Saturday, March 28, 2015

Christian chaplain is being perseuted by Rainbow Mafia

From Demand Progress:

What would you do if you were a military chaplain ordered to deny Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible?

Lieutenant Commander Wes Modder (U.S. Navy) faced that exact threat.

He chose to hold fast to his Christian beliefs.

And now he is paying the price.

Public Advocate has long warned the nation that Christians are being persecuted in the military.

Radical atheist Mikey Weinstein was hired by Obama officials at the Pentagon to create new, anti-Christian guidelines for the military.

First among his priorities was silencing the evangelical military chaplains.

In his own words, their Bible-based counseling amounted to "spiritual rape."

And it's those policies that are now being used to punish and persecute Chaplain Modder.

Wes Modder has served as chaplain to Sailors, Marines, and Navy SEALs.

He is endorsed by the Assemblies of God and his commander described him as "the best of the best" and "a consummate professional leader."

Yet without any warning or a chance to defend himself, Lt. Commander Modder was stripped of his office. And now he is facing expulsion from the service.

All this is based on the 5-page "grievance" one junior assistant filed against him.

This assistant only worked with Modder for one month, yet used every minute to gather the "evidence" he needed to set the chaplain up.

He prodded at Modder constantly, baited him to make statements that could be taken out of context, took detailed notes, and even hacked into confidential medical counseling records.

In his own words, Modder described the assistant as "constantly peppering him with questions pertaining to homosexuality."

He was not forcing his views on anyone. He was patiently and respectfully sharing his Christian beliefs with an individual begging to know more.

But what Modder didn't realize was this assistant secretly identified as a homosexual.

It's now clear that all the assistant's efforts were part of a plot to entrap Chaplain Modder -- punishment for his support of Christian values.

Obviously the grievance against the Chaplain should have just been thrown out.

But the Pentagon is so desperate to endorse the Homosexual Agenda that they are trampling on the 1st Amendment religious protections.

In an interview, Chaplain Modder explained, "The military now wants a 2.0 chaplain instead of a legacy chaplain." They want a chaplain to accommodate policy that contradicts Scripture.

He has even been ordered to cease praying in the Name of Jesus.

Public Advocate has been strongly calling on Congress to step in and defend our Christian men and women in uniform.

With military leadership marching along with Obama's corrupt mandates, our soldiers will soon be left without any Christian spiritual guidance.

Are we a nation that wants to silence our Christian military chaplains?

Say "NO" and show your support for these brave chaplains and stand strong with Public Advocate by clicking here to sign your Protect Religious Liberty Directive today.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

Big cable is suing the FCC over Title II Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

BREAKING NEWS: The telecommunications industry just sued the FCC to kill Net Neutrality.1

Just weeks ago, the FCC issued a historic decision preserving Net Neutrality. But two new lawsuits filed by the big cable and Internet Service Providers are trying to overturn the whole thing.

With the amount of money corporations like Verizon and AT&T can spend on lawyers, this is going to be a huge fight. And to win, we need to make sure the public is making our voices heard in support of the FCC.

Will you chip in $5 to help fight back against this lawsuit and save Net Neutrality?

They've given millions to politicians. They've spent millions more on lobbyists. And now they've hired an army of lawyers to accomplish what they haven't been able to do so far: kill Net Neutrality.

Why are they fighting this so hard? Because they want to give preferential treatment to big corporations and dump the rest of us into an Internet slow lane—all so they can jack up their already sky-high profits.

The scary thing is that they've had success blocking Net Neutrality in the courts before. Previous efforts by the FCC to protect Net Neutrality have been blocked by the cable industry's lawyers.

So it's not enough to let government lawyers fight this on their own. We need to make sure the public is speaking out too.

We've come too far to let Net Neutrality get killed by an army of corporate lawyers. Will you chip in $5 to help fight back?

Yes, I'll chip in $5 to save Net Neutrality.


--Demand Progress


1. Internet Providers Sue to Kill Net Neutrality , National Journal, March 23, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Patriot Act is up for reauthorization,let's get rid of it

From Campaign For Liberty:

There's no security like prison walls.

And without your action today, I'm afraid that's exactly what will continue to be built all around us with the NSA's rampant domestic spying program.

Make no mistake. The NSA - with the Obama administration's full blessing - is collecting YOUR emails, your phone records, and your text messages.

They're collecting your Internet searches, your instant messages, online purchases, and Facebook posts.

The only good news is, if you and I can turn up enough pressure on Congress, I'm convinced we can take a huge step toward rolling back the surveillance state.

You see, Section 215 of the so-called "PATRIOT" Act is set to expire on June 15, 2015.

This is the section of federal law the surveillance-state apologists at the NSA, and their congressional allies in BOTH parties, use to justify the bulk collection of law-abiding American citizens' phone calls, emails, and Internet activity.

If you and I can stop reauthorization, I'm convinced we can bring the statists' domestic spying programs to a crashing halt.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your STOP THE SURVEILLANCE STATE petitions IMMEDIATELY.


As you'll see, these petitions insist your U.S. Representative and Senators vote "NO!" on any legislation reauthorizing the NSA's massive domestic surveillance program.

The truth is, I believe this is a fight for the very future of our Republic.

No government in the history of mankind – not even the Communist East German Stasi - has ever held the massive spying power our Federal Government holds over law-abiding U.S. citizens today . . .

And no government in world history that's ever sought this type of power has even been able to avoid the temptation for abuse.

Of course, I know the statists in Washington, D.C. say they're different. They just say, "trust us and everything will be ok."

But how can we, knowing our government has targeted political opponents, like Martin Luther King, routinely in the past?

How can we after the IRS – under this President - was caught red-handed targeting limited government organizations?

How can we after the U.S. Justice Department was illegally wiretapped reporters who dared criticize them?

How can we while watching members of BOTH parties drive our national debt to over $18.1 TRILLION and watching our President go around Congress, attempting to rule by decree, like a petty dictator?

I know the statists' excuse is "security." But regardless of what buzzword they use to defend their assaults on our freedoms, their enemy is ALWAYS the same.

It's our privacy. Our liberty. Our "greed" in wanting to keep some of the money we've rightfully earned.

Just since the lid was blown off our federal government's domestic surveillance programs in the summer of 2013, we've seen countless stories hit the press regarding NSA abuses, including:

***NSA employees spying on ex-lovers and spouses - a practice so common, the intelligence community has come up with their own jargon, i.e. "LOVEINT", to describe it;

***REFUSING to say whether or not it's spied on Members of Congress, which would effectively destroy any ability of our government's Legislative Branch to police this rogue agency;

***Effectively GUTTING attorney-client privilege by holding these confidential records.

In fact, one Bloomberg news report states that the NSA "deliberately ignored restrictions on their authority to spy on Americans multiple times in the past decade."

In fact, there are literally thousands of examples of abuse.

But this should be no surprise. Men aren't angels.
No,but then again neither are women. Neither are politicians and government bureaucrats.

What's made our country the greatest and freest nation in human history is that our Founders created a Constitution that limited the government's power, and, therefore, the damage evil men
and women can inflict.

But today, our Constitution's Fourth Amendment – which protects American citizens right to privacy from government – is under assault like never before.

With it, the protections you and I have against the actions of evil men
and women, holding the reins of our own government, are dropping like flies.

You and I must take a stand.

The good news is, opposition to government spying is higher today than any time over the past decade. Even the so-called "PATRIOT" Act's original author is now having second thoughts and public "concerns!"

That means you and I can STOP the reauthorization of Section 215 of the so-called "PATRIOT" Act, and stop the statists' all-out war on the Fourth Amendment.

But it's vital you sign your STOP THE SURVEILLANCE STATE petitions right away.


Time is running out. The surveillance state apologists are going to do whatever they can to reauthorize Section 215 quickly and, very likely, quietly.

That's why I've instructed Campaign for Liberty staff to pull out all the stops using mail, email, Internet ads, and even targeted radio and TV ads if I can raise the resources.

In fact, my hope is this program will rival even our efforts to pass Audit the Fed in scope and size!

But I can't do any of this without you.

So won't you please agree to your most generous gift of $30 right away?

I know that's a lot. If it's too much, please give $20 or at least $10 .

Like you, sometimes I feel like we're watching the police state nightmare from George Orwell's 1984 being built all around us.

So won't you please join me in shouting "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER!" before it's too late - before the idea of American liberty is nothing more than a distant memory?

Please sign your STOP THE SURVEILLANCE STATE petitions along with your most generous gift of $30 , $20 or at least $10 TODAY!

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

P.S. Section 215 of the so-called "PATRIOT" Act - the section of law statists use to justify the collection of law-abiding American citizens' phone calls, emails, and Internet activity - is set to expire on June 15, 2015.

If you and I turn up enough heat on Congress to stop reauthorization, I'm convinced we can bring the statists' domestic spying programs to a crashing halt.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your STOP THE SURVEILLANCE STATE petitions along with your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 or at least $10 TODAY!

Support the National Right To Work Act

From The National Right To Work Committee:

It's vital that you sign your petitions immediately.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Big Labor bosses are about to go ballistic.

You see, the National Right to Work Act I've re-introduced to repeal forever Big Labor's power to force workers to pay union dues just to get or keep a job.

So the union lobbyists, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their allies are going to use every trick in the book to bury the National Right to Work Act.

And they want to do it as quietly as possible.

The union kingpins (and their water-carriers in Congress) can't afford the consequences of having their coercive privileges publicly debated and voted on in Congress!

They don't want the American people to know that:

***Millions of workers are forced to surrender part of every paycheck to keep their jobs.

This cash funds violent "organizing" drives, provides a limousine lifestyle for union bigwigs and bankrolls radical, tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

***Big Labor's power is deadly to millions of small businesses.

Big Labor politicians and Obama-stacked bureaucracies are strangling small businesses with confiscatory taxes, destructive laws and straitjacket regulations.

***Forced unionism exports millions of good jobs overseas.

Productivity-killing work rules, workplace class warfare, slowdowns, "sick-outs" and strikes have all taken their crippling toll, closing the doors of many businesses -- for good.

***Big Labor thugs often use their forced-unionism power to terrorize workers and communities with violent strikes, where they have gotten away with beatings, arson, extortion -- even murder!

In the fight for a National Right to Work law, opponents of forced unionism will face a showdown against the full might of Big Labor.

That's why it's vital that you act at once to ignite massive public support for a National Right to Work bill.

Now is the time to act.

By the time the Right to Work Act comes up for a vote, every member of Congress must realize the eyes of the American people will be watching.

National opinion polls show that nearly 80% of the American people think it's wrong to force workers to pay union dues under the threat of being fired if they don't pay!

And it's critical the National Right to Work Committee, who has led the fight against forced dues for over 50 years, has your help in demonstrating that to Congress.

If the public's attention is fixed on this battle, Congress will be forced to recognize -- or defy to their peril -- the massive public opposition to compulsory unionism.

Then we'll see who dares to stand with Big Labor . . .

. . . And who stands with freedom and the American people.

So please sign your petitions to Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, your Senators and Congressman immediately.

Your petitions will demonstrate to Congress and the national media the strong support for Right to Work.

It's all part of the National Right to Work Committee's five-part plan to pass a National Right to Work law:

•Run TV and radio ads targeting swing votes in key states and districts.

•Place full-page newspaper ads coast-to-coast, explaining to the American people what's at stake.

•Contact directly by mail up to 10 million supporters urging them to demand their Senators and Congressmen vote for the National Right to Work Act.

•Brief personally the hundreds of favorable columnists, radio talk show hosts and editorial writers nationwide who can help mobilize public opinion.

•Crank up massive phone banks in the days before the vote to really make Congress feel the heat.

It's critical in this battle that Congress hears loud and clear from the nearly 80% of Americans who support Right to Work.

Of course, Congress may choose to obey Big Labor bosses rather than the majority of their constituents. That's their choice.

But time and again, when politicians defied the public and voted for forced unionism, they've paid the price with the end of their political careers!

Of course, this whole effort will be very expensive.

An all-out media and direct-mail blitz to mobilize massive public pressure on Congress will be the key to success.

To pay for the expensive ads, mailings, phone banks and other efforts, it's urgent you send a special contribution to the National Right to Work Committee today.

Will you make a generous contribution of $100, $50, $25 or $10 to launch the next crucial phase for ultimate passage of a National Right to Work law?

It's vital you act immediately to put the politicians' feet to the fire to bring the National Right to Work Act up for a vote.

It would be a crime to let politicians who support compulsory unionism off the hook.

Up against the forced-dues fed, billion-dollar might of Big Labor, all the Committee has on their side is truth, public opinion . . .

. . . And you!

Unlike Big Labor, the National Right to Work Committee doesn't have (or want) the power to force anyone to pay dues.

So it has to depend on generous folks like you.

Please don't make it easy for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Big Labor to bury the National Right to Work Act.

Some folks have already sent $500, $1,000 and even more. For others, a contribution of $10 or $20 has been as much as they could afford.

Please sign your petitions so we can demonstrate to Congress and the media the strong support for Right to Work.

Without your contribution of $100, $50, $25 or $10, the National Right to Work Committee won't be able to contact 10 million Americans, place the advertising, staff phone banks or do anything else to put Big Labor on the spot with a public vote on the National Right to Work Act.

And if you and I don't press forward now, we may never have a chance like this again.

Please help today.

Be sure to sign your petitions to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner, your Senators and Congressman.

And after you sign, please consider a generous contribution of $100, $50, $25 or $10 to the National Right to Work Committee.


Rand Paul
United States Senator

P.S.Since most Americans oppose Big Labor's forced-unionism powers, a public debate on a National Right to Work law is Big Labor's (and their water-carriers' in Congress) worst nightmare!

So please, sign your petitions to Congress.

And after you sign, please consider your most generous contribution of $100, $50, $25 or $10 to the National Right to Work Committee today.

Keep up the presure to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership

From Fight For The Future:

In this email I’m going to tell you something awesome and then ask you to do something important. Ready?

Last night, we helped organize a protest outside an upscale restaurant in Washington, DC where Senator Ron Wyden had planned to hold a fundraising dinner. We had two dozen people there ready to hold a giant illuminated “Save the Internet / Stop the TPP” sign right outside the windows where his funders would be dining, but the Senator and his donors were nowhere to be seen. It turns out he decided to CANCEL his fundraising dinner rather than have his donors walk past our protest!

This is good news. It means Senator Wyden is really feeling the heat. But we need to keep the pressure on. He is literally making his decision about whether to support Fast Track legislation right now.

Call Senator Ron Wyden right now and ask his staff if they told his donors the truth about why they cancelled his fundraising dinner last night? Then tell him to oppose Fast Track for the TPP. Here are his numbers: (202) 224-5244 and (503) 326-7525 (go ahead and call both!)

We’ve been staying laser-focused on Senator Ron Wyden in recent weeks, because right now he literally holds the keys to the future of the Internet. Senator Wyden has been engaged in backroom negotiations with key Republicans over so-called “Fast Track” / Trade Promotion Authority legislation, a bill that would give the Executive Branch massive new powers to negotiate trade pacts like the TPP in secret and then ram them through Congress with no meaningful debate or amendments, just a simple up or down vote.

Just yesterday, Senator Orinn Hatch told media outlets that he was submitting his “final deal” Fast Track proposal to Senator Wyden by the end of the day. The Senator is thinking long and hard right now about what he is going to do. We need to make sure he hears from as many Internet users as possible TODAY calling for him to do the right thing, stand up for REAL transparency, and oppose Fast Track for the TPP.

Please pick up the phone and call Senator Wyden right now: (202) 224-5244 and (503) 326-7525

Speak from your heart, but be polite. Not sure what to say? Try this: “I’m calling to ask Senator Wyden to oppose Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and I’d like to know whether the Senator told his donors the truth about why he cancelled his fundraising dinner in Washington, DC last night.”

Can’t call? Click here to chip in $10 to help keep the pressure on and stop the TPP.

Senator Wyden cancelled his fundraising dinner last night because he didn’t want to face protesters calling for him to protect Internet freedom. Let’s show him that he can run, but he can’t hide. If we can get him to do the right thing and walk away from this deal, we’ll be closer than ever to stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership completely. If Fast Track fails, the whole TPP trade deal could come crashing down.

And that brings us one step closer to *ending* trade agreements as a backdoor route for lobbyists pushing bad Internet policy. The Internet’s greatest foes at the RIAA and MPAA have been using these secretive trade agreements to force bad Internet policy on the entire world for decades. We've finally figured out how to stop them; it just takes one last push.

We are low on funds to fight Fast Track and the TPP, but we’re still kicking butt. Please chip in $10 to stop the next SOPA from being passed in secret.

Thanks for all you’ve done! More soon,
-Evan at FFTF

P.S. If you can’t call or donate right now, that’s cool! Click here to tweet or email Senator Wyden today!

It doesn't matter when you call you can leave a voicemail if the office is closed. So if internet freedom means anything to you then put the pressure on Senator Wyden to do the right thing and oppose TPP.

This hurts

Ted Cruz is running for President. I would love that to be but unfortunately it cannot be. Why? Because Ted Cruz was born in Canada. According to the United States Constitution:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

It's with a heavy heart that I type this. I would have loved a Cruz Presidency. If he were born on vacation in Minnisota there would be no problem but as it stands there is just no way. The only thing he can do is step aside. Rand Paul and Mike Lee,both native born Americans can take up the pro-liberty banner that Cruz was carrying. Like I said I type this with a heavy heart and a lot of disappointment but I'm confident that Paul and/or Lee are up for the task.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Loretta Lynch's nomination is losing support but we must keep up the pressure

From Campaign For Liberty:

Ron Paul was not thinking of Loretta Lynch that day in 1999 when he took to the House floor to argue boldly against civil asset theft.

But his words, delivered with his characteristic eloquence and passion, explain why anyone who thinks civil asset theft is a "wonderful tool" should not be allowed to serve as Attorney General.

That's why I wanted to share this video of Dr. Paul's 1999 floor speech arguing on behalf of his amendment to a civil asset "reform" bill which would have ended this theft once and for all.

Unsurprisingly, that was a step "too far" for the "reformers" in 1999.

But as I write this, the fate of Loretta Lynch's nomination is uncertain. . .

And Campaign for Liberty members taking action are a big part of the reason!

This week Campaign for Liberty sent well over 80,000 petitions to the Senate opposing Obama's scheme to make the queen of civil asset theft the top law enforcement officer in the country.

And as the petitions continue rolling in, several media outlets report Lynch is losing support. . .

. . . one D.C. paper even questioned if Loretta Lynch's nomination was "unraveling."

Not a bad turn of events, considering her confirmation was considered a "sure thing" in Washington, just a few week ago.

Now we must keep the pressure up!

That is why, if you haven't already, I need you to sign your "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax immediately.

Then I hope you will share this video with your friends and family members and ask them to sign their Action Fax.

If we can keep the Senate from confirming Lynch next week, Congress' schedule then works in our benefit.

You see, Friday, March 27th is the last day the Senate is scheduled to be in session before your senators leave town for "spring break."

That gives us an additional two weeks to double-down, working our network to get more activists engaged in this fight to prevent the queen of civil asset theft from becoming Attorney General.

After you've signed your Action Fax and sent this video to your friends and family, please help Campaign for Liberty contact even more Americans by chipping-in $10, $20, or whatever you can afford today.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Having someone as Attorney General who thinks civil asset theft is a "wonderful tool" would be a disaster for liberty.

I hope you will watch the attached video of Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul explaining in 1999 why civil asset theft is such a grave danger to liberty.

Then, be sure to share it with your family and friends and then ask them to sign their "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax today.

And if you can, please chip in $10 or even $20 to help bolster Campaign for Liberty's efforts to defeat Loretta Lynch's nomination.