Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reid wants to destroy the vetting process to grease the skids for Obama candidates for the NLRB

From The National Right To Work Committee:

The next Republican surrender to Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Big Labor could be just days away.

Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats are planning to ramrod one of the AFL-CIO's top lawyers, along with another union-label nominee, through the Senate and into a seat on the powerful National Labor Relations Board.

Union bosses will have the functioning rubber-stamp Board they've craved for years.

And a handful of Republicans say they are going to help.

There is no reason in the world to fast-track the nominations of Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa to the Obama Labor Board, but that is exactly what these Senate Republicans have agreed to help Harry Reid do.

They've already railroaded these blatantly pro-forced-unionism nominees through the committee process.

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) joined the Democrats on the Senate Labor Committee to rubber-stamp the nominations, and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) betrayed independent workers by pledging to vote for the nominees on the only vote that matters -- the vote to cut off debate.

Harry Reid is planning to schedule that vote any day now.

That's why it's vital your U.S. Senators hear from you right away.

The rushed vetting process has failed to give the American people enough time to evaluate the nominees.

And what little that's on the record about the nominees is more than troubling.

As the top lawyer for the AFL-CIO, Nancy Schiffer testified before Congress in favor of the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill.

Not only that, she called secret-ballot unionization elections "inherently coercive."

Yet now she's being railroaded onto the very federal agency that oversees those elections.

The Obama Labor Board has long made it a priority to rewrite the election rules to grease the skids for unionization.

And once Barack Obama gets his pro-forced-unionism majority on the Board, it is likely to reinstate its delayed ambush elections policy that exposes workers to many of the abuses of Card Check instant organizing.

Obama's other nominee, Kent Hirozawa, was a top aide to Obama Labor Board Chairman Mark Pearce, who has been at the helm of the rogue agency as it has run roughshod over worker freedom. At last week's quick-snap hearing, Hirozawa refused to answer questions about his role as Pearce's counsel.

Reid and Obama's excuse to ram these nominations through the Senate is that the Board will lose its quorum next month and won't be able to issue decisions.

But they could achieve that by confirming Mark Pearce, Harry Johnson and Philip Miscimarra, the three nominees who have had time to be properly vetted.

Now that the nominations are out of committee, Harry Reid could bring them to the floor at any time.

So please, sign your petition today to your U.S. Senators expressing your disapproval of this sham, quick-snap process.

We face an uphill battle.

Big Labor is fighting hard for this rush job, and we can't match their forced-dues-backed warchest.

But it's vital your Senators know where you stand.

Please click here to sign your petition urging your U.S. Senators to oppose the confirmation of forced-unionism partisans Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa on all votes.

And so we can alert even more Americans to this outrageous rush-job, I hope you'll consider chipping in with a contribution of $10 or more.

Please do all you can.


Mark Mix

P. S. Union-label Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is set to ram Barack Obama's biased NLRB nominees through the Senate -- and some Republicans are going along with the rush-job.

Click here to sign your petition urging your U.S. Senators to oppose the confirmation of forced-unionism partisans Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa on all votes.

Sign petition here

Thrid world city

I recently heard about the war torn country of El Gabriel,specifically the capital,Las Palmas. Las Palmas was once a thriving city in this nation but war and other strifes have taken their toll on this once prosperous city. Check it out yourself:

The fighting between the government and the rebels has destroyed this city.

Guess what. Time to fess up. There is no Las Palmas and there is no El Gabriel.

Those photos are of Detroit Michigan USA.

If the photos didn't drive the point home I hope the videos do:

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Campaign For Liberty success stories

From Campaign For Liberty:

Following Ron Paul's historic grassroots presidential campaign in 2008, the establishment of both parties just hoped you and I would fade away.

But Campaign for Liberty's State Leaders have done the exact opposite.

They are now the ones leading the fight for liberty in your neighborhoods and state capitals.

A few of the stories from this year's legislative session are just too good not to share, so I wanted to draw your attention to them.

Can you imagine what it's like to push Right to Work in the home of the United Autoworkers Union?

Our Michigan state leader, Tony DeMott, and his team did just that.

Almost no one thought it was possible.

Yet they ignored the naysayers, applied the political tactics they learned from C4L's top-notch grassroots training, and made it happen.

Following the fight, Greg Mourad, Vice President of the National Right to Work Committee, said, "Michigan Campaign for Liberty's petition and phone call drives played a major role in getting Right to Work passed."

Thanks to their determined efforts, Michigan became the 24th Right to Work State.

That's one of the things that make Campaign for Liberty's State Leaders stand out among other grassroots organizations.

These folks will never back down from a challenge.

In Delaware, home state of America's notoriously outspoken Vice President, Joe Biden, our State Leader, Eric Boye, took on another battle the political class told him was impossible to win - defeating gun control in a solidly blue state.

Defending our Second Amendment rights on the state and federal level was a challenge Campaign for Liberty members across the country answered the call to action on throughout 2013.

But in Delaware, when Governor Markell and State Attorney General Beau Biden (Joe Biden's son) pushed a bill that would deny Second and Fourth Amendment rights to anyone deemed "mentally risky," it seemed the road was paved for its passage.

Its success appeared certain when the Delaware House rushed it through by a vote of 40-1.

Enter Eric and Delaware C4L.

Eric defied the odds by launching a grassroots campaign that gained statewide and national media attention . . .

. . . and stopped the bill - not once, but twice - in the Delaware Senate.

On June 30, the last day of the legislative session, Boye rallied Campaign for Liberty supporters at a "Fill the Halls, Hold the Line" rally just before the evening session began.

There, some State Senators said pressure brought on by C4L supporters was the reason they switched sides and opposed the bill.

HB 88 may have been stalled for this year, but Eric and the rest of Delaware Campaign for Liberty stand ready to fight - and defeat - the gun-grabbers again should they attempt to revive the bill in 2014.

These stories just go to show that even if the odds are stacked against you - and you see politicians supposedly on your side running for the hills - don't assume the grassroots aren't powerful enough to prevail.

There are literally dozens of stories like this from across the country, and I wish I could share each one, but time and space limits us to just a few more.

In Michigan, South Carolina, and many other states, Campaign for Liberty's Leaders are on the front lines fighting Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare.

While the Michigan fight is still ongoing, South Carolina provides a great example of what Campaign for Liberty's grassroots training can equip people to do.

South Carolina State Leader Talbert Black is one grassroots activist politicians don't want to cross.

Asked why he chose Campaign for Liberty as his vehicle for grassroots activism, Talbert replied, "C4L is the only organization that has the tools and philosophy necessary to go up against entrenched corruption and win."

One of his first fights was passing legislation that forced the State Senate to go on record by casting roll call votes.

Before that, the vast majority of legislation was passed by voice vote, making it impossible to hold elected officials accountable.

Concerning ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion, Talbert and SC C4L's action put the Governor on record there, too.

South Carolina Campaign for Liberty generated such a strong grassroots opposition to the Obamacare expansion that Governor Nikki Haley publicly declared the state would not expand Medicaid or set up an Obamacare exchange.

It gets even better.

A FOIA request from a state newspaper revealed communication between Governor Haley's Chief of Staff, Tim Pierson, and the director of SC Health and Human Services stating that the Governor "didn't want to be on the wrong side of Campaign for Liberty" on the issue.

Talbert has also fought hard for Constitutional Carry, testifying in four public hearings on the issue across the state.

With the legislation currently in committee, he is continuing the fight.

And South Carolina isn't the only state where C4L's leaders are pushing Constitutional Carry.

While gun control activists are seeking to restrict or take away our Second Amendment rights, Campaign for Liberty's State Leaders are fighting to protect and expand our liberties.

In Maine, the legislature came within just two votes of passing Constitutional Carry. Maine C4L plans to push the same legislation in next year's session.

Across this great nation, Campaign for Liberty activists are refusing to back down in the face of tyranny.

When your rights are threatened, our leaders are there, ready to stand up to the challenge.

Even if it means standing alone.

Michigan C4L leader David Dudenhoefer surrounded by union thugs at the State Capitol

Will you stand with them today?

Please make your most generous contribution of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford to Campaign for Liberty today.

Your generous contribution will help support C4L's efforts to train and mobilize effective grassroots activists who are committed to continuing the R3VOLution!

Establishment politicians on the national, state, and local levels are praying C4L will finally throw in the towel and get out of their way.

So what do we need to do?

Double down on the pressure.

Your support today will help guarantee Campaign for Liberty can train more activists to turn up the heat and reach millions of more Americans with our message of prosperity and hope for our nation's future.

Together, you and I will fight the statists every inch of the way as we push forward to Reclaim our Republic and Restore our Constitution.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. From gun control, to Right to Work, to civil liberties, to ObamaCare expansion, Campaign for Liberty State Leaders are fighting and winning battles against the statists at the state and local level on a daily basis.

The secret to this success is the training they have received from Campaign for Liberty.

And Campaign for Liberty is planning to teach and mobilize even more grassroots activists to win even more battles against the statists.

Tell the FDA not to lift the ban on homosexuals donating blood

From Public Advocate:

The Homosexual Lobby is ramping up their efforts to dismantle legal safeguards that prevent openly declared homosexual men from donating blood.

In order to combat so-called "discrimination," radical homosexual activists recently hosted a "homosexual blood drive" demonstration to pressure the government to ignore scientific studies and place your family in danger.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has found that homosexual men account for almost two thirds of HIV/AIDS infections in the United States.

The CDC also reports that homosexual men are anywhere from "44 to 86 times as likely" to be HIV-positive as heterosexuals.

On top of that, another recent federal study estimates the number of HIV-positive blood units in America would jump from just 20 to 2,700 units annually by lifting the current ban.

This would be a staggering jump and an unacceptable risk for the 5 million Americans who need blood transfusions every year.

That's why the Food and Drug Administration has banned homosexual men from donating blood since 1985.

It's bad enough that many misguided Americans choose to place themselves in harm's way through self-destructive and bizarre homosexual practices and abnormal acts that sometimes result in serious illness.

But now the radical Homosexual Lobby wants us to ignore the cold hard truth of their lifestyle under the guise of "tolerance."

They want to impose the physical health dangers associated with their lifestyle on every American who might need a blood transfusion.

And while the truth may cause hurt feelings, the risks involved with lifting the long-standing ban on openly declared homosexuals donating blood are, based on the studies, proven to be too costly.

That is why I'm asking you to email the FDA today at

Explain your concerns and demand that they place public safety before political pressure.

In spite of the Homosexual Lobby's multi-billion dollar soft and fuzzy non-threatening propaganda that the public sees around the clock about so-called "gay rights," reports from medical authorities like the ones I cited earlier show the true nature of radical Homosexuals. . .

The nature that Public Advocate works to expose and combat every day.

And with your support, we will continue to do just that. Thank you.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.
P.S. The radical Homosexual Lobby is intent on destroying anyone who speaks out against their agenda. Will you chip in $5 or $10 to help Public Advocate defend against their attacks?
To Donate

Sunday, July 21, 2013

On Treyvon Martin and American society

Micheal Phelps

Three photos of Trayvon Martin

What has our society become? We take an Olympic hero,Michael Phelps,who brought the gold back from the Olympics in China and chastise him for smoking a bongload of weed. Putting him through the ringer to the point of almost destroying his ability to land endorsement deals thus destroying him financially. Meanwhile we take a little punk like Trayvon Martin,a little shit that poses with guns and almost tried to kill another man and we make an sympathic person out of him. We're are your priorities,America? It seems that you have no problem putting down white people,even if they do good and bring pride to nation yet your excuse minorities even when they bring shame to America. Your heads are clearly up your asses. The black community only wants to listen to these two blacks:

Al Sharpton

Jesse Jackson

Yet you shame these two blacks:

Bill Cosby

Larry Elder

Are you sure Sharpton and Jackson are on your side? Tell you what,black community,the next time you need money for anything hit Jesse and/or Al up. See if they kick you down. They claim to be on your side right? So sharing the wealth they have shouldn't be a problem. I mean if they genuinely love their people then helping them financially shouldn't be a problem,right? So go ahead and do that. Tell them your rent needs to be paid. Tell them your utility bills need to be paid. Tell them you need the money for you and your children to feed yourselves. Go ahead tell them. They claim to be on your side so helping you out should be no problem. Right? See what their response is,that is if they respond. I'm trying to remember what public schools Jesse sent his kids to. You know his son,Jesse Jackson Jr. The one who is going to prison on corruption charges,that one. What public school did he send him to? That's right,Jackson sent his kids to private school. I guess a watereddown education is good for your kids but not his. In fact Jesse Jackson is famous for the following quote: "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage of my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery — then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved." He said this at a PUSH convention. Source. Whenever Jesse needs money he shakes down businesses like Burger King for money. Then there is Al Sharpton,who is as sharp as a dull knife. Al's claim to fame is assisting an racist false rape accuser and helping illegal aliens take jobs away from black people. Then we have the contrasts between the two movie directors:

Mel Gibson

Spike Lee

One of these directors spoke out against jewish control of the media and is crucified for it and he told Heath Ledger not to do Brokeback Mountain and was crucified by gay groups for doing it. The other director almost got innocent people killed. The people who almost died have the surname of Zimmerman. The latter director was given a pass or if he was held accountable it was very light in comparison. Mel Gibson doesn't dog black people in his movies while Spike Lee dogs white people every chance he gets. Which leaves me one question,black America and that is: If Treyvon Martin were white would you be taking to the streets demanding revenge? If George Zimmerman were black would you be demanding his hide? This shows that black America is unified,that is when they're not killing each other.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tell your Represenative to oppose the Internet Tax Mandate

From Campaign For Liberty:

The power to tax is the power to destroy - and now the ability to track what you purchase.

Legislation recently passed through the U.S. Senate would force small Internet businesses to become sales tax collectors for nearly 10,000 tax jurisdictions.

If passed, the National Internet Tax Mandate would raise taxes on all Americans, as a state sales tax on all goods purchased online would be implemented.

But that’s not all it does.

You see, every state taxes different things. Some tax food; others don’t. Some tax medicines; others don’t.

Do you see the invasion of privacy that is coming?

Government bureaucrats are not only going to know you made an online purchase, but they will also have to know WHAT you purchased.

It’s the only way they could make this scheme work.

But it also has other huge problems:

*** All Americans would see their taxes go up, as big-spending governors of BOTH parties work to implement a state sales tax on ALL goods purchased online.

*** In order to enforce the law, state tax agencies would get to monitor your records. This means each time you buy ammo online, the government sees the receipt!

*** New and higher taxes would destroy small web-businesses, crush economic growth, and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.

We have to mobilize NOW to stop this madness.

I need you to call your Representative today! Let your Representative know you won't put up with this egregious attack on taxpayers and small business owners.

The bill has passed the Senate and is awaiting consideration by the House - where members are coming under pressure from tax-hungry state and local officials, as well as big retailers who want to crush smaller competitors.

In fact, I'm already getting word that some in the GOP leadership will be more than happy to help this Obama-backed bill – or one like it - sail into law.

Now is the time to turn the pressure up and finish this fight in victory!

Greedy state officials from all over the country are eager to get more of your money and are busy bending the ears of Congress.

They want to start taxing EVERYTHING you purchase online - clothing, books, software, ammunition – and you can be sure state agencies will see a copy of every transaction.

Forcing small businesses to comply with nearly 10,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States will result in a crippling amount of red tape for them to navigate.

Not to mention the sheer cost associated with complying.

You and I both know, under the guise of "national security,” establishment bureaucrats are already feverishly looking for new ways to trace, track, and register all Americans' activity - and this bill will help move them one step closer to doing just that.

What you read. What you buy. What videos you watch. What you write about THEM.

Where will it end?

We MUST stop this bill now, so call your Representative today.

Tell your Representative how bad this bill – or any attempt to tax the Internet - is for the economy and the American taxpayer. Ask to speak directly to the Legislative Assistant in charge of this issue.

Will you stand by while the big taxers impose yet another tax on hardworking Americans?

Will you allow establishment insiders to destroy entrepreneurship and innovation online?

Or will you help me FIGHT BACK and stop the establishment from trampling on taxpayers and small businesses yet again?

In Liberty,

Deb Wells
Senior Director of State Operations

Campaign for Liberty

P.S. We must act now if we are going to stop this terrible legislation from passing the U.S. House.

If this bill is passed, it will hurt the American taxpayer, business owners, and YOUR INTERNET PRIVACY!

That’s why I am asking you to call and email your Representative.

Make sure to ask to speak to the Legislative Assistant on this issue directly when you call!

Tell your Representative how bad this bill – or any attempt to tax the Internet - is for the economy and the American taxpayer.

Contact Your Represenatative

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stop filibuster prohibition

From Campaign For Liberty:

When President Obama doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, he just has his band of statist appointees carry out the job for him . . .

Right now, there’s a new laundry list of radical leftists up for U.S. Senate confirmation that make past Obama appointees look like angels.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is making a raw power play TODAY – DESTROYING the U.S. Senate filibuster - to get them confirmed.

This is an all-out EMERGENCY!

That’s why it’s critical you call your U.S. Senators at once. As you’ll see, I’ve included their information below:

Tell them to do everything in their power to STOP Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s ploy to destroy the filibuster.

I can hardly begin to explain how serious this is, so please act right away.

And if you possibly can, please make your most generous contribution right now to help me alert as many Americans as possible to this fight.

There’s no time to waste.

You see, after the flurry of scandals hitting Obama’s administration, the United States Senate is growing ever more wary of his nominees.

After all, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department spied on reporters who dared criticize the Obama administration.

The IRS targeted pro-limited government groups for harassment and intimidation. National Intelligence Director James Clapper oversaw massive phone and email data collection.

But now, an even more brutal list of nominees to critical positions like the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the “Environmental Protection Agency” (EPA), and the Export-Import Bank are up for confirmation.

One, Congressman Mel Watt – Obama’s nominee to the Federal Housing Finance Agency – was a main proponent of the outrageous policies that led to the housing bubble and a chief opponent of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill!

Confirming this list of radicals may be a tall order for Harry Reid. And he knows it.

So Harry Reid is launching an all-out war on the Senate filibuster, changing Senate rules to disallow it for presidential nominees.

As you know, the filibuster has long been a target of the statists.

That’s because the Senate filibuster has been an indispensable tool in stopping some of the worst of the statists' Big Government power grabs over the years, including:

*** Cap and Tax, which would have driven energy costs through the roof, led to massive tax hikes on hardworking Americans, and given the federal government unprecedented control over the economy;

*** National Gun Registration earlier this year, when the statists were trying to ram it through the Senate under the guise of “Background Check” expansion;

*** The so-called “Disclose” Act, which would have destroyed free speech and forced Campaign for Liberty to turn over our donors information to statist bureaucrats;

Now, as I mentioned, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to GUT the filibuster for all presidential nominees.

You and I can only imagine the radicals President Obama will pack our courts with should this scheme go through. It won’t be long until our entire Constitution is declared "void where prohibited by federal law."

But if Harry Reid succeeds here, not only will these radical nominees be confirmed, but it could pave the way for the TOTAL destruction of the Senate filibuster.

Then, the statists in Washington will have the unchecked ability to push through their entire Big Government agenda - including gun control, massive new spending schemes like “ObamaCare,” higher taxes, and more attacks on our Fourth Amendment freedoms!

That’s why you and I must get this message out to as many folks as possible before Harry Reid attempts to gut the filibuster in order to confirm Barack Obama’s laundry list of radical leftist appointees.

Please call your U.S Senators at once and urge them to fight ANY scheme to end U.S. Senate filibusters.

And if you can, please make a generous contribution of $100, $50, $35 – or even $10 or $20 – to help me mobilize even more patriots to this fight.

EVERY American has a stake in this.

But with Harry Reid’s raw power grab just hours away, I don’t have much time.

So please act at once!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Right now, there’s a new laundry list of radical leftists up for U.S. Senate confirmation that make past Obama appointees look like angels.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is making a raw power play TODAY – DESTROYING the U.S. Senate filibuster - to get them confirmed.

S That’s why it’s critical you call your U.S. Senators at once. As you’ll see, I’ve included their information below:

Senate Contact Information

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A couple of things from Public Advocate

The Homosexual Lobby is gaining ground.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal law that protects the most sacred tradition of the family unit, has been struck down.

In what conservative Justice Antonin Scalia describes as "jaw-dropping," this ruling proves the Homosexual Lobby is persistent as ever.

As radical homosexual mobs chanted "DOMA is dead" Justice Scalia delivered a flaming dissent against the Court's ruling:

"It is an assertion of judicial supremacy" over all other branches and takes away the "right to self-rule against the black-robed supremacy that today's majority finds so attractive."

The Homosexual Lobby and their army of radical activists who contribute to this "black-robed supremacy" are tearing the very fiber that makes up our long-honored family unit.

And not only are they getting help from liberal justices, but Barack Obama himself.

Even Justice Scalia scolded Obama and his Justice Department on their "failure to defend" the law passed by Congress and having "no justification for abandoning the law in present case."

Obama and his allies in the Homosexual Lobby have shown time and time again, they don't care about the long-established traditions of pro-Family Americans.

And with this recent Supreme Court ruling, they think they're going to defeat you and me and our efforts to preserve traditional American values.

I don't know about you, but I am fired up.

You see, Obama, the Homosexual Lobby and their radical homosexual activists don't realize there are millions of pro-Family Americans ready to defend our American way of life.

And we will fight for the 38 states still preserving traditional marriage.

We have numerous opportunities to fight the Homosexual Lobby and their attack on traditional marriage -- including state constitutional amendments to safeguard our marriage protections.

I admit the Court throwing out a federal law and a referendum from 8 million people is hard to stomach.

But it’s the defeat and alarm we need to rise up.

Already, over 200 religious leaders from around the country have declared war on the effort to destroy marriage.

I welcome them to the fight!

Marriage isn't just about the man and woman involved . . .

It's about having a stable and secure home for our children.

Nothing is more important in the fight for the family unit than the children.

And with this recent Supreme Court ruling, you can be sure it's our children who will be affected the most.

No institution, no president, and no court can redefine marriage into something it's not.

I hope you will join our fight against Obama's radical agenda and the Homosexual Lobby who sets the groundwork.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States


How would you like President Obama creating yet another new barrier to employment in an already tough economy?

How would you like government agents ordering you to give preference to one job candidate over another?

If Obama's interference in our lives makes you sick, I hope you'll take a moment to read the rest of my letter.

You see, right now a bill is percolating in Congress which would create a special class of citizen with government-mandated employment in all our businesses, our churches, our schools and our daycares.

What I'm talking about is the so-called "Employment Non-Discrimination Act," -- S. 815 and H.R. 1755 -- better named the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Instead of allowing an employer the freedom to judge applicants on their expertise, appearance and actions, the federal government wants you to play by new rules.

You see, Obama wants to force employers to give special hiring treatment not only for homosexual applicants, but for applicants with "gender identification" issues as well.

That bearded linebacker in a dress applying to be a first-grade teacher isn't to be run out of your office. He's to be celebrated and pushed to the front of the line.

Or the bulldagger lesbians who dresses in flannel.

Perhaps you think I'm exaggerating.

But if I told you five years ago a federal judge would overrule a vote by the people and impose homosexual "marriage" on 1/4 of America, or the Boy Scouts would welcome homosexual boys, you would've thought I was crazy.

In a moment I'm going to ask you to sign the "Hands Off Our Businesses petition, but first I want to explain why this bill is so dangerous and how you can go further to stop it in its tracks.

You see, this isn't some far-off threat.

The Gay Bill of Special Rights is already out of committee and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he expects it to reach the floor "soon."

In the House, the bill already has 177 co-sponsors, and Republicans are facing staunch opposition from the Left and near silence from the Right.

Many weak-kneed Republicans just want to give up and vote the way the Homosexual Lobby wants.

Earlier this year, Obama demanded, "I want to sign this bill."

And when Obama endorses something with that much enthusiasm, it's bad news for our rights and values.

Just like we're seeing with ObamaCare's mandates, Obama's army of bureaucrats and activists are chomping at the bit to ram their agenda down the throats of business owners nationwide.

And you can forget about religious exemptions for your favorite charities and businesses.

Already, major radical Leftist groups like the ACLU and media outlets like the New York Times are calling for narrower exemptions.

This means businesses and religious organizations, such as schools, daycares, and hospitals would be forced to hire homosexuals and transgenders.

What's more, these workplace environments would be forced into adopting a "gay friendly" culture, meaning Biblical scripture condemning the homosexual lifestyle would be banned.

Failure to comply with the Gay Bill of Special Rights will result in hefty fines on businesses that can barely afford them, forcing either full compliance or closure.

And in some instances, employers may even face jail time for sticking to their beliefs.

I don't know about you, but this isn't the kind of law I want to see passed.

And if you and I don't act now, it surely will.

So will you take a moment and sign the "Hands Off Our Businesses" petition?

Your petition will be sent to your congressman and senators, urging them to stand strong for workplace freedom by voting against the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And after you sign, would you please chip in with a donation of $10 or more to Public Advocate of the United States.

Public Advocate is preparing to contact and organize 7 million Americans in the next six months, but doing so is expensive.

To be frank, many Republicans in Congress think this is a dead issue -- that you and I just won't mind if they vote for the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And it's easy to see why.

Pro-homosexual organizations are spending millions of dollars on pricey TV ads and PR campaigns designed to make you and I look like bigots just for standing up for what is obvious.

Your signed petition will inform your elected officials that Americans are sick and tired of Obama's interference in our lives and businesses.

And a flood of petitions from you and millions of other Americans will let your Representatives know that a vote in favor of the Gay Bill of Special Rights will surely be remembered at their next election.

So please click here to sign your "Hands Off Our Businesses" Petition now.

And after you sign, please chip in with a donation of $25, $50 or more to Public Advocate.

Your donation will help fund a hard-hitting nationwide campaign that includes:

*** A widespread email, banner, mail and phone campaign to contact at least 7 million Americans in the next six months.

*** Personal lobbying of key members of Congress by Public Advocate staff.

*** Editorials in local newspapers exposing the true intent of the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

*** And if funding allows, even TV, radio and newspapers, designed to ensure maximum resistance is generated against this bill. Contacting these 7 million Americans in the next six months will require at least $237,000.

And frankly, that's money Public Advocate just doesn't have.

I hope you agree that we just can't sit by while the Gay Bill of Special Rights blazes through Congress.

When the bill hits the floor of Congress, there will be little time to act.

Which means we must have petitions on hand and funding in place to run key programs designed to stop the Gay Bill of Special Rights at a moment's notice.

So please, click here to sign your Hands Off Our Businesses Petition right away.

And please chip in with a donation of $35 or more to Public Advocate to ensure this heinous bill is stopped.

Public Advocate has a long history of defeating special rights legislation, but the odds have never been more stacked against us.

I pray you will take a stand with me today.

If you don't, I'm afraid Obama and his administration has already won.

I'm counting on your support today to protect the integrity of our businesses, schools and religious institutions.

Without your support, we will surely see mandatory homosexual and transgender hiring quotas for all businesses nationwide.

We can defeat the Gay Bill of Special Rights, but only by acting now.

And after you do, please chip in with a donation of $35 or more to Public Advocate.

Your petition and contribution are the first steps toward defeating the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Please don't delay.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. Right now there is a bill before Congress that would mandate special treatment of homosexual and transgender job applicants -- even in our religious institutions.

Behind closed doors, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are privately making deals with weak-kneed Republicans to quietly pass the Gay Bill of Special Rights into law.

So please click here to sign your Hands Off Our Businesses Petition right away.

And afterwards, please chip in with a donation of $35 or more to Public Advocate.

Your donation will allow Public Advocate to contact 7 million Americans in the next six months to stand against this heinous bill.

Please don't wait to act, sign your petition now.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stand up to Reid's lies about the NLBR

From the National Right To Work Committee:

President Obama and his union boss cronies are trying to set our country on a path of no return.

From day one of his Presidency, Obama has been packing the National Labor Relations Board with union militants, who have been aggressively rewriting American labor law to give Big Labor more power, more forced dues and more political clout.

I've fought them every step of the way.

But now Harry Reid is planning to fight tooth and nail to force the Senate to rubber-stamp Obama's bogus non-recess "appointees" this month.

Reid and Obama will be arguing that if the Senate doesn't give Obama what he wants, the NLRB will have to shut down. And he'll do his best to make that sound as if it were a bad thing.

But you and I know better.

We've seen the legal chaos these unscrupulous Big Labor shills have created through their illegal takeover of the NLRB.

There's no doubt the country and its workforce will be far better off with the Board shut down.

And it really could happen.

You see, even with Obama's non-recess "appointees" squatting on the NLRB in defiance of a federal court, the Board is on the verge of losing even the false quorum it's been operating under all year.

Obama has nominated a full slate of Board members, and two of them are Sharon Griffin and Richard Block – the illegal non-recess non-appointees who have refused to leave, even after federal courts ruled their appointments invalid.

Obama's renomination of Block and Griffin is completely unacceptable.

By illegally remaining on the Board -- and by their outrageous rulings -- Block and Griffin have utterly disqualified themselves from ever holding any office of public trust ever again.

But that won't stop Reid and Obama.

In fact, Reid and Obama are desperate to get Block and Griffin confirmed before the Supreme Court upholds the lower court decisions.

Because a Supreme Court decision could irrevocably invalidate their appointments, and by extension, all the outrageous rules they've made and precedents they've set.

On the other hand, if you and I can convince the Senate to block Obama's current slate of nominees, they will finally have to shut down the illegal, unconstitutional forced dues racket that appointees Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, like Craig Becker before them, have been running.

The courts are going to have to straighten out the mess the NLRB has made, but until then, shutting down the board will at least stop things from getting worse.

But unfortunately, without your IMMEDIATE action today, President Obama could still get the last laugh.

Harry Reid has signaled that he will do literally anything to force Obama's slate through the Senate.

And that includes the blatant violation of the Senate rules that has come to be known as the "nuclear option."

If Reid and Obama succeed, every outrageous decision the union-label NLRB has issued in the last 16 months will effectively be rubber-stamped!

The truth is, Obama's NLRB is a politicized, rogue agency and simply MUST be shut down until you and I can realistically hope the Board will operate in a legitimate fashion.

If the Senate were to confirm this "package deal," the union-label NLRB could then simply rubber-stamp every one of the 1,600 outrageous decisions made while the Board was operating unconstitutionally!

Then, any decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in the upcoming court fight could be rendered virtually meaningless!

Every one of the decisions made by Obama's illegitimate NLRB would be confirmed, including;

>>> The Jeannette Geary case, where the NLRB blatantly IGNORED the Supreme Court's 1988 Beck decision, which states that union bosses cannot force workers in non-Right to Work states to pay for union lobbying or political activities;

>>> "Micro-organizing," which allows union militants to target and organize small units of workers if they know most employees at a workplace don't want to join a union;

>>> Ambush elections, which subject workers to quick-snap organizing where only Big Labor's side of the story is ever told, and exposes workers to many of the abuses of Card Check instant organizing;

>>> Expanded dues check offs, where the NLRB violated 60 years of precedent to force companies to continue automatic collection of forced dues for Big Labor fat cats even after union contracts expire.

The stakes couldn't be higher.

The truth is, President Obama's "package deal" is flat-out UNACCEPTABLE.

And it's absolutely critical you sign your "NO DEAL" petition to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY.

As you'll see, these petitions urge your Senators to filibuster and DEMAND a 60-vote threshold for Chairman Mark Pearce, Richard Griffin and Sharon Block.

Unless you and I turn up the pressure on Congress, I'm afraid they may not have the stomach for this fight.

And with Harry Reid threatening the "nuclear option" once again, EVERY Senator needs to hear the outrage from the grassroots.

That's why I'm prepared to launch an immediate all-out nationwide mobilization program.

With your support, my goal is to generate up to one million "No Deals" petitions via mail, email and phones designed to put the Senate on notice just in the next few weeks.

But I can't do it without your help.

So won't you please sign your "No Deals" petition IMMEDIATELY?

Right now -- even with a U.S. Supreme Court fight possibly looming -- President Obama is demanding the U.S. Senate rubber-stamp every outrageous decision the Board has made over these past several months.

Without your immediate action, I'm afraid he could get away with it.


Mark Mix

P.S. President Obama is brazenly asking the United States Senate to rubber stamp every outrageous decision the union-label NLRB has issued in the last 16 months.

Should the Senate confirm this five-member "package deal," the union-label NLRB could then simply quickly concur with every one of the 1,600 outrageous decisions made while the Board was operating unconstitutionally!

That's why it's absolutely critical you sign your "NO DEAL" petition to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and your U.S. Senators

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Monday, July 8, 2013

National ID goes to the House

From Campaign For Liberty:

It’s been just over a year since the U.S. Supreme Court signed off on the 2,700-page “ObamaCare” monstrosity as somehow “constitutional.”

Now, statists in BOTH parties in Congress are working hard to RAM another 1,200-page horror down our throats.

I’m not going to mince words here.

After the Senate’s passage of a massive new National ID database plan under the guise of so-called “Immigration Reform” last week, time is running out to STOP this massive federal power grab.

So I’m counting on you to sign your “NO DATABASE” Directive TODAY.

And if you possibly can, I hope you’ll also agree to forward the Directive to as many friends and family members as possible.

You see, as Congress breaks for its July 4 recess, this may be our final chance to mobilize the kind of public opposition it will take to defeat this bill.

But before I give you the link to the Directive, please let me explain why this is so important . . .

The truth is, if passed, this dangerous scheme would require a new National ID card that would:

*** Allow federal bureaucrats to include biometric identification information on the card, potentially even including fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, which could easily be used as a tracking device;

*** Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, making it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn’t obtain the ID card;

*** Require all employers to purchase an “ID scanner” to verify the ID cards with the federal government. Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know - and you can bet it’s only a matter of time until “ID scans” will be required to make even routine purchases, as well.

This is exactly the type of battle that often decides whether a country remains free or continues down a slide toward tyranny.

So please, sign your “No Database” Directive to your Representative IMMEDIATELY!

Of course, the most dangerous part of the bill is the biometric tracking technology.

Gun ownership, health records, purchasing habits, religious beliefs – virtually anything you could dream up could all be added to this massive National ID database.

And doing so wouldn’t even require a vote by Congress.

Instead, it could happen with a simple stroke of a President’s pen.

And you and I both know this power WILL be abused.

To say nothing of the massive scandal exposing the NSA’s spying on American citizens, you and I have seen this President’s administration use wiretaps to even go after reporters who dare criticize him.

We’ve seen the IRS harass and intimidate Tea Party and pro-liberty groups.

Once “well-meaning” government bureaucrats know exactly how we live, it won't be long until they ramp up their efforts to run our lives through more laws, regulations, taxes, and other restraints.

In fact, it will only be a matter of time until they spend their workdays making sure you and I don’t go anywhere, read anything, eat anything, or drink anything they think we “shouldn’t be allowed to.”

Sadly, BOTH parties are complicit.

Even those loudly shouting down the Senate version of the “Immigration Reform” bill are now crafting their own piecemeal “reforms” – and virtually all are including this monstrous database of American citizens.

The only way to DEFEAT a new National ID proposal is to contact Americans from coast-to-coast and explain EXACTLY what’s at stake.

They’re not getting the real story from the mainstream media. And they’re surely not going to get it from the Washington establishment, either.

With your help, C4L can send powerful emails and run Facebook and Internet banner ads to alert liberty-loving Americans to the National ID scheme included in the new “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill.

But with the House battle looming, I’m afraid that simply won’t be enough.

If C4L has the support to pull out all the stops, there’s an additional twelve million folks we can reach through targeted direct mail and phone programs.

And finally, if we can raise the resources, C4L would also like to run hard-hitting newspaper, radio, and TV ads explaining exactly what the statists are up to.

Of course, such a massive grassroots mobilization program isn’t cheap - but it’s the only way to stop this dangerous National ID scheme from becoming the law of the land.

So please, sign your “No Database” Directive to your Representative IMMEDIATELY!

Your signed Directive makes it clear Congress should not only reject the Senate-passed monstrosity, but any other legislation containing a National ID database plan.

Just like we saw in the Senate, I’m afraid you and I will see a strong “bipartisan” gang develop in the House, poised to RAM this bill – or even some worse compromise - through.

We don’t have much time.

You and I must make our voices heard right away.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. After Senate passage last week, statists in BOTH parties in Congress are working hard to RAM another 1,200-page horror down our throats.

Buried deep within the so-called “Immigration Reform” bill is a massive National ID database statists will use to monitor, register, and catalogue massive amounts of information on EVERY American citizen.

To sign directive:click here

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America

It was on this day in 1776 that several brave men put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration of Independence a document if found by the British meant they would be found guilty of treason against the king and have a date with the executioner. Britain at that time was a world superpower with colonies all over the world making it a vast and powerful empire yet our Founding Fathers had enough of a tyrannical king that pushed them around and had the bravery to stand up to the tyrannical king. This tyrannical king certainly didn't expect farmers and other civilians to prevail over his professional army but that is what happened. With help from our French allies we were able to prevail against the British king and form our own country,a country that is the breadbasket of the world. A shining beacon of light. Back then the British were frustrated by the fact they couldn't get their hands on the signatories and they also terrorized innocent colonists trying to get the information. British atrocities were numerous with their dragnet searches of homes and other dwellings of the colonists and the torching of said dwellings. But in the end it was the British atrocities that help solidify the colonists desire for independenance. An independenance they achieved. I'm going to conclude this post with the following: