Monday, September 8, 2014

Take the pen from Obama's hand

From Campaign For Liberty:

Barack Obama seems to have forgotten that he's a President - NOT A KING!

Instead of fulfilling his oath to “faithfully uphold the laws of the land,” he's using his pen to create new laws via executive order.

He's used his pen to unilaterally rewrite and delay sections of ObamaCare in a desperate attempt to shield his congressional cronies from public backlash over the disastrous law’s harmful effects.

He's used his pen to impose new restrictions on your constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

He's used his pen to impose new job-killing regulations on small businesses and American workers.

He’s even used his pen to implement (through executive branch regulations) legislation that was rejected by the American people and Congress.

Remember Cap and Trade (more accurately called Cap and Tax) – President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s tax-increasing, job-destroying, “environmental protection” legislation?

In 2007, then-Speaker Pelosi rammed this bill through the House, but the public outcry was so great that Harry Reid never brought it to the Senate floor for a vote.

The backlash against Cap and Tax played a major role in the tidal wave of the 2010 elections that swept Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s Chair.

Yet President Obama recently announced new “climate change” regulations, unilaterally imposing many of the key features of the rejected “Cap and Tax” legislation!

President Obama is also preparing to use the crisis at the border to issue executive orders implementing parts of the immigration “reform” bill that the Senate passed last year - which the House refused to pass.

President Obama is doing all this because he knows - thanks in large part to active pro-liberty citizens like you - he cannot get Cap and Tax, gun control, and the rest of his Big Government agenda through Congress.

So he's imposing his agenda on his own.

Campaign for Liberty is fighting back to rein in President Obama and bring more attention to what’s happening by pressing Congress to pass Senator Rand Paul’s “Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act,” S. 82/H.R. 410.

In order to get Congress to act on Senator Paul’s legislation, I need you to help us turn up the heat by signing your petition telling Congress to “Take President Obama’s Pen Away.”

Senator Paul’s bill states that any executive order that exceeds the President’s constitutional authority is null and void.

It also explicitly prevents President Obama from using his executive powers to infringe on your Second Amendment rights.

As important as protecting the Second Amendment, repealing ObamaCare, and stopping President Obama from imposing new regulations on the struggling American economy are, there are even bigger issues at stake.

President Obama’s use of executive orders to create laws strikes right at the heart of America’s constitutional system of checks and balances.

Creating law is the function of the legislative branch.

The Founders separated the power to enforce laws from the power to create laws because they recognized that putting both in the same hands was a recipe for tyranny.

Passing this legislation is vital to protecting our Constitution and our liberties from an out-of-control President – of any party.

While past Presidents used the executive order power to unilaterally create laws, none brazenly used such a disregard of the constitutional limits on their authority as an applause line in the State of the Union!

As abhorrent as President Obama’s actions are, Congress is also neglecting its constitutional duty to take his pen away.

You see, the drafters of the Constitution expected Presidents to try to expand their authority, but they thought Congress would aggressively act to check the Executive.

But Congress is doing little more than engaging in cheap PR stunts to make us think they are standing up to President Obama, so we must let Congress know WE THE PEOPLE expect them to do their job and stop him from violating the Constitution.

That is why I need you to sign your Take President Obama’s Pen Away petition to Congress right away!

And, if you can, please help us alert and mobilize millions of Americans on this issue by making your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10 today.

If President Obama gets away with using his pen to rewrite and create new laws, there is no telling where he will stop.

He could:

*** Continue rewriting ObamaCare;
*** Further curtail your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
*** Order the NSA to ramp up surveillance on Americans who oppose his policies;
*** Increase TSA harassment at airports and even further expand it to train and bus stations or “roving checkpoints” on interstate highways;
*** Order the IRS to step up its harassment of organizations that oppose his agenda;
*** Keep rewriting the nation’s immigration laws;
*** Impose even more “Cap and Tax” type of regulation on the country.

The truth is there's no way of knowing how a future President will build on his precedents.

Help us take a stand and make our voices heard.

Please sign your Take President Obama’s Pen Away petition, and, if you can, support our efforts to get Congress to protect you from an out-of-control executive with a contribution of $30, $20, or $10.

If we can raise the support, Campaign for Liberty will launch a hard-hitting program of emails, Facebook and other social media, op-eds, and more to alert millions of Americans to the dangers of President Obama’s serial overstepping of his authority.

I know I have asked a lot of you lately, and Campaign for Liberty members have had a number of successes in the legislature this Congress.

But unless we convince Congress to put politics and partisanship aside and stand up to President Obama, our ability to effectively shape public policy by putting the heat on the legislature will be greatly threatened, since an out-of-control Executive may unilaterally act even if we win in the legislature.

President Obama may be particularly brazen in his abuse of executive orders to get around constitutional limitations on his power, but he is not the first, and sadly, he will not be the last . . .

. . . unless we get Congress to rein in the President now.

That is why it is so important you sign your Take President Obama’s Pen Away petition to Congress!

And please help us make our maximum impact in this cause by making your most generous contribution to Campaign for Liberty of $30, $20, or $10 today!

In Liberty,

Norm Singleton
Vice President of Policy

P.S. President Obama has used executive orders to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, rewrite ObamaCare, and impose new regulations on the American economy. He’s acting like a King, not a President.

This abuse of executive orders is a dagger aimed straight at the heart of our Republic.

Campaign for Liberty is fighting back and supporting Senator Rand Paul’s “Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act,” S. 82/H.R. 410, which explicitly makes clear that presidential executive orders that create new laws are null and void.

Passing this legislation is crucial to stopping President Obama - and future Presidents - from exceeding their constitutional authority and creating laws that threaten our liberty.

So please, sign your petition demanding Congress “Take President Obama’s Pen Away” so we can turn up the heat for change.

And, if you can, please help us alert and mobilize millions of Americans to take a stand by supporting our efforts with a generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10 today!

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