms -- will be even more difficult.

And I'm afraid Barack Obama and union-label Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just might get away with it, too.

It's time to start turning up the heat on the U.S. Senate at once.

I'm particularly concerned because some weak-kneed Senate Republicans caved in to Obama and Reid last year and agreed to give Richard Griffin, another sham "recess" appointee, a different job at the NLRB.

Not only that, Harry Reid made your job as grassroots citizens even more difficult.

You see, last year, Reid pulled the so-called "nuclear option" and broke the rules to gut the filibuster.

That allows Reid to ram Barack Obama's radical nominations through the U.S. Senate with the slimmest majorities.

Reid could even delay a floor vote until a "lame duck" session after losing his pro-forced-unionism majority in November, hoping concerned citizens like you aren't paying attention.

But you and I have stopped him before from underhanded tactics like that, such as when we stopped Reid from ramming through the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill in the "lame duck" session in 2010.

That's why it's vital we start turning up the pressure right away.

Sign your petition to your U.S. Senators opposing Sharon Block's nomination to the NLRB by clicking here.

The NLRB has been ground zero for Barack Obama's paybacks to Big Labor.

Obama's end-around of the Constitution was the most egregious example yet.

The Supreme Court unanimously struck that down, but what kind of message does the Senate send if it lets him get away with it?

That's why I'm counting on your action at once.

Please sign your petition opposing Sharon Block right away.

And after you do, I hope you'll chip in with a contribution of $10 or more to help your National Right to Work Committee turn up the heat.

With a Senate Labor Committee hearing on the nomination just days away, please sign your petition right away.


Mark Mix

P.S. The Senate Labor Committee has scheduled a kangaroo court "hearing" on Barack Obama's nomination of Sharon Block to the National Labor Relations Board.

Sharon Block, whose sham "recess" appointment to the NLRB was unanimously held unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, defied the rule of law by illegally participating in hundreds of decisions.

Please click here to sign your petition to your U.S. Senators urging them to oppose Block's nomination.

Preserve net neutrality oppose the merger

From Fight For The Future:

Comcast is trying to kill net neutrality by making sure the FCC ignores the millions of public interest comments it’s already received. The other way they're trying to kill net neutrality in the very near future — get even bigger.

Comcast is trying to merge with Time Warner. People already hate them — high prices, bad customer service, and lack of choice in the first place. People haaaaaate the merger because it means even higher prices and worse service. The FCC also has a comment period for the merger that ends in October, but we know how hard we have to fight to win that kind of battle.

There’s another way but it goes away in two days. The most powerful way to stop the merger and Comcast’s power is to deny Comcast of the transfer of 2.6 million Time Warner customers in NY State, and effectively make the merger impossible. There are two people who might just become Governor and Lt. Governor of NY who will outright make sure that transfer doesn't happen.

Stand with them, and they can stop the merger for us. Click here to learn more.

And, on top of that, every bit of support they get, puts net neutrality on the ballot as a top political issue -- this race is the most important race to show just that.

Can you imagine the look on the faces of Comcast executives when NY stops them from having 2.6 million customers and chips away at their net neutrality prowess? North Carolina, Ohio can do this too, but there's nothing like denying them NY.

That's a real plan, we should take it and support some of the most fearless public reformers turned political crusading politicians. Zephyr Teachout was on our board (!) and got cited in the dissent for the Supreme Court's Citizens United, and TIm Wu wrote the law brief that defined net neutrality and coined the term! They have dedicated their lives to fighting big cable (and big banks) and one of their first steps is going to be stopping the merger for us.

Join them:

Yours for Team Internet,

Tiffiniy Cheng

P.S. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock the past week, you should know there is a huge day of action for net neutrality September 10th. Click here to join the Internet Slowdown!

P.P.S. did you see this tweet from Glenn Greenwald? “ Read this scathing@lessig post on money in American democracy & the indescribable hideousness of Andrew Cuomo …”

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Defeat the Internet Sales Tax

From The National League of Taxpayers:

I’m back in D.C. and ready to do everything in my power to stop the Internet Sales Tax ambush.

But I can’t do it alone.

Organizations like the National League of Taxpayers play a critical role in defeating bad legislation.

That’s why I was excited to hear about their plan to generate a groundswell of grassroots opposition against the Internet Sales Tax.

But they need your help to make it happen.

They’ve set a goal to raise $20,000 by Monday to fund this critical program.

I hope you will help them reach this goal.

Whether you can give $30, $20, or $10, you help will make a difference.

For freedom,

Congressman Steve Stockman

Judge sets gay mafia back a few steps

From Public Advocate:

Have you heard the exciting news?

A U.S. District Court declared that Louisiana's traditional marriage law is 100% constitutional.

Instead of marching in lockstep with liberal activist judges, a federal court sided with nearly 80% of Louisianans who voted for Real Marriage protected by state law.

And the Homosexual Lobby is stunned.

They're suffering their first major defeat since the Supreme Court gutted the Defense of Marriage Act last year.

For months, radical homosexual activists ripped apart traditional marriage laws in dozens of states as activist judges forced liberal dogma on pro-Family Americans around the country.

Thankfully this ruling upholds the constitutional right of the people in Louisiana to define marriage as between one man and woman.

That's why we must build on this opportunity to encourage even more pro-Family Americans to join the fight.

Preserving the moral fabric of our country depends on patriots like you actively engaged in protecting our traditional family values.

If Public Advocate's supporters refuse to surrender and continue to fight every day to safeguard our values, we can win.

So please sign your "State Marriage Defense Act" petition demanding Congress take action to defend Real Marriage!

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. The Homosexual Lobby hit a roadblock after a federal judge upheld Louisiana's traditional marriage law.

Please help your Public Advocate defend Real Marriage against the Homosexual Agenda by signing your "State Marriage Defense Act" petition right away.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Vigil for the victims of big labor and a petition against big labor

From The National Right to Work Committee:

We don't call it "Big Labor Day."

Today, we celebrate the American worker -- not the union bosses who compel workers to pay them tribute as a condition of employment.

It's vital we counter the Big Labor propaganda machine that uses Labor Day as an excuse to demand even more power over workers.

That's why this morning at 9:15 am, I'll appear on C-SPAN's Washington Journal to expose Big Labor's power grabs and make the case for worker freedom.

I've also recorded a Labor Day message and released it to media outlets nationwide.

Americans from coast to coast will also read my Labor Day columns in newspapers or hear me or my staff on the radio promoting worker freedom.

Most importantly, thank you once again for everything you have done to help fight back against forced unionism in these critical times -- and please, enjoy the Labor Day weekend with your loved ones


Mark Mix

P.S. I can think of no better way to spend Labor Day than by remembering the suffering of the tens of thousands of victims of Big Labor's violence and intimidation.

So please, click here to light your virtual candle and sign your petition today demanding action on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.