Saturday, February 7, 2015

The effort to Audit The Fed may fall apart


The Fed's attack dogs are snarling and ready to pounce.

Federal Reserve cronies are firing off personal attacks because they see the rising tide of support for Senator Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill (S.264).

That's why RANDPAC's launched the "Stand with Rand Audit the Fed" Money Bomb.

You see, the national news may be portraying this fight as "Rand Paul v. the Federal Reserve."

But the truth of the matter is Senator Paul can't win this fight without you in his corner.

It's because of your phone calls, emails, petitions, and grassroots activism that Audit the Fed passed the House last year with over 300 votes!

And because the grassroots turned out to fire Fed apologists in Congress, the new Republican majorities in Congress presents our best chance to force a vote to finally hold the Fed accountable for over 100 years of economy-wrecking policies.

But I'm afraid, without your immediate support, this chance may slip through our fingers.

And that would be a DISASTER.

All the taxes. All the tax increases. The 18 trillion in debt.

Every single of one of President Obama's disastrous policies are enabled by the unaccountable Federal Reserve.

To stop President Obama from drowning America in an ocean of red ink you have to stop the Fed.

That's why it's vital you chip in your most generous contribution to RANDPAC's "Stand with Rand Audit the Fed" Money Bomb IMMEDIATELY.

Without your help, all the momentum our movement built during the 2014 elections will fall apart.

Senator Paul is counting on you,

The Team at RANDPAC

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