Friday, February 20, 2015

Give back the money,Hillary

From Stop Hillary PAC:

The pressure is working --

"Clinton Foundation to reconsider donations from foreign governments...if she runs" - POLITICO

-- but it appears we are missing your signature.

And now it's more important then ever. We must tell her: reconsidering is not going to cut it! RETURN ALL THE MONEY!

Hillary Clinton has been caught pressuring foreign governments for large financial donations -- and I need your immediate help to stop her.

**Essentially: Hillary solicited foreign countries to give her up to $5 million dollars.**

She's an-all-but-announced presidential candidate leveraging her political stardom in order to squeeze foreign governments into handing over millions of dollars to her private family foundation...just before she announces her candidacy. Sound innocent to you??

If it's not treason, it is at the very, very least a huge conflict of interest.

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Senator Ted Harvey
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC

I would say it's treason. Only an all Democrat investigatory board would say different.

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