Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rein in Obama's overreach

From RandPAC:

A crucial deadline is fast approaching, and I need your action right away.

You see, funding for the Department of Homeland Security runs out on February 27th.

And Senate Democrats are demanding full funding for the President's illegal Executive Amnesty.

Will you join me in fighting to defund unconstitutional Executive Amnesty by completing your emergency "Defund Executive Amnesty" fax petition right away?

Republicans in the Senate are facing intense pressure from D.C. insiders and the liberal media to "just pass something" and move on.

With newly-won majorities and a court decision ruling against President Obama's immigration executive orders that back up conservatives, it's vital Republicans exert their leverage by holding firm.

Republicans were elected across the country in November on the promise to STOP President Obama's lawlessness.

That's why last year I introduced legislation to block President Obama's illegal Executive Amnesty.

And I won't vote for any legislation that funds this unconstitutional power grab.

The framers wrote checks and balances into the Constitution to safeguard against an out-of-control executive carrying on like a king.

So it's crucial Senate Republicans hold strong and commit to exercising the power of the purse.

I'm willing to lead the fight in the Senate to stand up to President Obama's lawless conduct.

But the establishment in Washington is leaning on Republicans to cave in this fight.

RANDPAC needs your help to send a message to my colleagues to hold the line on funding President Obama's illegal Executive Amnesty.

Add your name to this fight by signing your emergency "Defund Executive Amnesty" fax petition right away.

After you sign your petition, please chip in a contribution so RANDPAC can mobilize grassroots conservatives to fight back against President Obama's lawless conduct.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

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