Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Completely dismantle Obamacare

From Freedom Works:

Do you still oppose ObamaCare? Do you still want to fight to repeal ObamaCare root and branch?

Are you ready to stop the ObamaCare expansion? Will you join the fight to block the ObamaCare exchanges?

With summer here, many people are too busy to pay attention to what’s happening in Washington, I hope you aren’t one of them.

That’s why I need to know that you are 100% committed to fighting ObamaCare, by clicking here.

It will take less than 30 seconds but we need to know whether or not you will stand with FreedomWorks and help the fight to not only stop the ObamaCare expansion, but also destroy ObamaCare root and branch. Please let FreedomWorks know where you stand today.

Health care freedom not only matters, it will work.

Matt Kibbe
President and Founder, FreedomWorks

Back Senator Rand Paul this Sunday

From Rand 2016:

Barack Obama effectively labeled me Enemy #1 for refusing to back down on ending illegal NSA snooping, taking what one major news outlet referred to as a direct "swipe" at me and my campaign.

I don't mind a bit.

Midnight Sunday is the line President Obama drew in the sand yesterday when he demanded the U.S. Senate pass the House-approved "reform" bill to keep bulk collection of the American people's phone data going.

I've drawn my line in the sand too. And I'm not backing down.

On Sunday, I'm going to fight to END the NSA's illegal spying program with everything I've got.

Can I count on you to be in my corner on Sunday?

And can I count on you to please chip in a contribution of $10 or more to help me mobilize a grassroots army of freedom-loving Patriots to end the NSA's illegal spying program?

As someone who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I refuse to stand by and allow Congress to continue the NSA's illegal spying program without putting up a fight.

The Second Court of Appeals - the court right below the Supreme Court - just ruled the program illegal.

Instead of demanding Congress continue the NSA's illegal spying program, Barack Obama should take action and end the illegal program himself.

After all, it was an Executive Order that started NSA spying in the first place. And it can be undone by Executive Order.

But Barack Obama refuses to budge.

So on Sunday, I plan to end the illegal program for him.

Will you pledge to stand with me as I stare down Barack Obama and his spy state allies on the Senate floor by adding your name to this fight?

If I'm going to slug it out Sunday with the spy state apologists, I'm going to need all the help and support I can get.

Unfortunately, it seems the president, the senior senator from Arizona and other members of the "eye roll" caucus who can't stand any mention of the Bill of Rights are all operating out of the same playbook.

They've all painted a giant target on my back as someone who must be railroaded in order to ram through some type of phony "reform" bill before midnight Sunday.

If Barack Obama and his spy state allies wish to continue the NSA's illegal spying program after midnight Sunday - they're going to have to first get through me - and the hundreds of thousands of Patriots standing in my corner!

I'm counting on you to be one of those Patriots in my corner on Sunday.

So please let me know you've got my back by adding your name to the fight to end illegal spying.

The good news is, the Washington Machine's smear campaign proves you and I are winning this battle.

The American people are sick and tired of business as usual, and our message is resonating among Americans of all backgrounds.

In fact, recent polls have me defeating Hillary Clinton in key swing states like Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

One member of the media even called me "Hillary Clinton's Kryptonite!"

So once you've added your name to this fight, please forward this email to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors and ask them to join you and me in this fight by adding their name.

As I mentioned, I'm taking on the entire Washington Machine - from the White House on down on Sunday.

That's why I need as many folks with me as possible in my corner.

So after you've added your name, can I count on you to please chip in $10 to help me mobilize as many Patriots as possible before Sunday's deadline?

Are you with me?

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Force the unconstitutional Patriot Act to expire

From Campaign For Liberty:

Over the weekend, the liberty movement delivered some heavy blows in Round 1 against the surveillance statists.

And while three unconstitutional provisions of the so-called "Patriot" Act are closer than ever to expiring on midnight June 1, you can be sure we're in for the fight of our lives on Sunday, May 31.

It's time for the Senate to allow these provisions to expire.

But you can guarantee the surveillance state won't go down without a fight.

Right now, compromises are being negotiated, and deals are being cut.

That's why Campaign for Liberty needs to raise an additional $50,000 to keep our hard-hitting "Stop the Surveillance State Banner Bomb" running.

These ads are crucial to C4L being able to continue reaching millions of Americans about this important fight, targeting Senators who should be with us, but refuse to Stand with Rand in defense of our civil liberties.

With the USA FREEDOM Act only needing three more votes invoke cloture (parliamentary speak for moving forward with a bill), you and I have a much heavier lift than the statists trying to extend these authorities.

To stop the Obama-approved USA FREEDOM Act from being rammed through Sunday night, the American people must be heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill!

That's why in addition to running the hard-hitting banner ads on Facebook and Google in targeted states, I need 50,000 Patriots to sign their "I Object!" Citizen's Objection to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and their U.S. Senators.

And in order to have this program all in place to maximize the effect, you and I need to do this by Saturday, May 30, at midnight.

Five days to raise $50,000 and gather 50,000 objections to illegal NSA spying!

I know that's a high bar to set.

But each time I've called upon the liberty movement to act in the past, concerned Americans like you have risen to the occasion.

Thanks to Campaign for Liberty members like you, our "Stop the Surveillance State Banner Bomb" has been one of our most effective defensive battles.

As late as Friday night, Campaign for Liberty was still creating and purchasing new banner ads, adding more Senators to our target list.

The results of our program speak for themselves.

Despite pulling every procedural trick he could think of, Majority Leader McConnell was stunned at not even being able to get a short-term extension of the expiring "Patriot" Act surveillance provisions.

Senator Paul's objections to even a one day extension sent shockwaves across the nation.

Imagine when they hear these objections LOUD and CLEAR from Americans like you across the country!

After saying for weeks the Senate would not go home until the "Patriot" Act was reauthorized, in the early hours of Saturday morning, the Senate adjourned until May 31.

This strongly suggests the statists believe they can get the votes needed to ram the USA FREEDOM Act into law at the last minute.

And it's up to you and I to stop them.

I know that's a lot to ask, but with such a short time to raise the funds necessary for this program I'm counting on everyone to step up.

Of course, if $30 is too much, then please consider a generous contribution of $20 or at least $10 .

These funds will go toward keeping our hard-hitting "Stop the Surveillance State Banner Bomb" running well in to Round 2.

Then after you've made your most generous contribution, I'm counting on the liberty movement to generate as much pressure as we can, which is why I hope you'll sign your "I Object!" Citizen's Objection to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your U.S. Senators.

This is our best opportunity yet since October 2001 to begin rolling back the surveillance state and reclaim our lost liberties.

But five days is all you and I have to do it.

So after you've donated to the Banner Bomb and signed your Citizen's Objection, won't you please forward this on to your friends and family and encourage them to take action?

We cannot let this opportunity slip through our grasp!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. This past weekend, my son Rand took a stand for the American people by objecting to any extension of the so-called "Patriot" Act -- even for one day.

Now it's time for you and I to stand up and let Congress know you object as well.

Please make your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 , or at least $10 today to help Campaign for Liberty turn up the heat on the U.S. Senate.

Keep the pressure on the Senate to let the Patriot Act expire

From Rand 2016:

The clock is ticking and I need your help.

When the Senate returns from recess on May 31st, just 8 hours remain for the spy state apologists to try and cobble together a deal to extend the so-called "PATRIOT Act" and illegal domestic spying.

I just finished my interview on Fox News Channel's The Kelly File and I am emailing to ask for your immediate support to turn up the pressure on the Senate to end illegal domestic spying once-and-for-all.

Can I count on you to stand with me by adding your name to my fight to put a stop to the NSA’s bulk data collection program?

And after you join the fight, please chip in your most generous contribution to my campaign’s "Swamp the Senate" Money Bomb.

With just days remaining before the deadline, I need to prove to my colleagues the American people are calling for their government to abide by the Bill of Rights.

That’s why I need your immediate support for my campaign’s money bomb.

Defenders of the surveillance state were FURIOUS when I stood on the Senate floor for 10.5 hours and forced a delay in voting on extending the so-called "PATRIOT Act."

And they were scrambling when just past one in the morning on Saturday, I led my colleagues in objecting to every proposed extension of illegal spying.

But deadlines are when the Washington Machine and its allies in Congress exert pressure on my colleagues to roll over and "pass something."

The Obama administration is even claiming this program is necessary to stop terrorist attacks.

But a Justice Department Inspector General Report revealed ZERO cases where the NSA’s illegal bulk data collection program prevented a terrorist attack.

In fact, our government was so bogged down sifting through innocent Americans' electronic communications that it missed a foreign intelligence service tipping us off about the Boston bomber.

The time to end this illegal domestic spying is right now.

And with only 8 hours of floor time until the so-called "PATRIOT Act" expires on June 1st at 12:01 AM, this is a fight you and I can win.

But I need to know you stand with me.

Please add your name to this fight right away.

And after you add your name, chip in a contribution to my campaign’s "Swamp the Senate" Money Bomb today.

Your support will allow me to reach true patriots from coast to coast to turn up the heat on the Senate to finally END illegal domestic spying.

So please stand with me today.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Keep the pressure on to defeat the Patriot Act

From Rand2016:

What a week!

It all culminated last night around 1:30 AM when the U.S. Senate attempted to ram through legislation to keep the NSA's illegal domestic spy programs alive.

The first vote was on the House passed "reform" bill, which still allows bulk data collection under another method.

It failed, leaving spy-state apologists only one option - to ram through some type of short-term extension of the unconstitutional "Patriot" Act.

I stood up to the surveillance state every step of way.

I refused to back down - objecting to EVERY short-term extension attempt made last night.

As a result, the Senate was forced to adjourn WITHOUT reauthorizing the "Patriot" Act - meaning the beast is set to expire on May 31st.

When the Senate comes back into session next Sunday, they'll have only 8 hours to pass a bill before the "Patriot" Act expires.

That means if you and I can hold the spy state off for only 8 more hours, we'll relegate the NSA's illegal spy program to the trash bin of history where it belongs.

But to do that I'm going to need your help throughout next week.

The truth is, this fight is extremely important to our future.

The Founders understood Liberty cannot long survive without privacy.

Most conservatives know government registration of firearms would ultimately lead to gun confiscation.

It's no different with the rest of our lives.

Once government bureaucrats know every aspect of our lives - what we watch, what we buy, what we eat, where we worship - it won't be long until they try to run them "for our own good."

That's why it's critical you and I hold the spy state off for 8 more hours on May 31st.

My staff is preparing a few videos of exactly what happened last night on the Senate floor.

As soon as they're uploaded and ready, I'll be sure to send them to you.

Thanks to your support, you and I won a stunning victory this week. We proved if freedom-loving Americans stand and fight the Washington Machine - we can win!

But I'm afraid our job is not over yet.

So I hope I can count on you to continue to stand with me in this fight.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

To sign petition and donate

UCLA study debunked

From Public Advocate:

I’ve warned for years about colleges promoting the radical Homosexual Agenda at the expense of the truth and the Liberal Media.

And a recent paper on homosexual “marriage” in the “Science Magazine” is the latest example.

The UCLA researchers of this study claimed that spending just 30 minutes with a homosexual dramatically increases support for homosexual “marriage.”

The report basically says that opposition to homosexual “marriage” is based on ignorance and not moral or religious beliefs.

Not surprisingly, this widely popular report has now been exposed as false.

You see, the liberal news media wanted this study to be true.

They knew repeating this lie would help break down Real Marriage.

And armed with new findings to continue their anti-Family agenda, Radical Homosexual activists even exploited the study to label Real Marriage supporters as “bigots.”

But now they’re forced to face reality as this so-called “study” was easily proven to be an outright lie.

In a private conversation, the University of California Los Angeles graduate assistant collecting the data admitted to “falsely describing at least some of the details of the data collection.”

And other students failed to produce statistically similar results when they tried to duplicate the study.

Despite his confession and the mounting evidence against the study, the UCLA graduate assistant refused to write a retraction.

The study was finally forced into question when his co-author came forward with the confession, but only after sitting on the false data for an entire year, helping radical homosexuals spread the lie.

I’m outraged, my friend!

As a public school, UCLA used taxpayer funding to pay an employee to fabricate a homosexual hit piece against pro-Family Americans.

This falsehood was even promoted as a major study against Real Marriage supporters.

But in reality, it was nothing more than propaganda designed to artificially drive public opinion against pro-Family Americans.

How many other government funded and pro-homosexual studies are faked to promote the radical Homosexual Agenda?

Radical homosexuals have many ivory tower allies in modern day academia.

And who knows how many times these published studies against Real Marriage relied on false data.

I’ve seen the radical Homosexual Lobby and their allies distort the truth time and time again.

Public Advocate has led the fight against their hate-filled lies since 1981.

Thank you for standing with me against the radical Homosexual Agenda.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Help Public Advocate expose fabrications from radical academia and their homosexual operatives by chipping in $10 or $25 right away.

Section 215 update: keep the pressure up

From Demand Progress:

Tonight, we achieved what the conventional wisdom had deemed utterly unfathomable.

There are never any permanent victories in politics — and tonight’s is undoubtedly particularly fragile and must be cradled over days and weeks and months to come.

But the Senate just easily rejected attempts to extend expiring Patriot Act authorities.

No matter what comes next, tonight's vote against the extension of Section 215 represents a victory for democracy over totalitarianism; for open government over secret law; for reasonability over hysteria.

Demand Progress and our members have been at at the forefront of efforts to rein in bulk surveillance since just after our org’s inception four years ago. We have helped organize more than one million actions in opposition to mass spying — including encouraging and facilitating the activism of 250,000 people who support sunsetting Section 215 — over just the last ten days.

This most recent effort has been as part of a broad coalition of organizations, including the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Color of Change, CREDO Action, Daily Kos,, Fight for the Future, Free Press, Left Action, The Nation, The Other 98%, RH Reality Check, RootsAction, and Win Without War.

Now, without further action by the Congress, the authority the NSA exploits to spy on most Americans’ phone calls will expire when the calendar turns to June 1st.

It’s still technically possible for Congress to extend the expiring provisions, but the opportunity grows narrower with each passing day and with each extra person who speaks out against doing so.

Please click here to tell your lawmakers to continue to block the reauthorization of Section 215.

We’ll undoubtedly be asking even more of you over the next week or so, as we approach the final hours before sunset. And after that, we'll ask for even more help! To more deeply constrain other forms of illegal and anti-democratic spying.

But for now, take the weekend to relish that you have been part of achieving what seemed impossible just weeks ago.

And then we'll press on.

-Demand Progress