Thursday, December 27, 2012

Protect your privacy by opposing FAA

From Campaign For Liberty:

According to the latest reports, the Senate is expected to vote as early as tonight to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 (FAA) for 5 years.

The statists hide behind this legislation to supposedly "justify" warrantless wiretapping of American citizens communicating with those overseas, among other things.

Despite the best efforts of liberty-minded activists and even some members of Congress, no one outside of a select few know for sure how many innocent Americans have had their privacy violated or which of their overseas communications are being monitored (it could be all) due to the FAA's sweeping permissions.

And as is usually the case with these kinds of bills, instead of holding an honest debate on the legislation's effects - as is promised when these bills are first passed - the politicians do their best to ram through the reauthorization votes without any challenge.

But a few senators, including Rand Paul, are refusing to let the FAA pass without a fight.

Senator Paul has introduced an amendment that is also set to be voted on tonight.

His amendment would make it clear that Americans' communications are protected from all unwarranted searches and seizures - no matter who wants the information.

You and I must give these statists exactly what they fear the most - a bruising fight in defense of our fundamental rights.

It is up to us to drag their unconstitutional schemes into the light of day and mobilize more opposition against their plans.

So please, take just a moment today to fight for your liberties by contacting your senators and urging them to take the following actions: 1. Publicly stand in defense of the Constitution by voting for the Rand Paul amendment to the FAA.

2. Make another statement for liberty by voting against final passage of the FAA and halting this statist scheme entirely.

3. Go even further by doing everything in their power to find out how many innocent Americans have been affected by the kind of security state power grabs protected by the FISA Amendments Act.

If you're not sure of your senators' contact information, you can find it here.

Time is running out, so please take action right away.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. The Senate is expected to vote as early as tonight to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 (FAA) for 5 years.

No one outside of a select few know how many innocent Americans have had their privacy invaded by this legislation or which of their overseas communications are being monitored due to its sweeping authority.

Please, take action in defense of your fundamental freedoms right away by contacting your senators and urging them to support the Rand Paul amendment to the FAA.

Also urge them to make a clear statement in support of the Constitution by voting against final passage of the FAA.

I value my privacy so if you value yours send in those emails to your save your privacy from the statists. Time is short so act quickly.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tell Congress to oppose McCain's NDAA

from Campaign For Liberty:

In their mad rush to get out of town before the holidays, the statists in Washington, D.C. are launching an all-out assault to rip as much liberty away from you and me as possible.

With the NDAA expected to be voted on in both houses of Congress TODAY, it's absolutely vital you contact your U.S. Representative and Senators IMMEDIATELY.

I've listed their names and phone numbers below for your convenience.

So please call and demand they vote against the NDAA.

Please note, there's not much time, so it's absolutely critical you act at once.

As you may remember, just a few weeks ago, an amendment was added to the NDAA to curtail the blatantly unconstitutional indefinite detention provision.

Of course, the statists said the amendment was "no big deal," and the new provisions didn't limit their power to throw American citizens in jail forever and throw away the key.

But their actions tell a different story.

The McCain-led Conference Committee just stripped this provision from the NDAA at the last minute.

Their goal is to ensure statists can continue secretly targeting American citizens and throwing them in jail for years or even decades without so much as ever giving them a trial!

This is outrageous.

That's why it's so critical you contact your Representative and Senators NOW and DEMAND they vote against the McCain NDAA.

Tell them to vote to STOP the indefinite detention of American citizens and vote against any defense authorization bill that includes this language.

Here are their names and phone numbers: click here

If you don't get through on your first try, please keep calling.

I hope those outside Arizona will also make a special call to Senator McCain's office at (202) 224-2235 to remind him of his sworn oath to DEFEND our rights – not strip them away in a blatant grab for power.

But please act now.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. The John McCain-led Conference Committee stripped the NDAA of the amendment designed to protect American citizens from being indefinitely detained.

Now statists can continue secretly targeting American citizens and throwing them in jail for years or even decades without so much as ever giving them a trial!

With the vote in both houses of Congress expected TODAY, it's critical you contact your Representative and Senators NOW.

I hope those outside Arizona will also make a special call to Senator McCain's office at (202) 224-2235 to remind him of his sworn oath to DEFEND our rights – not strip them away in a blatant grab for power.

I sure don't want to be locked up for no reason,I don't think anyone wants to. The best way to defend our liberties is stand up to nonsense like this. Tell your elected officials that you oppose McCain NDAA. Time is short,the moment is now.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tell Senator Harry Reid to support S.202

From Campaign For Liberty:

"I think we should audit the Federal Reserve... there is no entity in the world that controls our lives more than the Federal Reserve System."

That's not just my opinion - Harry Reid himself said that.

But now that he has the chance to actually back up years of rhetoric with action, Harry Reid has become the major road-block to this historic legislation - he says he'd have to check with Ben Bernanke before even considering a Senate vote on Audit the Fed!

The partial audit of the Federal Reserve previously conducted thanks to our pressure revealed that Ben Bernanke put us on the hook for over $16 trillion - more than the entire U.S. national debt - to foreign banks, private corporations, and other cronies.

And this was done behind closed doors without congressional knowledge or approval.

Please watch the following video and give Harry Reid a call to demand he bring Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate!

Ben Bernanke and his secretive, spendthrift allies at the Fed should have to answer to the American people, and Harry Reid should hold his feet to the fire.

Instead, after Audit the Fed overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House, Harry Reid became the major obstacle standing between us and a vote in the Senate.

So please call Senator Harry Reid's office and let him know you support Audit the Fed.

Demand he bring S. 202 up for a vote right away.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is stonewalling Audit the Fed, saying he would have to have a "serious conversation" with Ben Bernanke before allowing a vote.

Please call Reid and tell him you support an audit of the Federal Reserve and he should, too!

Demand he bring S. 202 up for a vote right away.

You can also email him and let him know where you're serious about auditing the federal reserve. You can see that Harry Reid himself favored auditing the fed. Let's tell him this is a good time to back up those words by bringing up and supporting S. 202.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Judgement in America

If you've ever seen Judgement At Nuremberg you know it is a excellent movie. If you haven't check TCM to see when its on next. I've seen it many times but this time I was able to seriously sit down and see the movie from beginning to end. It is set in post WW2 Germany in the city of Nuremberg to host the trial of nazi judges. Judges that rubber stamped whenever Hitler and the nazis wanted. Until after a time the trials conducted by the nazis served no other purpose but to punish those that did not believe with those in power to just shut up. It worked in the days of the inquisitions and crusades just as it served modern day dictators. The administration of justice(some have called it "the allies revenge")was conducted by the various allied partners: US,USSR,France and Great Britain. There were no allied attorneys to represent the nazi defendants,most refrained because helping the accused may be disadvantageous down the road so the defense was mainly conducted by German attorneys. What goes on in the movie is the various personalities and psychologies in play. The former jurists on trial range from Ernst Janning:at one time a pro-democracy judge who helped frame the constitution for the Weimar Republic who later went on to serve the nazis,wrestles with his decision on what he's done and does the best he can to rationalize it. He went along to get along. At the other extreme is Emil Hahn:a dedicated nazi judge that had no problem following the orders of the nazis because he was a nazi too. The only thing Hahn was sorry about is that Germany lost the war. The other two former judges were just rubber stamping the demands of the nazis with a little sadism thrown in. The psychologies of prosecuting attorney Tad Lawson: An American soldier who helped liberate the extermination camps on one side and Hans Rolfe on the other trying to salvage what remaining shred of dignity Germany still had left and reminded the world that they helped enable Hitler so they can blame themselves as well. Presiding over this case is American jurist Dan Haywood as the chief jurist. He is presiding over this case with two other American jurists. In the movie there is the American ideology clashing with the German ideology,between prosecutor and defense,respectively. Freedom for the individual,which is something we try to carry out and guard versus the good of society which is what the nazis cherished. The movie is fraught with rationalizations. From the doctors and nurses who performed sterilization (castrations) on those deemed intellectually inferior,while stating they think it is a barbaric practice that sickens them. Their protests are mostly rhetoric. They rationalize this by saying someone else with stand up to the nazis. Someone else will tell them this is unacceptable and they will reform their ways. Just wait until that someone else tells them off. They'll be sorry. Besides it's for the good of society. "It's for the good of society so let it happen" was allowed by the laypeople,professionals,government civil servants to the courts and chancellory. "It's for the good of society so let it happen" so no one dared to step up,to say "enough,no more". All through the fatherland you can hear the rhetoric "someone else will stop them". In the movie Haywood says that ever since he's been in Germany it is one rationalization or another by the native population. Fast forward to today. Civil Liberties being trampled upon while while being ignored by the media,an entity that is supposed to keep an eye on the government for the good of the people. However they don't. The old media has become a joke. They have the same topics over and over for the next 5-7 hours while you can spend the same amount of time on the net and never run across the same thing twice. There are statists eager and waiting to take away your freedoms just to enrich themselves. Those that screwed up radio and tv now want to screw up the net. The last bastion of freedom is the internet. the government tells us it's okay "to go along to get along". From throughout society we are told to obey. To go along to get along. If there are any problems someone else will fix it so don't worry about it. You have American Idol that promotes something the powers that be want you to be dazzled with. Fluff has replaced news: celebrity A fucking celebrity B is now more worthy than North and South Korea duking it out which also involves Russia and China at this point (just a scenario). We're being fed sugarcoated lies in the form of propaganda that falsely passes for "news". This can be done with the right person in office. In this case Barrack Obama (it could have be any left leaning black man) as the president. A black man could get further with this agenda than a white man could. If Obama were white Solyndra alone would have impeached him. The reason this is done by a black man is that America is in a hurry to absolve itself from its racist past and will do pretty much anything to accomplish that goal. It's a wet dream for the statists,a no-lose scenario--or is it? We can fight back. The net has leveled the playing field. Do we safeguard our freedoms and demand the lost ones restored or do we go along to get along? "Go along to get along" works real well in one place: the slaughterhouse. What do we do: fight back and take and preserve what is ours as a country or do we go along to get along? Which is it? We know where one road leads to and it's not good. Let's choose the other one.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Make the Senate vote on bills H.R. 459/S. 202

I got a heads up from Campaign For Liberty. They informing us to send email to our Senators and tell them to force Senator Harry Reid to bring bills H.R. 459/S. 202 to a vote. These bills are also known as "Audit the Fed" which will give Congress a chance to audit the Federal Reserve and find out what is really going on in there. The Federal Reserve is fighting us on this one. I wonder what they are hiding. Are you? Tell you Senators to force Harry Reid to bring this up for a vote,to support bills H.R. 459/S. 202 so we can all find out. Now is the time to write,no delay.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Support the Udall amendment

From Demand Progress:

NDAA Vote TODAY or TOMORROW: Tell Senate to end indefinite detention

UPDATE: The timeline on this is tortuous, but the vote could still take place TODAY. We have adjusted the email text that will be sent to the Senate (by those who take action Thursday afternoon and beyond) to specifically reflect support for Senator Udall's amendment, out of concern that other amendments that purport to address indefinite detention are too narrow.

In addition to using the form at right to email the Senate, please use the new social media tools we've built to help us win this fight.

ORIGINAL: The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allows the United States military to detain civilians indefinitely and without charge or trial -- even American citizens. Help us reverse this travesty of justice by adding your name at right.

The Senate is taking up the 2013 NDAA THURSDAY. Several senators are poised to put forth amendments to revoke or narrow the indefinite detention powers that we've been fighting so hard over the last year.

Demand Progress members have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to Congress and have helped fund the courageous lawsuit by Chris Hedges et al -- which recently spurred a federal judge to rule that indefinite detention is unconstitutional.

We are specifically supporting Senator Udall's amendment, which is preferable to others for reasons outlined in the above-linked article.

Earlier this year we helped push an anti-indefinite detention amendment to the House's version of the NDAA to the brink of passage. The Senate is friendly turf for us: We have a real chance of winning this fight.

Please email the Senate in front of its critical vote -- it could happen this week.

Next, please use the new social media tools we've built to help us win this fight.

Source:click here to sign the petition.

Sounds great to me. If this is the lessor of the two evils then support it. Scrapping indefinite detention would be the best but they won't do that so the Udall amendment is the next best thing.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Obama wants to lock you up

NDAA Vote This Week: Tell Senate to end indefinite detention

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allows the United States military to detain civilians indefinitely and without charge or trial -- even American citizens. Help us reverse this travesty of justice by adding your name at right.

The Senate is taking up the 2013 NDAA this week. Several senators are poised to put forth amendments to revoke or narrow the indefinite detention powers that we've been fighting so hard over the last year.

Demand Progress members have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to Congress and have helped fund the courageous lawsuit by Chris Hedges et al -- which recently spurred a federal judge to rule that indefinite detention is unconstitutional.

Because there are several amendments in play, our ask is broad and simple: Please urge your Senators to support any and all amendments to revoke or narrow indefinite detention powers.

Earlier this year we helped push an anti-indefinite detention amendment to the House's version of the NDAA to the brink of passage. The Senate is friendly turf for us: We have a real chance of winning this fight.

Please email the Senate in front of its critical vote -- it could happen this week.

Source:click here to sign the petition

Sounds like a good cause to me. I'm not a big fan of being locked up especially if I didn't do anything to cause my incarceration. If you feel the same way then sign this petition to safeguard our rights. It beats lockup so sign the petition today.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act

This Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is considering an update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to ensure our email and online data finally receive the same privacy protections from government access as postal mail and phone calls.

However, Sen. Grassley of Iowa is pushing a terrible amendment to allow government agencies to read our email without a warrant. This would make our privacy situation WORSE, not better. Grassley’s amendment would give government agencies like the SEC and IRS even more access to our emails and private data.

To oppose Grassley's amendment click here and sign the petition.

These are the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee:

ALABAMA: Jeff Sessions - (202) 224-4124
ARIZONA: Jon Kyl - (202) 224-4521
CALIFORNIA: Dianne Feinstein - (202) 224-3841
CONNECTICUT: Richard Blumenthal - (202) 224-2823
DELAWARE: Christopher A. Coons - (202) 224-5042
ILLINOIS: Dick Durbin - (202) 224-2152
IOWA: Chuck Grassley - (202) 224-3744
MINNESOTA: Amy Klobuchar - (202) 224-3244
MINNESOTA: Al Franken - (202) 224-5641
NEW YORK: Chuck Schumer - (202) 224-6542
OKLAHOMA: Tom Coburn - (202) 224-5754
RHODE ISLAND: Sheldon Whitehouse - (202) 224-2921
SOUTH CAROLINA: Lindsey Graham - (202) 224-5972
TEXAS: John Cornyn - (202) 224-2934
UTAH: Michael S. Lee - (202) 224-5444
UTAH: Orrin Hatch - (202) 224-5251
WISCONSIN: Herb Kohl - (202) 224-5653

If your Senator is not on the above list you can call or email Senator Chuck Grassley and tell him why you're not a big fan of his amendment. If you Senator is on the list call or email your Senator right away. Time is running out.

UPDATE: I heard a few Senators are teetering on this,Senator Dianne Feinstein is one of them whether you live in California or not you can reach her at the phone number above or you can email her here. We need everyone of these Senators on board with this. Any Senator wavering can be disastrous that is why we need a "yes" vote on this bill to safeguard the internet.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Indefinite detention and how to fight it

From Campaign For Liberty:

Your liberties are once again hanging by a thread. As little as five votes, in fact.

Next week, the lame-duck U.S. Senate will take up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

And the statists will do virtually anything to keep the power to lock up American citizens at will and throw them in prison forever without so much as a trial - effectively GUTTING the Sixth Amendment in the process.

The good news is Senator Rand Paul is offering an amendment to prevent the indefinite detention of American citizens and reaffirm the Sixth Amendment.

Last time he tried a similar effort, it only failed by five votes, and you and I had very little time to mobilize against this outrageous assault on our liberties.

That's why I'm hopeful with your IMMEDIATE action today, we can DEFEAT the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA.

So won't you please agree to call your senators IMMEDIATELY?

Tell them to REJECT the indefinite detention of American citizens and vote against any defense authorization bill that includes such an abuse of power.

Demand they support Senator Rand Paul's amendment upholding our rights.

You can reach them at the numbers I've provided for you below.

Find your senators

Of course, time is running out, so your action today is absolutely critical.

This outrageous assault on our remaining liberties isn't something out of Fidel Castro's Communist Cuba.

This is something statists in our federal government are doing!

What freedoms won't they take from us?

What constitutional liberties will they not crush as the statists' national security state continually expands to fit a bunch of bureaucrats' idea of "safety"?

You and I can't let this happen. You and I MUST fight back.

So please call your U.S. senators IMMEDIATELY.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Next week, the U.S. Senate will take up the NDAA, and Senator Rand Paul will be fighting to prevent the federal government from locking up American citizens and throwing away the key without even so much as a trial.

So please call your senators TODAY and demand they reject the indefinite detention of American citizens and vote against any defense authorization bill that includes language allowing this abuse of power.

Urge them to support Senator Paul's amendment to uphold our rights.

Please act TODAY!

If the statists plans sicken you then contact your senators by email and/or phone and let them know to support Senator Rand Paul's amendment to protect the 6th Amendment. The statists know their time is ending and they are in desperation mode. The 113th Congress is going to have a lot more pro-liberty/anti-statists people coming in and the statists know it that is why it is "now or never" for them. We've got to make sure it is "never" for them to implement the dictatorship they wish to put us all under. Like I said if you value liberty contact your senators right away.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tell congress not to spy on its citizens

From Demand Progress:

G-Men: If you want to read my email, come back with a warrant.

There's a key vote next week: If you don't want the government to be able to read your emails without a warrant, please add your name at right.

The current dynamic is all over the place -- sometimes the government can read your emails without warrants, sometimes it can't (details on that at bottom).

Next week the Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking up amendments that could vastly improve the situation. But some members of the committee are doing law enforcement's bidding and might try to give the spooks even easier access to our emails.

It's a good moment for this push, as General Petraeus email scandal has revealed the astonishing degree of access the government has to our emails and personal information.

Plainly put: The FBI gained warrantless access to a series of email accounts, and took down one of the figures most respected by the political establishment and the mainstream media. They can absolutely do the same thing to any last one of us.

Join us as we urge the Senate to protect us from undue government access to our emails: Tell them to come back with a warrant.

Source:click here to sign the petition.

If you find the idea of the government spying on you appalling then by all means sign the petition. If you find that warrantless searches to be unacceptable then please sign the petition. If you value the 4th Amendment then sign the petition.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What happened-a more in depth look

There has been a lot of finger pointing because of Romney's loss to Obama and a lot of things have gone through my mind as well. Did a lot of people feel that Romney thought he could buy the election? There was a lot voter fraud on the Republican's part with a lot of Ron Paul supporters being denied their voice because their votes were voided. Other stories of ballots disappearing on the road between the polling places and the governmental agencies in charge of their counting and safekeeping. Even the Republican friendly anchors at FOX were at a loss for words to describe what happened. After that the shabby treatment heaped upon Ron Paul and his supporters from the delegations to the RNC where Ron Paul supporters were denied seats. Also let's not forget That Ron Paul himself suggested that there may be illegal tactics employed here:click for video or about how Mitt Romney threatened to have Ron Paul arrested a move that did not endear him to the R3VOLUTION. Reince Prebius had no problem making sure Romney was "the candidate" from the get go. The RNC coddled Romney just as much as they marginalized Ron Paul. After forcing Ron Paul from the being the Republican nominee for president Romney thought he was going to win the White House,even Dick Morris' statistics showed that Romney was going to be handed the presidency on a silver platter,along with Karl Rove's and Charles Krauthammer's predictions. Yet Romney lost. Obama has been labeled the worst president of the United States ever. A president that not only tanked the American economy by not allowing the Keystone pipeline to come through or by not allowing oil drilling off our shores. A president that was did nothing for a long time during the BP oil leak,which was the worst oil leak in history. Yet Romney still lost. A president that has made American prestige diminish worldwide. It got so bad that our ambassador to Libya and 3 other men,one a Navy SEAL,lost their lives defending the U.S. Embassy in Benngazzi from Al Qaeda attack. Our ambassador's corpse was paraded through the streets of Benngazzi and sodomized. Where was Obama? He was in Las Vegas appearing with Hollywood celebrities fundraising. (I've got to give it to him: for what he lacks in governing he more than makes up for it in campaigning.) So let's add this up: we have 4 dead men,one an ambassador,the muslim middle east is one big burning American flag and Obama goes hangs out with his Hollywood pals. A do-nothing president in the strongest sense. Yet Romney is the one who loses the election. A president that presides over the worst unemployment record in history. A president that earned the nickname "the food stamp president" because more people are on food stamps under his administration than under Bush's. A president that bailed out his wall street and banking cronies at the expense of the people. A lot of the American people remember these banks. They are the same banks that foreclosed on them because they were unable to pay due to the fucked up economy. Yet Romney loses the election. When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast Obama made sure he got a photo of him with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and left. Romney was there too and from what I heard he stayed there longer than Obama. Yet Romney loses the election. Obama can contact Senator Harry Reid and tell him to stop sitting on the bills that will lower the unemployment rate and get the economy working again. Obama won't do that and the economy suffers along with the people. Yet Romney loses the election. In West Virginia an incarcerated man won the Democratic nominee for president over Obama. In the days prior to the election there were rumors that Obama would lose to a ham sandwich because his record was so bad. Apparently an incarcerated man would have been preferred over Romney. Perhaps it was that way because the way it was most likely perceived that the incarcerated man was paying off his debt to society while the likes of Romney get away with it. As far as Romney goes the Democrats treated him like a ham sandwich and had him for dinner.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

They've come to silence the Donald

Donald Trump

Some left wing group out there is getting its panties in a bunch over Donald Trump and his opinions about Obama. They are droning on about how this is unfair of him to question our anointed leader and say other things that piss the PC assholes off. He dares to say things they don't like. The group circulating the petition,,had this to say about Trump as he is accused of the following:

  • Long engaged in sexist behavior. Trump has a long record of personally attacking women he disagrees by calling them “unattractive,” ugly or fat. He once sent a target a personal note telling her that she has the “face of a dog.” Not even his own daughter is immune to Trump’s sexism. While referring to his daughter, Trump observed: “She does have a very nice figure…if [she] weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

  • Perpetuated the racially charged birther conspiracy, repeatedly arguing that President Obama has been lying and was not born in the United States.”

  • Source:click here

    I never realized that attacking a president was the same as a KKK lynching or that being honest about women was similar to placing an yoke of slavery upon them. This is utter crap. If we are going address this then let's address it realistically. ATTN: The Left: you may be in big trouble because now you've fucked with the Donald. The Donald's fortune is superior to most men's which means that the Donald has the means to stand up at the gates of hell Signon and its supporters. How many female comedians demean men and get away with it? How many non-white comedians demonize white people and get away with it? A lot do. You lefties would get your panties in a wad if the right did this to you. Freedom Of Speech is for everyone,not just people who agree with you.

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    David Stern has to go

    David Stern's tantrum to Jim Rome another reason why it's getting time for him to leave

    By Adrian Wojnarowski

    OKLAHOMA CITY – David Stern is pushing 70, tired, irritable and still surrounded with no one to tell him the truth. For all the young diva stars in the sport, no one has an entourage of yes men as deep as the NBA's commissioner. Rest assured, everyone told Stern how out of line Jim Rome was on Wednesday, that Stern’s public tantrum was validated, that Stern justifiably defended his honor. Rest assured, no one dared tell the commissioner he needed to put the NBA above himself, stop the preening and let Kevin Durant and LeBron James be the stars of these Finals. No one dares tell Stern the ultimate truth that his ego, his vindictiveness, is an embarrassment to the league.

    That wasn’t about Stern’s honor, his reputation or defending his good name on Rome’s radio show. If Stern can’t handle a line of questioning on the draft lottery without resorting to personal insults, he shouldn’t sit for the interviews. In a lockout year, everyone has had too much Stern. Just ease back, let the Finals speak for itself and stop thrusting yourself into these predicaments.

    Stern's office demands that kind of discipline from him because this is no time of the year for the commissioner to turn into a sideshow gone viral. Of course, Stern has always believed himself to be bigger than the office, bigger than the sport. The NBA’s never known a diva like him, and the owners will make sure it never does again.

    For the good of the legacy that Stern so cherishes and, more importantly, for the good of the NBA, there needs to be a succession of power soon. The longer Stern stays, the worse for his legacy. It’s sad to watch, and his accomplishments do deserve a graceful ending. He has his deputy commissioner, Adam Silver, set up to succeed him, and Stern has suggested that the transfer of power could come within the next couple of years. Within ownership and high-level league management, there's growing hope it comes sooner than later. They’ll never push out Stern because most of the owners do respect him and admire his acumen and achievements.

    One owner told Yahoo! Sports that Stern "has a few good years left in him," and insisted he didn’t care about Wednesday’s diatribe. Another owner and several executives felt his behavior on Rome's show diminished the league and needlessly distracted from the spectacular buzz surrounding this Miami-Oklahoma City series.

    Nevertheless, this episode where the commissioner resorted to biting personal counterpunches leaves you to wonder: How much more does the league want Stern out front representing the sport’s brand?

    In the age where NBA superstars are worth tens of millions of dollars more than the rules let them earn, the owners have long been reluctant to assign limits on the commissioner. That’s why he acts this way; treating public dissent with condescending disdain. In private, he’s profane, petty and seems to live for the way the office allows him to inspire such fear and loathing of the league’s masses.

    Perhaps the NBA doesn’t rig draft lotteries, but it sure seems to rig news conferences with local-yokel reporters throwing up softball questions for Stern to debunk the league’s boogeyman of the day. For now, it’s the fact that an NBA owned-and-operated franchise, New Orleans, won the draft lottery. He didn’t mind that question on Tuesday night at a news conference, but bristled on the radio Wednesday? Come on. Once again, Stern’s problem isn’t so much the mistrusting public, but such doubt within his own league with how he’s conducted business, how he lords over the referees and how deep the consequences may go for those who ever dare to challenge him.

    In the end, owners and executives often measure possible challenges and crossing of the league with this weighty thought: How bad will Stern punish us?

    Stern’s condescending "how-dare-you-question-me" tone lost its credibility long ago. Former referee Tim Donaghy shattered it. All those years that Stern spoke so arrogantly about the ethical infallibility of his officials, and it turned out to be pure mythology. Donaghy existed, operated and went undetected within the NBA until the feds popped him. Once, Stern was a great commissioner: tough, respected and leading a vision that inspired a global transformation of the NBA. Those days are gone, and now most in the NBA tap their feet, stare at the ground and harbor hope they’re reading Silver right. They think Silver will be more open-minded, less dictatorial and ultimately introduce an era where the league office acts like an ally, not Big Brother.

    Until then, no one will push out Stern. No one will tell him it’s time to go. He is still the best mind in the sport, but his spirit is different. Every day, the commissioner chips away at his own legacy, his own league, and it’s kind of sad to see. He’s irritable, tired and he should start walking toward the door. David Stern was a great commissioner, but he owes himself a graceful goodbye. Mostly, he owes the NBA.

    Source:click here

    It's time for Stern to step down. He has done nothing to correct the lousy officiating,he has blocked the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers and according to this article he has been an all around bully. He has acted more than just an commissioner he has been a dictator and like most dictators he must go away. I've asked for Stern's resignation for the Chris Paul incident and now it's not just me asking for his ouster.

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Romney wants Paul out of the race

    Sit down,peon. Don't make me Paul your ass

    It seems that Mitt Romney is getting sick of Ron Paul staying in the race and now Romney wants him out. Obama leans on those that give him trouble and Romney appears to be the same.From the following video we can see what the Who sang about:meet the new boss same as the old boss.That is if Romney is elected. Here is the video:

    On FOX news they said,I forget the show but I believe it was Hannity and it was Sean himself that said,to paraphrase,that if you refuse Mitt Romney you will wake up with a horse's head in your bed. I'm sure Hannity was joking but it appears that Romney may actually do such a thing.

    Monday, March 26, 2012

    Jesse and Al stirring the shit in Treyvon Martin case

    By now you're most likely heard about the death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of neighborhood watch commander George Zimmerman. You have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stirring the pot and inflaming the tensions of the community. There is the media version that Zimmerman overreacted and shot Martin in cold blood,then there is this version which states that a witness saw Martin go for Zimmerman's gun,also that Martin was at his father's house for discipline. This sounds like Martin's parents didn't live together and he may be from a single mother headed household (but single mother households are for the Men's Rights Blog). I don't know the full story then again neither do Jesse and Al but I'm willing to wait until the case unfolds. I'm not going to inflame the situation even further but then neither should Jesse and Al.

    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    Ron Paul suspicious of vote count

    Congressman says he has “theories” that foul play may be involved

    Steve Watson

    March 12, 2012

    In a conversation with reporters in Missouri this weekend, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul said that he and his supporters were suspicious about the outcomes of several caucuses because the crowds and volumes of support have been much bigger for him than for any other candidate.

    “Quite frankly I don’t think the other candidates get crowds like this, and we get them constantly” Paul said, after he had spoken to yet another crowd of over 2500 supporters in Missouri. “You would get the perception that we would be getting a lot more votes.” He added.

    “Sometimes we get thousands of people like this and we’ll take them to the polling booth, yet we won’t win the caucus.” Paul said, adding “A lot of our supporters are very suspicious about it.” When informed that Santorum had won the Kansas caucuses, Paul admitted that he had not seen the numbers on it at that point but again reiterated his point, stating:

    “That reminds me of a picture I just looked at. I had four thousand people and he had a hundred and fifty. So who knows.” The picture, below, shows a huge turn out at a Kansas town hall meeting for Paul this weekend, compared to virtually nobody showing at Santorum’s event.

    The Congressman admitted he could not elaborate on his suspicions but commented “It’s just instinct and hearsay stories, verbal stories that you hear and the kind of things that we heard about up in Maine.” “They said we can’t have a recount because they just write these numbers down on pieces of paper and then throw them away afterwards. So it’s that kind of stuff that makes you suspicious.” Paul urged.

    As we previously reported, evidence of possible vote fraud has been uncovered in Maine, where several towns and counties that Ron Paul won were omitted from the final state count for no identifiable reason. Watch the video.

    —————————————————————- Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

    Source:click here

    I thought the same thing in fact I thought something was up when they "lost" those caucus votes in Iowa. A local GOP chairman was sacked for it but was he just following orders? FOX doesn't seem to put that question to Republican National Chairman Reince Siebeus. (sp?) I wonder why. The establishment wants Mitt Romney to run as the official candidate but the rank-and-file have different ideas. Let's see who wins.