Thursday, April 28, 2016

Help fight Garland's bid for the Supreme Court

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Barack Obama is plotting to cripple the fight to protect worker freedom by installing Merrick Garland, a Big Labor approved justice on the Supreme Court.

And to make matters worse, as many as 16 Republicans may be wavering on their commitment to block Garland's nomination by agreeing to meet with Obama's nominee.

The consequences of Republicans folding on their pledge to block Garland's nomination would be disastrous.

A recent 4-4 split vote in the Friedrichs case left a lower court ruling in place upholding forced-union dues.

The California teachers fighting to be free from the clutches of union bosses and their forced dues scheme petitioned the Court to rehear their case.

Observers believe the Supreme Court could take up the case again as soon as next year.

But if Republicans wilt under Big Labor's pressure campaign, Garland is very likely to vote with the Court's four liberal justices to deliver a gut-punch to the worker freedom movement.

That's why I'm asking for your immediate help.

Your National Right to Work Committee has launched a "Stop the Obama Takeover" Banner Bomb to raise $30,000 by May 1st to blanket the states of wavering Senators with ads urging them to live up to their word and block Garland's nomination.

A 5-4 ruling in favor of forced-dues is not even the worst decision that a Big-Labor dominated Supreme Court could hand down.

Recently, liberal law professors bragged that a pro Big Labor Supreme Court majority could rule Right to Work itself as unconstitutional.

And now, one Wisconsin judge just handed the nation a peek at the future of Right to Work if Barack Obama gets his way and installs a pro-Big Labor nominee on the Supreme Court.

The judge's ruling struck down the state's Right to Work law by agreeing with Big Labor's lawyers that the state of Wisconsin cannot protect employees from union bosses who threaten to have them fired for refusing to pay dues or fees to a union they don't support.

If Barack Obama's union label nominee, Merrick Garland, is confirmed to the Supreme Court, I'm afraid his record proves he could very well cast the deciding vote to eliminate Right to Work laws across the country.

His 20 year record on the D.C. Court of Appeals reveals his Big Labor bias.

In fact, in two cases he sided against workers represented by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

He even voted to gut the Supreme Court's decision in the Beck case, which allows workers to opt-out of paying the portion of their dues that funds union politics.

And AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka heaped praise upon Garland and called his pro-Big Labor credentials "impeccable."

That's why I was so disturbed by the news some Republicans might be faltering on their commitment to block Garland's nomination.

So I'm asking you to chip in a contribution to the "Stop the Obama Takeover" Banner Bomb right away.

Your generous support will help your National Right to Work Committee launch a targeted online advertising campaign in states like Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire and Ohio urging their senators to stand firm on their commitment to block Garland's nomination.

With the November elections around the corner, Big Labor is cranking up the pressure on Republicans in the Senate to confirm Garland.

And unless Right to Work supporters across America rise up in opposition, I'm afraid of what may happen.

The good news is, despite the union boss arm-twisting, at least one Republican responded to the grassroots uprising against Garland's nomination and reversed course on his intention to hold hearings on the Garland nomination.

I'm convinced you and I have a chance to hold the line against Garland's nomination.

But that is going to require a megaphone to compete with Big Labor.

That's why I'm asking you to chip in and support the "Stop the Obama Takeover" Banner Bomb.

Your contribution will allow your National Right to Work Committee to gin up grassroots pressure in targeted states by blanketing the Internet and social media with ads urging key Senators to hold the line against the Garland nomination.

This won't be easy -- or cheap.

That's why we have until May 1st to raise the $30,000 necessary to fund this crucial program.

So please chip in a contribution before the deadline and help your National Right to Work Committee fight back against Big Labor's court-packing scheme.


Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work

P.S. Barack Obama is plotting to cripple the fight to protect worker freedom by installing Merrick Garland, a Big Labor approved Justice on the Supreme Court.

And to make matters worse, as many as 16 Republicans may be wavering on their commitment to block Garland's nomination by agreeing to meet with Obama's nominee.

So your National Right to Work Committee has launched a "Stop the Obama Takeover" Banner Bomb to raise $30,000 by May 1st to blanket the states of wavering senators with ads urging them to live up to their word and block Garland's nomination.

Please chip in a contribution before the May 1st deadline and help turn up the pressure on key senators to hold firm on their pledge to block the Garland nomination.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Help Campaign For Liberty stand up to the IRS

From Campaign For Liberty:


With time running out in the Obama presidency, I suspect that’s the secret battle cry emerging from the White House right now.

Today, with the April income tax deadline come and gone -- and flushed with more American tax dollars than ever before -- the Big Government goons at the IRS can set their sights back on their number-one priority this critical election year...

And that’s doing whatever they can to PUNISH organizations like Campaign for Liberty for refusing to hand over the names and confidential information on a handful of our supporters.

This is not a drill.

As Campaign for Liberty’s finances stand right now, I will have no choice but to surrender to President Obama’s IRS henchmen and shut Campaign for Liberty’s doors, should the legal threat I’m bracing for materialize.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

According to our finance and legal departments, Campaign for Liberty must raise an emergency $75,000 by midnight on Thursday, April 28, to have the resources it'll take to fight back.

Can I count on your immediate contribution of $50 before the deadline to help me resist their attacks?

When the knock on the door comes, their demands will be for the names, addresses, and other confidential personal information on select Campaign for Liberty contributors.

For more than two years now -- with the support of good folks like you -- I’ve fought the IRS’s attempts to cripple Campaign for Liberty with everything from legal threats to $10,000-a-day fines.

But now, after coming so close to passing Audit the Fed in the U.S. Senate -- and our efforts to INCREASE Senate pressure by passing the bill through the House -- the situation with the IRS is getting more serious by the day.

I’m not sure I can hold them off much longer -- even with everything you and I have on the line in 2016.

After putting a majority of the Senate on record in support of Audit the Fed, the banksters, corporate lobbyists, social welfare bureaucrats, and big spending statists in BOTH parties in Washington, D.C. now understand we can’t be ignored. We’re just too “dangerous” to the survival of the racket they’ve created.

And I’m afraid they’re counting on the IRS to do their dirty work for them by targeting Campaign for Liberty for DESTRUCTION.

Make no mistake -- when they come for us, C4L will be in full financial crisis mode.

That’s why I need your IMMEDIATE action.

Will you chip in an emergency contribution of $50 to help me resist? Please make your contribution before Thursday's midnight deadline.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you lately.

But the last time they came for us, the initial fight devastated C4L to the tune of over $125,000.

Let me explain the stakes very clearly.

You see, just recently, Campaign for Liberty’s accountants and senior staff prepared our annual financial statements for submission to the IRS, as required by law.

Once again, I instructed our staff to REFUSE to comply with IRS demands and leave off any identifying donor information.

As a 501(c)(4) organization, Campaign for Liberty contributor information is supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL.

This is a critical protection I wholeheartedly support. Privacy and liberty go hand-in-hand. When Thomas Paine published his pamphlet Common Sense in 1776, he did so anonymously.

Forcing organizations like Campaign for Liberty to publicize donor information would have an incredibly chilling effect on political free speech.

Many liberty-loving Americans would silence themselves for fear of becoming targets of political retribution.

So there’s no way I would ever just hand this kind of information over to these government bureaucrats.

That’s just not an option.

After a case where the National Organization for Marriage complied with IRS demands and promptly saw their donor information publicized, the IRS has only occasionally attempted to “enforce” this rule...

... EXCEPT with Campaign for Liberty.

Twice now, after filing with the IRS and leaving off confidential donor information, we’ve received threatening letters from the IRS imposing outrageous daily fines that could have forced us to shut our doors within weeks.

In those cases, it took a firestorm of public opposition, led by good folks like you -- and the threat of our attorneys filing a federal case that could have ended up at the Supreme Court -- to force the IRS to finally back down.

But even in backing down, they refused to admit they were wrong, showing they fully intend to come after us again when the heat dies down.

Now, after C4L members and supporters forced the recent Senate vote on Audit the Fed -- proving how effective we can be -- I fear the pressure is on the IRS from ALL corners of the federal government, and its cronies, to come after us with everything they have.

And with the April income tax deadline passed, the IRS is free to turn its focus against its political enemies -- that means you and me.

So today I’m coming to you once more.

Can I count on your immediate contribution of $50 to help make sure Campaign for Liberty has the resources to fight back against the IRS?

The IRS is as corrupt as ever. Lois Lerner is STILL walking free -- even after revelations she used a fake email address under the name “Toby Miles” to hide how she was using her power to target pro-liberty groups.

Half-hearted attempts by Congress to force the IRS to stop targeting political enemies haven’t changed anything.

In fact, a recent audit by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office showed how internal IRS controls are skewed to justify targeting religious and political organizations.

It’s no accident!

Our government today views anyone who dares to stand up to them as an enemy.

With virtually unlimited government resources and slick Obama administrations' lawyers, the power the IRS wields is staggering.

Sure, their attacks on Campaign for Liberty and others are blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Sure, I have no doubt we could face them down in court.

But at what cost?

Campaign for Liberty is run on a shoestring budget. We don’t have millions lying around in the bank.

This fight is about draining our funds.

This is about forcing me to take resources off of other critical programs -- like Audit the Fed and our 2016 election year efforts -- just to keep our doors open.

Let me be clear. As C4L’s finances stand right now, I will have no choice but to surrender to President Obama’s IRS henchmen and shut Campaign for Liberty’s doors should this legal threat materialize.

When the IRS responds to our annual filing, either with an angry letter or a sneering agent at my door, I can’t wait around -- not without risking potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

I asked for your advice in March. And your response was a resounding, “Stand up and Fight!”

I heard you, loud-and-clear.

But to continue the fight to pass Audit the Fed AND stand up to the IRS is simply impossible without an immediate influx of funds.

That’s why I’m counting on you to make your most generous contribution to my Emergency IRS Attack Money Bomb.

Please act quickly. As I mentioned, I need to be prepared the moment I hear back from the IRS.

If you understand the dire state of things today, I know you will at least consider going above and beyond what you’ve given in the past with a contribution of $50.

I know that’s a lot. But this is the IRS we’re talking about. This is not a game.

But if $50 is just too much, please agree to $25 or at least $10.

With the stakes getting higher every year, I have to ensure you have my back on this every year and every step of the way.

Without it, I could be sealing a horrific fate for Campaign for Liberty.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. With time running out in the Obama presidency, and with the April tax deadline come and gone, the Big Government goons at the IRS are free to set their sights back on their number one priority this critical election year...

That’s doing whatever they can to PUNISH organizations like Campaign for Liberty for refusing to hand over the names and confidential information on a handful of supporters.

And as Campaign for Liberty’s finances stand right now, I will have no choice but to surrender to President Obama’s henchmen and shut Campaign for Liberty’s doors, should the legal threat I’m bracing for materialize.

Will you please click here to make your contribution of $50, $25 or at least $10 to the Emergency IRS Attack Money Bomb IMMEDIATELY?

Thank the Senate Republicans for stopping Obama's nominee for the SCOTUS

From Freedom Works:

Despite being constantly attacked by almost every liberal group in the country most Senate Republicans are still standing strong. The left has tried everything from bashing them in the media to protesting outside their offices, and they haven’t caved to their demands. It takes a lot of guts to stand strong in the face of such adversity and that’s why they deserve our thanks. Send these Senate Republicans a message today and thank them for opposing Obama’s Supreme Court scheme.

These Senate Republicans know what’s at stake in this fight. They are the thin red line between decades of liberal judicial activism and freedom. That’s why they’re not backing down, and for that they deserve our thanks. Contact these Senate Republicans and thank them for opposing Obama’s Supreme Court scheme.

Let’s thank the Senate Republicans for fighting to make freedom work.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Make the internet giants oppose the TPP,the most repressive legislation yet

Fight For The Future:

A trade association that represents the world’s largest Web companies, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Uber just endorsed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.)

It’s hard to see this as anything but betrayal. Tech experts from every major advocacy group working to defend Internet users’ rights vehemently oppose the TPP, because it poses a dire threat to freedom of expression online.

The good news is that one of the Internet Association’s biggest members, Reddit, has already come out against the TPP and distanced itself from the Internet Association’s stance. [1]

If we can get other tech companies to follow suit, it would be a major victory in our fight to stop the TPP. But they’ll only do it if we push them.

Take action now: tell members of the Internet Association to disavow the Internet Association’s endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement because the TPP lacks transparency, undermines our basic rights, and harms free speech.

The Internet Association’s stance is particularly flooring because the TPP is the antithesis everything the Internet stands for. Instead of being built in the open, it was negotiated in complete secrecy by government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists.

If we allow the TPP to pass, it will open the floodgates for special interests––like the ones who brought us SOPA, ACTA, and the DMCA––who want to use these types of secretive negotiations to push for terrible Internet policies

We can’t let that happen. But if pro-TPP forces can claim that the “tech community” supports this deal, it will make it much easier for them to get it passed in Congress.

Take action now: tell tech companies not to support the TPP.

While the TPP is overflowing with threats to our democracy, some of its worst provisions are aimed straight at curtailing the power of the Internet. The TPP would: [2]

Expand draconian copyright enforcement, undermining our privacy and the public domain without ensuring protections for free speech;

Criminalize common practices like tinkering with or modifying devices, even for fair use purposes;

Enable multi-national corporations to skirt the democratic process and use shadowy international tribunals to undermine Web users’ rights;

Set a precedent that will encourage anti-Internet lobbyists like the ones who wrote SOPA to use trade agreements to push for bad Internet policy.

There are powerful interests pushing to get the TPP passed through U.S. Congress, and it seems like they managed to pull a fast one on these Internet companies and get them to take a position that goes directly against their own interests and the interests of their users.

Congress could vote on the TPP within a matter of weeks, and they’ll be watching closely how the public reacts to these companies’ statements.

If enough of us speak out, we can get these companies to drop their support for this dangerous agreement, and stand up for the rights of their users and the future of the Internet we all love.

Take action now and tell members of the Internet Association to oppose the TPP.

1. Source
2. Source

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Urgent Action Needed to Protect Cannabis Patients and Programs

Americans for Safe Access:

On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee will vote on an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) Appropriations bill. The Mikulski Amendment is the Senate version of the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which prohibits the Department of Justice (DOJ) from interfering with those abiding by their state medical cannabis law. The Committee approved the Mikulski Amendment last year by a vote of 21-9, but it must be reauthorized again each year.
The Mikulski Amendment has helped slow down DOJ’s efforts to interfere with state medical cannabis programs and the patients who rely upon them. The amendment has been shown to have real impact in protecting programs and patients. In October 2015, Federal District Judge Charles Breyer cited the amendment when ruling that the federal government may not interfere with a medical cannabis dispensary unless they are violating state law. Last week, DOJ dropped its appeal against the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, letting Judge Breyer’s ruling stand. This is why it is vital for us to pass the amendment again.

Take action to email your member(s) of the Senate Appropriations Committee and tell them “Protect medical cannabis programs and patients. Vote YES on the Mikulski medical cannabis amendment!”

With over 100,000 active members in all 50 states, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. ASA works to overcome political and legal barriers by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers through legislation, education, litigation, grassroots actions, advocacy and services for patients and caregivers.

To sign petition

Tell the House to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

From Freedom Works:

Ever since Obama appointed John Koskinen as IRS Commissioner, the IRS has gone from bad to worse. He’s allowed the culture of corruption to grow at the IRS. He’s worked tirelessly to cover up the IRS’s past scandals, and he’s lied under oath to do it. No matter how you look at it, John Koskinen’s tenure as IRS Commissioner has been a complete and utter disaster. Contact the House Republicans and tell them to impeach John Koskinen immediately.

The IRS is one of the most feared and powerful institutions of our government. And we cannot continue to allow this crook to continue running it. Members of the House Freedom Caucus are fighting tooth and nail to impeach Obama’s crony. But they can’t do it alone, they need the rest of the House Republicans to do it! So please, contact the House Republicans and tell them to impeach John Koskinen today.

Let’s get freedom working at the IRS again.

Marijuana legalization help needed on 4/20

Today, April 20, is widely recognized as a day to celebrate marijuana and the fight for legalization. We hope you have fun, if you partake, but we also need your help right now to stop an outrageous attack on legalization from an unexpected source:

ActBlue, an organization that claims to be a "progressive" leader, is actively raising money to stop marijuana legalization in Massachusetts.

ActBlue is well-known as the donation processor for politicians like Bernie Sanders and others who support marijuana law reform. So it's especially unacceptable for them to be actively promoting the continued prohibition of marijuana, which leads to mass incarceration and racially discriminatory arrest rates. There's nothing progressive about that.

Please take a second to sign the petition to ActBlue now:

Click here to sign the petition.

2016 Congressional Lobby Day for marijuana legalization

NORML's 2016 Congressional Lobby Day at the United States Capitol is scheduled for May 23rd and 24th and we are now accepting registrations online. Hundreds of marijuana consumers, activists, patients and business owners are expected to attend a day-long training and informational conference on Monday and re-convene on The Hill Tuesday to personally lobby their elected members of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Whether you're a longtime activist, young college student, medical marijuana patient or simply just a marijuana consumer and NORML supporter, consider taking the next step and travelling to Washington D.C. to directly lobby Congress in support of common sense marijuana law reform. You'll meet like minded activists from across the country and you'll get a glimpse into the Capitol Hill lawmaking process!

Scheduling and registration information will soon be posted to, and promoted as well across NORML's network via listservs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please save the dates and participate in this historic lobbying effort in our nation's capital at this crucial time in the law reform effort as cannabis prohibition increasingly gives way to legalization!

For planning purposes you can look up hotel information. Our day-long training and informational conference on Monday will be held at 1957 E Street if you wish to look for something close to the planned activities. Last year, participants also benefited from booking with AirBnb.


Click on "source" for more information on this historical event.

Help Ted Cruz fight the liberal threat

From Ted Cruz 2016:

You may have heard -- Donald Trump won New York last night.

As I write you, Politico is breaking the news that Donald Trump has just committed $20 Million dollars to his campaign -- a move calculated to crush my campaign and wrestle the nomination away from Conservative Americans.

You also have probably heard that Hillary has also already raised well over $100 million for her campaign.

Both Trump and Clinton are used to throwing money around and using it to get whatever they want.

I'm now in the middle of a big-money firestorm, with Hillary Clinton on one side and Donald Trump on the other.

I'm quite literally fighting for my political life, and your response to this email will determine the success of this campaign and ultimately the direction of our country for years to come.

So, I'm personally asking you one more time: will you help me unite the GOP and take on Donald Trump and his friend Hillary Clinton? Will you make an urgent gift to help me compete with Donald Trump's billions?

I know I have asked a lot of you in the course of this campaign, but if I can't count on you now, it will be over.

With delegates being selected almost daily and Donald Trump tapping into his billion dollar slush fund to take his attacks against me to a level previously unheard of -- I have to ask again: Will you make an urgent contribution to my campaign to defeat Donald Trump?

There are still 15 primary contests left before the convention and hundreds of delegates to be won. If I don't have the resources to compete, you and I will have lost the greatest opportunity to change the direction of this county, and Donald Trump will surely lose to Hillary Clinton.

It is that important.

So, I've asked my team to put together special Defeat Donald Trump links below. It will take you only a moment to make a donation, and you could help change the direction of our nation.

I know I don't say this enough -- so let me say it again...thank you!

I cannot imagine where I'd be without you.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz

I believe we need to remember this and never lose sight of it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Farewell to a champion

For the last 20 years I cheered him on. As a Laker fan I love the moves he did on the court. He drove this team and his teammates to 5 championships. He scored 81 points in one game. It was his drive that brought the gold back to Los Angeles and placed 5 Larry O'Brien trophies in the Laker's trophy case. He has been the nightmare to the rest of league. He was a opposing defense's nightmare but he was a Laker fan's dream. During the '90's I observed the dominance of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. I will never forget how Jordan routed Magic Johnson and the rest of the Lakers and the anger I felt. I remember back in '08 when we lost to the Boston Celtics in the finals. As I saw the green confetti dropping down from the roof of the TD Garden in Boston I saw the look on Kobe's face. He would not let this stand. It's as though I could interpret the look on his face: "we will meet again only next time it will end in a Boston defeat". Two years later Kobe delivered on that promise as we royally kicked the Celtics' ass. Kobe drove his teammates very hard,some ended up hating him. But the ones that persevered ended up with championship rings on their fingers. Next season Kobe won't be on the court and with the threat from up north,the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry it could be a very long time before the Lakers are the dominant force they once were. Kobe,if you are reading this thank you. Thank you for bringing the gold back to Staples and thank you for making the Lakers great again. But most of thank you for Showtime II. At Among Other Things we wish you the best in the future. Thanks for everything you done for Los Angeles and for the Lakers. You will be missed.

Tell the Grand Jury to indict Hillary Clinton

Stop Hillary PAC:

Every day Hillary Clinton makes another campaign appearance or stump speech, she is one step closer to the White House...

Yet she continues to deny her culpability for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi -- and the illegal private email server she used to cover it up.

Now, the FBI just extradited a known hacker to the US to see how far Hillary's top-secret emails were hacked.

Friend, overwhelming evidence has been collected to justify legal proceedings against the former Secretary of State and would-be President -- but Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch still hasn't announced a start.

Enough is enough. It's time to call Hillary Clinton to account -- and time to end the Obama Democrats' stalling tactics and cover.

It's time for Hillary Clinton to be indicted -- and appear before a Grand Jury.

Friend, that's why Stop Hillary PAC needs your immediate participation in our "Hillary for Indictment" Grand Jury Demand today!

We must make Attorney General Lynch and her boss -- Barack Obama -- understand that we won't wait for justice any longer.

This effort must have the strongest possible support -- we need to add at least 50,000 signatures to our Demand -- so there is no question about the public determination behind it.

According to our sources, with no charges yet filed against her, Hillary and her allies in the media -- not to mention the fat cat leftist billionaires who bankroll her campaign -- are increasingly confident she'll skate away scot free and go on to win the White House.

We must show Hillary and her enablers they are wrong.

Will you add your name to the "Hillary for Indictment" Grand Jury Demand now?

And if you're able, please also make a generous contribution of at least $25 to help us distribute this Demand as widely as possible and ensure Hillary is held accountable.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Targeting moderate Democrats to oppose Obama

From Freedom Works:

The Democrats think they’re winning the fight over the Supreme Court. But despite their best efforts, Senate Republicans are still standing strong. And now it’s time for you to go on the attack. We’re targeting several conservative state Democrats, and if we can get them to break ranks, this fight will be over! Send these moderate Democrats a message and tell them to oppose any Supreme Court nominee while Obama is in office.

Getting these conservative state Democrats to flip, could be the deciding factor in this fight. But they’re not going to do it on their own, you’ve got to make them. That’s why I’m asking you to send these conservative state Democrats a message and tell them to oppose any Supreme Court nominee while Obama is in office.

Let’s show the Democrats how freedom works.

White House bribes private companies not to oppose TPP

From Fight For The Future:

A major corporation just revealed that the U.S. government literally offered them a bribe if they’d stop opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.) [1]

This type of corruption is what we’re up against in the fight to stop the TPP. We’re battling the most powerful and politically entrenched forces in the world.

They have billions to spend on lobbying and influence. But we have real people like you who understand what’s at stake. We know people power can win, but we still need resources to make our campaigns possible. Will you stand up to the bribes and corruption and chip in?

Yes! I’ll chip in $5 to fight corruption and stop the TPP!

New Balance, a U.S.-based shoe company, opposed the TPP for years, echoing the concerns of experts who say it will hurt jobs and the economy.

But last year, the company suddenly went silent on the TPP. And now we know why––the U.S. government bribed them to shut them up. [2]

The Boston Globe reports that the White House straight up promised New Balance a big money contract supplying shoes to the Department of Defense, as long as they either supported or remained neutral on the massive trade deal.

This latest scandal has more to do with the TPP’s economic impact, but as Internet and free speech advocates, we have deep concerns with this agreement’s impact on our digital rights.

The TPP was negotiated in complete secrecy by lobbyists and government bureaucrats––including some of the same ones that were behind SOPA and the DMCA––and it contains extreme copyright provisions that threaten to expand Internet censorship worldwide. [2]

It reads like a wish list for monopolistic corporations and like a death sentence for the future of innovation, our Internet freedom, and our basic democratic process.

The giant corporations pushing the TPP have billions of dollars in potential profits on the line. They’re fighting dirty and there’s nothing they won’t do to get this deal passed.

We’ve still got a chance to stop this deal. But we can’t do it without your help.

We’ve already been successful in delaying the TPP for years. But now we need to crush this terrible idea once and for all. Here’s what we’ll use your donations for:

The TPP Roadshow! We’re partnering with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine’s record label to organize a series of large-scale events featuring high profile artists and celebrities who will help us reach tens of thousands of people who don’t know about the TPP yet, and get them engaged in fighting it.

An online campaign to stop the TPP. We’ve already launched an action site at, but we need to update it and add educational materials to help new people understand the dangers of the TPP.

A coordinated media strategy. We’ve been working hard to cut through the media blackout around the TPP. With more funds we’ll be able to spend more time reaching out to journalists and creating actions and campaigns that get mainstream media attention.

This fight is not going to be easy. It’s hard to imagine that New Balance is the only corporation that the U.S. government has attempted to bribe into supporting the TPP.

But if we come together, we can overcome entrenched political corruption and stop the TPP before it becomes law. Can you help make it possible?

Yes! I’ll chip in $5 to stop the TPP.

I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done so far. Thanks for being part of this movement.

For the Internet,
-Evan at FFTF

P.S. If you can’t donate right now, please click here to TAKE ACTION right now by telling major tech companies to drop their misguided support for the TPP! But we can only run these campaigns with your support, so if you can spare a even just few dollars, please click here to chip in!


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Desiderata-a time out

Take a time out. Get away from the stress for awhile.

Make Congress hold a public,roll call vote on the National Right To Work Act

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Don't let this opportunity slip away.

As letters, postcards, phone calls, emails and petitions from Right to Work supporters like you continue to pour in on Capitol Hill, the number of Congressmen and Senators signing on as cosponsors of the National Right to Work Act continues to grow.

So now it's time to take the next step and urge the U.S. House and Senate Leadership to schedule public, roll-call votes on our bill.

With strong support in Congress -- and the fact that nearly eight out of ten Americans believe it's just plain wrong to force workers to join or pay dues to a labor union as a condition of employment -- bringing up the National Right to Work Act for a vote should be an easy decision.

But as I'm sure you know, in Washington, nothing moves unless it's pushed.

That's why it's vital you sign your petition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, urging them to schedule roll-call votes on the National Right to Work Act (S. 391/H.R. 612).

The fact is, Big Labor's stranglehold on workers has dire consequences for all Americans:

*** Millions of working Americans are forced to pay union dues out of every paycheck -– diverting to union bosses money that could go to workers' families or be saved for their future.

*** Forced-unionism is a dead weight on key parts of the American economy.

Productivity-killing work rules, a hate-the-boss mentality, slowdowns and strikes all take their crippling toll on our already struggling economy, closing down companies here and sending good jobs overseas.

***Big Labor's forced-dues treasury is pure poison to our political system.

Union political operatives use forced-dues dollars to fund a massive political machine that reaches into Congress, every state house, most city halls, police stations, firehouses and school districts across the country -- resulting in skyrocketing government spending and soaring taxes.

***Union toughs terrorize workers and communities with violent strikes -- where they get away with beatings, arson -- even murder.

A national Right to Work law would put an end to these outrages and strip from Big Labor the power to force workers to pay dues and fees just to keep a job -- a power union bosses should never have been granted in the first place.

And just getting a vote is a win/win scenario for opponents of forced-unionism.

You see, every time in the last 40 years Congress has had to take a public stand on whether or not workers should be forced to pay tribute to a union boss to earn a living and feed their families, politicians who kowtowed to Big Labor have gone down in flames at the ballot box.

Today, with the November Elections on the horizon, you and I have a tremendous opportunity to expose Big Labor's pet politicians and hold them accountable.

But, roll-call votes are key.

That's why it's crucial you sign your petition to Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan, urging them to hold votes on the National Right to Work Act at once.

History has shown that convincing Congress to take action will take a tidal wave of pressure from Americans across the country.

So, if at all possible, along with your signed petition, please chip in $10 or $25 to help the Committee mobilize tens of thousands of Right to Work supporters nationwide to urge leadership to hold roll-call votes on the National Right to Work Act.

In this crucial election year, it is up to you and me to put Congress on record for or against compulsory unionism.

Please act TODAY!


Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work

P.S. As support for the National Right to Work Act continues to surge in Congress, now is the time to insist Congressional Leadership schedules public, roll-call votes on our bill.

That's why it's vital you click here and sign your petition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at once.

And along with your signed petitions, please chip in $10 or $25 to help mobilize opponents of forced-unionism nationwide to pressure Congress to vote on this crucial legislation.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Anti-Americanism in Canada

Bald eagle versus beaver,guess who won

Canada and the United States are quite possibly the two most similar countries in the world. Their residents speak the same language, eat the same foods, watch the same TV shows, live in similar-looking cities, labour in the same industries and share the same basic values of work, family and friendship. But familiarity can also breed contempt and insecurity, and Canadians spend a lot of time trying to come up with reasons why they are not like Americans. Or, just as often, why Americans are worse.

Disliking, judging, teasing and even hating America sadly forms a central part of the Canadian identity, and is a bias that tends to run through most aspects of Canadian society and culture. For various reasons, the default position of a vast many Canadians is that America, Americans and American things are generally bad, and need to be opposed. These feelings are not always logical and consistent, and can certainly be hypocritical in practice, but they do exist, and understanding their important role in all aspects of Canadian culture is necessary to understand what makes Canadians Canadian.

Anti-Americanism in Canadian Politics

As two very similar countries, Canada and America obviously can learn a lot from studying one another. An idea that works in one country may be worth importing into the other, while an idea that fails in one will probably fail across the border, too. Canadian politics frequently embraces the latter principle to an extremely exaggerated degree, with America often being presented as a nation that is basically ruined beyond repair, and thus a country that Canada should be very careful to avoid copying.

Anti-Harper attack ad

During Canada's 2006 federal election, the Liberal Party ran attack ads blasting Conservative Leader Stephen Harper for being too "pro-American." Harper's team countered by denouncing the ads themselves as "American-style" gutter politics.
It’s exceedingly common for Canadian politicians to describe ideas they don’t like as being “American-style.” For example, someone who supports looser gun laws might be denounced as favouring an “American-style” approach to gun control. Someone who wants to tinker with Canadian medicare will be blasted for favouring “American-style” health care. A proposal for Canada to ditch the monarchy and become a republic would be condemned as ushering in “American-style” government.

The “American-style” slur is more commonly levelled at conservatives by liberals than vice versa, in part because it’s fashionable on the Canadian left to view Canada as a country defined by its embrace of progressivism, while seeing America’s flaws as the direct result of the country’s conservatism. But rare has been the party or politician who hasn’t found some occasion to accuse his opponent of being too “American” at one time or another — no matter how lame or forced the analogy may be.

Anti-Americanism in Canadian Pop Culture

A running trope in Canadian pop culture is comparing Americans to Canadians; a contrast that rarely has the Americans coming out well. If a Canadian character is witty, worldly, sophisticated and modern, you can count on the American character to be hickish, dumb, boorish and sheltered. Another favourite stereotype is the mythical ideal of the American who is woefully uniformed about Canada; some yahoo who expects to see dogsleds on every street corner and a beaver-skin hat on every head.

Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer in many ways embodies the ideal form of the Canadian anti-American: smart, sarcastic and savage in his commentary, but affable and easygoing in his personality.
In the early 2000s, the Molson Canadian beer company ran a number of hugely popular ads that played on this theme, showing cool Canadian guys striking back after being confronted by obnoxiously ignorant American douchebags. One particularly famous one, dubbed “the rant,” consisted of a cool guy aggressively comparing Canada to the U.S. (“I believe in diversity, not assimilation! Peacekeeping, not policing!”), before dramatically finishing with, “My name is Joe… and I AM CANADIAN!” The actor became a huge national star, and was even recruited by the Canadian Minister of Heritage to recite “the rant” at Canada Day festivities across the country.

Rick Mercer (b. 1969), now one of Canada’s biggest TV stars, similarly achieved his fame through a comedy series called “Talking to Americans.” As the title suggests, the show consisted of Mercer visiting American cities, microphone in hand, and asking the locals simple questions of Canadian trivia, or gauging their reactions to obviously made-up Canadian “facts,” with hilarious results.

As discussed in the Canadian pop culture chapter, made-in-Canada media is not tremendously popular, and most Canadians are fully capable of consuming (and relating to) American actors, characters and settings without much judgment or bias. But this can breed a kind of insecurity unto itself, and aggressive reminders of “why we’re better” in the forms of jokes, gags, cartoons and insults remain a popular cultural currency just the same.

Why are Canadians Anti-American?

Attempting to find a single root cause of the sometimes intense, sometimes subtle anti-Americanism in Canada is a complicated topic which many Canadians have written about at length. Generally, the most commonly held belief is that by vilifying America, Canadians are able to create a collective identity for themselves. Especially in an era where Canadians and Americans are becoming more similar in their lifestyles, language and culture, Canadians tend to focus on what they are not rather than what they are. We are not Americans. Therefore, we are Canadians.

The Walrus War of 1812 cover

The cover of the February 2012 edition of The Walrus, a left-leaning current affairs magazine, celebrates the bicentennial anniversary of the 1812 War without much subtlety.
There are also those who interpret Canada’s history as being one long struggle against “U.S. domination,” making anti-Americanism a sort of Canadian founding creed. Canadians partial to this perspective will view the United States as the single greatest threat to Canadian sovereignty, and a country that is always on the brink of conquering Canada — not just militarily, but culturally, politically and economically as well. Canadian history books usually make much of episodes like the War of 1812, the Fenian Raids and other instances where Americans were seen to be plotting the “annexation of Canada,” with the implication being that the sneaky Americans always look at Canada with hungry eyes. As mentioned, this also frequently manifests in the form of left-wing politicians and activists who fear what further American encroachment would mean for the future of Canadian progressive values and social programs.

While anti-American Canadians do tend to exaggerate the historical record, there is obviously some truth in these critiques. The tendency for Americans, especially American politicians, to either ignore or take Canada for granted has often been pronounced, and over the years there have been a number of American diplomatic slights against the country that have caused great offence. A typical example would be Rick Mercer’s revelation in 2000 that Vice President Al Gore (b. 1948) didn’t know the name of Canada’s capital, or a 2001 speech from President George W. Bush (b. 1946) that recited a long list of U.S. allies — but conspicuously omitted Canada.

Charter stain

During the Cold War, the United States often tested cruise missiles in the Canadian prairies. Upset over this, in 1983 a protester gained access to the national archives and dumped red paint on the Canadian constitution, permanently staining the country's most important document.

Lastly, one final explanation may be immigration. Though a lot of immigrants come to Canada for non-ideological reasons of employment, family, safety or convenience, there have always been more than a few immigrants who settle in Canada precisely because they don’t want to emigrate to the United States — historically, the world’s number one destination for North American migrants — due to some base dislike of American culture, politics or society. It should also be noted, however, that during the Vietnam War (1964-1973) and to a lesser extent the second Bush presidency (2001-2009), a large number of Americans emigrated to Canada because they themselves disliked some element of their home country.

Canadian-American Integration

Flag pinIn the end, however, Canada’s cultural anti-Americanism should not disguise the very real way that Canadians often casually or unconsciously think of themselves as Americans in day-to-day life. Most Canadians generally take it for granted that American studies or polls on topics like social behaviour, spending habits, family trends and personal psychology apply equally to their country, for example, and it’s very common to hear Canadians speak of “we North Americans” as one giant cultural group, in contrast to Europeans or Asians or other “real” foreigners. One of the great troubles of Canada’s entertainment industry, in fact, is that Canadians are almost too familiar and comfortable with American TV shows, music and movies (which barely seem foreign at all), meaning it’s often quite difficult for supposedly “distinctly Canadian” content to generate much public interest. To many, the phrase may even be an oxymoron.

A great struggle of Canadian existence is how to make peace with these two conflicting realities. How does one accept being very much like an American, but also hold a sense of pride in Canada, and the distinct sense of being something special and separate? It’s not a question with an easy answer.


Why would we want to take your country over? Canada is mostly permafrost and even though it is a big country,like Russia,it has a cold climate that we don't have. True Canada produces agriculture but so do we. Not only that but most Canadian cities are on our border. In fact if Ottawa,the Canadian capital,were anymore south it would be just another American city. Same with Toronto. If Toronto Ontario Canada were anymore south in would be Toronto New York USA. Putting us down accomplishes nothing and we were the ones to save your asses from the Russians. In fact let's return the favor:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hillary claims her server was hacked

From The National Republican Congressional Committee:

Hillary Clinton’s excuses are starting to run dry.

A close Hillary confidante admittedly stated that her server (with highly classified information) was probably hacked.
This is no big surprise.

It was only a matter of time before reports would start to surface about hacks into her private UNSECURED email server.

How can we trust Hillary as president if she so blatantly endangered our national security as Secretary of State?

Are you tired of Hillary’s constant excuses?

Join us and add your name to say HILL NO to Hillary as president:

Rand Paul is even with an anti-Constitutional liberal Democrat candidate

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Patriots For Economic Freedom:

Rand Paul Is Running Against A Self Funded Radical Liberal! Millions Of Dollars Are Being Spent To Smear Rand Paul! Conservatives Everywhere Must Fight Back!

Rand Paul is being viciously attacked by the left. A self funded leftist challenger is spending millions to smear Rand Paul with vicious attack ads. In fact, Rand Paul's opponent, Jim Gray, has already spent over 1.75 million of his personal funds in the first quarter! Jim Gray's campaign has just started and the attack ads are only going to get worse! Will you help defend Rand Paul and keep him in the U.S. Senate? It would be a disaster if Rand Paul lost his seat to a radical liberal! Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Rand Paul with voter outreach and advertising!
Jim Gray is a liberal extremist. As Mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray has worked to raise taxes and create burdensome regulations. To make matters worse, Jim Gray is a strong supporter of gun control and welfare for illegal aliens. In Washington, Jim Gray wants to ban private health insurance and give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens! It is crucial that Jim Gray is defeated!

Rand Paul is a principled conservative patriot. As a true conservative, Rand Paul is dedicated to defending the Constitution, balancing the budget, and securing the borders. In the Senate, Rand Paul works to repeal ObamaCare, end Common Core, and stop amnesty. Will you help re-elect him to the U.S. Senate? Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Rand Paul with voter outreach and advertising!

Recent polls show that this race is close. Jim Gray's attack ads are working and influencing voters. It is crucial that voters know the truth about Rand Paul! It would be a disaster if Rand Paul lost his U.S. Senate seat!

Re-electing Rand Paul is crucial to maintaining a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. If Rand Paul is defeated, it is likely that Democrats will take control of the Senate in 2016. That would be a disaster! If a Democrat takeover happens, amnesty will pass and spending will increase. Conservatives must do everything possible to stop a Democratic takeover. Will you help re-elect Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate? Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Rand Paul with voter outreach and advertising!

Also, checks can be mailed to:
Patriots For Economic Freedom
P.O. Box 90
New York, NY 10009

Impeach the IRS commissioner

From Freedom Works:

The House Freedom Caucus has just renewed the push to impeach Obama’s crony IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Ever since Obama appointed him, the IRS has been plagued by scandals and corruption. He’s failed to clean up the IRS, he’s failed to protect your tax records, and he has failed you.

Congress has put this off for far too long. John Koskinen has got to go! Send the House Republicans a message today and tell them to impeach John Koskinen.

John Koskinen has covered up the IRS’s targeting of conservatives. He has lied under oath, he has lied to Congress, and he has lied to you. Well I’ve had enough of it, and I know you have too. That’s why I’m asking you to contact the House Republicans and demand that John Koskinen be impeached!

Together we can impeach John Koskinen.

Save Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

Trump and Cruz say they want to kill Net Neutrality. That's really scary – but if the Republicans in the House get their way, Net Neutrality rules will already be crippled well before the election.

Make a call today and tell your representative to stand up for the Internet by voting NO on the Republicans’ anti-Net Neutrality “rate regulation” bill.

Can't call? Donate to help us build the tools we’ll need to protect Net Neutrality once and for all!

This week, the House will vote on a bill that will make it harder for the FCC to enforce its Net Neutrality rules while making it easier for cable and phone companies to overcharge you.

It’s just the latest and most dangerous example of the push by Big Telecom’s allies in Congress to chip away at the Open Internet rules and prevent the FCC from protecting consumers.

While the effort is being led by Republicans, we need to make sure House Democrats don’t give this effort bipartisan cover by voting wrong way on this bill.

The reason this bill is even coming up for a vote would be funny if the consequences weren’t so serious.

As part of the Open Internet Order, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he wasn’t going to use the power the FCC to regulate rates for broadband Internet. And a number of Democrats chimed in, agreeing that “rate regulation” would be a bad thing.

So Republicans are brazenly calling the bill, H.R. 2666, the “No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act” to make it seem like an okay thing.

But the bill defines the term “rate regulations” so broadly that it would prohibit the FCC from stopping telecoms from gouging their customers and make it impossible for the FCC to enforce parts of the Open Internet rules.

It’s light-years beyond what Chairman Wheeler said he was against, but the Republicans are hoping that a combination of chutzpah and mendaciousness will convince some Democrats to vote the wrong way.

It’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Click here to take action

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stand up to the rainbow mafia

From Public Advocate:

It's hard to write you this.

My office is in trouble. And I need your help.

I have been working overtime fighting against the radical Homosexual Lobby.

Today, I'm worried.

Despite the rising tide of homosexual "marriage" and the Obama Administration's war on Christianity, the radical Homosexual Lobby is drooling for more.

But with weak-kneed Republican leaders making deals to keep their majority, the radical Homosexual Lobby is ready to offer their immense coffers and media influence for the right price.

I see well-known agents of the radical Homosexual Lobby everywhere. They are huddled in dark corners scheming and plotting.

They meet secretly with new Congressmen and Senators in hopes of tempting them to advance their perverse agenda with campaign cash and the promise of votes.

This, in spite of the fact that Republicans secured control of both the House and Senate in large part because pro-Family Americans turned out to the polls in record numbers.

Together, we have stalled the Gay Bill of Special Rights in the House and defeated the Homosexual Classrooms Act so far, but we're spending everything we have to do it.

The Homosexual Lobby knows this, and it knows as well as you or I do that if we can't finance ourselves, we won't be able to stand up to them in the future.

We haven't seen the last of the Gay Bill of Special Rights. Mark my words.

And the upcoming elections bring greater threats than ever before. I am in trouble...

This is a painful letter for me to write.

For the first time ever, I feel as if my pro-Family supporters are letting me down.

I have prayed about this matter. I am sure that I am doing what is right.

It is our duty as decent God-believing adults to fight against the tyranny and immorality of the radical Homosexual Lobby. But many good Christian supporters aren't coming through.

It seems a lot of people believe all our problems are hopeless after losing important court cases in the fight for Real Marriage. And many pro-Family leaders are compromising or just plain worn out, and they want to quit.

I cannot believe it! That'd be like surrendering after Pearl Harbor!

And with life's everyday expenses, many of my best supporters haven't been able to help like they used to...

In fact, money is so tight here that I have had to scale back important pro-Family campaigns.

Critical petition drives, grassroots lobbying campaigns, and citizen outreach programs may be closed down.

And as the radical homosexuals have gained almost complete control in Congress, my hands are tied...

At times, life here in Washington has been a virtual hell for me...

I will not forget the past.

I've faced the blinding hatred of the radical homosexuals.

They have distributed hate-filled flyers giving out my address and telephone number and urging sick and disgusting calls by homosexuals to harass my family.

Newspapers even print this "Hate the Delgaudio Family" material.

I've received "crank" phone calls... even death threats!

Years ago, after a man in a black car was caught taking photographs of my children, I had to call in police protection for them.

One time a dead dog was left in my yard. What kind of people would do this?

I was once even forced to send Sheila and the children into hiding for a short time.

Some in the news media routinely promote or allow printed attacks on my wife, my children or me.

The Homosexual Lobby even broadcasted our private home address to their network of radical and dangerous agents.

My family is safe now... There is no precaution that I will not take to protect my wife and precious children.

Sometimes, I am afraid that without your support, I too will be forced to give in to the radical Homosexual Lobby and stop fighting against their perverted agenda.

That's why I need to ask you today to make an emergency contribution of $15 to Public Advocate.

Even a donation of $10 or $5 would make a huge difference.

I am tired.

My health is suffering under the strain of fighting the radical Homosexual Lobby with limited help. I can't eat, I can't sleep and I am sick with worry.

Many nights I stay up and worry -- worry about my family, worry about Public Advocate's future, worry about the future of the American Family and morality.

I have fought on, but I desperately need your help right now.

Please don't let me down.

Last year's fights have put my office tens of thousands of dollars over budget.

Every day, it seems, it gets harder and harder to raise the money to keep our campaigns going.

I'm expected to expand programs to stop liberals in Congress from allowing homosexuals to run rampant over our country...

Co-opting weak-kneed Republican leadership is at the top of the agenda for pro-homosexual Congressmen this year.

Last time the Gay Bill of Special Rights came up, only an outpouring of support by members like you allowed us to stall the vote in the House and buy us the time we needed to rally our troops.

If this immoral bill passes, it will mean pro-homosexual hiring quotas in workplaces throughout the nation. It will also make it nearly impossible for employers to deal with unsatisfactory employees who are radical homosexuals.

President Barack Obama has vowed to use his power to bypass Congress and enact the Homosexual Agenda as quickly as possible.

Obama even appeared on the cover of the homosexual magazine “Out” where he became the first president to pledge 100% support for the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And the attitude of the Oval Office is only likely to get worse during this final lame duck year of Obama's presidency.

There is no chance of presidential opposition. We need to stop the Gay Bill of Special Rights ourselves, now!

This means we are going to have to work twice as hard and spend ten times more money in order to stop the Homosexual Lobby's attempts to bribe or bully the Republican majorities.

Money that your Public Advocate doesn't have as I write this letter.

Donations to my office are not keeping up with the need.

I am in a dilemma like I've never been in before.

You see, my office does not receive any tax funds for its important campaigns.

And while the radical Homosexual Lobby is bilking the U.S. Treasury for billions of dollars, I raise every dime of my office's budget from concerned citizens like you.

I can't fight on without your help. And right now, at what may be a turning point in our fight against the forces of evil, I don't have the funds to fight on.

What can I do?

Who else would have exposed the truth about the "gay" agenda?

Without a serious recommitment on the part of pro-Family Americans like you, I'm not sure how much longer Public Advocate can keep up the fight.

Will you help now?

These people admit that they want to molest our children.

They admit that they want special rights that no American has.

They admit that they want to infiltrate and weaken our military's moral fiber.

They admit that they want complete control over the national law enforcement apparatus.

They admit that they're deviants.

And just as Jesus showed us by example and could not have stood back and done nothing at the Temple, I couldn't stand back and do nothing in the face of the growing power of the radical Homosexual Agenda.

But now, my friend, I need to count on you.

I don't know how I can keep fighting.

Without you, it will be impossible to keep the weak-kneed Republican leadership from selling out to the Homosexual Agenda.

Without immediate help, how can Public Advocate fight to keep children safe in school from lustful deviants?

With radical homosexuals plotting to infiltrate the Republican establishment in Congress, nothing stands in the way of passing the entire Homosexual Agenda the next time around -- nothing except for you and me.

And with elections now in full swing, Republicans are vulnerable to the Homosexual Lobby's tricks to "expand the tent."

Radical homosexual activists will tempt Republicans to sell out their pro-Family supporters so they can keep their new majorities.

That's why we need to prove now that pro-Family Americans are still a force in politics. We need to bolster our allies and frighten our enemies.

We must build political capital now in order to resist the Homosexual Agenda as anti-Family forces seize control of the federal government.

It needs to be done, but I can't do it alone.

Help me prove the radical homosexuals and liberals wrong when they say you've given up. Show them you still care about the Family.

When I sat down to write this letter, I thought back to all we have accomplished. I remember when I first packed up my car and drove down to Washington from Albany.

When I was first offered a position as the full-time Executive Director of Public Advocate, it was a dream come true.

I had the opportunity to lead one of the most influential organizations in America.

I resigned my position on the staff of the state legislature, packed my few belongings into my yellow Ford Pinto, and I drove to Washington.

President Reagan had just been elected... Ed Meese and Lyn Nofziger were at the White House... I knew we could change America.

And one of the things I was overwhelmed by during those golden days in 1981 was the outpouring of support from people all across this great nation.

Who could have known 35 years ago what the future held in store for me? Just days after coming to Washington, I met Sheila Hobbs, the woman who was to become my wife.

At the time, Sheila was working for the White House... And when I met her on that cold winter day, she seemed to me to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

That day when Sheila and I first met, we were at a meeting of the leaders of the conservative movement.

But Sheila and I stood off to the side and talked about our faith.

I knew I was in love with Sheila that day.

And people said that a woman as beautiful as Sheila would never marry me -- the man the newspapers were already calling the "Ichabod Crane of the Right."

And then as I got to know her (she came over to my office to help stuff envelopes), I realized she was as beautiful in her spirit and her faith in God as she was in physical beauty...

In those early days of the Reagan Administration, Sheila and I were married and started our family.

I will never forget the great sacrifices Sheila made to our cause in those early days of our marriage. After working long hours at the White House, she would come over to my office to help with our important projects.

And Sheila wasn't alone. People all across this great nation pitched in. And we made a difference.

You and I and thousands of other Americans stood up to be counted.

We told the liberal media, the university elite, and the Hollywood crowd we didn't care what they thought anymore...

We would fight for what is right. And we did that, my friend.

Who could forget the shocked look on Sam Donaldson's face when I showed up at the White House with hundreds of Americans to support Jim Watt?

Sam Donaldson said that minorities and the disabled opposed Jim Watt, President Reagan's Secretary of the Interior...

...So I found disabled, Hispanic, and Black Americans to come to the White House to testify in favor of Jim Watt...

And we won...

...And remember back in 1982 when the first horrible "Gay Bill of Special Rights" was introduced? We stopped it dead in its tracks... (I only wish it was so easy to stop it now. It has cost me over half a million dollars to keep it from passing both houses of Congress)...

...On Inaugural Day in 1992, my supporters and I alone stood up to Clinton and his "Queer Nation" friends as they declared war on America's children...

...And at the "Gay March on Washington," we openly confronted the radical homosexuals, despite death threats and the overwhelming number of homosexuals who descended on Washington...

...And several years ago on Easter Sunday, as members of the radical homosexual group ACT-UP planned to attack Christians, my supporters came through and formed human barricades to keep ACT-UP out of the churches (one man drove up on the sidewalk to try to kill me during that confrontation)...

...And for almost a decade, Public Advocate again and again faced down Ted Kennedy's Thought Control Bill, which had been scandalously attached to a measure funding our brave men and women serving overseas. Each time, we stood alone shining the light on these backroom deals.

...And just recently, you and I drew the wrath of the corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center by sending our pro-Family warnings to more Americans than ever before.

Working together, we were able to be such a strong voice in American politics.

Jesse Jackson, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Barack Obama, John Edwards, National Public Radio's Nina Totenberg, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Al Franken and -- yes -- both Bill and Hillary Clinton have all come to despise me.

My father always told me that you can judge a man by his enemies.

And I have these enemies because of our fight. Because for more than a quarter of a century, you and I have held these people accountable for their actions...

I need your help again right now.

I can't go on fighting against the radical Homosexual Lobby if I don't raise the money to pay the bills. And I shudder to think of what will happen if the liberals in Washington go unchecked...

Radical homosexuals are gearing up to pass their sick and disgusting agenda:

-- "Gay adoption," K-12 gay sex-education curricula, and special rights for homosexuals.

-- Destruction of Religious Liberty -- to enforce their agenda on every American.

-- Massive hiring quotas for homosexuals in every government agency.

And since the passage of Thought Control, the radical homosexuals can use government agencies to harass pastors, pro-Family leaders and other Bible-believing Christians in America for simply teaching that homosexuality is wrong.

And even with a weakened Republican Majority, the openly homosexual Congressman Jared Polis has promised to fight for passage of the Gay Bill of Special Rights in the House -- daycare centers, churches, schools, camps, nursing homes, hospitals, and virtually every other employer in America will be forced to hire practicing homosexuals.

It gets worse and worse, my friend.

I worry that America is turning into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

What kind of country teaches its children that prayer is wrong and that homosexuality is just another "lifestyle?"

What kind of country funds homosexual child/adult pornography but arrests teachers who dare to bring Bibles into their classrooms?

And what kind of country funnels millions of dollars of tax money into the coffers of the Homosexual Pornography Lobby?

It isn't a nation I'm always proud of...

But it's my country, and I love it.

I worry about the nation our children are growing up in. It's not the nation of my youth...

I won't allow my children to grow up in a nation where police are forced by "gay rights" laws to allow sexual predators like "Uncle Ed" Savitz and Jeffrey Dahmer to rape and murder young boys in the streets...

And I won't stand by while pro-homosexual school teachers expose our children to "gay" filth and call it "AIDS education."

The truth is, we are in a fight for the very future of our children. And for our own future. As a Nation under God.

Together, you and I got rid of the wicked John Frohnmayer from the National Endowment for the Arts after we caught him funneling our tax money into homosexual child/adult pornography...

But we only won that fight due to the sacrifices made by pro-Family Americans like you. How much can you spare this time around?

We fought side-by-side to keep Ed Meese's Anti-Child Pornography Unit at the Justice Department open. And we won.

We stopped Bill Clinton's plan to throw open our borders to AIDS-infected foreign-alien homosexuals so that they could fill up our hospitals (though Obama has just announced he's bringing this back.)

Then came Clinton's back-alley appointment of James Hormel after you and I worked so hard to freeze his nomination in the Senate.

But these last few years have been the hardest ever as homosexuals have infiltrated even the Republican Party by tricking good conservatives into accepting the Thought Control Bill as a "political necessity" compromise...

It gets even worse, my friend. The Homosexual Lobby is so incensed by Public Advocate's refusal to silence our pro-Family message, they seem determined to kill me, my staff or even my whole family...

A radical pro-homosexual agent went on a shooting spree in the D.C. area... and I was at the top of his hit list.

And even knowing about the danger, lawyers for the Southern Poverty Law Center still tried to publish my private home address in legal documents. My whole family would have been threatened.

But once again, you came through. My friends and supporters all across the country gave generously and enabled me to defeat the "legal" tactics of the Homosexual Lobby in court...

And once again, I can't fight on without your help. Before I can do anything else, I must pay the bills my office owes.

Now, this may shock you -- it did me.

A few weeks ago, I mailed some of my most loyal Christian supporters a letter about the hate campaign the radical homosexuals were waging against America...

I asked my friends to sign an important petition. And I am so thankful to my friends who signed theirs.

But only 2 of every 10 people to whom I wrote responded. That was less than I hoped for.

I felt as if I were all alone.

And it hurt.

And today as I look at the bills my office owes and all of the work that is ahead of me, I feel alone again.

I need to know you are with me.

Are you with me?

If only 2 of every 10 people who receive this email respond, I can't fight on. I need your help this time.

Please chip in a generous contribution of $15 to help my pro-Family campaigns today.

And if $15 is simply too much right now, please send $10 or even $5.

I know I ask a lot of you. Please believe that I also ask a lot from myself.

As the President of Public Advocate, I am asked to make many sacrifices, as is my family. Financial sacrifices, social sacrifices; we've even been asked to sacrifice our right to live without fear of radical homosexual activists.

And we will make the sacrifices. Sheila backs me all the way and has faith in my meeting every challenge.

Now, I need to ask you to make a sacrifice, also. One that may seem too big.

I need you to send an emergency contribution of $15, $10, or $5 today.

I know I'm asking for a lot -- it's not easy asking for it, but you have been so generous to the causes we believe in.

If I could go without ever asking you for money again, believe me, I would.

But you and I both know better than that.

It's expensive to run national campaigns like these. And my office has never received taxpayer funds for its pro-Family campaigns.

I need to count on my friends and supporters all across America.

And right now, I need to count on you.

Please send a one-time donation of $15 or as much as you can afford.

I'm sure you have a lot of people asking you for help, and some days it seems like your mailbox will overflow with letters from deserving organizations asking for much-needed funds.

And I'm sure that, just like Sheila and me, you have given a lot of money to fight for morality in America.

But this is so important.

With Democrats in control of the White House and anti-Family Republicans infiltrating the conservative movement, the Homosexual Lobby is pressuring Republican leadership to force its evil, hate-filled legislation down the throats of decent, God-loving American people.

And as he finishes his final year, President Obama is chomping at the bit to pass the entire Homosexual Agenda.

That's why it's critical we support what friends we have left in Congress and fight, and fight, and fight to keep bills on the Homosexual Agenda from ever coming up for a vote.

But first, we have to pay our bills. That's only fair.

And I need you.

I need to know I can still count on you.

Please send a one-time donation of $15 or as much as you can afford.

I'm not saying I won't ask again. I've never been one to make promises I can't keep.

But if you can help me today by letting me know that you are still with me, it will mean that we can continue to fight. And to win.

It's up to you.

Every day this world becomes less safe for America's children.

Every day the radical homosexuals gain more control.

I cannot continue this fight without your help. Please donate today.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. I will watch my inbox for your response. It is so important that you help today. This is a life-and-death struggle, and there can be no compromise with these monsters.

Harry Reid, Jared Polis and the other liberals in Congress are pushing to establish the perverse Homosexual Agenda as law.

They will bring back the Homosexual Classrooms Act, along with the Gay Bill of Special Rights, probably without notice like last time.

Last year, radical legislators pulled every trick in the book to sneak these bills through piecemeal -- until Public Advocate narrowly stopped them.

Our important work must go on. I must be ready to fight.

Please help today. I ask you to prayerfully consider a one-time contribution of $15. That's a lot to ask, but this is critical.

May God bless you and keep you from harm.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Don't let Obama put a liberal on the Supreme Court

From Freedom Works:

In 2009, a million of you marched on Washington to protect the Constitution from Obama and the progressives. Since then millions of you have signed petitions, made phone calls, sent emails, and even donated money to protect this sacred document. But believe me when I tell you, if Obama gets another liberal justice onto the Supreme Court, NONE OF IT WILL MATTER.

That’s how important this fight for the Supreme Court is, the soul of the country is what’s at stake here. Everything that you have fought for, everything you have built, will be wiped out if we lose this fight. That’s how powerful the Supreme Court is, that’s the damage another liberal on the Court can do. And that’s why FreedomWorks is doing everything we can to stop that from happening. But we can’t do it by ourselves, we need your support. That’s why I’m asking you to donate just $5 to our Supreme Court Defense Fund today.

I know you hate being asked to donate money. And believe me, I hate asking. But your donations are what make it possible for us to keep on fighting to protect the Constitution from the left. And if we lose this fight, well, I don’t to even want think about it.

But that’s not going to happen. In fact, I’ll spend every last dime we have before I let that happen, because I know I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t do everything I possibly can to save this country from decades of liberal judicial activism. And if you want to help me do it, please donate just $5 right now.

I’m laying it all on the line, I’ve shown you my hand. And I’m begging you, don’t let Obama win. Right now, we are winning this fight. But if we stop fighting, we will lose the Supreme Court for decades to come. So please chip in just $5 to help us protect everything we’ve fought so hard to accomplish.

I’m counting on you please don’t let me down.

For Freedom,

Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks