Friday, October 31, 2014

Tell the FCC to preserve net neutrality

From Fight For The Future:

Hey, there's an urgent update on this.

We are hearing that the FCC is finalizing their net neutrality proposal *right now* and it's not looking good. The Wall Street Journal just reported that the agency is hurtling toward a fake "hybrid" proposal that will attempt to appease the public but leave the door wide open for Cable company censorship and abuse [1]. This could be our last chance to affect the FCC's decision, we need to make our voices heard now, louder than ever, or all the work that we've done could be for nothing. Click here

This is an emergency. But we built a secret weapon to finish the job and make it impossible for the FCC to ignore us. Will you join thousands of others calling to demand net neutrality?

The FCC is gearing up to ignore millions of people's comments -- so we need to take action that they can't ignore. We've already heard that these phone calls are really getting to them. We can't stop now! If you already made the call, or became one of our heroic daily callers, thank you! You can still help by sharing our tool with everyone you know. How many of your friends can you get to call every day?

We are hearing rumors that the FCC is hurtling toward a compromise that will try to appease the public outcry, but will leave the door open for Cable company censorship and abuse. It's absolutely imperative that we make noise right now and show that we won't back down until we get what we want: a free and uncensored Internet for all.

Last chance! Click here to take action for net neutrality before it's too late.

We'll keep you posted as things develop. Thanks for all you do.

-Kevin at FFTF

[1] Wall Street Journal. 'FCC Net Neutrality Plan Calls For More Power Over Broadband. Chairman Tom Wheeler Considers Hybrid Approach To Internet Access. Source

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