Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Repeal Obamacare

From RandPAC:

Is the fight to repeal ObamaCare over?

Is this disastrous law – that's driving up health insurance premiums, costing jobs and wrecking our economy – now cemented in the federal law books forever?

I can't tell you how many times I've read news headlines in the press over these past several weeks that some even in my own party are just "giving up!"

Well, as far as I'm concerned, this fight is NOT over.

In fact, I believe this November could be a major turning point in this battle!

And if you agree, I need to hear from you right away.

If you still believe – like I do – that we simply cannot rest until ObamaCare is repealed, won't you please sign your "Stand With Rand® to Repeal ObamaCare" petition IMMEDIATELY?

I know exactly what our media is trying to do with their flood of stories in recent weeks.

It's to make people forget all about, "If you like your health insurance, you can keep it." It's to take what should be the most powerful issue in the 2014 elections off the table.

You and I can't let them.

As a practicing ophthalmologist for 17 years – specializing in cataract and glaucoma surgeries, LASIK procedures, and corneal transplants – the ObamaCare issue really hits home for me.

In fact, ObamaCare was a key reason I decided to run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. But whenever my schedule permits, I still perform free cataract surgeries for those without health insurance.

Sadly, many Americans who used to be happy with their health insurance are now finding themselves in that boat.

And as Forbes estimates, between six and seven million Americans have lost their health insurance due to ObamaCare.

So much for President Obama's false assurances. Now, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office states that four million Americans will be forced to pay ObamaCare penalties!

I'm not sure there's any greater symbol of Washington, D.C.'s utter incompetence than the disaster you and I see unfolding with ObamaCare.

I know we're constantly told that politicians and bureaucrats know best. I know we're constantly told that if we'd just give up more of our freedom, then Washington, D.C. can "fix" our lives for us.

But it's exactly this kind of hubris that's brought our nation to the brink.

Today, our massive $17.5 TRILLION national debt continues to skyrocket as we see ObamaCare making our economic and healthcare problems even worse, including:

*** ObamaCare's $2.6 TRILLION in spending of money we don't have that will do absolutely NOTHING to improve American healthcare. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office reports that ten years from now, 31 million Americans will still be without health insurance!

*** Lost jobs and cut back hours as employers are forced to look for ways to keep their doors open while facing ObamaCare's tax and regulatory nightmare. Hardworking families, struggling to make ends meet, bear the brunt of it all.

*** Nearly 40% of American citizens out of the labor force – the highest number since the Carter presidency. In fact, our national economy shrank during the first quarter of 2014. Another quarter of negative growth will meet the economic definition of a recession.

As far as I'm concerned, the American people don't need to wait around for a government official to tell them things are bad. They already know it. They already feel it.

But instead of working to lighten government's load on the American people, the Obama administration is using little-known provisions in ObamaCare to bail out insurance companies with BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars.

That's why, just months ago, some Democrats were predicting the ObamaCare fiasco was going to "hit the fan” in November 2014 – and were desperately working to find some bipartisan "solution" to protect them against the American peoples' wrath at the ballot box.

As far as I'm concerned, the only solution is repeal. 100% repeal.

But now, some press reports are saying some members of my own Republican Party are giving up? Some of my colleagues are saying repealing ObamaCare is just "too hard?"

I guess they think the American people want mealy-mouthed policies and Big Government "compromise." But I think the American people want Washington, D.C. to stop making their lives harder!

Today, despite an all-out taxpayer-funded PR blitz by the Obama administration, polls show a clear majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare.

So I need you to help me stiffen my colleagues' spines and put every politician in Washington, D.C. on notice that you and I will not rest until ObamaCare is wiped off the books.

I'm afraid, without your action, our national media will get away with blurring the lines between all the damage President Obama and the Democrats have inflicted on our country and the limited government solutions I want our Republican Party to start offering.

I can't begin to explain what a DISASTER that would be.

If somehow Democrats don't pay a price in November 2014, I'm afraid ObamaCare will become even more cemented in federal law.

But if Republicans campaign loudly and clearly against this horrific healthcare scheme and triumph this November, I believe ObamaCare's days will be numbered.

That's why your action today is so critical.

Please sign your "Stand With Rand® to Repeal ObamaCare" petition right away. And if you possibly can, please agree to chip in whatever you can TODAY.

Using mail, email, Internet ads and phone banks, my hope is to mobilize an army of Americans nationwide who – like me – insist on nothing less than 100% repeal of ObamaCare.

The petitions I generate from these liberty-loving Americans will help me as I fight to ensure my Republican Party stays 100% committed to ObamaCare repeal AND ensure Democrats have nowhere to run from the national healthcare disaster they've caused as November 2014 approaches.

But I can't do it without your support.

So in addition to your signed "Stand With Rand® to Repeal ObamaCare" petition, won't you please agree to chip in a contribution of $20 at once?

I know that's a lot – it's much more than you've given in the past.

But I believe November 2014 will be a turning point in our fight against President Obama's national healthcare takeover.

Either you and I will take a massive step toward wiping this law off the books. Or ObamaCare will become even more entrenched in federal law. Those are the stakes.

But if $20 is just too much, won't you please agree to chip in a contribution of $10 or $5 right away?

I'm not about to give up this fight.

If you agree, please stand with me today. Please agree to chip in a contribution of $20, $10 or at least $5 TODAY!

In liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - Kentucky)

P.S. If somehow Democrats don't pay a price in November 2014, I'm afraid ObamaCare will become even more cemented in federal law. But if Republicans campaign loudly and clearly against this horrific healthcare scheme and triumph this November, I believe ObamaCare's days will be numbered.

But I need your help today to ensure our Republican Party stays 100% committed to wiping ObamaCare off the books!

So please sign your "Stand With Rand® to Repeal ObamaCare" petition right away. And if you possibly can, please agree to chip in a contribution of $20, $10 or at least $5 TODAY.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tell Congress to hold unions accountable for their crimes

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Union bosses consider themselves above the law -- because they are -- thanks to the notorious Supreme Court Enmons decision.

Ever since that infamous decision in 1973, union bosses have been granted immunity from prosecution for acts of violence and vandalism they orchestrate in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives."

This outrageous loophole in federal law has effectively tied the hands of federal law enforcement officers and has permitted union bosses and their handpicked "enforcers" to achieve their union goals – by any means necessary.

But you and I have an opportunity to put an end to all this.

Senator David Vitter recently introduced the Freedom From Union Violence Act (S. 2535), to close this loophole in federal law.

It's no secret union bosses are all too happy to use violence and terror to achieve their number one goal: force more and more working men and women into paying union dues.

You and I need to make sure union bosses and their henchmen are subject to the same laws as every other lowlife and criminal.

That's why the Freedom From Union Violence Act must be a top priority in Congress.

But to make this happen I'm going to need your help.

First, will you sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators urging them to co-sponsor and vote for the Freedom From Union Violence Act?

If we are going to force the politicians in Washington to stand up to the union bosses and end this legalized union terrorism once and for all, it will take an army of concerned and committed Americans just like you.

You see, unless the politicians in Washington are forced to pay attention, they will continue to turn a blind eye to the violence committed by their union boss patrons.

With your help, we hope to contact millions of Americans who are outraged union bosses have the green light to act like they're above the law.

So after you sign your petition, I hope you'll chip in with a contribution of $10 or more o the National Right to Work Committee so we can mobilize the grassroots army needed to finally plug this Big Labor loophole of violence.

Your contribution will also help pay for costly radio, T.V., and newspaper advertising, which, if funds allow, we hope to run in swing states and districts calling on politicians by name to support the Freedom From Union Violence Act.

But most importantly please sign the petition at once.

With your help we will put an end to Big Labor's terror tactics once and for all.


Mark Mix

P.S. Senator David Vitter has introduced the Freedom From Union Violence Act (S. 2535) to finally close the loophole that exempts union bosses and their handpicked "enforcers" from federal prosecution for violent acts which would send any other brutal thug or criminal to jail.

So please, sign the petition demanding your Congressman and Senators cosponsor and vote for the Freedom From Union Violence Act.

Let's make the politicians in Washington explain to their constituents why violent union officials should be allowed to get away with murder.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Watch the video that has North Korea pissed

Have you seen this video? It is funny as hell and I understand that it has North Korea pissed. They want to shoot everyone associated with this video. Which will only invite a sequel.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Preserve Net Neutrality

From Fight For The Future:

We had a huge showing for real net neutrality last week -- more than 1 million people submitted comments to the FCC, and millions more spoke out through petitions, phone calls, and creative protests.

Our tiny team of staff and volunteers worked round the clock in the days leading up to the comment deadline, and when the dust settled we had personally delivered 130,000 comments to the FCC in just 3 days. That’s more than 1/3 of all the comments delivered during that time!

I’m so proud of all of you. Our little organization is giving these Big Cable bullies a run for their money!

But with the kind of money they’ve got, we can’t afford to just keep fighting, we’ve got to take this to the next level and get the whole Internet organized for a crucial day of action this September before the FCC’s decision.

Please chip in today to help us win the battle for net neutrality.

Last year, corporations that oppose net neutrality spent more than $1.4 million EVERY WEEK on lobbying.That’s more than Fight for the Future’s entire yearly budget. For two years!

We’ve been winning campaigns since SOPA on the same formula: we keep our team small and our costs low, we focus on strategy, and we’re not afraid to say what must be said and go all out when the time is right.

This Fall the FCC will either decide to protect the Internet or fundamentally break it. We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure the people win. Will you help?

Please click here to donate what you can.

The most exciting thing about this fight is that we’re not just trying to stop a bad bill like SOPA. If we succeed in getting the FCC to reclassify the Internet and enact real net neutrality, we’ll be protecting the Internet as a platform for the public good for generations to come.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Defeat Harry Reid's attempt take our guns

From RandPAC:

Harry Reid tried to pull one of the oldest tricks in Washington.

Recently, a few red state Democrats facing tough re-elections co-sponsored a "Sportsmen's Bill."

But this so-called pro-gun bill was nothing of the sort.

It was merely a prop for Democrats in pro-gun states to wave around to promote their Second Amendment credentials.

So I proposed a number of amendments that would put some teeth into this empty vessel and transform it into true pro-gun legislation.

My amendments to lift gun control in the District of Columbia would have:

<< Repealed the registration requirement.

<< Ended the ban on semi-automatic rifles and so-called "high capacity magazines."

<< Extended the right to carry firearms outside residents' homes and ended the ban on carrying firearms on federal lands in D.C.

But rather than pass real pro-gun legislation, the Senate spiked this "Sportsmen's Bill."

The signal from this vote was broadcast loud and clear: no gun rights legislation in Harry Reid's Senate.

He's only interested in legislative smoke-and-mirrors to preserve the anti-gun majority he presides over.

If you and I are going to advance the cause of Second Amendment rights, we're going to have to change Senate leadership.

That's why I hope you'll sign your "No Gun Control" petition today.

Send a message to Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats running scared for re-election that America's pro-Second Amendment majority is prepared to strike back this November.

In liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats shot down the so-called "Sportsmen's Bill" rather than hold votes on my gun rights amendments.

To help RANDPAC in the fight to remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader, please sign your "No Gun Control" petition today!

Support FREE support liberty

From The Foundation For Rational Economics And Education:

If you believe the mainstream media, John McCain and William Kristol and liberal Keynesians like Janet Yellen and Paul Krugman supposedly disagree on just about everything.

After all, as the media tells it, McCain and Kristol are “neoconservative” supporters of aggressive government abroad and small government at home.

Yellen and Krugman are supposedly liberal Keynesians who prioritize domestic welfare over international warfare.

But the truth is all four support both welfare and warfare spending. They just disagree over “details” - like whether we should spend more on warfare than welfare, which countries to bomb, and whether we should stick with ObamaCare or adopt “ObamaCare lite.”

And they all agree that anyone who dares to make a principled case for eliminating the welfare-warfare state and the Federal Reserve’s fiat money system (which makes it possible for politicians to spend unlimited amounts on war and welfare) should be silenced.

That’s why McCain, Yellen, Kristol, and Krugman would all be uncorking their top-shelf champagne if my Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE) were forced to close its doors.

Today, I’m writing to ask you to help me stop that from happening.

Since I founded it in 1976, FREE has fought statism in all its forms — standing firm for liberty and limited government.

But sadly, as I write you today, FREE’s bank accounts have dwindled to virtually nothing.

I hope you agree that you and I cannot stand by while FREE closes its doors.

Instead, my hope is that if I have your support today, I can expand all of FREE’s most important programs.

So won’t you please agree to your most generous tax-deductible gift of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 right away?

As you may know, I founded FREE in 1976 during my first term in Congress when I served on the House Banking Committee.

My hope was to spread economic understanding - and restore Americans’ belief in limited government and free markets.

It has been a wild ride since those early days. Since FREE’s founding, we’ve experienced:

*** The energy crisis and economic malaise of the Carter years;

*** The massive deficits of the 1980s;

*** The widespread acceptance of crony capitalism as an economic model in the 1990s;

*** The never-ending wars and the Federal Reserve-created housing bubble and financial collapse of the 2000s, as Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress and the White House for the first time since the 1950s - and promptly proceeded to betray the principles that brought them to power.

The great news is that the American people are fed up with government that has become so destructive and out of control.

We’re approaching $17.6 TRILLION in debt. Drones are flying over American cities. The NSA is spying on our phone records and emails, completely shredding the Fourth Amendment.

The Afghanistan and Iraq Wars rank first and second as the longest wars in American history.

Today more Americans than ever are interested in the principles FREE has so forcefully stood for all these years.

Our time has come!

That’s why I believe FREE’s most important work still lies ahead.

FREE can do this important work only if I have your support, so please send your generous tax-deductible gift of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25.

For four decades FREE has been working, often behind the scenes, to help grow what is now called the “liberty movement.”

FREE has sponsored and continues to sponsor a number of important programs to promote the ideas fueling our rEVOLution, including:

>>> Distributing my weekly Texas Straight Talk column, publishing my monthly Freedom Report, running my weekly column’s telephone hotline;

>>> Publishing and distributing books (including my 2007 A Foreign Policy of Freedom), pamphlets, and short papers explaining Austrian Economics, monetary policy, the folly of our interventionist foreign policy, and other vital issues;

>>> Providing support for numerous Liberty Caucus events on Capitol Hill, bringing in speakers to staff and Member events; Organizing conferences and seminars over the years.

Last year, FREE launched what may be its most ambitious project to date — The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Headed by my long-time Congressional aide Daniel McAdams, the Institute focuses exclusively on two of the areas closest to my heart: non-interventionism overseas and defense of civil liberties at home.

The Institute’s board includes my old friends Judge Andrew Napolitano, Rep. Walter Jones, Professor Robert Higgs, and many more.

In addition to challenging the neocons and their mainstream media enablers, the Institute plans a number of educational programs including a summer school for college students, a young communicators program, a publishing program producing both original works and antiwar classics, and a series of seminars and symposia.

With FREE’s support, the Ron Paul Institute has come a long way in its short life.

But for FREE and the Ron Paul Institute to continue their critical work publishing hard-hitting articles, ramping up our web presence, and flooding friendly websites with cutting-edge original material, I simply must be able to count on your support.

So please agree to your most generous tax-deductible donation of $500, $250, $100, or even $50 right away.

It seems like ever since the Ron Paul Institute’s founding, neocons have been busy launching smear campaigns designed to snuff out their critical work.

Even some so-called “libertarians” have joined in the attacks on FREE over the years!

You see, statists do not want any independent voice opposing the bipartisan consensus in favor of unlimited war and continuing infringement on our liberties in the name of “national security.”

And you can bet the banksters, Wall Street firms, and big-spending politicians that benefit from the crony capitalism, welfare-warfare spending, and the fiat currency system that makes it all possible are not happy about my plans to expand FREE’s programs.

If FREE cannot raise the resources to continue and expand our programs, I am afraid the neocons and the Keynesians will win the battle of ideas . . .

That will doom our liberty movement at a time when our rEVOLution is making more progress than ever!

I’ve seen our liberty movement grow tremendously just over the past few years.

I want to watch it continue to grow.

I want Big Government to come to a hard and fast end. I want an end to the wars overseas and the violations of our civil liberties at home.

But I know that – without our action – it could be our freedoms that we see vanish into thin air.

So won’t you please agree to your most generous gift of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 right away?

Please agree to act today.

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

P.S. As I write you today, the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education’s (FREE) bank accounts have dwindled to virtually nothing.

I’m sure the Big Government establishment in Washington, D.C. would love to see FREE wiped off the political map.

But I hope you agree that you and I cannot let that happen. The work FREE does is just too important.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 right away.

Support the Right To Work Act

From RandPAC:

Not long ago, I introduced a simple, one-page bill designed to usher in the biggest change in American politics in generations . . .

For nearly 70 years -- with our federal government's blessing -- Big Labor bosses have mocked our Constitution and strangled our economy as they've built a massive political empire on the backs of hardworking Americans.

These workers' FORCED union dues -- confiscated by union bosses under the threat of outright job termination -- have bankrolled tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for decades.

Just take a look at the federal Leviathan you and I live under today to see the horrific results.

If you and I are serious about restoring liberty and limited, constitutional government in America, you and I must strike at the very heart of Big Labor's illicit power by passing my National Right to Work Act (S. 204) to finally END forced union dues in America.

Of course, I'm depending on you to help make that happen.

As you'll see, I've made up a special "End Forced Unionism" petition for you to sign that urges your U.S. Congressman and Senators to cosponsor my National Right to Work Act (S. 204).

In fact, with your help, my hope is to generate such a flood of support for this legislation that my colleagues in Congress will realize they have no choice but to act.

The truth is, every American who has any interest at all in freedom has a stake in this fight because Big Labor's billions are at the very root of virtually every Big Government assault on our most basic freedoms, including:

*** The "ObamaCare" disaster, restrictive new economic regulations, higher taxes and bigger government as union bosses tighten their grip on the private sector and seek to control, bleed, and bankrupt the government; and

*** Abortion-on-demand, gun control and assaults on the family as Big Labor uses forced union dues to bankroll politicians who support their radical social agenda; and

*** So-called "Green" boondoggles like Solyndra, federal taxpayer handouts and bailouts for Washington, D.C.’s politically-connected corporate cronies who have done union-label politicians' bidding and handed their workers over to Big Labor control.

And just like most problems in America, you can thank the federal government for this mess.

I know some Big Labor apologists try to pass their forced-dues privileges off as a "state issue."

But the truth is, federal laws on the books since FDR are the root source of the union bosses’ illicit compulsory unionism power.

And if Congress created the problem, it's up to Congress to end it.

But of course, I'm not naive.

I know the union bosses and their cronies in Congress are going to do everything they can to sweep this issue under the rug.

But with nearly 8 out of 10 Americans opposed to forced union dues, I'm not about to back down.

In fact, with poll numbers like that, my colleagues can vote against my bill if they want.

I know they'll pay the political price down the line, and you and I will only move closer to finally passing this critical bill.

So won't you please sign your "End Forced Unionism" petition?

And if you can, please agree to a generous contribution of $35, $20 or $10 - or whatever you can afford TODAY.

Your generosity will help me reach more Americans and generate even more support for this critical legislation.

If you're fed up with politics as usual, you MUST be involved in this fight.

So please sign your "End Forced Unionism" petition and make your most generous contribution TODAY.


In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. If you and I are serious about restoring liberty and limited, constitutional government in America, you and I must strike at the very heart of Big Labor's illicit power by passing my National Right to Work Act (S. 204) to finally END forced union dues in America.

With Labor Day weekend right around the corner, I can’t think of a better time to launch this fight to free American workers and our fragile economy from the shackles of forced unionism.

So won't you please sign your "End Forced Unionism" petition? And if you can, please agree to a generous contribution of $35, $20 or $10 - or whatever you can afford TODAY.