Monday, September 8, 2014

Preserve net neutrality oppose the merger

From Fight For The Future:

Comcast is trying to kill net neutrality by making sure the FCC ignores the millions of public interest comments it’s already received. The other way they're trying to kill net neutrality in the very near future — get even bigger.

Comcast is trying to merge with Time Warner. People already hate them — high prices, bad customer service, and lack of choice in the first place. People haaaaaate the merger because it means even higher prices and worse service. The FCC also has a comment period for the merger that ends in October, but we know how hard we have to fight to win that kind of battle.

There’s another way but it goes away in two days. The most powerful way to stop the merger and Comcast’s power is to deny Comcast of the transfer of 2.6 million Time Warner customers in NY State, and effectively make the merger impossible. There are two people who might just become Governor and Lt. Governor of NY who will outright make sure that transfer doesn't happen.

Stand with them, and they can stop the merger for us. Click here to learn more.

And, on top of that, every bit of support they get, puts net neutrality on the ballot as a top political issue -- this race is the most important race to show just that.

Can you imagine the look on the faces of Comcast executives when NY stops them from having 2.6 million customers and chips away at their net neutrality prowess? North Carolina, Ohio can do this too, but there's nothing like denying them NY.

That's a real plan, we should take it and support some of the most fearless public reformers turned political crusading politicians. Zephyr Teachout was on our board (!) and got cited in the dissent for the Supreme Court's Citizens United, and TIm Wu wrote the law brief that defined net neutrality and coined the term! They have dedicated their lives to fighting big cable (and big banks) and one of their first steps is going to be stopping the merger for us.

Join them:

Yours for Team Internet,

Tiffiniy Cheng

P.S. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock the past week, you should know there is a huge day of action for net neutrality September 10th. Click here to join the Internet Slowdown!

P.P.S. did you see this tweet from Glenn Greenwald? “ Read this scathing@lessig post on money in American democracy & the indescribable hideousness of Andrew Cuomo …”

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