Friday, October 31, 2014

Tell the FCC to preserve net neutrality

From Fight For The Future:

Hey, there's an urgent update on this.

We are hearing that the FCC is finalizing their net neutrality proposal *right now* and it's not looking good. The Wall Street Journal just reported that the agency is hurtling toward a fake "hybrid" proposal that will attempt to appease the public but leave the door wide open for Cable company censorship and abuse [1]. This could be our last chance to affect the FCC's decision, we need to make our voices heard now, louder than ever, or all the work that we've done could be for nothing. Click here

This is an emergency. But we built a secret weapon to finish the job and make it impossible for the FCC to ignore us. Will you join thousands of others calling to demand net neutrality?

The FCC is gearing up to ignore millions of people's comments -- so we need to take action that they can't ignore. We've already heard that these phone calls are really getting to them. We can't stop now! If you already made the call, or became one of our heroic daily callers, thank you! You can still help by sharing our tool with everyone you know. How many of your friends can you get to call every day?

We are hearing rumors that the FCC is hurtling toward a compromise that will try to appease the public outcry, but will leave the door open for Cable company censorship and abuse. It's absolutely imperative that we make noise right now and show that we won't back down until we get what we want: a free and uncensored Internet for all.

Last chance! Click here to take action for net neutrality before it's too late.

We'll keep you posted as things develop. Thanks for all you do.

-Kevin at FFTF

[1] Wall Street Journal. 'FCC Net Neutrality Plan Calls For More Power Over Broadband. Chairman Tom Wheeler Considers Hybrid Approach To Internet Access. Source

Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's defeat Harry Reid

From Rand PAC:

Can America endure two more years of President Obama's disastrous policies?

I'm not sure, and I'm not willing to find out.

If America is to halt Obama's Big Government agenda in its tracks, you and I must shut down his biggest cheerleader, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

That starts with conservatives taking control of the Senate this November.

And the October 23rd "Fire Harry Reid" Money Bomb deadline is conservatives' last chance to make sure our movement can fight back against the Democrats' onslaught of negative attacks.

That's why RANDPAC must raise $250,000 by October 23rd so we can budget our plans for the final 10 days of the campaign.

I'd hate to wake up the day after the smoke clears from the 2014 elections only to find that Harry Reid will still be calling the shots as the United States Senate's Majority Leader for the next two years.

I know many so-called "experts" claim the political environment is turning more toxic for Big Government Democrats by the day. I know the ObamaCare fiasco has many Senate Democrats scared stiff.

In fact, one House Democrat recently admitted he's worried the situation is about to "hit the fan!"

But I'm not taking anything for granted. With ObamaCare threatening every last shred of economic growth and our national debt skyrocketing to over $17.5 TRILLION, I think there's just too much at stake.

And without your IMMEDIATE action, two more years of President Obama armed with Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader could be exactly what we'll get.

After eight years of taxing-and-spending, I'm ready to bring Harry Reid's reign as Senate Majority Leader to a hard-and-fast end. And I'm asking you to help me make it happen.

If you stand with me, won’t you please chip in a contribution to RANDPAC's "Fire Harry Reid" Money Bomb?

I believe showing momentum could be a big boost not only to me, but to other liberty-minded Republicans running around the country.

You see, stopping President Obama's Big Government, tax-and-spend agenda for the next two years depends on stripping Harry Reid of his position as Senate Majority Leader.

Which means conservatives must take over the Senate.

Today, I need to know you'll stand with RANDPAC.

If you agree, please chip in a contribution to RANDPAC's "Fire Harry Reid" Money Bomb and help pave the way to victory.

I want so badly to believe the political "experts" who point to President Obama's dismal 41% approval rating in a recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll and say November 2014 could be another tidal wave election like you and I saw in 2010.

But I've also seen a recent Rasmussen Poll that stated a clear majority of American citizens are disillusioned with members of both parties.

The American people aren't stupid.

They understand it's Big Government politicians in BOTH parties who have brought our nation to the brink.

That means you and I have some work to do.

I believe, as Ronald Reagan said, it's time for our party to "raise a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues . . ."

After all, Americans now understand where President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stand.

They stand for ObamaCare – which is costing jobs, sending health insurance premiums skyrocketing and lowering the quality of American healthcare.

They stand for misguided "environmental" policies that have DOUBLED the price of a gallon of gas from $1.79 back in early 2009 to more than $3.65 today – despite a blooming energy boom in the United States!

They stand for collecting literally BILLIONS of phone and email records of American citizens every day.

Now, it's time for Americans to find out where you and I stand.

I believe the way to victory in 2014 isn't in mincing words and holding back.
It's not in charting out "pastel" positions cooked up by high-powered consultants in Washington, D.C.

It's by showing the American people that you and I are different by standing firm on Republican principles, including:

>>>LOWERING TAXES AND SPENDING. High taxes and out-of-control spending aren't solving our problems. They're the root cause!

>>>AUDITING THE FED. It's time to expose the Federal Reserve's secrecy and economic manipulation that lead to constant economic crises and dollar destruction;

>>>PROTECTING CIVIL LIBERTIES. Americans will not allow our federal government to run roughshod over our remaining freedoms in the name of "security." As Benjamin Franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety;"

>>>REPEALING OBAMACARE. This $2.6 trillion disaster stands to wreck our economy. The national Republican Party can and must stand by all efforts to stop implementation at the state level;

>>>PROTECTING THE TENTH AMENDMENT. The national Republican Party should loudly stand with any state efforts to take back control over their respective jurisdictions under the Constitution of the United States;

>>>PROTECTING THE RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY. We must work to stop infringements on our Second Amendment rights like the Feinstein Gun Ban, protect the unborn and end the TSA.

The American people are hungry for leadership.

And one thing is crystal clear . . .

They're NOT getting that under this administration.

Whether it's the IRS targeting conservative organizations, ObamaCare or the growing Benghazi scandal, it seems all you and I ever get is blame-shifting, finger-pointing and excuses.

Is it really any wonder the American people's trust in their government continues to hover around record lows?

The good news is, I believe that America's realization that Washington, D.C. can't solve all our problems is the first step toward a reawakening toward freedom.

For months now, I've been spreading a message of liberty and limited government. I even received a standing ovation at the notoriously liberal University of California-Berkeley!

Now, with your help, I believe we can dethrone Harry Reid as Majority Leader in 2014.

But the October 23rd deadline is our last chance before the mid-term elections to make a statement that conservatives are prepared to FIGHT BACK.

If you agree, I simply must be able to count on your immediate support.

There must be no waving the white flag this election year. PERIOD.

The American people have had enough surrendering.

They're ready for a Republican Party that will boldly and unashamedly FIGHT for the principles they hold so dear.

But I must be able to count on your generosity.

After all, there are so many races that could decide the balance of power this election year.

Not only that, but there are a massive number of open seats up for grabs as well.

These contests are always notoriously hard-fought.

With so many this election year – including in Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and West Virginia – you and I must prove that conservatives are determined to take back the Senate.

Any one of these races could decide whether or not Harry Reid holds onto his Senate Majority Leader position.

I'm more ready than ever to bring Senator Harry Reid's eight-year reign as Majority Leader to a hard-and-fast end this November.

But I'm afraid that can't happen without your most generous support to RANDPAC's "Fire Harry Reid" Money Bomb.

With your help, I can showcase that the American people's hunger for liberty is reaching critical mass as the elections near.

You and I can't afford to take anything for granted.

The October 23rd deadline is just 72 hours away.

I'm committed to doing everything I can to ensure victory in November. Today, I'm asking you to stand with me.

If you agree, please chip in a contribution to RANDPAC's "Fire Harry Reid" Money Bomb and help pave the way to victory as conservatives gear up to fire Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

In Liberty,
Rand Paul

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lois Lerner ducks a reporter's questions

Lois Lerner–the former IRS official at the heart of Tea Party targeting–is retired from the IRS. Despite being held in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify, she hasn’t been prosecuted. Yet after her long silence, her exclusive interview with Politico was anything but reticent and reserved. In it, Ms. Lerner said she did nothing wrong and considers herself the victim.

Ms. Lerner bristled at any suggestion she had anything to do with destroying emails, switching to texts, letting her own liberal views influence her treatment of Tea Party a_holes, crazies. etc. Yet in a curious turn of events, journalist and Crapitalism author Jason Mattera showed up in her nice Bethesda neighborhood to pepper her with questions. They included such zingers as “Do you feel bad about turning the government into a weapon to crush political dissent?”

This time, Ms. Lerner wasn’t flanked by lawyers and facing softball questions at Politico. And who can blame her for not wanting to answer these questions. So she scurried to a neighbor’s house and started knocking on the door, begging to be admitted. Ms. Lerner’s day got worse when her neighbors seemed to, well, ‘Take the Fifth’ about letting her in. She stood there on the porch, while Jason Mattera probes with barbs like, ‘it doesn’t feel good to be targeted does it?’

The husband came around front and Mattera said she was trying to get in to avoid answering questions. The husband didn’t want Ms. Lerner in the house either, so she heads for another neighbor’s. You can watch the video here, well, until the hard drive crashes:

OK, this may not be journalism’s finest hour, nor does it necessarily mean much that Ms. Lerner didn’t want to answer these questions. It may not even mean much that the neighbor has probably had enough, and didn’t want to be involved. That’s so no matter how much the neighbor may like Ms. Lerner, or her dogs for that matter.

I’m not saying that anyone wants to be hounded (excuse the pun), either. But being hounded and asked questions of this sort cannot be entirely unexpected and may not even be unfair, especially after Ms. Lerner’s exclusive interview with Politico. It all sounds a little like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, based on the book by Judith Viorst. Just like Lois Lerner’s day, from the moment Alexander wakes up, everything goes wrong.

Gum in his hair, mishaps at breakfast, on the school bus, at school, and more. From lousy teachers that pick on Alexander, to no desert, a visit to the dentist, and getting punched by his brother, Alexander’s day is ruined. After school, the shoe store doesn’t have Alexander’s size in the cool sneakers, so naturally, Alexander’s mom buys horrible plain white ones, which Alexander refuses to wear. Stopping by his dad’s office, Alexander wrecks the xerox machine and the phone.

His dad even tells him not to pick him up at work anymore! At dinner, Alexander’s mom serves lima beans (ick), there’s kissing on TV , a bad bath, and railroad train pajamas Alexander hates. At each bad turn–and there are plenty–Alexander says he wants to move to Australia, presumably because it’s better there. The book ends when Alexander’s mother says everybody has bad days, even people in Australia.

So how is Alexander faring with critics? The New York Post says ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ is awfully mediocre. But we clearly all do have very bad days sometimes. Just think about these unexpected mishaps: There’s having your hard drive crash. Having your texts not saved. Having people question you when they have no right. There’s conservative a__holes and crazies voicing political speech that he Supreme Court bizarrely said was OK, but that really shouldn’t be. Just ask Eric Holder.

Want even more terrible, horrible, no good items? How about those rogue employees in Cincinnati doing things they shouldn’t. I’ll bet all those missing emails would prove once and for all that those confused rogue Cincinnatians did all the targeting non-biased and careful review with no help from the boss. Too bad the hard drive is gone destroyed buried not available despite best efforts. Maybe Alexander had something. Maybe moving to Australia wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all?


Like he said she should be hounded. She should pay. What kind of penalty is she paying living in a house like that in a nice neighborhood like that. That's not a penalty that is a reward. Lerner doesn't belong in a nice house like that. She deserves to languish in prison as Big Marge's sex toy. How many conservative groups was she going to persecute. How many people was she going to send to prison via her inquisition squads? She didn't like being targeted. Poor baby,doesn't feel good does it? Don't like it don't do it. Once Holder is out of office that would be the perfect time to go after Lerner. With Holder gone that may loosen her tongue and she may start singing like a canary.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cut funding to the UN

From Council For Citizens Against Government Waste:

We just got word that as part of next year's spending plan Congress will continue pouring your tax money into the United Nations.

Please sign the National Petition ordering Congress to slash U.S. funding of this wasteful, bloated, anti-American bureaucracy. Washington's politicians need to hear from you right now.

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has been battling out-of-control spending and taxes since 1984. But nothing gets on our nerves more than the federal government wasting billions and billions of our tax dollars to prop up the UN.

This den of bureaucrats, crooks, dictators, and thieves doesn't deserve a single penny of your hard-earned money.

And yet, every year the politicians give in and fork over more and more American tax dollars.

Please sign our National Petition to Congress. Once again, Congress is going to send a giant check to the UN so that it can continue to bash America and undermine our interests.

We need to take a stand!

Just click here to sign. And then, forward this e-mail to everyone you know who is sick and tired of subsidizing this bloated and corrupt organization!

Right now Americans are paying $1.2 BILLION per year in DUES to the UN. We also pay $2.2 BILLION, or 28 percent, of the UN peacekeeping budget. Then there are the "voluntary payments" for special UN programs and funds. In one recent year, we gave the UN a record total of $7.7 BILLION.

America's taxpayers pay 25 percent of all UN expenses! And this is at a time when our own government is running a deficit of more than half a trillion dollars!

This nonsense must stop. Please sign your Petition now.

Here is what your money is paying for:

•The UN is planning to construct yet another spectacular building in New York at a cost of as much as $2 billion.

•Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali has admitted that "perhaps half of the UN workforce does nothing useful."

•The anti-American Marxist dictatorship in Venezuela is about to get a seat on the UN Security Council so it can join Russia and China in voting against the U.S.

•Third World dictators routinely fly to UN headquarters in New York to attack our great country and undermine our national interests.

•And UN-funded "peacekeeper" troops have abused the people they are supposed to be protecting and created a deadly and costly cholera epidemic in Haiti!

Congress must slash funding for the UN. American taxpayers should not be paying for this waste and abuse.

Sign your Petition right now. This is really important.

Congress needs to get an earful from the American people on this issue. Especially right now as our government continues to run massive deficits and the Obama Administration is cutting our own defense budget. Just click here.

And please, please ask everyone you know to sign this National Petition as well.

If we don't stand up now, Congress will continue funding the UN year after year.

That's how things work in Washington. And it's got to stop.

Sign your petition Tell the politicians to slash funding for the UN.

Thank you for all of your help.


Thomas A. Schatz
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste