Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tell the Senate Banking Committee to back Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

This Tuesday, the Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs Committee will hold a hearing titled "Federal Reserve Reform."

Unfortunately, Audit the Fed (S. 264), despite its massive popularity among the American people, isn't on the agenda.

But that doesn't mean Audit the Fed won't be discussed at Tuesday's hearing.

Janet Yellen's cronies – such as Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Republican Bob Corker – are sure to use this hearing as a platform to bash Audit the Fed.

And because S. 264 isn’t officially on the agenda, there won’t be an advocate specifically for Audit the Fed on the witness panel.

You see, right after Senator Rand Paul reintroduced Audit the Fed, the Fed launched an unprecedented PR campaign against the bill ...

And the Fed’s allies on Wall Street and K Street, among politicians (who think the needs of the Fed outweigh the needs of the American people), and in the establishment press are aiding it.

You can be sure the press will be quick to report if any of the witnesses aren’t prepared to fend off hostile questions.

The Senate Banking Committee has heard from the Fed and its allies . . .

Now they need to hear from you!

That's why C4L is launching a "Bring it to the Floor" Blitz designed to FLOOD the Senate offices of Chairman Richard Shelby and other members of the Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs Committee with over 50,000 petitions URGING them to pass Audit the Fed through Committee and bring it to the floor for an up or down vote.

As you'll see, there's a special counter on our "Bring it to the Floor" Audit the Fed page showing the progress we're making toward our goal.

Can I count on you to help push the petition counter to 50,000 by signing your "Bring it to the Floor" Audit the Fed petitions IMMEDIATELY?

Weak-kneed Members of Congress are looking for watered-down compromise legislation that leaves much of the Federal Reserve’s core operations off limits to the American people.

And Fed Chair Janet Yellen is living up to her promise to “forcefully” oppose passage of Audit the Fed - predicting Chicken Little horrors if the Federal Reserve’s actions are ever exposed!

In fact, while delivering her semi-annual report on monetary policy this week on Capitol Hill, Janet Yellen made national headlines when she boldly declared that she "strongly OPPOSES Audit the Fed."

And so-called “conservative” Senator Bob Corker aided her in her efforts by tossing Yellen a series of softballs and parroting Federal Reserve propaganda.

You and I can’t take this situation lightly - especially considering the massive stranglehold Federal Reserve officials have on the entire U.S. economy.

With your help today, you and I can break that stranglehold.

I can't even begin to tell you how much of an impact your signed petitions will make in forcing the Senate to vote on Audit the Fed.

Remember, it was just this past Congress when the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on monetary policy in honor of the Fed's 100th Anniversary.

That hearing also didn't include Audit the Fed on the agenda.

But C4L members and supporters stepped up and answered the call - generating tens of thousands of petitions to House Leadership DEMANDING a vote on Audit the Fed.

Your efforts paid off, and in September, Audit the Fed passed the U.S. House with 331 out of 435 votes!

Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to allow so much as a vote on Audit the Fed.

But the American people FIRED Harry Reid as U.S. Senate Majority Leader last November, removing a MAJOR roadblock to auditing the Federal Reserve.

Today if you and I can generate the same kind of pressure on the Senate that led to passage of Audit the Fed in the House, I'm confident we can succeed in getting a Senate vote on Audit the Fed and even passing it.

You see, our nation is now over $18 TRILLION in debt. Fed banksters continue to create money like there’s no tomorrow, and warnings are mounting about yet another massive economic stock market bubble that’s about to burst!

Average, hardworking Americans are feeling the pinch from soaring food prices.

Most workers’ real wages haven’t budged in a decade or more when adjusted for inflation - even using the federal government’s rosy statistics.

Yet Wall Street fat cats are living high on the hog as the Dow Jones reaches new highs on Federal Reserve-created phony prosperity.

News reports have revealed that Federal Reserve leakers gave Wall Street insiders with the right “connections” a sneak-peek on the Fed’s internal deliberations - giving them a front-row seat at the money trough.

Not only that, but secret audio recordings released last fall seem to prove that the Federal Reserve’s so-called “bank examiners” helped sweep evidence of questionable big bank behavior under the rug — behavior that could help lead to another taxpayer-financed big bank bailout.

Truthfully, I don’t know how much more of this madness our country can take.

If we don’t rein in the Federal Reserve now, every last shred of American prosperity could be wiped out!

That’s why I believe it’s absolutely critical you and I FORCE Congress to Audit the Fed and show the American people the Federal Reserve System leads to:

*** Ever-expanding Big Government boondoggles like “ObamaCare.”

Now that politicians have figured out the Fed will just print money out of thin air to pay the bills if taxing and borrowing can’t make ends meet, the floodgates are wide open for even more of the statists’ utopian plans;

*** Constant economic crises.

The recent housing crisis and the resulting chaos is just one example of an economic bubble created by centrally planned interest rates and money manipulation;

*** The destruction of the middle class.

As food, housing, medical care, and education costs soar, everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of their money sinks;

*** Currency destruction.

History shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize their money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

Yet those who leech off the Federal Reserve System don’t care.

They don’t care that they’re sinking our nation into economic ruin - so long as they keep raking in the dough from the Fed’s corruption and cronyism.

That’s why your action today in signing your "Bring it to the Floor" petitions to Chairman Richard Shelby and the other Senate Banking Committee members is so critical!

Of course this fight won't be easy - nor cheap.

After all, the Federal Reserve - backed by the nation's printing presses - has virtually unlimited funds at their disposal.

And believe me, they're doing everything in their power to KILL Audit the Fed.

Right now, Federal Reserve apologists are swarming Capitol Hill and hitting full force in the media, saying you and I just don’t know what’s good for us.

And the banksters’ fat-cat lobbyists aren't far behind - surely promising loads of goodies to members of Congress who vote to KILL Audit the Fed.

That's why you and I must TURN UP THE HEAT on the Senate like never before to FORCE Audit the Fed to the floor for an up or down vote.

I can’t explain what a travesty it would be to watch the Fed wriggle off the hook after how far we’ve come!

But I also have to face facts regarding what it will take to achieve victory.

You see, money is tight. Too tight.

That’s why, in addition to your signed petitions, I must be able to count on your generosity today.

So please chip in $10 or more to help make sure C4L has the resources to generate over 50,000 petitions into the offices of Senate Banking Committee members and mobilize millions of Americans to demand the Senate pass Audit the Fed.

Only our members’ generous support will allow us to do what's needed to win this battle.

So please sign your "Bring it to the Floor" Audit the Fed petitions and agree to chip in $10 or more IMMEDIATELY.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

The FCC sided with us but this goes to Congress now

From Fight For The Future:

This is absolutely wonderful.

The FCC just… voted... to pass… strong... net neutrality rules. The rules Comcast tried *everything* to stop. Reflect on this, for a moment:

President Obama had dragged his feet for years. We still won.

He appointed a former cable lobbyist to run the FCC. We still won.

We went up against the most powerful lobby in America. We still won.

They bought broad support from both parties in Congress. We still won.

The list continues below, for posterity, but you get the idea: We had to clear every hurdle. All the cable lobby had to do was stop us once. And yet… we still won.

But this victory is *not* safe yet. One word: Congress.

We are about to enter the fight of our lives in Congress. We *need* individual donations right now, to hold this win at the FCC. Can you donate?

Comcast’s last hope is to turn this victory for the Internet into a partisan fight. And half of Congress is running with it, pushing fake net-neutrality laws with intentional loopholes. If one of these bills passes, that destroys today’s win.

This movement has ever had a win this big, so we have never before stood in the crosshairs of such a formidable opponent. We need whatever support you can give us. $5, $10, $50, $500 – give what you can.

Lastly, Fight for the Future didn’t “do” this. People like you did. The millions of Americans who commented to the FCC, who called them at their desks, who spread the word to their friends, who even, sometimes, came out in the streets with a cold winter on the way– *they* did this.

We just worked like crazy to make sure that all that amazing energy, dedication and outrage went to the right places–at just the right moments–to force people in power to do the right thing. Organizing: online, and off. That’s what we do.

Being able to focus on organizing massive campaigns (like Battle for the Net and the Internet Slowdown) day in and day out means we can do things nobody else can, and bring the Internet to victories that were never before possible. That’s why we’re here, and we’re good at it, but man have we got a tough road ahead.

You should be *immensely* proud of the win we just accomplished, together. If you can, give us the resources we need to defend it.

And thanks, sincerely, for everything *all of you* have done so far. It’s crazy what we can get done together, isn’t it?


Holmes, Tiffiniy, Evan, Laila, Vasjen, Jeff, Chris, Jessica, Charlie – the whole FFTF team + extended family.

P.S. If you can’t donate, or if you already have, spend some time sending to friends with emails, texts, and direct FB messages. We made some special changes to mark the occasion – and gear up for battle!

P.P.S. The list of hurdles continues, as promised...

Two of the 5 votes at the FCC (O’Rielly and Pai) were completely in Comcast’s hands. We still won.

Comcast owns NBC, CNBC and MSNBC and was shameless about using their networks for propaganda. We still won.

At Comcast CEO David Cohen’s house President Obama once joked – "I have been here so much the only thing I haven’t done in this house is have Seder dinner.” We still won.

To build Democrat opposition to net neutrality, the cable lobby used strategic donations to get the Boys & Girls Club and even the NAACP on their side. We still won.

The cable lobby spent millions on cleverly misleading emails to *paid* email lists to get a deluge of anti-net neutrality comments from regular people who thought they were opposing a “government takeover". We still won.

They even got to Glenn Beck. (Glenn Beck! How could you betray us?!?! Just kidding). We still won.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Police brutality at Homan Square

Secret Police Facility “Black Site” Discovered Inside America, Detaining & Torturing Americans
By Jay Syrmopoulos on February 24, 2015

Chicago, Ill. – In a startling report from the Guardian, details have been revealed about Chicago police detaining American citizens at “black sites.” These sites are similar to those used by the CIA around the world to interrogate/torture alleged terrorists.

The stunning revelation of the Chicago Police Department operating what amounts to an off-the-books interrogation facility is threatening, to say the least. The facility apparently operates outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution, and its discovery exposes the very real and present danger of the threat posed by the police state to American freedom and liberty.

Housed in a warehouse on Chicago’s west side, Homan Square has long been the home to secretive police work. Attorneys as well as protesters, tell a tale of being systematically being denied their constitutional rights.

According to the Guardian,

Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

• Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
• Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
• Shackling for prolonged periods.
• Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
• Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.
At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square “interview room” and later pronounced dead.

In addition, no one is booked into Homan Square. Thus, there is no way of allowing anyone to account for their whereabouts as would typically happen at a precinct. When attorneys attempt to gain access due to a client being inside, they are summarily turned away from the “secure facility.”

“It’s sort of an open secret among attorneys that regularly make police station visits, this place – if you can’t find a client in the system, odds are they’re there,” said Chicago lawyer Julia Bartmes.

According to Chicago civil-rights attorney Flint Taylor the practices entrenched in the operation of Homan Square violate both the Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

“This Homan Square revelation seems to me to be an institutionalization of the practice that dates back more than 40 years,” Taylor said, “of violating a suspect or witness’ rights to a lawyer and not to be physically or otherwise coerced into giving a statement.”

According to Eliza Solowiej of Chicago’s First Defense Legal Aid, one man had his booking information changed in the central booking database. He was then taken to Homan Square with no record of the transfer. After his stint at Homan Square, he was taken to the hospital with a head injury, and she was finally able to find him.

“He said that the officers caused his head injuries in an interrogation room at Homan Square. I had been looking for him for six to eight hours, and every department member I talked to said they had never heard of him,” Solowiej said. “He sent me a phone pic of his head injuries because I had seen him in a police station right before he was transferred to Homan Square without any.”

Then, in a case that highlights the extremely ominous nature of Homan Square, 44-year-old John Hubbard was pronounced dead on February 2, 2013 after being found “unresponsive inside an interview room.”

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office “could not locate any record for the Guardian indicating a cause of Hubbard’s death. It remains unclear why Hubbard was ever in police custody,” the Guardian reports.

We are clearly teetering on the brink of total despotism and violations of the Constitution. This egregious practice must be investigated and prosecuted by the Department of Justice if they hope to keep the social fabric from unraveling.

James Trainum, a retired Washington DC homicide detective, who now studies national policing issues for the Innocence Project and the Constitution Project said,

“I’ve never known any kind of organized, secret place where they go and just hold somebody before booking for hours and hours and hours. That scares the hell out of me that that even exists or might exist.”

The egregious nature of this clear and present danger to American liberty cannot be overstated. According to Tracy Siska, a criminologist and civil-rights activist with the Chicago Justice Project,

“The real danger in allowing practices like Guantánamo or Abu Ghraib is the fact that they always creep into other aspects,” Siska said.
“They creep into domestic law enforcement, either with weaponry like with the militarization of police, or interrogation practices. That’s how we ended up with a black site in Chicago.”

Revelations like this case show how easy it is for constitutional protections to be completely disregarded and how quickly the slide into tyranny can occur.

Let’s get the word out and wake people up, by sharing this article wide and far. The time has come to unite and demand the systemic changes necessary to create a more just society and sustaining liberty.


One more push for Title II Net Neutrality

From Fight For The Future:

The first thing I read this morning gave me chills.

The New York Times ran a front page story about how enemies of net neutrality are on the retreat, and that tomorrow, we could see the biggest open Internet victory of our lives. [1]

Bottom line: together, we are on the cusp of an absolutely unbelievably epic victory for net neutrality. Do you want to savor it? Watch this video we made!

We whipped up this fun little video to mark the “final” moments of the Internet Countdown, and to look back on how we got here, together. It’s so mind blowing to think how all these online protests, real life camp-outs, calls, emails and epic stunts snowballed into what could be the biggest win of our lives. It could be even bigger than defeating SOPA. [2][3]

Keep an eye on the news tomorrow, and remember: activism works. When tons of people come together with a clear vision, nothing’s impossible. Really! Getting to where we are right now was supposed to be impossible!!

Can’t watch a video right now? Would you rather be scolding some politicians on the phone? Then click here to start making phone calls!

The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee just had a hearing today whose sole purpose was to kill net neutrality with partisan confusion. That’s what we’re up against now, and we need to smack it down hard if we want to defend any victory. Click here to call these committee members, and stay on the line for as long as you like; we’ll keep connecting you with more of them… until you hang up or your phone runs out of batteries :)

Thanks for everything you do,

Holmes Wilson, Tiffiniy Cheng, Evan Greer, Vasjen Katro, Jeff Lyons, Laila Murad, and the whole Fight for the Future team.

1. New York Times

2. Forbes

3. Wetmachine

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rainbow mafia bullies Christians

From Public Advocate:

The Radical Left is waging an all-out war on Christianity in America.

They're purging any and all public expressions of the Christian faith and morals from our country.

Christian businessmen, sermons, monuments to the Ten Commandments, and even the Cross itself are in their crosshairs.

And anyone unwilling to surrender their values to their Liberal Agenda should be criminalized.

Do you agree? What do you say?

Your American Morality Survey is coded and specially registered in your name.

I've included a link below so you can fill it out and return it to me right away.

You see, the Radical Left is sneaking through Washington demanding passage of their agenda.

They are tempting Republican leadership in Congress to turn their backs on the Obama Administration's war on Christianity.

And they insist YOU actually support them.

To make matters worse, more and more Republicans in Congress are abandoning the pro-Family values they were elected to defend.

Recently, Speaker of the House John Boehner signaled Republicans in Congress would not fight to restore Real Marriage if the Supreme Court mandates acceptance of homosexual "marriage" nationwide.

I can only begin to imagine how much more damage the Radical Left will do if they co-opt the majority of the opposition party.

As the President of Public Advocate of the United States, I’ve devoted more than thirty years to battling the anti-Christian Left in Washington.

Backed by Hollywood celebrities, the media and millions of your tax dollars, the Radical Left has many Congressmen quivering with fear -- because they wield tremendous influence in BOTH parties.

That’s why pro-Family Senators and Congressmen are counting on me to find out if you really support the radical Left's war on Christianity.

Frankly, if you really do support Left's war on Christianity -- or if you just no longer care enough to stand up for Religious Liberty -- insiders in Congress say the foundations of Traditional Values could be destroyed in a matter of months.

The Left's war on Christianity has undermined Christians' Religious Liberties at home, in the church, and on the job:

*** A Phoenix, Arizona man was arrested for hosting a Bible study on his own property.

The Radical Left's efforts to destroy the Christian culture of America has gone beyond the public square and into our own homes.

*** The IRS cut a secret deal agreeing to monitor churches' sermons, a clear step towards muzzling all speech they disagree with.

After being sued by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the IRS committed to closely monitor church sermons for speech that could be taken as "political" in nature.

*** Christian-owned businesses are being slammed with expensive lawsuits and backbreaking fines.

The Radical Left is bombarding the economic liberty of Christian entrepreneurs through government overregulation and the threat of heavy fines for refusing to submit to the redefinition of marriage.

And to add insult to injury, lobbyists for the Radical Left are paid off with your tax dollars!

That’s right, anti-Christian groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Human Rights Campaign receive millions from the government.

Hundreds of millions of tax dollars flow to anti-Christian activists through funding for so-called "civil rights" programs and research grants -- and I've read in the paper that cash even went to build a strip club!

Do you think that's acceptable?

My friends in Congress tell me there’s virtually nothing on Capitol Hill from the tens of millions of Americans like you who oppose the Radical Left's war on Religious Liberty.

They say that the Radical Left is closer than ever to criminalizing every aspect of our Christian faith.

When I heard that, I made up my mind to write to you and as many other patriotic Americans as possible.

To stop the Left's attacks on Christianity and protect our Religious Liberties, there must be an immediate outpouring of support from folks like you.

Will you help by clicking here to complete your American Morality Survey right away?

Leftist activists mock me in the halls of Congress.

They say it’s too late because Americans like you don’t care enough to help, especially with the court rulings redefining marriage and President Obama's dangerous lame duck years.

They say you support them. I tell them they are lying. They just laugh and tell me to give up.

Are they right? Should I just give up and let the Radical Left win?

Will you fight?

If, as I hope and pray, you still oppose the war on our Christianity and want to defend Religious Liberty, then please click here immediately to fill out your American Morality Survey and chip in $10 or $20 to Public Advocate right away.

I must tell you, your financial contribution is critical.

You see, while the Radical Left get tens of millions of tax dollars, Public Advocate gets no government funds.

Public Advocate relies on the generosity of Americans like you who give $10. A few special friends of Public Advocate chip in $20.

For many Public Advocate supporters, a contribution of $10 is a sacrificial gift.

I only ask you to prayerfully consider what you can afford.

You see, I’ve stretched Public Advocate’s resources to contact you and other select Americans who I believe are most likely to take a stand in these difficult times.

If you won’t help, I’m afraid there is little more I can do.

But the fact is, even if every person responds, it won’t be enough to counter all the Leftist activists are doing.

And not everyone will respond. Some are cowed by how pro-Family Americans are portrayed on TV. Others will count on someone else to fight the fight and carry the load. I don’t believe you are like that.

I’ve identified nearly 10 million families I believe would join our struggle for morality if only I can reach them.

That’s more than enough to flex our pro-Family muscle in Congress.

And most of these families represent two or three voters each.

But without your financial help, I’ll never be able to reach them.

My hope is you care enough to contribute sacrificially so I can reach these families.

A generous gift of $25 will let Public Advocate reach 45 more families. $50 will help us rally more than 97 homes. And a special gift of $100 will generate over 215 contacts.

Only you know whether chipping in $10, $20, or more is best suited to your budget.

I ask you to do what you can.

The anti-Christian Radical Left boasts you support same-sex marriage, special employment rights for homosexuals, and bans on Christian speech.

Please let Congress know the anti-Christian Left is lying.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. The Radical Left is waging an all-out war on Christianity in America and purging all public expressions of the Christian faith from our country.

They say Christian opposition to their agenda should be criminalized -- and they think they can bully the new Republican majorities in Congress to promote their agenda.

Is it true? I pray it is not.

Please click here to fill out your American Morality Survey right away so I can prove to Congress and the media the Radical Left are lying about you.

And please chip in $10 or $20 to help Public Advocate defeat the war on Christianity and defend Religious Liberty.

Your contribution is critical to reaching the millions of families I know still care for the future.

Rein in Obama's overreach

From RandPAC:

A crucial deadline is fast approaching, and I need your action right away.

You see, funding for the Department of Homeland Security runs out on February 27th.

And Senate Democrats are demanding full funding for the President's illegal Executive Amnesty.

Will you join me in fighting to defund unconstitutional Executive Amnesty by completing your emergency "Defund Executive Amnesty" fax petition right away?

Republicans in the Senate are facing intense pressure from D.C. insiders and the liberal media to "just pass something" and move on.

With newly-won majorities and a court decision ruling against President Obama's immigration executive orders that back up conservatives, it's vital Republicans exert their leverage by holding firm.

Republicans were elected across the country in November on the promise to STOP President Obama's lawlessness.

That's why last year I introduced legislation to block President Obama's illegal Executive Amnesty.

And I won't vote for any legislation that funds this unconstitutional power grab.

The framers wrote checks and balances into the Constitution to safeguard against an out-of-control executive carrying on like a king.

So it's crucial Senate Republicans hold strong and commit to exercising the power of the purse.

I'm willing to lead the fight in the Senate to stand up to President Obama's lawless conduct.

But the establishment in Washington is leaning on Republicans to cave in this fight.

RANDPAC needs your help to send a message to my colleagues to hold the line on funding President Obama's illegal Executive Amnesty.

Add your name to this fight by signing your emergency "Defund Executive Amnesty" fax petition right away.

After you sign your petition, please chip in a contribution so RANDPAC can mobilize grassroots conservatives to fight back against President Obama's lawless conduct.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

Monday, February 23, 2015

Harry Reid is taking up for re-election we have to stop him

From Stop Reid PAC:

It's official. Harry Reid's announced he'll seek a 6th term in the U.S. Senate.

However much we might think so, 30 years in the Senate isn't enough for Reid — he wants six more.

And he has his sights set on more than just getting re-elected. With only ten Democrats up for election in 2016 and 24 Republicans facing challengers, Harry Reid is planning to retake his coveted spot as Senate Majority Leader once more!

Harry's assembling his team, and his bagmen have already organized 4 fundraisers in January and February. In 2010, the Reid campaign spent over $25 million to ensure his 5th victory — you can bet he'll raise and spend even more in 2016.

That's why there's no time to lose. America simply can't afford any more of Harry Reid's disastrous career in Washington — but to have any chance of defeating him in 2016, we've got to prepare now!

That's why I hope you'll make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to support Stop REID PAC's efforts to do just that — finally — and send Harry Reid off into the Nevada sunset for good!

We've got to recruit the right person to run and win, lay the grassroots groundwork to counter Reid's entrenched campaign machine, and build a war chest to provide direct financial support and heavy GOTV support to our eventual candidate — but we can't do it without you.

Even if America elects a Republican president to succeed Barack Obama, nothing will change if Harry Reid regains control of the Senate — so no political priority is greater than defeating him in 2016.

Help us make sure our goal becomes reality — support our fight to see Harry Reid finally turned out to pasture — make an investment in his defeat today by chipping in $10, $25, or whatever you can today!

It's time for Harry Reid to say goodbye to Washington for good!

Tell the worst offenders in both houses to support Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

It's so anomalous for DC to actually do what the people want that the Republicans are investigating how the hell it happened.

Call the key Net Neutrality opponents in Congress and tell them to stop messing with the Internet.

Now that the FCC's moving in the right direction on Net Neutrality, the cable and phone companies have turned their attention to a new target: Congress.

Their tactic? Stall the FCC. In the last few weeks we've seen outright calls for a delay on the vote, legislation that would undermine the agency's authority, and a Republican-led campaign to investigate the process Chairman Tom Wheeler used to craft the rules.

One thing's for certain: If Wheeler were bowing to Big Cable, the Republicans wouldn't be launching an investigation to find out why.

We can't let Congress jeopardize the future of the Internet in an attempt to score partisan points. This stops now.

Call the Net Neutrality opponents in Congress and tell them to stop messing with the Internet.

We've put together a list of the worst offenders in the House and Senate — all you need to do is enter your phone number on this page and we’ll connect you. You might not be connected to your member of Congress, but these are the people who need to hear from real Net Neutrality supporters.

People nationwide have urged the FCC to protect Internet users — and that’s exactly what it’s poised to do. Congress shouldn’t try to block the FCC by pushing bad bills or hauling the FCC into hearings to defend the plan millions have called for.

The opposition has woken up its base and we’re seeing more and more industry lies circulating online. Companies like Comcast and AT&T will stop at nothing to destroy Net Neutrality now that we’re so close to winning. We can’t let them get away with this.

Click here to call Congress now.

And if you can't make a call... could click here and chip in $10 to help us continue our activism? We rely on support from activists like you.

Let's not let the ISPs snatch away our hard-earned victory.

-Demand Progress

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The rainbow mafia is out to destroy Public Advocate

From Public Advocate:

The radical Homosexual Lobby has specifically targeted Public Advocate for destruction.

They want to shut us down for good.

They have demanded I stop all operations... that I step down from all public roles... that we cease to talk about the radical Homosexual Agenda entirely.

Silenced. Disbanded. Destroyed.

It wasn't that long ago that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched an online petition to have Public Advocate banned from the internet -- banned from sending any emails at all.

But now the Homosexual Lobby has upped the ante through their allies at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

According to the SPLC, Public Advocate is a "hate group."

They claim that our defense of true marriage and traditional morals is an act of "hate" and "offensive to homosexuals."

They have placed Public Advocate on their Watch List and announced to every radical homosexual and sympathizer that I have to be stopped at all costs.

An act that nearly got me killed.

With our work exposing the Homosexual Lobby's handpicked candidates ahead of the recent midterm elections and the bitter fights for Real Marriage in Michigan, Kentucky, and Kansas, we have become Public Enemy #1.

And now even silencing us is not enough for them.

With the SPLC leading the charge, they want to destroy Public Advocate once and for all.

You see, the Southern Poverty Law Center has literally written the book on discrediting conservative groups.

They label anyone who disagrees with the ever-changing Liberal Agenda as “hatemongers” or “evil.”

Now they are focused on you and me because the Homosexual Lobby has become increasingly central to the SPLC's mission.

They want to destroy any belief in morality, or traditional families, or even in gender -- and they have as much as $168 million in assets to do it.

It is heartbreaking to see how much cash they command. But it is nothing less than a sign of God's favor that you and I are holding them off with only a fraction of the resources.

It is up to you and me to fight them every time; for every classroom... for every church... for every family.

But now they are beating the war drums and gathering their army -- and they are finding many allies.

With the SPLC's declaration of war, the entire radical Liberal Lobby is taking aim at me.

Big Media has taken SPLC's side -- repeating the same unfounded accusations and outright lies -- while leaders in the Democrat Party have launched public smear campaigns against me personally.

They want to destroy my credibility and my mission.

And so I have a personal request of you today.

The SPLC and their allies have demanded that I stop talking to you about their agenda.

I could never do that...

But they have also demanded that Public Advocate cease all fundraising operations.

And so I am asking you, right here and right now, to give them your answer.

Will you tell them no?

Will you chip in a quick donation of $10 or more today?

It's only through your financial support and the support of other pro-Family Americans that Public Advocate continues to fight.

The very best way for Public Advocate to answer the SPLC's hate-filled attack is with an overwhelming show of support.

Every little bit helps.

It is important to me to know you are still with me.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate

P.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared Public Advocate to be a hate group for defending traditional morality and true marriage.

They have joined with Human Rights Campaign and even leaders of the Democrat Party in a desperate attempt to destroy Public Advocate once and for all.

They have demanded that I step down and desist in all fundraising and community activities, but I could never do that!

To show the Homosexual Lobby that we will not be beaten down, would you please defiantly answer them by chipping in a quick $10 donation or more today?

I'm getting tired of the rainbow mafia,especially the SPLC. Donate to this worthy cause.

Congressman introduce bills to legalize marijuana

Two congressmen filed separate House bills on Friday that together would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana at the federal level, effectively ending the U.S. government's decadeslong prohibition of the plant.

Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) introduced the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, which would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act's schedules, transfer oversight of the substance from the Drug Enforcement Administration over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and regulate marijuana in a way similar to how alcohol is currently regulated in the U.S.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act, which would set up a federal excise tax for regulated marijuana.

The bills would not force states to legalize marijuana, but a federal regulatory framework would be in place for those states that do decide to legalize it. To date, four states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana (however, D.C.'s model continues to ban sales), 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and 11 other states have legalized the limited use of low-THC forms of marijuana for medical use.

"While President Obama and the Justice Department have allowed the will of voters in states like Colorado and 22 other jurisdictions to move forward, small business owners, medical marijuana patients, and others who follow state laws still live with the fear that a new administration -- or this one -- could reverse course and turn them into criminals," Polis said in a statement Friday. "It is time for us to replace the failed prohibition with a regulatory system that works and let states and municipalities decide for themselves if they want, or don't want, to have legal marijuana within their borders."

Despite the programs currently in place in Colorado and Washington state -- as well as those that will soon go into effect in Oregon, Alaska and D.C. -- the sale, possession, production and distribution of marijuana all remain illegal under federal law. The states that have legalized marijuana or softened penalties for possession have only been able to do so because of federal guidance urging prosecutors to refrain from targeting state-legal marijuana operations.

With marijuana legalization supported by a majority of Americans, and a new wave of states considering loosening their marijuana laws over the next several years, it seems unlikely that the federal government would push back against the popular movement. But it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Harvard economist Jeff Miron, a vocal supporter of marijuana policy reform, highlighted the precarious nature of state marijuana laws in a recent op-ed for CNN on why Congress needs to act now on federal marijuana policy.

"Despite the compelling case for legalization, and progress toward legalization at the state level, ultimate success is not assured," Miron wrote. "Federal law still prohibits marijuana, and existing jurisprudence (Gonzales v. Raich 2005) holds that federal law trumps state law when it comes to marijuana prohibition. So far, the federal government has mostly taken a hands-off approach to state medicalizations and legalizations, but in January 2017, the country will have a new president. That person could order the attorney general to enforce federal prohibition regardless of state law."

On Friday, Blumenauer called the federal prohibition of marijuana "a failure" that has wasted tax dollars and ruined lives. He also said it's time for the government to forge a new path ahead for the plant.

"As more states move to legalize marijuana as Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska have done," Blumenauer said, "it's imperative the federal government become a full partner in building a workable and safe framework."


Friday, February 20, 2015

Give back the money,Hillary

From Stop Hillary PAC:

The pressure is working --

"Clinton Foundation to reconsider donations from foreign governments...if she runs" - POLITICO

-- but it appears we are missing your signature.

And now it's more important then ever. We must tell her: reconsidering is not going to cut it! RETURN ALL THE MONEY!

Hillary Clinton has been caught pressuring foreign governments for large financial donations -- and I need your immediate help to stop her.

**Essentially: Hillary solicited foreign countries to give her up to $5 million dollars.**

She's an-all-but-announced presidential candidate leveraging her political stardom in order to squeeze foreign governments into handing over millions of dollars to her private family foundation...just before she announces her candidacy. Sound innocent to you??

If it's not treason, it is at the very, very least a huge conflict of interest.

Add your name here >>>

Senator Ted Harvey
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC

I would say it's treason. Only an all Democrat investigatory board would say different.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mike Lee needs your help

From Restore American Liberty:

Billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr. and political insiders are willing to do anything to kick Mike Lee out of the U.S. Senate. The political class thinks that Mike Lee is too principled and they want a Senator that can be controlled by special interest groups. Jon Huntsman Sr. and the DC elite are angered by Mike Lee's support for the Constitution, less spending, and secure borders. In fact, ruthless establishment funded attacks on Mike Lee have already started. Conservatives must fight back against Jon Huntsman Sr.'s campaign to brand Mike Lee as an "extremist"! Will you help defend Mike Lee's U.S. Senate seat? Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, is needed to support vital voter outreach and advertising!
Mike Lee is one of the strongest Conservatives in Washington. He is committed to defending the Second Amendment, fighting needless regulations, and supporting state sovereignty. He is also working diligently to repeal ObamaCare, stop Common Core, and fight amnesty. In the Senate, Mike Lee effectively works with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to push Senate Republicans to the right. It is hard to find a better leader than Mike Lee and it is crucial that conservatives defend his U.S. Senate seat!
Conservatives must fight back against Jon Huntsman Sr.'s campaign to misinform the public and spread lies about Mike Lee's record. The establishment will truly stoop to any level to smear Mike Lee! The attacks are vicious and new smears are coming daily! Please protect Mike Lee and help stop the establishment from stealing Mike Lee's U.S. Senate seat!

Mike Lee is a threat to the establishment agenda. He does not cater to DC special interest groups and that is why he is being targeted. If Jon Huntsman Sr. succeeds, Mike Lee will be replaced by a weak politician that can be controlled by DC insiders. Do you want a patriot that represents Americans or a hack that represents lobbyists and the big government agenda?
Losing Mike Lee would be a major setback for grassroots conservatives. If Mike Lee is defeated, the establishment will attempt to oust more conservatives. The outcome of this race will determine if insiders like John Huntsman Sr. try to attack patriotic conservatives ever again. Conservatives everywhere must defend Mike Lee and send a strong message to the establishment!
It is vital that conservatives help Mike Lee overcome the smears funded by Jon Huntsman Sr. The attacks have started and the smears are getting worse each day. The political establishment is pouring millions into this election and grassroots conservatives need to fight back. Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more to keep Mike Lee in the U.S. Senate.

Senator Mike Lee is a Statesman not a politician so it would probably been in the interest of anyone else who loves the Constitution to keep him in the Senate a while longer. Besides do you want another statist politician in the Senate? I don't.

Tell Congress to stop NSA mass surveillence

From Demand Progress:

Key parts of the Patriot Act expire soon -- so we have a new opportunity to push back against ongoing, illegal, mass surveillance of Americans.

Will you join our coalition effort demanding that Congress put an end to mass spying?

The government has used the Patriot Act to claim enormous new powers to spy on all of us -- and has lied about it with impunity.

It's gone too far, but this spring, key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire – including one that the NSA claims lets it collect private data about all of our phone calls.

It's illegal and ineffective, and it must STOP.

Join us and our partners as we tell Congress that we can't allow unconstitutional mass surveillance of Americans to continue.

This spying is so offensive that the original sponsor of the Patriot Act, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, is urging colleagues to sign a letter asserting that they will vote against reauthorization if the law is not amended to ban mass surveillance.

More signatures on the letter mean more power for us and our allies as the Patriot Act approaches its sunset.

Will you click here to urge your lawmakers to sign it the letter? It'll just take a second, and will strengthen our position as we approach the Patriot Act expiration.

We've come close to reining in the NSA several times -- with your help, we can win this one.

-Demand Progress

Congress tries to stop the FCC from implementing Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

Congressmen Fred Upton and Greg Walden just introduced legislation to block Net Neutrality.

Wanna guess who Fred Upton's biggest campaign contributor was in 2014? Comcast.

How about the second biggest donor to Greg Walden's campaign? Also Comcast.

The corruption is so blatantly obvious I almost can't believe it.

It's time we let the constituents of these congressmen know who they're actually representing in Washington. So here's the plan: If we can raise enough money today, we'll start putting up billboards in their home districts that call them out for putting the cable industry ahead of their constituents.

Chip in to help hold these corrupt opponents of Net Neutrality accountable.

Comcast shoveled almost $3 million into Congress in 2014--and now they're getting what they paid for.

Within days of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler coming out strongly for Net Neutrality and Title II reclassification, Comcast's allies in Congress started trying to cut off the FCC at the knees.

We can hold these members of Congress accountable--but we need to hit them where it hurts, with voters. That's why we're putting up billboards in their home districts, to let voters know how they took money from Comcast to fight Net Neutrality.

But we don't get millions from corporations like Comcast. We count on your donations to make our work possible. Will you chip in to help stop Comcast from killing Net Neutrality?

Yes, I'll chip in.


-Demand Progress


Friday, February 13, 2015

Hold Hillary accountable in Benghazi scandal

From RandPAC:

Hillary Clinton's war in Libya was a foreign policy disaster.

She was the driving force behind pushing America into the middle of Libya's civil war -- without approval from Congress or the American people.

Hillary's actions have made Libya a Jihadist wonderland. There are Jihadists everywhere, and the civil war rages on.

The American people deserve better.

That's why I'm hoping you'll sign your "Say 'NO!' to Hillary" Mandate right away.

When I asked Hillary Clinton why she ignored multiple requests from U.S. officials begging for additional security in a war zone, I knew she was hiding something.

I've said for over a year now that Hillary Clinton took us to war in Libya under false pretenses.

She told the American people mass casualties were "imminent" without immediate and unilateral U.S. military action in Libya.

Now defense intelligence officials are rebuking Hillary's comments by saying she made false claims to sell the war to the American people.

I wish I were joking.

But Hillary Clinton's false claims and reckless actions have pushed chunks of North Africa and the Middle East into chaos, jeopardized America's national security, and contributed to the rise of ISIS and their allies.

Hillary Clinton was the loudest cheerleader for sending arms to so-called "moderate rebels" in Libya and Syria -- reports say at least 600 tons of weapons were shipped to rebel forces in 2013 alone.

Many of these weapons have fallen into the hands of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, I'm afraid America and our allies are now fighting against our very own weapons.

This failure of leadership disqualifies Hillary Clinton from ever holding higher office.

Even the Accountability Review Board, led by officials handpicked by Hillary Clinton to investigate Benghazi, reported Hillary's efforts in Benghazi were a "systemic failure."

But you and I both know that won't stop Hillary from doing everything in her power to seek higher office.

Her lust for power is endless.

That's why grassroots conservatives like you and I must stop Hillary before it's too late by taking a stand right now and sending her a loud-and-clear message: "NO!"

If you agree, please sign your "Say 'NO!' to Hillary" Mandate right away.

There's not a moment to waste. Your immediate support is needed more than ever.

Thank you in advance for your continued action.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stop the unions from stealing from workers

From The National Right To Work Committee:

I have huge news!

Senator Rand Paul just reintroduced the National Right to Work Act (S. 391) to END forced-union dues in America once and for all!

As you know, Harry Reid spent the last 8 years using his power as Senate Majority Leader to stonewall you and me on the National Right to Work Act at virtually every turn.

And he paid the price when the American people rejected his forced-dues agenda and FIRED him as Majority Leader.

Now you and I have the largest Right to Work numbers in Congressional history!

This is the greatest opportunity to get a vote on the National Right to Work Act in nearly a decade.

Will you be a part of history and join Senator Rand Paul by signing your petition?

Your signature on the petition to your Congressman and Senators is what's needed to bust through the opposition and force a vote on the National Right to Work Act.

If you've already signed your petition, please forward this to as many friends and family members as you can RIGHT AWAY.

With control of the White House up for grabs in less than two short years, it's crucial that you and I do everything in our power to strike at Big Labor's multi-BILLION dollar forced-dues warchest.

So please sign your National Right to Work Petition immediately.

I know Senator Paul will be thrilled to see the tidal wave of grassroots support from supporters like you willing to stand with him in the fight for worker freedom.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The effort to Audit The Fed may fall apart


The Fed's attack dogs are snarling and ready to pounce.

Federal Reserve cronies are firing off personal attacks because they see the rising tide of support for Senator Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill (S.264).

That's why RANDPAC's launched the "Stand with Rand Audit the Fed" Money Bomb.

You see, the national news may be portraying this fight as "Rand Paul v. the Federal Reserve."

But the truth of the matter is Senator Paul can't win this fight without you in his corner.

It's because of your phone calls, emails, petitions, and grassroots activism that Audit the Fed passed the House last year with over 300 votes!

And because the grassroots turned out to fire Fed apologists in Congress, the new Republican majorities in Congress presents our best chance to force a vote to finally hold the Fed accountable for over 100 years of economy-wrecking policies.

But I'm afraid, without your immediate support, this chance may slip through our fingers.

And that would be a DISASTER.

All the taxes. All the tax increases. The 18 trillion in debt.

Every single of one of President Obama's disastrous policies are enabled by the unaccountable Federal Reserve.

To stop President Obama from drowning America in an ocean of red ink you have to stop the Fed.

That's why it's vital you chip in your most generous contribution to RANDPAC's "Stand with Rand Audit the Fed" Money Bomb IMMEDIATELY.

Without your help, all the momentum our movement built during the 2014 elections will fall apart.

Senator Paul is counting on you,

The Team at RANDPAC

U.S. tax payers are to pick up the tab for sex change operations for illegal aliens

From Public Advocate:

The Obama Administration is rolling out the red carpet for transsexual illegal immigrants.

And you're footing the bill.

Testimony from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission highlighted the special treatment.

Transsexual illegal immigrants detained by ICE have their sex change hormone therapy paid for by American taxpayers like you and me.

But that's not all we're paying for.

Transsexual illegal immigrants arrested anywhere in America are entitled to transportation to a special detention facility in Los Angeles.

All they have to do is claim they "fear for their safety in detention due to their gender identity or sexual orientation."

Meanwhile, Christian bakers are threatened with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if they choose not to support homosexual "marriage."

Pastors of home churches are arrested for holding meetings on their own property.

Obama's IRS is threatening to punish churches for exercising political free speech.

But transsexual lawless illegal immigrants are given special treatment on the backs of hardworking Americans.

It makes my blood boil.

There is absolutely a war on Christianity being waged.

That's why I continue to spearhead Public Advocate's fight to restore the Religious Liberties our country was founded on.

And it's your continued support that keeps us on the frontlines.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. If you haven't signed your Protect Religious Liberty Directive to your U.S. Senators and Representative, please click here to sign right away!

And once you've signed, please chip in $10 or $20 to help Public Advocate fight back against the radical Homosexual Lobby and the Left's war on Christianity.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tell the Republicans not to give into the rainbow mafia

From Public Advocate:

All the work you and I did to expose the Homosexual Lobby's handpicked candidates is at risk.

America sent pro-Family majorities to Congress to roll back the six years of damage wrought by Barack Obama and the Homosexual Lobby.

Behind the scenes, the Homosexual Lobby is bullying or bribing Republican Congressional leadership to pass their radical agenda.

Public Advocate has been fighting against the Left's war to tear down Traditional Values and criminalize Christianity since 1981.

And the stakes are higher than ever.

Insiders say more and more Republicans in Congress are paying heed to the Left's lies.

They say the march of protected-class status for homosexuals is inevitable.

They're using the momentum from their victories redefining marriage in the courts to say Republicans must support homosexual "marriage" or risk standing "on the wrong side of history."

The Homosexual Lobby is desperate to swing Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to their side during the final two years of Barack Obama's term.

It's up to you and me to make sure the Republican majorities don't sell out the Traditional Values they were elected to uphold.

If Public Advocate is going to rally pro-Family opposition to the Gay Bill of Special Rights and the Left's war on Christianity and Real Marriage, there's no time to lose.

That’s why I’ve officially launched your Public Advocate into overdrive.

This battle will be like none before. You and I must pull out all the stops.

That's why it's critical for you to sign your petition to Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell demanding they defend the Traditional Values they were elected to uphold.

Your signed petition is the first step in marshalling Republican opposition to the Homosexual Agenda and their war on Christianity, so it is vital you sign it at once.

You and I must prove to Congress that the overwhelming majority of Americans will not tolerate their attempts to force homosexuality into every aspect of our lives.

But there’s more.

As you know, the Homosexual Lobby hoards vast treasuries they can unleash at a moment’s notice to drown out our voices.

And the amount of money they spent during November's midterm elections shows the opposition is better funded than ever.

That’s why I need you to chip in an emergency donation of $10 or $20 along with your signed petition.

Your contribution will allow me to execute step two in my plan to defeat the radical Homosexual Agenda:

Alerting hundreds of thousands, hopefully millions, of pro-Family Americans to the danger of what’s lurking in Washington.

With our entire movement mobilized, our voices CAN rise above the noise of the radical Homosexual Lobby.

But we have to act quickly.

They are twisting arms and spreading lies behind the scenes in Congress!

By acting now, I can put Public Advocate’s 34 years of experience behind defeating the Homosexual Lobby's radical agenda.

Over the decades, you and I have defended Real Marriage and Religious Liberties from the Homosexual Lobby and Radical Left.

But this time we are facing a well-oiled machine that’s desperate to make the most of Barack Obama's final two years in the White House.

But if you and I fight harder and faster than ever before, we may be able to roll back their victories over the last six years.

I’m just worried it’s too late.

If the Homosexual Lobby can bully or trick the Republican Congress to pass the Gay Bill of Special Rights, it would create a protected class of citizens based on “sexual orientation.”

Employers would be forced to hire -- and be prevented from firing -- anyone who claims to be a member of this new protected class of homosexuals, bisexuals, and even so-called “transsexuals.”

Churches would be forced to hire homosexual youth pastors or face lawsuits for discrimination.

Schools would not be able to fire teachers who suddenly decide cross-dressing better “expresses” their “gender identity.”

This has been keeping me up for days.

We must rally pro-Family opposition to this bill to stop it from reaching President Obama’s desk.

Your signed petition and emergency contribution are crucial to doing just that.

When I flood Washington, D.C. with signed petitions from you and other pro-Family Americans, they will have no choice but to listen to us or pay a high price next election.

And only through your generous donation will I be able to compete with the radical homosexual tidal wave of special interest cash.

I am giving all I have to this new onslaught -- my money, my time and sometimes even my health.

Please chip in $10 or $20 as soon as possible.

Your donation of $20 will allow me to alert pro-Family Americans of the danger facing Traditional Values.

With their voices added to ours, Congress will have no choice but to listen and stop pandering to the radical homosexuals -- or face outraged pro-Family voters next election.

I still believe you and I can stop the radical homosexuals and their allies during the final two years of Barack Obama's presidency.

But if we are going to win this fight, we must act now.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. The Homosexual Lobby is bullying or bribing Republican Congressional leadership to pass their radical agenda.

And they are desperate to make the most of Barack Obama's final two years in the White House.

That’s why I’ve officially launched your Public Advocate into overdrive, and I need your help to succeed.

Please click here to sign your petition to Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell right away and chip in $10 or $20.

Thank you so much.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

We're so close to making Title II Net Neutrality a reality

Fight For The Future:

We've got chills as we write to you about this: we are on the brink of scoring the biggest victory in modern memory for the public and the Internet against some of the fiercest lobbies in the world.

The FCC Chairman just proposed rules for net neutrality, which will get voted on February 26th -- they plan on reclassifying Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, all telecom as a... Title II. Common. Carrier... meaning we keep the Internet equal for all.

Dollar for dollar, this is the biggest win against entrenched corruption and million dollar lobbyists in recent memory. No matter what happens next, this is a watershed moment for free speech.

We can celebrate soon, but first we have to finish the fight. Will you chip in?

But, it's also true we still have three weeks to go before these rules get voted on. Almost anything can happen in that time, and the details of the rules matter so much. We know our opponents in the Cable industry will use their exclusive access to the FCC and Congress to add loopholes and attack the process. This is our last moment to blow this fight out of the water and make it crystal clear that we will not let ANY loophole or monopoly behavior gut this historic win we've fought so hard for.

There's no doubt this is the moment we've all been fighting for. The FCC vote for net neutrality -- the most important vote of the FCC's entire history -- was a year in the making (and a decade of groundwork) and the result of coming together around smart, strategic mobilization at the FCC, the halls of Congress, across the political spectrum and around the world.

But, the Cable lobby knows exactly what they're going to do about it and they are unrolling their plans as we speak. We don't know all the details, but we know they are putting everything they've got into the next three weeks to mobilize the TV networks they own, the million dollar political lists they've bought, and the politicians they gave campaign contributions to (especially the ones who are already pushing a bill that could derail the vote).

It will all come down to February 26th, when the FCC votes on their rules. We know we can beat them, but on that day we'll either have done everything we needed to do to win real net neutrality or we'll lose it for a long time.

So, it's up to us to decide if we close the deal. And, we have only have three weeks to get your support and do it.

First, we're going to generate a massive avalanche of public opposition to Cable's plans by creatively distributing a ticking vote-countdown clock all across the web on thousands of websites and social media accounts. We'll generate such a determined outpouring of support for real net neutrality rules that we'll resoundingly save the open Internet and make it so politically toxic for any member of Congress and any FCC commissioner to be on the wrong side of history.

We moved mountains to get here. A year ago when net neutrality rules were struck down in court, Title II was off the table. We bravely came out for it when it was scary and built campaigns so the support would spread. No one expected us to set up camp outside the FCC offices for 10 days. And, when we created the Internet Slowdown protest and made the spinning wheel of death the iconic emblem of Cable's plans, and with our partners, helped drive a historic 4 million comments, we created the turning point for net neutrality that changed everything.

While millions of dollars and a host of lobbyists are a stone's throw away from every Congressional office and FCC staffer, we defied all odds and are winning, not on their terms of corruption and DC lobbying, but on our own -- the public banding together. Our fingerprints are all over these rules. We know exactly how to finish the job.

Are we ready to make the FCC vote on net neutrality the biggest moment for you, me, and everyone else? Oh yes.

All those sleepless nights. All that wrist pain. The rain and the cold streets. All of that has been worth it. And it's going to be worth going through it all again over the next three weeks.

It's been an overwhelming years worth of work. But we're not going to let up now. We’ve come so far. Not long ago most people didn’t have a clue what net neutrality even was. Now, we're mobilized and ready. Can you make a donation to help finish the job and save the free and open Internet?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Net Neutrality edging closer to becoming a reality

From Demand Progress:

My, how the tables have turned.

Last January, a court struck down Net Neutrality at the behest of Verizon, Comcast and the other major ISPs -- some of America's most powerful, and most reviled, corporations.

But after a year of aggressive organizing and activism -- in which millions of Americans have taken part -- we're on the brink of achieving meaningful new Net Neutrality rules.

Perhaps no single thrust did more to force back the ISPs than the Internet Slowdown, during which nearly one million people told Congress and the FCC to support the open Internet.

The FCC’s proposed rules are expected to be made public in just a day or two. They vote on the Feb 26th, and the ISPs will try to use the next few weeks to undermine everything that's good about the rules. All the while -- and for some time thereafter -- the biggest ISP shills in Congress will try to undercut us.

We need all hands on deck -- we have to mobilize as many users, social media accounts, and websites as possible to stand up and defend the net. (And run over the ISPs in the process.)

Thousands have already signed up, helping us reach more than 3.4 million people every day already. Will you join them?

Joining them is easy. All you have to do is click on the banner at the top of the webpage and protect the internet.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The FCC is wavering on Net Neutrality

From Fight For The Future:

I know Evan emailed you earlier today, but this is urgent. Media reports are coming out about FCC's forthcoming rules, and for the most part they sound really, really good. But, there’s one important detail, a loophole that might still let Comcast mess with services like Netflix. Can you send the FCC an email right now?

(In most email apps–including gmail–this will start a new email to a list of key FCC employees. Then just click send. If it doesn’t work, reply to let us know.)

Things are moving really fast right now, and we’ll know more soon. But journalists at the Wall Street Journal have been briefed on the FCC’s latest plans, and it looks like the FCC will be giving cable companies like Comcast some ability to charge “interconnection fees.”

These fees are the reason Comcast forced broken and “buffering” video on millions of its own customers, just to extort money from Netflix.

We still don’t know the details of the rules yet. Probably even the Wall Street Journal hasn’t seen the exact text. And, if early reports are true, we could be looking at a huge victory for net neutrality. The rules look better than anybody ever thought the y’d be.

But we wanted to sound the alarm. As we move into the end game, we need the FCC to know we’re watching, and that we’re dead serious about getting net neutrality done right, with no loopholes for the cable companies to exploit. If there’s a big loophole (and it looks like there might be) let’s do everything we can to fix it right now. Are you with us?

Thanks for doing this.

Holmes Wilson and the Fight for the Future team.


If the links above don't work for you, here's the text of the email and who to send it to:

Subject: Don’t mess with Netflix

Dear FCC,

I don't want Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo or *any* online video to look like this:

If you let cable companies charge interconnection fees, Comcast will keep slowing sites down until they cough up more cash.

Every American Internet user will suffer, and they’ll blame the FCC (and, likely, Obama) for not closing this loophole when they had the chance. I sincerely hope that the Wall Street Journal is wrong, and that your rules will ban these shakedown tactics outright.

Everyone who watches video online.