Sunday, July 31, 2016

Major IRS scandal

From Judicial Watch:

New Revelations in Obama IRS Scandal

This week we revealed to the public more about the IRS’ historic abuse of power. We released 294 pages of FBI documents showing that top IRS officials in Washington, including Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, knew that the agency was specifically targeting “Tea Party” and other conservative organizations two full years before disclosing it to Congress and the public.

Lerner was director of the IRS Exempt Organizations Unit and Paz was the IRS Acting Director of Rulings and Agreements.

These so-called “302” documents – detailed narratives of FBI investigative interviews – fully confirm a report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) in 2013 that said, “Senior IRS officials knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011.” Unsurprisingly, the Obama Justice Department and FBI “investigation” into the Obama IRS scandal resulted in no criminal charges.

Lerner did not reveal the targeting until May 2013 in response to a planted question at an American Bar Association conference. The new documents show that then-acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller actually wrote Lerner’s response that falsely blamed the scandal on IRS low-level employees in Cincinnati: “They used names like Tea Party or Patriots and they selected cases simply because the applications had those names in the title. That was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate.”

The FBI documents also reveal that IRS officials stated that the agency was targeting conservative groups in the summer of 2011 because of their ideology and political affiliation. According to one senior tax law specialist, “The case seemed to be pulled because of the applicant’s political affiliation and screening is not supposed to occur that way … [Redacted] said he thought the cases were being pulled based upon political affiliations.” And IRS senior official Nancy Marks, appointed by Miller to conduct an internal investigation stated, “Cincinnati was categorizing cases based on name and ideology, not just activity.”

We obtained these documents through a federal court order in our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v Department of Justice (No. 1:14-cv-01239)).

According to the FBI documents, Paz and others were informed in the late spring and summer of 2011 that Cincinnati agents were using “BOLO” (Be On the Look Out) briefing guides that instructed them to be “looking at cases using the Tea Party term.” The IRS failed to reveal such targeting until the ABA conference in May 2013:

•The FBI reports that in its interview with an unidentified IRS Senior Tax Law Specialist:

She read how the case was screened and it was not because of the organization’s activity. The case seemed to be pulled because of the applicant’s political affiliation and screening is not supposed to occur that way. She wanted to alert the managers about the way the cases were being pulled … [Redacted] said he thought the cases were being pulled based upon political affiliations. [Redacted] then went to tell [Redacted] said he would follow up on the issue and would let HOLLY PAZ know this was possibly occurring. This occurred in the mid to late March or April 2011 timeframe.

The cases were labeled as Tea Party cases. The screening sheets said the two cases were pulled because of the names and political affiliations.

•The FBI reports that in its interview with an unidentified IRS Technical Advisor who reported directly to Lerner:

[Redacted] attended a meeting in the summer of 2011. She was not invited, but she was talking to LERNER about something else in the office when LERNER mentioned that it would be interesting for her to attend … Only people from Washington, D.C. were in the room, to include HOLLY PAZ … At the meeting, it was disclosed that one of the ways Cincinnati was looking for cases was using the “Tea Party” term. They were calling the body of cases involving political activity “Tea Party” cases. The concern was that the IRS had put a label on the cases that would be problematic.

•The FBI reports that in its interview with an unidentified IRS Acting Manager of Exempt Organizations Technical(EOT):

In his meeting concerning the briefing in mid-June [2011] [Redacted] met with EOT and EOG [Exempt Organizations Group] staffs and PAZ…. They showed PAZ the briefing paper and the use of the Tea Party term. PAZ was the highest-ranking person at the meeting. Somebody said they may not want to use Tea Party as a labeling term. [Redacted] had recognized they may not want to use the term Tea Party when they were doing the briefing paper, but his plan was to raise the issue with PAZ at the briefing. He does not recall PAZ’s reaction.

According to a ten-page section of the documents containing FBI interviews with IRS Senior Technical Advisor Nancy Marks, in the spring of 2012, Miller asked Marks to “look into how these 501 (c)(4) cases were being handled and find out what the problems were.” After investigations in Washington and Cincinnati, Marks reported the following to Miller in May 2012, according to the FBI:

It was not until much later that MARKS saw information that [Redacted] was only looking for Tea Party cases…. The BOLO showed that at various points the criteria called for “Tea Party” name, and then later the ideology…. She told him [Miller, on May 3, 2012] that Cincinnati was categorizing cases based on name and ideology, not just activity. When MARKS told MILLER this, he threw his pencil across the room and said, “Oh shit.”

The FBI documents also reveal that the FBI investigated why Holly Paz sat in on numerous Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) interviews with lower level IRS employees and if her presence improperly influenced the employees’ responses to investigators’ questions. The documents repeatedly state, “Other than the auditors, the only person present during the [Redacted] interview was HOLLY PAZ.”

The documents contain two separate lengthy FBI interviews with Lois Lerner, the first in June 2013 and the second in October 2013. Both interviews came after Lerner invoked her Fifth Amendment constitutional right against self-incrimination before the House Oversight Committee in May 2013. By answering questions under oath in her FBI interviews, Lerner seemed to undermine her earlier Fifth Amendment-based refusal to testify to Congress, since witnesses generally cannot invoke the right in one instance and not another. The House voted to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress for her refusal to testify.

And the FBI 302 documents also contain an interview in which Miller reveals that former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman very likely misled Congress in his March 22, 2012, testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee when he said, “There is absolutely no targeting.” According to the FBI report on the Miller interview, “In February or March, MILLER talked to SHULMAN about the development letters.” The “development letters” were letters sent by the IRS primarily to targeted conservative groups seeking what the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) later termed “inappropriate” information about websites and donors.

These documents show that the Obama FBI and Justice Department had plenty of evidence suggesting illegal targeting, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Both the FBI and Justice Department collaborated with the Lois Lerner and the IRS to try to prosecute and jail Barack Obama’s political opponents. These documents show the resulting compromised investigation looked the other way when it came to Obama’s IRS criminality.

Stay tuned, as we will receive more IRS scandal documents next week.

IRS threatens Campaign For Liberty

From Ron Paul and Campaign For Liberty:

After over forty years in politics, you would think there was nothing the statist politicians could do to shock me.

But I was amazed when I heard the Democratic platform called for the President and federal bureaucracy to silence groups like Campaign for Liberty.

Hillary Clinton and her allies have openly declared war on our First Amendment rights!

They want to use government power to stop Campaign for Liberty from mobilizing pro-liberty Americans to stop Hillary and her pals from:

*** Restricting our Second Amendment rights;
*** Giving new powers to the surveillance state;
*** Imposing new taxes and regulations on the Internet; and
*** Further crippling our economy with Cap-and-Tax and ObamaCare expansion.

And Hillary and her allies certainly do not want Campaign for Liberty to tell you about Hillary's history of supporting every single failed policy in the statist playbook.

They want to gag us so they can wipe Hillary's record cleaner than she wiped her servers!

The IRS could literally silence Campaign for Liberty from telling the truth about Hillary Clinton and other statists before the election.

You and I must not let the IRS wipe Hillary's record clean!

That's why I've initiated C4L's "Stop Wiping Hillary's Record" IRS Attack Money Bomb.

Can I count on you for a special contribution of $30 , $20 or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty raise $50,000 by Sept 6?

You see, for three years now the IRS has threatened Campaign for Liberty with fines and other legal action if we do not give in to their demands that we turn over the names of some of our most loyal donors.

Of course, Campaign for Liberty has flat-out refused to give in to the IRS.

The IRS has no legitimate reason to force us to hand over personal information on any of our supporters.

I also have strong reason to believe this is not about enforcing tax laws but about intimidating supporters of pro-liberty organizations in order to silence the liberty moment.

After all, the IRS has a long, clear history of abusing its power to harass the political enemies of those in power.

Ever since the IRS launched its attack on Campaign for Liberty, I have been afraid that the agency could force us to close our doors.

But right now I'm more worried than ever.

So I've asked Campaign for Liberty to run a "Stop Wiping Hillary's Record" IRS Attack Money Bomb to help C4L fight attempts by the IRS and other federal agencies to wipe Hillary's record clean.

Can I count on you to for an immediate special contribution of $30 , $20 or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty raise $50,000 by Sept 6?

As some of you already know, Campaign for Liberty's bank accounts are hovering near zero, forcing Campaign for Liberty President Norman Singleton and me to make some painful cuts.

That's the bad news.

The good news is we are putting together a solid plan to put Campaign for Liberty on a sound footing and grow the organization into a more effective force for liberty!

But all of our efforts will be for naught if the IRS doubles down on their efforts to force us to turn over our donor information.

While I am confident we could win a fight, the fact is right know we cannot afford the costly legal bills.

So if the worst came, I would be forced into an uncomfortable choice:

Give in to the IRS' demands or continue to resist and let the agency shut us down.

So please give your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 or $10 immediately to ensure the statists don't get away with wiping Hillary's record?

A pre-election attack on Campaign for Liberty would make it much easier for Hillary Clinton and her congressional cronies to campaign without fear of having their records exposed.

And if Campaign for Liberty is not around in 2017, it will be much easier for the statists to implement their agenda no matter who wins the election.

Consider how many freedom-grabs Campaign for Liberty has stopped over the past eight years -- from Cap-and-Tax to DISCLOSE to attempts to tax-and-regulate the Internet -- one can see why Hillary Clinton and her ilk would rather not have us around!

Without C4L, many Republicans would feel free to cut "bipartisan compromises" that do nothing more than compromise away our liberty.

So it is not just Hillary's Democratic pals who wish we would disappear.

Statists want Campaign for Liberty to disappear because they are afraid we may begin rolling back their powers.

You see, the continued failure of Big Government programs like ObamaCare to deliver on their promises, as well as continued economic stagnation caused by the Federal Reserve's reckless monetary policy, is leading more and more Americans to reject Big Government and embrace the ideal of liberty.

This shift gives Campaign for Liberty a great opportunity to mobilize these Americans and build on our past progress.

In the next four years, we may be able to force Congress to pass Audit the Fed, repeal ObamaCare and all other infringements on our health freedom, end TSA harassment and NSA spying, and defeat even more power grabs at the state and local levels.

But we will only be able to take advantage of the growing interest in the idea of liberty if Campaign for Liberty is around to mobilize the growing number of pro-liberty Americans to force Congress to respond to the people's demands for smaller government and sound money.

That's why I'm asking you to chip in today to C4L's "Stop Wiping Hillary's Record" IRS Attack Money Bomb.

I'm counting on your immediate special contribution of $30 , $20 or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty raise $50,000 by Sept 6.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Hillary Clinton's platform calls for the use of "executive action" to silence groups like Campaign for Liberty. Clinton and her cronies, including President Obama, want to silence Campaign for Liberty so we are unable to mobilize opposition to their statist agenda.

Obama's IRS could force Campaign for Liberty to close its doors by imposing fines and other legal action on us if we continue refusing to comply with their demands for personal information on some of our biggest donors.

And a pre-election IRS attack would most likely shut our doors.

As some of you already know, Campaign for Liberty's bank accounts are hovering near zero, forcing Campaign for Liberty President Norman Singleton and me to make some painful cuts.

But if we can raise the resources to rebuild our programs and keep the IRS at bay we can take advantage of the growing opposition to Big Government and make tremendous advances for liberty in the next few years.

So please make your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty raise $50,000 by Sept 6.

Hillary Clinton is not known for her sense of humbleness. In fact she lashes out at criticism of her.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Why thank you,Donald

Introducing my voter's guide

Now that the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are over. The presidential and vice presidential candidates chosen by their respective parties. We see the candidates go into full campaigning mode. It can be very confusing that is why I have created this guide to make a few things easier. You're hit with bullshit from all sides everyday so why not treat yourself to the facts without the bullshit.

Hillary is going to support the TPP

From Demand Progress:

Terry McAuliffe, a top ally of Hillary Clinton's, just let slip that he expects her to change her position and support the TPP if she wins the election.

McAuliffe tried to walk back the comment after it sparked a backlash from Bernie Sanders supporters—but this week the Clinton campaign has also refused to assert that it would fight a vote on TPP during the "lame duck" session after the November election.

The TPP is an awful trade deal that threatens Net Neutrality, ends protections against Wall Street recklessness, and allows corporations to sue the U.S. government in secret tribunals to overturn laws passed by Congress.

We can't afford to have politicians playing games, saying they're for it one day and against it the next. That's why we're redoubling our efforts to stop any TPP vote during the lame duck. Will you chip in $5?

Yes, I'll chip in $5 to help stop the TPP.

Terry McAuliffe is one of Bill and Hillary's closest and oldest friends. If anyone knows what she's really thinking, it's him.

And this isn't the first time we've seen party insiders signal that Clinton might still support the TPP. Efforts to add clear opposition to the TPP to the Democratic party platform were blocked—mainly by delegates supporting Clinton.

That's why, no matter what the politicians tell you before the election, the TPP is still a very real threat and could be passed during the lame-duck session of Congress after the election.

To make sure that doesn't happen, we've helped launch the "Rock Against the TPP" concert series alongside Fight for the Future and Tom Morello from the band Rage Against the Machine to raise public awareness about this terrible deal. The first concert was last weekend, and it was a huge hit.

And this week in Philadelphia, we're continuing to push party leaders to stand against the TPP, bringing the power of our huge grassroots movement right into the convention hall.

We know TPP supporters in Congress want to use the lame-duck session to push the TPP through—after the election, when it's too late to hold politicians who vote for it accountable.

But we've come too far to let this awful deal get signed now. Will you chip in $5?

Yes, I'll chip in $5 to help stop the TPP.

Thanks for standing with us.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let's tell Senator Grassley to get S. 683 moving along

I was at the NORML website and I ran across the following:

Currently pending before Senator Grassley's Judiciary Committee is S. 683: The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act. The measure seeks to strengthen statewide medical marijuana protections and impose various changes to federal law. Despite growing public and political support for the amendments proposed by the CARERS Act however, Senator Grassley has so far refused to consider hearing the bill.

Perhaps we should contact him and let him know that CARERS is a bill the entire nation supports.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

DNC conspiracy against Bernie Sanders

The notorious hacker collective WikiLeaks dumped a massive trove of e-mails from the Democratic National Committee onto the Web Friday just as Hillary Clinton was preparing to celebrate her presidential nomination at the Democratic convention next week.

In the thousands of internal e-mails, it was revealed that a Democratic Party official tried to use Bernie Sanders’ supposed religious beliefs to derail his presidential campaign; one staffer pitched an idea for a phony sexist Trump ad and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to score a staggering seven tickets to the Broadway smash “Hamilton.”


The suggestion of going after Sanders based on religion was included in one of 19,252 ­e-mails.

In one message dated May 5, 2016, with the subject line “No s–t,” the chief financial officer of the Democratic National Committee, Brad Marshall, plotted how to portray Sanders, who was raised Jewish in Brooklyn, as an atheist.

“It might [make] no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief,” Marshall wrote, apparently referring to Sanders and upcoming Kentucky and West Virginia primaries.
“My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

- DNC official Brad Marshall

“Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage,’’ Marshall asked.

“I think I read he is an atheist.”

“This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and atheist.”

The chief executive officer at the DNC, Amy Dacey, responded with a single word: “Amen.”

Marshall told The Intercept that he didn’t recall the sleazy e-mail.

But then he claimed it wasn’t an attempted hit job on Sanders.

“I can say it would not have been Sanders. It would probably be about a surrogate,” Marshall told the Web site.

He did not explain why the DNC would try to slime a Sanders surrogate.


The DNC was supposed to be neutral in the primary between Clinton and the Vermont senator.

But the e-mails confirm the party establishment was in the tank for Clinton long before the primaries were decided.

And top DNC officials were not happy when they were called out for taking sides.

Wasserman Schultz sent an ­e-mail to NBC anchor Chuck Todd complaining about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, who was calling for her to resign for taking sides in an intra-party battle.

Sanders won the soul of the Democratic Party

The subject line read: “Chuck, this must stop!”

In another e-mail, dated May 21, 2016, DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach wrote to communications director Luis Miranda suggesting they plant a story that the Sanders campaign was in chaos.

“Specifically, [Wasserman Schultz] had to call Bernie directly in order to get the campaign to do things because they’d either ignored or forgotten something critical,” Paustenbach wrote.

“It’s not a DNC conspiracy, it’s because they never had their act together,” he wrote.


In one oddball e-mail chain, a DNC deputy communications director plotted to create a fake Craigslist ad that portrayed Donald Trump as sex crazed.

Christina Freundlich — who took a smiling selfie at the scene of a tragic East Village gas explosion in March 2015 — pitched the idea for a fake employment ad for “hot” women who want to work for a Trump organization.

“Seeking staff members for multiple positions in a large, New York-based corporation known for its real estate investments, fake universities, steaks, and wine,” the copy read.

The job title was listed as “Honey Bunch (that’s what the boss will call you)” and the list of job requirements were as follows:

“No gaining weight on the job;” “Must be open to public humiliation;” and “A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness for the boss’ satisfaction is a plus.”

The ad also noted that the boss may “greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.”

Freundlich sent the fake ad up the flagpole and got an OK from Miranda that read: “As long as all the offensive s–t is verbatim I’m fine with it.” It’s not clear if the ad ever ran.


In an e-mail from Sept. 10, 2015, titled “Performer for POTUS” DNC finance director Zach Allen asks if pop star Ariana Grande can be vetted for a White House performance.

After she was probed, the answer came back, “Nope, sorry,’’ because she was once caught on video “licking other peoples’ donuts while saying she hates America.”

The e-mail said Grande’s donutgate “brought on two long YouTube apologies, but [the incident] won’t lead to criminal charges.”


In one e-mail chain from May 12, Democrats considered allowing the lawyer representing a pedophile to host a fund-raiser with President Obama — but ultimately decided against it.

Lawyer Roy Black, who has represented Bill Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile, raised red flags when he underwent a thorough investigation before being given the honor of hosting Obama.

But he didn’t pass.

The White House’s Bobby Schmuck made the final call: “[N]o hosting, fine to attend.”


Wasserman Schultz asked DNC finance director Allen Zachary if he could snag seven tickets to “Hamilton,” the sold-out Broadway show, so she could celebrate a 50th birthday party with her college roommates.

“I’ve never seen an order of 7 fulfilled, I have seen as many as 4. Would you guys be willing to split up 4 and 3?” he responded May 24.

She said she would.

But it’s not clear from the exchange if Zachary came through.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Life on the plantation

President Lyndon Baines Johnson on the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Modern Day America