Thursday, April 7, 2011

From an email

I received this in my email the other day:

I went to a sporting event in the city with a friend of mine. We arrived in separate cars and met in the parking lot where I received my ticket. After we went in he stopped at the food stand while I waited for him by the glass doors leading to the outside. One the other side of the doors were some teens of an ethnic minority. They were most likely deaf because they used a lot of sign language. I didn't know what to do so I remember seeing sign language by different individuals of the same ethnic minority group so I used the sign language from that other group with this group. Well that seemed to be a mistake because one of them asked if I had a problem and can they fix it for me. I was thinking that I sure do have a problem with sign language and if the can help me resolve it I sure would be appreciative. I also thought that if they can speak why are they communicating with sign language? Just then a security officer appeared and asked to see my ticket which I showed him and he escorted me to my seat. When the event was over my friend and I parted company. On the way to my car I was walking along and I heard someone behind me. It was the teens I saw earlier and one of them showed me they had a gun in their waistband. That is a good thing because the city can get really bad at night and it's good to have an armed escort. Not only that they had their friends drive real slow beside them just in case there was trouble. I'm glad they were there because it made me feel real safe. When we reached my car the one with the gun took it out and said they wanted to get this over with. I think they were referring to target shooting or something. Just then a police car drives by and my new found friends get in their friend's car and take off at a high rate of speed. Before they left I believe one of them wrote down my license plate number so hopefully I'll be hearing from them real soon. You meet such nice people in the city.