Saturday, February 14, 2015

Congress tries to stop the FCC from implementing Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

Congressmen Fred Upton and Greg Walden just introduced legislation to block Net Neutrality.

Wanna guess who Fred Upton's biggest campaign contributor was in 2014? Comcast.

How about the second biggest donor to Greg Walden's campaign? Also Comcast.

The corruption is so blatantly obvious I almost can't believe it.

It's time we let the constituents of these congressmen know who they're actually representing in Washington. So here's the plan: If we can raise enough money today, we'll start putting up billboards in their home districts that call them out for putting the cable industry ahead of their constituents.

Chip in to help hold these corrupt opponents of Net Neutrality accountable.

Comcast shoveled almost $3 million into Congress in 2014--and now they're getting what they paid for.

Within days of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler coming out strongly for Net Neutrality and Title II reclassification, Comcast's allies in Congress started trying to cut off the FCC at the knees.

We can hold these members of Congress accountable--but we need to hit them where it hurts, with voters. That's why we're putting up billboards in their home districts, to let voters know how they took money from Comcast to fight Net Neutrality.

But we don't get millions from corporations like Comcast. We count on your donations to make our work possible. Will you chip in to help stop Comcast from killing Net Neutrality?

Yes, I'll chip in.


-Demand Progress


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