Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stop the unions from stealing from workers

From The National Right To Work Committee:

I have huge news!

Senator Rand Paul just reintroduced the National Right to Work Act (S. 391) to END forced-union dues in America once and for all!

As you know, Harry Reid spent the last 8 years using his power as Senate Majority Leader to stonewall you and me on the National Right to Work Act at virtually every turn.

And he paid the price when the American people rejected his forced-dues agenda and FIRED him as Majority Leader.

Now you and I have the largest Right to Work numbers in Congressional history!

This is the greatest opportunity to get a vote on the National Right to Work Act in nearly a decade.

Will you be a part of history and join Senator Rand Paul by signing your petition?

Your signature on the petition to your Congressman and Senators is what's needed to bust through the opposition and force a vote on the National Right to Work Act.

If you've already signed your petition, please forward this to as many friends and family members as you can RIGHT AWAY.

With control of the White House up for grabs in less than two short years, it's crucial that you and I do everything in our power to strike at Big Labor's multi-BILLION dollar forced-dues warchest.

So please sign your National Right to Work Petition immediately.

I know Senator Paul will be thrilled to see the tidal wave of grassroots support from supporters like you willing to stand with him in the fight for worker freedom.

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