Friday, September 26, 2014

Help defeat Hillary and support her enemies

From Stop Hillary PAC:

I have a CRITICAL update for you: in the last 24 hours, Hillary Clinton has revealed a devastating campaign agenda to boost Democrats this November, keep Harry Reid and Barack Obama in charge of the Senate...and ultimately launch her official presidential campaign.

I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming, but now we must take action.

In only the last 3 days, Hillary has:

>>>Written personal emails to millions of the Democrats' best donors with the message, "This November, we have a clear choice - and a chance. It's a chance to elect Democrats to Congress who will fight for us every day." Hillary's plea for money is expected to raise as much as 10 million dollars.

>>>Installed herself to headline a major fundraiser for Florida Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist -- setting herself up to be in another key presidential state.

>>>Dispatched her future first lady, Bill Clinton, to campaign for targeted Democrats' races all across the country - motivating Democrats to defeat conservative candidates this November.

>>>Just flew in from Iowa where she filled the financial coffers of endorsed Iowa Democratic candidates. NOTE: Control of the U.S. Senate will hinge on who wins the Senate race in Iowa, and Iowa is the first presidential primary. This is key to her campaign plan.

>>>AND she has teamed up with Nancy Pelosi -- working day and night to raise millions in San Francisco, charging couples $32,400 to rub elbows with America's most elite and liberal women.

I cannot let Hillary's campaign attacks and fundraising machine sink the mid-term elections. Her endorsed candidates will be a disaster for America, and cement the foundation for her campaign.

That's why I'm asking you to join Stop Hillary's Frontline Defender's program today.

Let me explain:

Frontline Defenders is a special program specifically chartered to stand up to Hillary everywhere she goes. That includes blocking the leftist politicians she endorses and funds.

Will you join our Frontline Defenders program to help Conservative candidates who are under attack from Bill and Hillary through their massive fundraising operation? A contribution of as much as $50 or as little as $5 will help us fight and win the most competitive races in the country.

The Stop Hillary Frontline Defenders program is dedicated to helping conservative candidates raise the necessary funds they need to defend themselves against Hillary's attacks.

***100% of your contribution will go to exposing Hillary's attacks on conservatives and developing more critical intel like what you saw above.

***Frontline Defenders will help fund candidates under attack from Hillary - through direct contributions and other means, Stop Hillary will directly counter the Clintons fundraising against conservative candidates.

***Your contribution will bring Stop Hillary's critical message to millions of voters in the mid-term election so they can identify Hillary Clinton endorsed candidates and their liberal, pro-Clinton record.

***With your help, Frontline Defenders will focus on 20 key districts across the county with targeted contact programs to educate, motivate and activate voters to defeat Hillary Clinton backed candidates.

But Stop Hillary's Frontline Defenders program can only fight as hard as our supporters will allow.

That is why I'm asking you to personally make a special gift to Stop Hillary's Frontline Defenders program today.

Can I count on you to make a gift of as much as $50 today?

Current Frontline Defenders have given as much as $500 to fight back against Hillary's candidates, and for others $5 is a sacrificial gift. No matter how generous you can afford to be, please give something because we cannot afford a Hillary presidency.

Her campaign agenda will be devastating to Republicans and Conservatives this election cycle if we can't mount an effective - and immediate - counter attack.

Stop Hillary's Frontline Defenders program is ready to strike.

Will you please make a special, urgent gift of $50 today? If you do, I promise Hillary won't be happy, and America will be better off.


Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Colorado State Senator
Co-Founder, Stop Hillary PAC

PS. I knew it was the last 24 hours Hillary Clinton has revealed a devastating campaign agenda to boost Democrats this November. Can I count on you to make a gift of as much as $50 today to help our Frontline Defenders program fight back?

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