Friday, June 24, 2016

Tell Congress to back the Stop Mass Hacking Act

From Demand Progress:

It's everyone's worst nightmare: Your computer gets hacked. Someone gains access to all your files and can see the details of your entire private life.

There's no greater invasion of digital privacy.

And yet the Department of Justice is pushing a radical rule change to let law enforcement hack into thousands of innocent Americans’ computers at a time.

And because of the secretive process the DOJ used to advance this rule change, it will automatically go into effect unless Congress blocks it.

That’s why we're joining a massive national day of action today to tell Congress to stop this radical power grab by co-sponsoring the bipartisan Stop Mass Hacking Act.

Tell your reps in Congress: Co-sponsor the Stop Mass Hacking Act now!

The DOJ wants to change an obscure federal rule known as “Rule 41” to radically expand its ability to hack into Americans’ computers.

This change would make it easier for the government to break into our computers, take data, and engage in remote surveillance – all with limited oversight by the courts.

Here’s how it works:

The rule change would allow judges to give warrants to search computers outside of their jurisdiction when those computers use common privacy-protecting technology like Tor or VPNs and for computers affected by certain types of malware.

That means law enforcement can shop around for the judge most likely to rubber stamp their request.

From journalists keeping their sources confidential to activists using VPNs to protect themselves from snooping governments, these rule changes would disproportionately target Internet users who actively protect their privacy online.

Tell Congress: Secure our privacy online. Co-sponsor the Stop Mass Hacking Act now!

Here’s the scariest part about this rule change: It could impact you if your computer is infected with malware – even if you don’t know it.

When your computer gets infected with malware, it’s typically just one of thousands, if not millions of computers infected with the same virus.

In a crazy twist, DOJ’s changes to “Rule 41” would let the government hack into computers of malware attacks victims, not just the criminals who carried out the attack.

About 30% of computers worldwide are infected with malware,1 so the government’s authority to secretly hack into our devices would be MASSIVE.

These changes will go through unless Congress takes action. That’s why we need to mobilize massive opposition to these rule changes.

Join us and tell your Representative and Senators: Co-sponsor the Stop Mass Hacking Act and reverse the changes to Rule 41 today!

Thanks for taking action,

Kate Kizer
Demand Progress

Support medical marijuana at the federal level,support the CARERS Act

From Americans For Safe Access:

We can end the federal prohibition on medical cannabis this year, but we need your help.

We have so much to be excited for this year in medical cannabis, and the current political landscape is more favorable than it has ever been. But we are at a crossroads. The 2016 Presidential Election right around the corner, and many of the victories we have won in the past few years could be rolled back by a new Administration.

Our work is not done. Millions of Americans still do not have access to safe and legal medical cannabis, and with the uncertainty of 2017, we could see the return of massive federal raids and imprisonment. We are more determined than ever to bring safe and legal access to all Americans, and we now have a real solution on the table.

The Solution

The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act is the most comprehensive piece of cannabis legislation ever introduced in Congress. The CARERS Act will end the state-federal conflict over medical cannabis law with far-reaching outcomes. When adopted, the bill will end federal interference is state medical cannabis programs, reschedule cannabis, facilitate research, create legal access for veterans, and more.

The CARERS Act is gaining momentum in the Senate. Judiciary Committee members Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Al Franken (D-MN) have signed on. However, the bill in stalled in the Committee, because Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) refuses to allow a vote on the bill.

The Plan

Despite the Senator’s position, we are not giving up hope. If the CARERS Act gets a fair vote, we are sure it will pass. ASA has developed a strategic plan to push Senator Grassley to allow a vote. Using media, grassroots action, and educational events, we can pass the CARERS Act before the election.

We held a press conference in Iowa last week to kick off our petition drive. We are going door-to-door to gather signatures urging Senator Grassley to allow a vote on the CARERS Act. ASA will deliver the signatures from Iowans later this summer.

More than fifty Congressional offices participated in a special legislative briefing hosted by ASA on the CARERS Act yesterday. Participants included Congressional leaders like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), lead CARERS Act sponsor Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ), Senator Mark Madsen (R-UT), policy experts, and patients.

How YOU Can Help

This is only the beginning. If you think that we are on the right path, we need your help right now. ASA needs to deploy resources to continue to move this campaign forward. Will you help us raise an additional $25,000 per month between now and January 4, 2017, to make it happen? Your contribution of $5, $20, $50 or $100 will put us that much closer to raising the funds we need.

There is another way you can help, too...Sign the CARERS Act petition,demand Grassley hold a hearing, collect petition signatures and/or share the CARERS Act Fact sheet.

We are so close to our goal. As a grassroots organization, we rely on our members and supporters to win major victories. Anything you can contribute helps. Make a generous one time donation or an affordable monthly contribution right now click here. Together we can make 2016 the year we finally end the federal prohibition on medical cannabis!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Congress wants to take away your relgious rights and put you on a watchlist

From Public Advocate:

Christian Americans are in grave danger.

Our government is on the verge of passing a bill to silence your beliefs and strip away your constitutionally protected rights.

And they're scheming with radical Leftists to do so.

You see, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) is using the tragic Orlando terrorist attack to expand the Left's agenda.

Your name may soon be on a Federal Christian Watchlist as a result!

The so-called "Hate Crimes Prevention Act"(S. 3053) can strip anyone even suspected of a hate crime by federal bureaucrats of their constitutionally protected rights simply by being put on this list.

This dangerous legislation puts every Christian and pro-Family American at risk of being monitored by the government.

It's crucial you sign your "Stop the Federal Christian Watchlist" petition urging your U.S. Senators and Congressman to oppose this bill.

But first, please allow me to explain just how dangerous this bill is, how it could impact your life and why every Leftist politician in Congress is working overtime to pass it.

Casey's so-called "Hate Crimes Prevention Act" is designed to target and silence Christians and ordinary Americans -- not to prevent terrorist attacks.

Anyone labeled as committing a "hate crime" by Leftist bureaucrats or special interest groups will be automatically added to the FBI terrorist list.

Casey even praised the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) -- a longtime foe of conservatives that acts as a legal arm of the radical Left -- in his speech.

The SPLC has declared hundreds of innocent Tea Party, pro-Family conservative groups as hate groups.

They've even labeled me as a person of hate for defending Religious Liberty.

You know just how ridiculous that claim is, as I espouse God's love to all of His creations.

Yet, if Congress passes this new bill...

... they will count on Leftist think tanks like the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify thousands of Christians as capable of committing a so-called "hate crime."

That's why it's important Public Advocate fights back right away.

Please sign your "Stop the Federal Christian Watchlist" petition urging your U.S. Senators and Congressman to oppose this bill.

Once you sign your petition, please consider your most generous contribution right away so Public Advocate can create a tidal wave of opposition to this dangerous scheme.

You see, simply standing against any part of the Left's radical Agenda -- publicly or privately -- will be all the "evidence" they need to add you to the government watchlist.

If you're caught opposing Hillary or Obama's Leftist agenda, your name could be added to the list.

You could be marked as a "Christian extremist" simply for praying for Traditional Values at church.

And your search history -- virtually anything you do on the Internet -- could be used to flag you too.

Say the wrong thing on Facebook or Twitter and you will be marked as "hate crime" capable.

As scary as it is to easily be added to this Federal Christian Watchlist, how it may effect you is even worse:

>>> Your name will appear on this list anytime a background check is conducted.

That promotion or job offer you've been waiting for could be rescinded. With your name on this list, you will even be denied the right to purchase a firearm if this bill passes.

>>> Your private information could be leaked to radical Leftists.

As was proven in California's Proposition 8, and other state marriage referenda, radical Leftist activists will use such lists to harass and intimidate innocent families.

>>> Your family members and friends could also be added.

Federal bureaucrats already collect data that reports who you're in contact with on a daily basis. Once the Left deems you "hate crime" capable, they could be next.

>>> You will be at the mercy of federal bureaucrats.

As with similar unconstitutional watchlists, there is virtually no procedure to challenge or reverse your status on the list.

From vandalism to job loss to attempted murder, the results of such lists have been shockingly destructive to this nation's foundation.

That's why it's crucial Public Advocate fights back today.

Please sign your "Stop the Federal Christian Watchlist" petition to your U.S. Senators and Congressman.

After you sign your petition, please rush your most generous donation of $20 or $15 to launch a targeted campaign to fight back.

That's a lot for me to ask you for, but you must understand just how dangerous this bill and the current environment is.

If that's too much, I pray you can give $10, $5 or whatever you can afford immediately.

I know it's hard to think of this nightmare occurring in America, but Congress has a record of passing so-called "Hate Crimes" bills.

In fact, a similar "Hate Crimes" bill that created special rights and classification of citizens sailed through Congress and was immediately signed by Obama in 2009...

... with the support of many of the same Republicans who now hold the majority in Congress!

That's why your signed petition and generous contribution are so important.

You see, the radical Left has been waiting for this moment to silence their opposition.

Senator Casey and his staff were preparing to announce this legislation as victims were still being removed from the nightclub!

As Obama mastermind Rahm Emanuel sneered, "You never let a good crisis go to waste."

And that's exactly what Casey and his Leftist friends are doing.

Not only are they embracing Rahm's advice, they're taking it one step further by blaming you and me for the actions of an international Islamist terrorist nation-state.

In fact, lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union explained that the ISIS attack happened because the "Christian Right" has introduced 200 bills in the last six months against the radical Homosexual Agenda -- not because of radical Islam.

But with Rahm's crisis strategy under their belts, these radical Leftists refuse to let facts debunk their goal: passing the Federal Christian Watchlist.

It seems every day a new Senator is signing onto this bill.

That's because they know there's a small window of opportunity to pass this bill while Americans are looking for solutions after the terrorist attack.

But this is not the solution. Only a problem for every Christian American.

This bill will do nothing to stop a terrorist attack like the one in Orlando from happening.

But it could put you on the Federal Christian Watchlist.

And with just a few short months remaining until Obama's last day in office, radical Leftists are working feverishly to pass Senator Casey's Federal Christian Watchlist.

So, if you can, please submit your most generous contribution of $20 or $15 along with your petition.

If that's too much, please prayerfully consider $10, $5 or whatever you can afford immediately.

Thank you so much for all you do.


Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has introduced the so-called "Hate Crimes Prevention Act" (S. 3053) seeking to capitalize on the tragic Orlando terrorist attack.

This dangerous bill can strip anyone even suspected of a hate crime by federal bureaucrats of their constitutionally protected rights.

And that's just the beginning. This bill might even put you on the Federal Christian Watchlist.

The radical Left is quickly mobilizing to sneak this bill through Congress so Obama can sign it before he leaves office. Public Advocate must fight back immediately.

So please sign your "Stop the Federal Christian Watchlist" petition, and consider your most generous gift of $20 or $15.

If that's too much right now, please help me fight back with $10 or at least $5 so I can flood Congress with thousands of petitions from concerned Americans like you.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Corporate lobbyists want to rush TPP through Congress

xFrom Fight For The Future:

The biggest challenge we’re facing in the fight to stop the anti-democratic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is that too many people still don’t know what it is.

That’s a real problem. And corporate lobbyists from companies that hate the open Internet are hoping to exploit it to quietly rush the TPP through Congress this Fall.

Fortunately, we’ve got a secret weapon to help sound the alarm: the Rock Against the TPP roadshow.

We’re teaming up with legendary guitarist Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine, Prophets of Rage, and Audioslave) to organize Rock Against the TPP––a nationwide roadshow featuring high profile speakers and performers coming together to educate the public about the grave threat that the TPP poses to our most basic rights.

Through a series of large-scale educational concert events, protests, and teach-ins, we’ll reach huge numbers of people who have never heard of the TPP before, and ignite a mass movement to stop it in its tracks.

We just announced the tour to the public last week, and already we got amazing mainstream press coverage from Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, Billboard, and more! [1]

Are you down to Rock Against the TPP?

The TPP is a legally binding deal between 12 governments, including the U.S., that was negotiated in total secrecy with hundreds of corporate lobbyists helping draft the text. If ratified, it would be the largest backroom deal of its kind in history. The TPP contains extreme provisions that would expand global internet censorship, threaten our basic right to privacy, further criminalize whistleblowers, and make a mockery of the democratic process. [2]

But the good news is we have a very real chance of stopping it, if we mobilize right now.

The Rock Against the TPP tour is kicking off in Denver, CO on Saturday, July 23rd, with an all-star lineup including Golden Globe nominated actress Evangeline Lilly (Lost, The Hobbit, Ant-Man), popular punk band Anti-Flag, and Denver hip-hop legends the Flobots. Stay tuned as we announce more dates soon, and forward this email far and wide!

Thanks for all you do,

-Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. All the info about the tour is here (go here to sign petition)

1. Washington Post,Rolling Stone,Billboard
2. Electronic Frontier Foundation

Sunday, June 19, 2016

NBA Finals Champions

Congratulations to the

Golden State Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers

We were behind you all the way.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Tell your Senator to support S. 683

From Americans For Safe Access:

More and more, Congress is talking about medical cannabis, but the conversation is largely focused on lifting research barriers. This is certainly important, but the fruit of any medical research will not come for several years, perhaps decades. That is why it’s so important for Congress to protect existing state medical cannabis programs in addition to expanding research. Thankfully, there’s a bill that does both of those things!

The CARERS Act (S. 683) would protect medical cannabis patients, their doctors, and the businesses that manufacture, test, and sell their medicine as long as they obey state law. It would also lift research barriers, create access to banking services for state-legal businesses, and help make it easier for veterans to obtain medical cannabis recommendations.

Medical cannabis patients need to let their senators in Washington know that protecting existing state medical cannabis programs is a top priority. Please take action to today by calling and emailing your Senators to support the CARERS Act today! And if your senator(s) have already signed on to the CARERS Act, be sure to send them a message of thanks.

Call and email your senators now!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thank the Congressman for starting the impeachment process against John Koskinen

From Freedom Works:

This week hasn’t been good for Obama and his cronies at the IRS. House conservatives took the first step on the path to impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and voted to protect you from being unfairly targeted by the IRS.

This happened because principled conservatives, like you, rose up and demanded Congress rein in the IRS. And true conservative congressmen like Jim Jordan, Tim Huelskamp, Barry Loudermilk, and Ron DeSantis fought to make sure this happened. Please, take :30s to thank these conservative champions by signing our special “thank you” card today.

In Washington, conservatives have few allies. And, that’s why it’s so important we say thank you to the men and women who stand up and fight for our values each and every day. Thank them right now by signing our special “thank you” card here.

For Freedom,

Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks