Saturday, May 31, 2014

Obama tries to silence the National League of Taxpayers

From The National League of Taxpayers:

A knock at my door.

Standing there will be IRS "auditors" demanding I turn over the name and address of EVERY National League of Taxpayer member and supporter.

And if I dare to refuse?

We will face outrageous fines that would cripple the National League of Taxpayers during this all-important 2014 election year and force us to shut our doors . . .

I wish this were all just a joke. I wish this was just some political horror story from some third-world dictatorship.

But other organizations have seen this kind of thing in recent weeks.

And I’m afraid the National League of Taxpayers will be one of Obama’s IRS’s next targets.

So I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

As you’ll see, I’ve created a special National League of Taxpayers Supporter's Directive.

Won’t you please fill it out IMMEDIATELY?

There’s not a moment to waste.

This is just the next step in President Obama’s all-out WAR on anyone who dares to stand up and FIGHT BACK against his radical agenda.

I know you’ve heard of the outrageous targeting of Tea Party and pro-limited government organizations from President Obama’s IRS ahead of the 2012 election year.

Sadly, that’s FAR from the end of it . . .

For years, the National League of Taxpayers’ members have been in the forefront in the battle to ensure tax-and-spend big government politicians are held accountable.

After all, virtually all politicians CLAIM to be “fiscal conservatives!” Or for “cutting waste!”

But today, our nation is swamped in $17.5 TRILLION in debt due to Washington, D.C.’s out-of-control spending!

So just months ago, President Obama’s IRS concocted outrageous and ultimately unconstitutional new rules threatening the National League of Taxpayers with audits and harassment if we DARED to publish:

“Communications that are made within 60 days of a general election (or within 30 days of a primary election) and clearly identify a candidate or political party.”

Can you imagine how much worse off our national fiscal situation would be if tax-and-spend politicians had no fear of being called out for their votes to RAM through more radical big government boondoggles like ObamaCare?

Fortunately, good folks like you from all over the country stood up and beat back this new IRS rule -- at least for now.

But now Obama’s henchmen at the IRS have come up with a new scheme.

If court action by NLT and other organizations prevail as the courts rule unconstitutional President Obama’s IRS's attempts to stop us from holding their puppet candidates accountable, they’ll just go right after our organization’s contributors!

I’m afraid that’s why the IRS has already gone after other organizations' lists of supporters.

It’s so they can harass and intimidate anyone from even thinking about opposing President Obama’s radical policies or his puppet candidates ever again!

I can hardly put into words how serious this is -- or what horrific ramifications this could have if you and I don’t fight back . . .

That’s why I’ve made the promise to protect the name of every individual contributor and supporter at all cost.

There’s just too much that could go wrong!

Fortunately, both federal law and case law back my position . . .

In fact, I have no doubt that ultimately the courts will rule the IRS’s demands blatantly unconstitutional.

But for President Obama and his ilk at the IRS, I believe this has less to do with winning in Courts than silencing groups like NLT before the Congressional election in November 2014 and the presidential election in November 2016.

After all, court challenges can take years!

And any resources I devote to legal fights these next few years will mean we’ll have fewer resources to devote to holding tax-and-spend politicians accountable this critical election year. Today, that’s really what this is all about.

It’s about crippling and silencing the National League of Taxpayers during this all-important 2014 election year.

After all, President Obama knows the political winds are blowing against tax-and-spenders this election year.

And he will do whatever it takes to hold onto every last bit of power he can!

So I have a decision to make -- a decision I just can’t make today without your direction.

Here are my options . . .

OPTION #1: Do I just write off the November 2014 elections and focus all of the National League of Taxpayers’ resources on the legal fight -- which is probably exactly what President Obama wants;

-- OR --

OPTION #2: I’m not sure I could ever look myself in the mirror again if I did this, but do I just go back on my word and give in to the IRS and turn over individual NLT contributors’ and supporters’ names in order to keep our pre-election mobilization programs going;

--OR --

OPTION #3: Do I make the decision to go ahead and FIGHT back everywhere -- all while knowing I’ll need a massive and IMMEDIATE influx of resources or I could be paving the way for utter DISASTER.

Of course, I know what the right choice is.

But the reality is I can’t fight everywhere without your commitment and generosity today.

That’s why I must ask you to please fill out your National League of Taxpayers Supporter's Directive IMMEDIATELY.

And if the choice you make is OPTION #3, please agree to your most generous contribution right away.

Some people have already given as much as $500.

Others have sent $50 or $100, but no matter how much you give, whether it's chipping in with $10 or a larger contribution of $150, I guarantee your contribution is urgently needed and will be deeply appreciated.

This could not be more serious. Every American citizen who values their freedom has a HUGE stake in this fight.

So please at least consider $50.

And if that’s just too much, please agree to $25 or at least $10 right away.

I'm counting on your action today, and I’m anxiously waiting on you to tell me how to proceed.

I’m afraid time is short. So please act at once.


Gary Paumen, President
National League of Taxpayers

P.S. Other pro-limited government organizations have seen it.

It's only a matter of time before your National League of Taxpayers receives a trumped up demand from the IRS to hand over our member and supporter list -- or face outrageous fines or even imprisonment.

This is nothing more than another outrageous Obama administration scheme designed to cripple the National League of Taxpayers and other groups before the 2014 and 2016 elections and force us to shut our doors.

So I must ask for your IMMEDIATE direction.

Please fill out your National League of Taxpayers Supporter's Directive and agree to chip in with a contribution of $10 or whatever you can afford IMMEDIATELY!

Tell your representative to defend net neutrality

From the Free Press Action Fund:

The Internet as we know it is under attack like never before. And now, some members of Congress are ramping it up.

Rep. Bob Latta has introduced a bill that would prevent the FCC from reclassifying broadband Internet service as a common carrier. This is the exact opposite of what will protect the open Internet.

Reclassifying broadband under Title II of the Communications Act is the only way to protect real Net Neutrality

A vote for this bill is a vote against the open Internet.

Tell your representative to stay far away from this bill.

Don't let S.J. Res 19 defeat free speech

From the Tea Party:

Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are gearing up for a vote on an amendment to the Constitution to repeal the First Amendment and we need your help to stop them! To find out how you can join Patriots around the country on June 3rd in protesting this outrage.

Some might say the claim that Senate Democrats are trying to repeal the 1st Amendment is over the top. Please check out our explanation of why this effort would permanently damage our right to free speech!

What can you do?

We can stop this outrage, but we need your help! Please visit your Senator's local office on Tuesday, June 3, at noon local time to help us Save Our Speech and save the 1st amendment!

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Or you can contact your Senators and let them know.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Congress tells the DEA to leave marijuana dispensaries alone

Congress Tells DEA to Stand Down on Legal Marijuana

Congress passed a measure that would deny the Drug Enforcement Agency to spend federal money interfering with state approved medical marijuana businesses. Dan Riffle of the Marijuana Policy Project says the key to getting the measure passed this time was the 49 Republicans who voted in favor. Normally, Republicans see medical marijuana as a liberal issue, but now they are beginning to recognize it as a states' rights issue. California Representative Dana Rohrabacher sponsored the measure. Many California marijuana dispensaries and patients have been raided or arrested by the DEA.


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Monday, May 26, 2014

IRS backs down

From Freedom Works:

The IRS Backs Down
The IRS will now delay new regulations that would have stifled your free speech rights.
After months of deliberations, the IRS plans to go back to square one and start over on their anti-political speech regulations. Due to the incredible volume of comments you submitted, the bureaucrats at the tax agency were forced to halt their plans. They had no choice but to listen to the voice of the people.

If the regulations passed, the IRS would have suppressed the free speech rights of millions of citizens across the country. Make no mistake: this was a deliberate effort to silence the views of ordinary Americans who want to petition their government.
Patriots like you wouldn’t stand for this radical power grab. You sent over 150,000 messages to the IRS protesting the new rules - a record amount. And you made your views heard.

But the IRS’s new rules aren’t defeated yet. The bureaucrats will go back to work, trying to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As citizens, it is our job to be ever-vigilant of the government’s efforts to crush our freedom.
Thanks to dedicated conservatives like you, we can defeat the IRS’s regulations for good.

Oppose forced unionism in Michigan

From The National Right To Work Committee:

“This could be a game changer with HUGE national implications.”

I still remember those thoughts running through the back of my head as I watched the Michigan State Legislature vote to make Michigan America’s 24th Right to Work state in late 2012 . . .

After all, Michigan is the United Autoworkers’ (UAW) home turf!

The state has been considered Big Labor’s backyard for decades!

In 2012 it became America’s 24th Right to Work state.

That means no worker, private or public, can be forced to pay union dues or fees to get or keep a job.

But now, less than two years later, I’m concerned it could all go up in smoke.

You see, the union bosses are going all-out to DESTROY Michigan’s Right to Work Law this election year.

And without your action today, I’m afraid they just may succeed.

As I’ll explain shortly, the stakes in this fight could not be any higher . . .

That’s why I’ve just recently set up the Emergency Michigan Right to Work Defense Fund.

And I must ask for your most generous support IMMEDIATELY.

You see, passage of any state Right to Work Law anywhere in the country is always a big cause for celebration.

But Michigan is different . . .

For decades Big Labor ruled Michigan with an iron fist.

And those forced union dues -- stripped from the paychecks of Michigan workers who would be fired if they didn’t pay -- funded a massive chunk of Big Labor’s multi-billion dollar NATIONAL political machine.

That’s right.

Forced dues extracted from Michigan workers not only helped union bosses keep a stranglehold on Lansing, but on Washington, D.C., as well.

Union bosses raided their forced-dues coffers to bankroll the elections and re-elections of union-label politicians like President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

I know you understand the steep price we’ve paid nationally for Big Labor’s forced-dues racket.

But just consider Michigan’s fall as a national economic power over the past few decades . . .

In 1960, Detroit was the richest per capita city in the United States as manufacturing drove a booming statewide economy.

But when much of the nation was experiencing an economic boom after the recession in the early 2000's, Michigan was mired in a notorious “lost decade,” shedding over 840,000 jobs!

Those lost jobs, fleeing citizens and union-label politicians’ outrageous policies all finally culminated in the City of Detroit being forced to declare bankruptcy.

The good news is, the people of Michigan finally had enough!

And since passing Right to Work -- which simply states that no Michigan worker can be forced to financially support a union as a condition of employment -- Michigan has seen a massive economic turnaround including:

*** Catapulting to second in the nation in manufacturing job creation – just behind Indiana, which passed a Right to Work law in February 2012;
*** An unemployment rate lower than at any time in the past five years as the number of unemployed Michiganders has dropped by 30% since 2010;
*** Surging to ninth in the nation in per capita income growth!
All this has the union bosses steaming mad.

After all, the union bosses know that as more Americans see the economic benefits of Right to Work, the more momentum it creates for passage of a National Right to Work Law!

But since nearly 80% of Americans already oppose forced unionism, the union bosses also know the real key to keeping and expanding political power is their ability to inflict pain at the ballot box.

That’s why the union bosses are gunning for Michigan with a massive two-part plan using everything they have in 2014.

FIRST -- Big Labor’s publically stated goal is take out as many pro-Right to Work Michigan state legislators at the ballot box as possible.
The union bosses know that as long as politicians fear a Big Labor-fueled backlash at the ballot box, they’ll cower at the thought of taking on the union bosses’ forced unionism power.
SECOND -- There's also the possibility the union bosses could try to repeal Michigan's Right to Work Law with a ballot referendum. While we've seen little movement from Big Labor on this front, the union bosses have until July 7 to collect the signatures needed to put Michigan Right to Work repeal on the ballot in November.
Back in 2012, union officials were able to gather signatures blocking passage of a Right to Work law in just about three months, but the people of Michigan defeated this effort.
Efforts to repeal Right to Work can happen fast, so you and I must be ready for anything.
Should the union bosses fail, they know more and more state legislatures throughout the country will be emboldened to pass Right to Work.

Their forced-dues political empire could begin to crumble.

Their stranglehold on Washington, D.C. could begin to loosen.

That’s why Michigan is so important.

So won't you please consider making your most generous contribution of $50, $25, $10, or whatever you can afford right away.

Of course, because forced unionism is the law in all areas where the federal government has jurisdiction -- even in Right to Work states -- a National Right to Work Law is the ultimate solution to Big Labor’s forced dues racket.

But state Right to Work laws are a BIG deal. And, as I mentioned, Michigan’s is one of the BIGGEST.

That’s why I recently set up the Emergency Michigan Right to Work Defense Fund -- and why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE support.

The union bosses are going to resort to every political trick in the book to bring forced-union dues back to Michigan.

You and I have to be there ready to fight back every step of the way, including:

Paying for targeted mail and email to ensure Michigan citizens get the truth about how Right to Work has been an important and massive step forward;
Writing op-eds and conducting statewide media tours to dispel the outright LIES the union bosses WILL be spreading about Right to Work;
Running hard-hitting TV ads reminding citizens of the brutal days during Michigan’s “lost decade;”
Running a full-scale Candidate Survey Program to ensure every one of the union bosses’ radical hand-picked candidates are EXPOSED.
Of course, this all takes money.

And with the AFL-CIO pouring in $60 million, it’s going to take a lot to hold our own against Big Labor.

But really there is no choice. The stakes are just too high.

That’s why the Emergency Michigan Right to Work Defense Fund must be mobilized -- and why I’m counting on your most generous and IMMEDIATE support.

Won’t you please agree to your most generous gift of $50 right away?

I know that’s a lot.

But we simply must have all hands on deck.

But if $50 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $25 or at least $10?

Your generosity today could make a world of difference.

The national union bosses are going after Michigan’s Right to Work Law with everything they have.

You and I MUST fight back.

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $50, $25 or at least $10 TODAY!


Mark Mix

P.S. The truth is, the national union bosses are going after Michigan’s Right to Work Law with everything they have this election year.

The AFL-CIO recently pledged to spend up to $60 million this year in Michigan alone!

This fight has HUGE ramifications for Right to Work supporters all over the country, so it’s absolutely critical you help me fight back TODAY!

So won’t you please agree to your most generous contribution of $50, $25 or at least $10 IMMEDIATELY?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IRS battle

From Campaign For Liberty:

The Supporter Ballots we have so far received regarding whether we should pay the IRS’ fine and disclose our top donors’ names or continue to refuse to do so have been tallied up, and I am pleased to report that out of the responses, the overwhelming majority (97%) say fight on!

As we are still receiving new ballots on a daily basis, I’m confident we’ll see an even higher level of support for standing firm. This support is crucial since we could be in for a long battle.

Obviously, losing this battle would have a negative effect on Campaign for Liberty, but it would also have repercussions for the entire liberty movement.

If we lose, it will set a precedent that could, and almost certainly will, be used against other pro-liberty organizations.

The effect, if not the purpose, of such attacks will be to protect the establishment while stopping the significant progress groups like Campaign for Liberty are making in defending and promoting liberty.

Ultimately, the result will be that no one will be able to substantially support an organization devoted to mobilizing grassroots opposition to the administration in power without having their names divulged to the IRS.

We have already seen at least one case where a list of donors to a political cause were leaked to that cause’s opponents.

And history shows that the IRS has a long history of targeting the political opponents of whatever party currently occupies the White House.


Scholar Burton Folsom’s book New Deal or Raw Deal documents how IRS agents in the 1930s served as “hit squads” against opponents of the New Deal. In the 1960s, both John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson used the IRS to silence their critics.

While most people think of the Watergate burglary when they recall the scandals that led to Richard Nixon’s downfall, a much more significant abuse of power was his use of the IRS to harass his political enemies. (One of the articles of impeachment drawn up against President Nixon dealt with this.)

During the 1990s, groups that opposed the Clinton administration's agenda were subjected to IRS audits. An IRS agent even told the head of one of these groups, “What do you expect when you challenge the President?”

Of course, few IRS agents are as blatant as that one, nor do they need to be to stifle opposition, as the attacks themselves send a message not only to the organizations but to grassroots liberty activists. The IRS also does not need to demand the names of every 501(c)(4) organizations’ major donors or subject those donors to audits or other harassments.

Just knowing that this can happen and oftentimes does can be enough to chill Americans’ willingness to actively engage in the public process by supporting groups like Campaign for Liberty.

So it’s obvious that using the IRS as a weapon against the political opponents of the incumbent administration is not anything new, with the current administration appearing to just be following in this shameful establishment tradition.

Recent examples include the news that 10% of the donors to certain “Tea Party” organizations were subjected to audits.

There is also a suspiciously high correlation between being a large donor to Mitt Romney and being audited by the IRS, just the latest in a long history of those who oppose the agenda of the administration in power finding themselves “coincidently” subject to IRS audits.

Of course, the most blatant abuse of IRS power is the delay and targeting of Tea Party and other pro-liberty groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Despite the administration’s continued stonewalling, resulting in the congressional resolution holding former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt, new evidence continues to come forward that the targeting was, if not directly ordered, at least encouraged by the IRS’ Washington, D.C. office as well as at least one prominent Democrat Senator.

Court Precedent

Several federal courts, including the Supreme Court, have upheld the right of organizations such as Campaign for Liberty to protect their donors’ confidentiality.

The primary example is the Supreme Court case NAACP v. Alabama, where the Supreme Court decided that the state of Alabama’s demand that the NAACP release a list of its members violated the NAACP’s First Amendment rights.

Writing for the majority, Justice John Marshall Harlan stated, “This Court has recognized the vital relationship between freedom to associate and privacy in one’s associations . . . Compelled disclosure of membership in an organization engaged in advocacy of particular beliefs is of the same order. Inviolability of privacy in group association may in many circumstances be indispensable to preservation of freedom of association, particularly where a group espouses dissident beliefs.”

Again, this is only one of several cases upholding the right of groups like Campaign for Liberty to refuse to comply with government orders that they divulge the names of their donors. Thus, we appear to be on solid legal ground in our refusal to comply with the IRS’ request.

However, fighting this in court will take a lot of resources.

The IRS has an inexhaustible supply of resources, so if this went to court, they would be able to drag out the case as long as desired, requiring Campaign for Liberty to undercut our crucial legislative efforts.

Legislative Outlook and Conclusion

With Audit the Fed having once again gained a majority of members of the House of Representatives as cosponsors, there is no reason why House leadership should not hold a vote on this legislation.

Yet House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor will need all the “encouragement” we can muster to schedule a clean vote.

And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has yet to reverse his refusal to allow a full Senate roll call vote on the legislation, meaning we will need to not only ramp up our campaign to persuade House and Senate leadership to hold a vote on Audit the Fed but also sustain that intense amount of pressure.

Last year’s revelations of the extent of the National Security Agency’s wiretapping on the American people provide us with our best opportunity since the passage of the “PATRIOT” Act to rein in the surveillance state.

However, as I write this, House leadership is preparing to pass phony “reform” that does not go nearly far enough. If this legislation gets through the House and Senate and is signed by President Obama, politicians will use it to claim they do not need to pass legislation regarding the NSA because they already addressed it. Preventing the passage of a phony NSA “reform” bill will require us to keep the heat on Congress.

And while we have so far been successful in stopping progress on the National Internet Tax Mandate in the House, the representatives who are carrying water for the special interests and revenue-hungry governors have not given up.

In fact, one of the representatives working on a House version of the mandate recently revealed their plan when he said that the legislative calendar “resets” after November.

So the forces in favor of increasing government control over the Internet are planning a push to ram this bill into law during the lame-duck session of Congress, when representatives and many senators are safe from the voters’ wrath for another two years.

We need to be prepared to thwart this attempt, and if it does come during the lame-duck session, even more resources will be required, as it’s harder to reach and mobilize opposition during the busy holiday season.

Like the National Internet Tax Mandate, there are indications that House leadership is determined to bring legislation creating a new biometric ID card, tied to a national database, to the House floor in November - under the guise of so-called “immigration reform.”

So far, we’ve been successful in halting this legislation, but it could gain considerable post-election momentum.

These are just some of the offensive and defensive battles Campaign for Liberty must continue dealing with in upcoming months.

If we are forced to divert significant resources to the battle with the IRS, we could lose our best chance to pass Audit the Fed, begin reining in the NSA, stop the National Internet Tax Mandate, and prevent the National ID system from passing into law.

If we lose any of these battles because of stopping the IRS attack, the statists will have gained a big victory — even if we eventually win any legal battle with the IRS.

Winning any potential legal battle with the IRS while pushing ahead on our legislative agenda will require raising enough resources to stay active on multiple fronts simultaneously.

But the outpouring of support from our members and other grassroots activists has been incredible and encouraging, and I believe Campaign for Liberty’s commitment to making 2014 a landmark year for liberty can stay strong with their continued help.

To Sign Petition and Donate

Monday, May 19, 2014

Make Harry Reid vote on Audit The Fed

From Rand2016:

I'm determined to force a vote on my Audit the Fed bill.

That's why I've placed a hold on three of President Obama's Federal Reserve Board nominees.

Harry Reid has scheduled a cloture vote for Tuesday on the first of these nominees, Stanley Fischer.

But I need your immediate action to urge my colleagues to turn back these nominees until Harry Reid agrees to hold a vote on Audit the Fed.

The Feds escaped accountability for trashing our economy for too long because the tax-borrow-and-spend politicians want to keep the gravy train running.

And Harry Reid is blocking any votes on Audit the Fed to try and cling to a Democrat majority in the Senate.

So I'm issuing an emergency call for fax petitions to swamp the Senate.

I hope you'll take immediate action by signing your emergency "Audit the Fed" fax petition right away.

The clock is ticking and I need your help to send a clear message that you won't stand for the establishment in Washington keeping the Fed's policies under wraps.

You see, Congress has the power to coin and regulate money so Audit the Fed is the perfect way to conduct oversight.

The Fed's endless cycle of "print-now-ask-questions later" drove the economy into a ditch preventing any chance of real recovery.

Its policies hurt the poor and middle class the most by boosting the costs of goods and services.

So you can thank the Fed for your grocery and gas bills spiraling out of control.

But there is one way you can pay Harry Reid back for blocking a vote on Audit the Fed and enabling these destructive policies…

…by standing up and DEMANDING the Senate hold an up or down roll call vote on my Audit the Fed bill.

Please do so by signing your emergency "Audit the Fed" fax petitions right away.

After you sign your petition please chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight in the Senate for full transparency at the Fed.

I thank you for standing with me in this fight.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. After you sign your petition, please chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight in the Senate to Audit the Fed.

Defeat the Internet Tax Mandate aka The Marketplace Fairness Act

From the National League of Taxpayers:

They are on the attack again.

And this time, members of both parties are the problem.

Of course, the only thing big-government politicians love more than spending your money is taking away more of it.

Are you prepared to pay taxes to use online services like Google, Facebook, Ebay or Netflix?

How about surrendering even more money to help finance ObamaCare?

If your answer is a resounding NO, then please keep reading.

President Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and unfortunately even a number of Republicans are looking at a new source of "revenue" through the Internet Sales Tax.

Of course, when tax-and-spend politicians introduce controversial legislation, they make sure to give it a name that'll be more receptive to taxpayers.

That's why they're calling it the "Marketplace Fairness Act" in an attempt to hide its obvious implications from you.

But make no mistake. Nothing about this big-government boondoggle is "fair."

You see, the Internet Sales Tax would hand the Federal Government massive new controls over state tax policies and set the stage for government at all levels to tax, regulate and track every transaction you make on the Internet.

The Internet Sales Tax would also create an online regulatory nightmare that will wreak havoc on businesses by forcing them to comply with 50 separate tax codes.

That's why it's critical you sign the petition DEMANDING my colleagues in the House and Senate vote "NO" on the Internet Sales Tax.

I'll give you a link in just a moment, but first, let me explain exactly what's at stake.

Tax-and-spend politicians are foaming at the mouth fantasizing about new spending programs they can create by using additional taxpayer dollars.

Today, instead of finding ways to cut spending and reduce taxes to get our economy going again, members of both parties are moving to squeeze even more money from the American people

Money that they intend to use in their efforts to fund and create more government programs like ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion.

The last thing we need is more taxes for the purpose of implementing more government.

That's why it's so critical you sign your No Internet Sales Tax petition.

And after you sign your petition, please chip in with $10, $15, or more to help fight back against the Internet Sales Tax right away.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time – and it's one of the last marketplaces where individuals can purchase goods and services with limited government intrusion.

That's why I hope you will help today in keeping the Internet as free from government interference as much as possible.

You see, under the Internet Sales Tax:

*** Obama's Federal Government will use the IRS to force online retailers to pay for their new revenue scheme, all while raising costs for consumers.
*** Tax collectors in one state will have the backing of the Federal Government and the IRS to pursue retailers across state lines.
*** Many of your favorite sites will be flooded out of business due to a tidal wave of new and higher taxes and regulations that threaten the Internet as we know it.

We should be lowering taxes, Ray. Not raising them.

But that will not happen unless I receive your support.

Will you stand by while Obama's IRS and big-government politicians in both parties continue to dig their hands in your pocket?

Or will you sign your No Internet Sales Tax petition telling your Congressman and Senators ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

And after you sign, please consider sending your maximum contribution of $100, $500, or $35 to help me mobilize Americans in our fight against the Internet Sales Tax.

If we don't stop the Internet Sales Tax scheme, every consumer in the country will feel the crippling effects as Congress takes a massive chunk out of American prosperity.

Your support will help alert hundreds of thousands of Americans on the nature of this battle, all while putting pressure on my counterparts in the House and Senate, demanding they vote NO on the Internet Sales Tax.

That's why your support is crucial.

This won't be easy.

But your support is what we need to win.



Steve Stockman
United States Congressman

P.S.are you prepared to pay taxes to use online services like Google, Facebook, Ebay or Netflix?

How about surrendering even more money to help finance ObamaCare?

If your answer is a resounding NO, then please sign your No Internet Sales Tax petition right away.

And after you sign your petition, please consider chipping in $100, $50, or $35 to help mobilize Americans in our fight against the Internet Sales Tax.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Join Sheriff Joe Arpaio in keeping Hillary out of the Whitehouse

From Stop Hillary PAC:

Fellow Patriot,

You know me as the toughest sheriff in America.

You also know me as a straight talker - I tell it like it is.

My friend, America is in trouble.

I've spent my entire life fighting for the rule of law and what is right and just. I have fought against the Mexican Drug Cartels who have threatened my life and my family. I have fought against the corrupt Obama Department of Justice that is more interested in scoring political points than enforcing the law. I have fought against President Obama who doesn't have the first clue on how to secure our borders or protect our citizens.

Today, I'm ready to take on a new fight and I need your help.

You see, I'm convinced that "the fix is in" and that without a huge effort starting right now - Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Her henchmen - James Carville and Harold Ickes - are busy greasing the skids, raising millions of dollars, buying off the competition... all designed to install her in the White House without a fight.

Well you know me... I'm always up for a good fight. And fighting for America is what I do best.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Stop Hillary PAC today. Will you please click on this link and sign your name to my Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign?

And after you sign your pledge, will you please chip in with a generous donation of $25, 50 or even $100 to help me fight Hillary Clinton across America? Your gift could not come at a more important moment.

Stop Hillary PAC is organizing across the country to stop Hillary Clinton from ever becoming president of the United States.

We have a plan - and with your help we can Stop Hillary Now.

So I'm asking you today — before you do anything else — to follow this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign.

I know I don't have to tell you the damage a Hillary Clinton presidency will do to the America we know and love. Building upon the dangerous Obama legacy, President Hillary Clinton will cement the disastrous policies of Obama into the fabric of America forever.

>>>Open Borders and Permanent Amnesty: Hillary will finish what President Obama and Harry Reid have started - an immigration policy that rewards law breakers and leaves our citizens vulnerable to criminals and thugs.

>>>A Bigger and more Overreaching Government: Hillary will continue Obama's assault on free markets and plot to gut conservative and Tea Party groups. Will the IRS start targeting all conservatives under President Clinton?

>>>A Foreign Policy that leaves America Weak and Vulnerable: Does anyone really believe America is stronger in the world after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been in charge?

>>>Obamacare expanded into Hillarycare: Hillary will be the ultimate implementer Obamacare - resulting in sky rocketing taxes, health-care costs and rationing of care?

>>> Jimmy Carter style Joblessness and Unemployment: From the big banks to the taxpayer funded government takeover, a Hillary Clinton Administration will be a dangerous anti-capitalist government that will destroy our economy.

But here is the real scary part: Hillary is even closer to the presidency now than ever before.

That's why I'm asking you, before you read any further, please click on this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign - and please make a generous gift to our campaign.

My friend, if there is one thing I've learned during my years in law enforcement... it's you can never start preparing too early for a fight.

Our immediate goal is to collect over 1 million signatures - a grassroots army of Americans committed to doing whatever it takes to defeat Hillary.

Then we will enact an all-out media blitz to expose Hillary's left-wing record of failure. Finally, we will target precinct-by-precinct with a coordinated hard-hitting TV, radio and digital effort in every county in America that Hillary needs to win the presidency.

One more important thing: we simply cannot achieve our goals without your financial support as well. I also need you to make a contribution today.

Please, in addition to signing your Pledge to Defeat Hillary, I urge you make your most generous contribution to help me and Stop Hillary PAC do what it takes to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President.

I assure you that your contribution of $25, $50 or even as much $100 will go directly to exposing Hillary Clinton to voters across American and ensure she never becomes president.

My friend, as I wrote above... America is in trouble.

I'm going to fight back with - or without - your help. The only difference is: will I have the necessary resources to fight or will Hillary Clinton run over us with her mountains of support?

It's up to you.

Please send help if you can.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainbow mafia punks the NFL

From Public Advocate:

Add the National Football League (NFL) to the list of groups who punish opposition to the Homosexual Agenda.

Earlier this week, the media widely broadcast Michael Sam's over-the-top reaction when he became the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL.

Sam's seemingly-scripted celebration included smearing cake on the face of his "boyfriend" while the pair kissed on national television.

This radical activist crowded the entire national media with his nationally broadcasted announcement of his homosexual desires to the nation. Lurid, explicit, and straightforwardly obscene propaganda.

Media talking heads like Matt Lauer went as far as to say that the NFL was "on the wrong side of history" until the league had more open homosexual athletes.

But when a player for the NFL's Miami Dolphins reacted negatively to Sam's act on the internet he was fined, immediately ordered to undergo "sensitivity" re-education, and roundly criticized in the media.

The media liberal elites tripping over themselves to praise Michael Sam for his behavior are the same people who ridiculed and insulted former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow for his outspoken Christian beliefs.

This double standard is sickening but hardly surprising -- as is the NFL's eagerness to toe the line of the Homosexual Agenda.

But as Public Advocate supporters know, this is just the latest example of the Homosexual Lobby's efforts to silence those who oppose their radical agenda.

Just a few days ago, I wrote to you about the HGTV network's capitulation after the Homosexual Lobby bullied them into cancelling a planned TV show hosted by two pro-Family Christian brothers.

You and I must not let our values and freedoms fall victim to the rising anti-Family, anti-Christian sentiment.

Please keep an eye on your inbox for the latest from Public Advocate and our efforts to defend Christian morality and real marriage in America.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

If you haven't yet, please sign Public Advocate's "Protect Religious Liberty" Directive today!

Public Advocate is America's most effective pro-Family grassroots organization.

After you've signed your Directive, will you consider chipping in $5 or $10 to keep your Public Advocate in the fight against the radical Homosexual Lobby?

We''re not through with this

From Free Press Action Fund:

This has been a historic day in the fight to save the Internet.

The rally outside the FCC was inspiring: Hundreds of people (and even some kids) chanted, drummed and streamed into the FCC demanding reclassification and real Net Neutrality. Thousands more are taking action online at And we put the FCC on notice, making one thing crystal clear: A pay-for-priority Internet is unacceptable.

You've been part of an enormous public outcry — and it's having an impact.

Here’s what happened today: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler introduced his rules, which would let ISPs charge for priority treatment. Meanwhile, Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel spoke out in support of prohibitions on paid prioritization and other forms of discrimination.

Lets get pumped for the fight ahead.

The Commission says it wants to hear from the public; it will be hearing from us a lot more in the months ahead. As this fight stretches into the fall, we'll repeat our demands over and over again: No fast lanes on the Internet. We need REAL Net Neutrality.

We’ll file comments with the FCC. We'll urge President Obama to reiterate his support for the open Internet. We’ll step up our organizing — online, in the streets and on Capitol Hill. We’ll keep the issue front and center in the news and in people’s minds. At every turn we’ll remind the FCC that it work for us, not the ISPs.

We won't stop fighting until we win, no matter how long it takes. With you by our side we know we'll get there.

Thanks for all that you do—

Josh, Candace, Misty, Mary Alice and the rest of the Free Press team

P.S. Thanks to the generosity of so many Free Press supporters, we met our goal of raising $50,000 in 15 days to save the Internet. We’re in it for the long haul: Help fuel our work with a donation of $10 (or more!) today. Thank you!

Free Press Action Fund

Net Neutrality is on the ropes

From Demand Progress:

Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to propose new rules that would allow Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to sell priority access on the Internet.

The proposed rules would end the policy of Net Neutrality, a principle supposedly supported by President Obama -- but evidently not by his FCC.

Yet not all hope is lost: Millions of activists have spoken out in support of the Open Internet in recent weeks, and because of this the FCC has left on the table the possibility of restoring Net Neutrality -- but it's an uphill fight.

And more than anybody else, President Obama can tilt the table in our favor by speaking out in support of our cause.

Click here to tell Obama to keep his word and fight for Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is what stops powerful Internet corporations like Comcast and Verizon from singlehandedly killing websites by making them impossibly slow.

Without Net Neutrality, Internet service providers could promote content that they own, and undermine content from their competitors.

They could shake down start-ups and artists and blogs for fees — and put them out of business if they don’t pay up.

This summer, the FCC will make a final decision about which plan to move forward with -- the one it prefers which allows ISPs to discriminate against websites, or the restoration of Net Neutrality.

Let's tell President Obama that it's time to prove that he stands with us and the Internet -- not with ISPs like Comcast and Verizon:

Click here to demand that President Obama stand up for Net Neutrality.


-Demand Progress

IRS persecutes Campaign For Liberty

From Campaign For Liberty:

The IRS recently fined Campaign for Liberty nearly $13,000 - with daily penalties - for refusing to hand over information about our top donors.

As you'll see in Dr. Paul's letter below, C4L is determined to fight back.

But before we engage in an expensive legal fight with Obama's IRS, Dr. Paul, John Tate, and our staff need to hear from as many members and supporters like you as possible.

So if you haven't yet filled out your Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot, please do so right away.

If you've already filled out your ballot, please forward this email to anyone - and everyone - you know.

A decision has to be made soon. So please fill out your Supporter Ballot IMMEDIATELY - or forward it on - if you haven't already.

In Liberty,

Norm Singleton
Vice President of Policy

Campaign for Liberty

This is one of the toughest letters I’ve ever had to send.

For years, people have joked that the three most feared letters in the English language may well be these . . .

I – R – S.

But today, I’m not laughing.

Recently, the IRS handed Campaign for Liberty a hefty fine and DEMANDED we turn over sensitive contributor information.

If we don’t comply with the IRS’ outrageous demand for sensitive donor information, I’m afraid we’ll face additional fines that could cripple Campaign for Liberty and perhaps even force us to shut our doors.

But, I’m not na├»ve. I know where this is headed.

The statists at the IRS know I’ll NEVER EVER turn over confidential information about Campaign for Liberty’s donors without a fight.

Instead, this is likely just the first in a long line of UNCONSTITUTIONAL and likely ILLEGAL “excuses” this rogue government agency will use to try to shut us up and shut us down by FINING us to death.

So I have a decision to make - a critical decision that could affect Campaign for Liberty’s very survival in the months ahead.

Do I fight on? Do I risk everything? Do I tell the statist IRS to go fly a kite?

Or should Campaign for Liberty just pay up, keep our head down, and hope this never happens again?

The truth is, this issue extends beyond Campaign for Liberty and could have massive legal ramifications for ALL Americans.

If the IRS gets its way, the door could open for targeting, harassment, and intimidation for anyone who believes in liberty and limited government and takes a stand.

Campaign for Liberty is prepared to lead this fight.

But I need you to tell me what to do today.

In just a second, I’m going to give you a link to a Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot.

As you’ll see, there will only be two choices on the form - the only two choices I’m faced with today.

But before you decide, please let me explain everything that’s at stake . . .

As I mentioned, what the IRS wants is contributor information on Campaign for Liberty’s top donors, pointing to a rarely enforced and unconstitutional bureaucratic rule.

You see, as a 501(c)(4) organization under IRS law, all Campaign for Liberty contributor information is supposed to be confidential.

This is a critical protection I wholeheartedly support.

Privacy and liberty go hand-in-hand.

In fact, when Thomas Paine published his pamphlet Common Sense in 1776, he did so anonymously.

Forcing organizations like Campaign for Liberty to publicize donor information would have an incredibly chilling effect on political speech.

Many liberty-loving Americans would silence themselves for fear of becoming targets of political “retribution.”

And after the Obama IRS was caught red-handed targeting pro-limited government groups for harassment and intimidation, these fears could not be more well-founded.

So there’s no way I would ever just hand this kind of information over to these government bureaucrats. That’s not an option.

So when we filed annual reports with the IRS as required by law, we left this information off.

The IRS now claims that’s the reason we’re being fined!

But the truth is, years ago, after the NAACP complied with IRS demands and promptly saw their donor information publicized, the IRS has only occasionally sought to “enforce” their ridiculous rule.

Won’t you please fill out your Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot right away?

The real reason they’re coming after Campaign for Liberty I’m afraid is something far more sinister.

After all, there’s no denying our Liberty Movement is growing.

Only a few years ago, you and I were barely a “blip” on the political screen.

But there’s no denying things have changed, when you consider:

***Today, we see a growing crop of new Liberty Movement supporters like Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the U.S. Senate;

***In the U.S. House, there’s Congressmen Justin Amash (R-MI) and Thomas Massie (R-KY);

***My son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), is now considered a frontrunner for President in 2016;

***Audit the Fed is now a top issue in American politics;

***The bipartisan National Internet Tax Mandate and the National ID database scheme were supposed to sail through Congress, but you and I have so far held them both off;

***More and more Americans now oppose radical federal government spying programs and - as we saw with Syria - are more skeptical than ever of foreign military adventurism.

Liberty-minded Americans’ efforts are at the heart of all this success.

I’m convinced these are just the beginning stages of a massive nationwide R3VOLUTION that can usher in a new era of liberty and limited government in America.

That’s why we’re being targeted.

That’s why the statists in BOTH parties want so much to shut us up and shut us down.

I’m afraid, without your support today, they could very well get their wish.

I have no doubt if these ridiculous demands made it to court, Campaign for Liberty would win, hands down.

But I’m afraid that’s not what this is about.

Campaign for Liberty is run on a shoestring budget. We don’t have millions lying around in the bank.

This is about draining us.

This is about forcing me to take resources off of other critical programs just to keep our doors open.

That’s why I want so badly to just say “NO!”

But without an IMMEDIATE influx of funds, I’m afraid we’ll be sitting ducks.

I just won’t be able to pay for everything . . .

But the alternative could be worse.

Paying this outrageous extortionist fine - just to exercise our rights as American citizens to petition our government - may even be cheaper in the short run.

But it’ll just embolden an alphabet soup of other federal agencies to come after us.

This is the price you pay for daring to stand up to a federal government that wants to keep taxing, spending, and printing every American into the poorhouse.

So what do I do?

Won’t you please fill out your Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot right away?

I’m asking my staff to tally up the votes, and I will proceed as C4L’s generous members and supporters tell me to.

The decision is in your hands.

But if you tell me to fight, please realize this is serious.

Any potential legal fight is going to take money - money Campaign for Liberty does not have lying around.

So I must ask you to be as generous as you possibly can.

I must ask you to please agree to an emergency gift of $100 or more.

I know that’s a lot.

But this is the IRS we’re talking about. This is not a game.

As I mentioned, this is one of the hardest letters I’ve ever had to send.

I have to ask all Campaign for Liberty supporters to go above and beyond what they’ve done in the past.

But if $100 is just too much, won’t you please agree to chip in $10 or $20?

I’m anxiously awaiting your response.

This is not something I can just put off for a later day. I need to hear from you right away.

So please fill out your Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot and agree to chip in whatever amount you can afford today.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Recently, Campaign for Liberty received a letter fining us and DEMANDING we turn over sensitive contributor information to the IRS.

The statists’ goal is to cripple Campaign for Liberty and perhaps even force us to shut our doors.

So I need you to tell me what to do.

Below you’ll find a link to your Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot. Please tell me how I should respond to this new IRS threat.

And if you possibly can, please agree to your most generous gift of $100, $50, $25, or at least $10 to help us be ready to fight back TODAY!

Declassify the Benghazi memos

From Rand 2016:

President Obama has nominated David J. Barron, the author of two memos justifying the killing of American citizens abroad without trial, to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Recently, I wrote Harry Reid a letter declaring my intention to place a hold on his nomination until the drone memos I knew existed were made public.

Since that letter, it has been disclosed that at least 11 memos on targeted drone killings exist.

While we don't know if Barron wrote all of these memos, we do know that his classified memos provided the President a legal argument to target an American citizen for killing without them being convicted by a jury and without due process.

A vote could come at any time so I hope you'll sign your emergency "Defend the Bill of Rights" fax directive right away.

I'll circulate your directive to my colleagues to urge them to demand the Obama administration come clean and release all of these memos.

Our Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to due process and a trial by jury do not vanish on the legal whim of any administration.

If an American abroad commits an act of treason then they should be tried and convicted.

If an American commits an act of treason on a foreign battlefield then they may be lawfully killed.

But this administration needs to answer why they believe in noncombat situations the executive branch can assume the role of the judicial branch and play executioner.

That's why I hope I can count on your immediate action.

A vote could come at any time so I hope you'll complete your emergency "Defend the Bill of Rights" fax directive right away.

Thank you for your action.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. President Obama has nominated David J. Barron, the author of two memos justifying the killing of American citizens abroad without trial to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

So please sign your emergency "Defend the Bill of Rights" fax directive immediately and help me urge my colleagues to demand the Obama administration release all of their memos outlining their legal arguments for targeting American citizens for assassination by drones.

After you complete your directive please chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight in the Senate to defend the Bill of Rights.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nationwide protest at FCC headquarter

From Fight For The Future:

This is it people. In less than 24 hours, the FCC will vote on a proposal for net neutrality rules that will affect every single person reading this email.

Here are three things you can do right now:

First, telecom lobbyists are pulling every string they have in Congress as we speak. It's scary how powerful and organized they are. Everyone we know needs to tell Congress to not let the FCC sell out net neutrality right now.

Second, join a rapid response gathering at FCC offices near you. MoveOn has events planned in over 20 U.S. cities! Click here to find one near you.

Of course, the biggest and baddest protest is our Occupy the FCC encampment in Washington DC. It's our last night sleeping there, and tomorrow we'll join with tons of other groups for a Save the Internet rally in front of and inside the FCC, starting at 9am. Near DC? Come down when you get this. We'll be there!

Third and finally, if you have a website, blog, or tumblr, use this awesome widget code to drive an online wave of emails to Congress that the FCC can't ignore: #StopTheSlowLane

Remember, the FCC is voting on this tomorrow so we need everyone to take action right now.

We are winning but we can’t let up!

For the internet,

-Evan, Tiffiniy, and Kevin

Fight for the Future

P.S. At around 10 AM this morning FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler came out of his castle to meet with Occupy the FCC demonstrators who have been camped out on the agency's doorstep for an entire week. He’s now (finally) willing to debate about reclassifying Internet providers as common carriers, which is the only step that can stop ISP's from slowing down our favorite sites.

P.P.S. Our tiny team has been literally working around the clock on this for the past week and we are thrilled with the results. Nearly every major media outlet showed up at the encampment today. If you want to help us keep winning, please donate as generously as you can today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Sterling tape

V. Stivino is also a racist.

Rein in the FCC chairman's arrogance

From Capitol Hill Daily:

Last week, I told you about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's disastrous proposal, which would've effectively put an end to net neutrality - and the internet - as we know it.

The FCC took a ton of well-deserved heat for its plan, as nearly everyone who wasn't an internet service provider realized what a terrible deal they'd be getting if the proposal were accepted.

The outrage culminated in a letter from dozens of internet companies asking the FCC not to make the ill-advised move toward a more-or-less deregulated internet. At issue, primarily, was the fact that the FCC would allow for internet "fast lanes" that would benefit the privileged few companies that could afford such treatment.

Hopefully, you were one of the many readers who spoke your mind to Chairman Wheeler. If you told the FCC that you were opposed to a discriminatory internet, I congratulate you.

The good news is that, yesterday, the Chairman admitted that he's taken notice of the nearly universal backlash sparked by his initial proposal.

And as a token of his condolence, Wheeler has submitted a revised proposal that he hopes will placate his many critics, while (presumably) also catering to the service providers that he's in bed with.

The revision was distributed yesterday, so what can Americans expect from the Wheeler proposal version 2.0?

A Flimsy Correction
Not much, as it turns out. Remember: Wheeler is a corporate shill... and his "revisions" are incredibly insufficient. But don't take my word for it. CNET, for example, says that the new proposal is "not a dramatic revision of Wheeler's [original] proposal."

And The Wall Street Journal says that Mr. Wheeler is "sticking to the same basic approach" as he did in the first proposal - though the latest version will "seek comment" on whether paid prioritization should be banned outright.

Perhaps I should be pleased that the FCC Chair has (sort of) admitted to his first proposal's shortcomings. At best, the new proposal bans some, but not all, internet fast lanes - even though the FCC would maintain its power to review any prioritization deals.

Frankly, though, this is an insulting response to the overwhelming criticism faced by the initial proposal. The revision appears to be nothing more than Wheeler pandering, with a vague assurance that the Commission will somehow, at some point, definitely (maybe) make sure that abuse (probably) won't take place... I guess.

On top of that, Wheeler has refused to delay Thursday's vote on the petition in question, despite pleas from two of the five FCC commissioners. A delay could've given the agency time to craft a more comprehensive solution that's aligned with the demands of pretty much everyone who isn't an internet service provider.

As one FCC official told The Wall Street Journal, "There is a wide feeling on the eighth floor that this is a debacle, and I think people would like to see a change of course. We may not agree on the course, but we agree [that] the road we're on is a disaster."

Here's to hoping that Wheeler will soon see this situation in the same light as the rest of America. The power to make the right decision is in his hands.

In Pursuit of the Truth,

Christopher Eutaw

Defeat the Internet Tax Mandate

From Campaign For Liberty:

After U.S. Senate passage and a recent House hearing, I’m afraid you and I could be quickly approaching a FINAL showdown on the U.S. House floor over the National Internet Tax Mandate.

My fears may have been confirmed when a pro-Internet sales tax Representative recently said he expected Congress to approve the Mandate this year!

There’s no time to waste.

Unless you act today, you and I could be staring straight at an election year economic DISASTER - all brought on by Big Government statists in BOTH parties’ unholy alliance with their crony “capitalist” backers!

So won’t you please sign your petitions to your U.S. Representative and Senators and return them IMMEDIATELY?

I'll give you the link to sign in just a moment, but first let me explain exactly what's at stake in this fight.

If passed, EVERY American will feel the pinch of the new Internet Tax Mandate - even those who don’t use the Internet or just log on to check email once in a blue moon!

Not only that, but it would hand the federal government massive new controls over state tax policies and set the stage for government at ALL levels to take yet another helping of your money via the Internet.

In fact, one member of Congress stated he supports the Internet Tax Mandate because it would make it easier to impose a national sales tax on American citizens!

I know if you listen to the so-called “experts,” nothing “controversial” is ever supposed to happen in Congress during election years.

But looking for ways to pocket more of our hard-earned money isn’t “controversial” to the politicians in Washington, D.C.

It’s politics as usual - especially when so many slick Washington, D.C. lobbyists representing supposedly “capitalist” corporations are just begging for this National Internet Tax Mandate!

Yes. You read that right.

Worried that many mom-and-pop small businesses all over the country are starting to outcompete and outsell their clients, slick corporate lobbyists are now DEMANDING passage of the National Internet Tax Mandate to help “cut down” on their competition!

And the politicians in BOTH parties - whose eyes sparkle at the thought of rolling in more taxpayer dough - seem more than happy to oblige.

I hope you’re as outraged as I am by this unholy alliance.

Using taxes, regulations, subsidies, and government FORCE to drive out competition and drive up profit margins is the very opposite of free market capitalism.

Truthfully, I wonder how long our American system of government will last if politicians in BOTH parties continue to auction off government-guaranteed success to the highest lobbyist bidders.

But that’s EXACTLY what some crony “capitalists” want.

In fact, one supposedly “pro-business” organization bragged they were preparing to spend up to $50 million this election year to DEFEAT candidates who refuse to play ball on issues like the National Internet Tax Mandate!

The ugly truth is this radical scheme could be devastating to the last shreds of American economic growth.

Under the National Internet Tax Mandate:

*** All Americans would pay more for the “privilege” of shopping online, as big-spending governors of BOTH parties work with the federal government to implement the Mandate.

Big-spending governors are running their states into bankruptcy, and - instead of reducing spending - they want Congress to force YOU to bail them out with Internet sales tax revenue!

*** Tax collectors in one state would now be free to pursue retailers across state lines. For example, if a customer in New York makes a purchase from an online retailer in Texas, that retailer MUST collect New York’s exorbitant sales taxes and send them to New York’s tax collection agencies.

*** New and higher taxes would CRUSH economic growth and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.

That’s why it’s vital you act TODAY!

Because of the action of good folks like you, Campaign for Liberty’s members and supporters have so far been able to derail this scheme - even after the Senate’s passage of the National Internet Tax Mandate last year.

But House Republican leaders are openly working on their own version.

Whether they pass the Senate version or some similar scheme, I’m afraid the U.S. House may be our last chance to stop the National Internet Tax Mandate.

But it’s also critical your U.S. Senators hear from you as well, just in case another version of this legislation comes up in the Senate.

So please sign your petitions to your U.S. Representative and Senators IMMEDIATELY.

And if you can, please agree to your most generous contribution, as well.

With your support, Campaign for Liberty will launch an all-out drive to turn up the heat on Congress to DEFEAT the National Internet Tax Mandate, including:

1) Contacting up to 12 million Americans via hard-hitting mail and email to alert them to facts about the National Internet Tax Mandate;

2) Running web ads on heavily trafficked websites, working the blogs, and launching a state-of-the-art Facebook campaign to reach and mobilize up to four million more supporters;

3) Working the talk radio lines, writing op-eds, and in the days before the vote, launching hard-hitting radio, newspaper, Internet, and TV ads calling on Representatives and Senators by name to vote AGAINST the National Internet Tax Mandate.

This won’t be cheap. But it will be what it takes to win.

So please take a moment to sign your petitions to your Representative and Senators TODAY.

And if you can, please make your most generous contribution, as well.

Perhaps you can afford a generous contribution of $15. If that’s too much, perhaps you can afford a generous gift of $10 or at least $5.

As I explained, the National Internet Tax Mandate will affect EVERY single American while benefiting only Big Government politicians who want more of our tax dollars and supposedly “capitalist” corporations who are seeking to drive out competition.

So please sign your petitions to your U.S. Representative and Senators, and if you possibly can, agree to make your most generous contribution of $15, $10, or $5 today!

There’s no time to waste.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Slick corporate lobbyists are doing everything in their power to RAM through a massive power grab - the National Internet Tax Mandate.

They know this Mandate, which EVERY American will feel the pinch of, will help “cut down” on their competition!

After U.S. Senate passage and a recent House hearing, I’m afraid you and I could be quickly approaching a FINAL showdown on the U.S. House floor over the National Internet Tax Mandate.

So please sign your petitions to your U.S. Representative and Senators and agree to make your most generous contribution of $15, $10, or at least $5 IMMEDIATELY!

Support the Balanced Budget Amendment

From the National League of Taxpayers:

It's a ticking time bomb.

That's why I'm hoping you'll sign your Balanced Budget Amendment petitions in support of H.J. Res. 5 and S.J. Res. 7, a bullet-proof Balanced Budget Amendment to your two U.S. Senators and Congressman, which I'll link to in a moment.

But first, let me explain why your support is so important.

The fact is, during Obama's tenure in office, our national debt has nearly doubled.

And the reality is, the $17 trillion national debt we hear so much about is just the tip of the iceberg.

When the government's unfunded liabilities for Medicare, Social Security, and federal employees' retirement benefits are counted, American taxpayers are really on the hook for over $86.8 trillion.

President Obama and his big-spending allies in Washington, D.C. have been piling on to our national debt every day, and show no signs of slowing down.

They've been spending money we don't have for so long, some economists are beginning to question not if the U.S. will ultimately have to declare bankruptcy, but when.

Of course, the "solution" to our ongoing fiscal disaster put forward by President Obama is to tax ourselves out of the hole, all the while claiming that there's nothing left to cut.

That's why I hope you will sign your petitions for the National League of Taxpayers' Balanced Budget Amendment, Senate Joint Resolution 7 and House Joint Resolution 5.

This Amendment would not only require a balanced budget, but would require a two-thirds vote by both houses of Congress to raise taxes, thereby making it much more difficult for the politicians to balance the budget by raising your taxes.

And it would shrink the exploding growth of government by limiting the size of the federal budget to 18% of our gross domestic product (GDP).

This NLT-supported Balanced Budget Amendment would put every wasteful program onto the chopping block simply by forcing politicians to actually make tradeoffs in their spending.

Today, the feds run 79 different welfare programs, 160 programs for housing assistance, 47 for job training, 82 for teacher quality, 80 for transportation assistance, and 56 for financial education.

In return for all that, we still have a history of stagnant education scores and an official poverty rate of 15 percent.

Yet Barack Obama and his tax-and-spend buddies keep binging and pushing for higher taxes.

But instead of stopping President Obama, his tax-and-spend allies merely give lip service to "fiscal responsibility" and "economic sanity."

The fact is, unless you and I force Members of Congress to put their money where their mouth is, the status quo of give-ins and giveaways will continue.

The reality is, we can immediately achieve hundreds of billions in savings by:

*** Abolishing the boondoggle Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development;
*** Repealing the monstrously expensive ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank financial regulation law;
*** Transitioning Medicaid and food stamps back to the states where they belong and cutting back on the $37 billion spent on foreign aid.
That's why I hope you will sign your Balanced Budget Amendment petitions.

But honestly after you sign, I hope you will go a step further and make a contribution to help the National League of Taxpayers mobilize a political army in support of the Balanced Budget Amendment.

I don't need to tell you powerful players in Washington oppose the Balanced Budget Amendment.

Without the money to rally the American people, the Balanced Budget Amendment is likely to be buried.

Click here to sign your Balanced Budget Amendment Petitions at once.

You see, as long as the tax-and-spenders think they can get away with it, there will always be the vote for the next bailout, the next tax increase, and the next debt ceiling raise.

All coupled with the promise of "just this once."

At least just until the next time their fiscal irresponsibility throws us into the next looming "crisis."

That's why it's so important you sign your petitions at once and, if at all possible, chip in a contribution of even just $10 to help the National League of Taxpayers rally the American people.

The NLT-supported Balanced Budget Amendment would take those options off the table and force Congress to start making serious cuts.

Kicking the can down the road for future generations to pay for would no longer be an option.

But without a strict Balanced Budget Amendment, I fear we'll continue the tax-and-spend cycle.

You see, without any cap on government spending, the politicians are always able to invent some "crisis" to demand bigger government and higher spending.

That's why I pray you will sign your petitions to your U.S. Senators and Congressman, urging them to cosponsor this Balanced Budget Amendment.

And in addition to that, I hope you will help my friends at the National League of Taxpayers with a special contribution.

The fact is, even though many Americans who receive this letter will sign the petition, many won't be able to contribute.

If you can only chip in $10, it will be a big boost.

Of course if you can afford to make a larger contribution of $25 or $50 or even more, I hope you will.

You should also know that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, so there isn't a better time to give.

Your donations will help the National League of Taxpayers organize:

*** Extensive internet, direct mail, and telephone campaigns to generate at least one million petitions and questionnaires to Congress like the ones that accompany my letter,
*** Extensive personal lobbying of key Members of Congress by rank and file National League of Taxpayers members and staff;
*** Hard-hitting TV, radio, and newspaper ads to be run in targeted states and districts, mobilizing the American people and detailing the dangers of our soaring debt.

Your donation will help the National League of Taxpayers reach up to 10 million Americans and generate a tidal wave of opposition to fiscal irresponsibility while building long-term support for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

So after signing your Balanced Budget Amendment petitions, please also help with a contribution.

Some people have already given as much as $500.

Others have sent $50 or $100, but no matter how much you give, whether it's chipping in with $10 or a larger contribution of $150, I guarantee your contribution is urgently needed and will be deeply appreciated.

And don't forget that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, no matter the amount.

With your help, we can impose real limits on politicians that force them to actually cut the waste that is threatening our future.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Rand Paul
United States Senator

P.S. Our bloated federal budget CAN be balanced once the politicians understand that their political future depends on it.

That's why I urge you to click here to sign your "Balance the Budget" petitions to your Congressman and two Senators today and chip in with a contribution of $10 or whatever you can afford.

Contribute to save net neutrality

From Free Press Action Fund:

Q: What will it take to save the Internet from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to allow rampant discrimination online?

A: People. Only we can remind Chairman Wheeler that he works for the public. Only we can hold him accountable.

On May 15th, the FCC will formally unveil its terrible rules. The outcry over the last couple of weeks has prompted Wheeler to make a few tweaks to his proposal, but those changes don’t go far enough. It will take even more noise for Wheeler to ditch his plan altogether.

That’s why, on May 15th, we’re rallying outside the FCC and taking action online. We need your contribution to make the protest big, loud and forceful enough for Wheeler to scrap these rules.

It’s a perfect time to give: If we raise $50,000 by the end of the day on Thursday, a generous donor will match it.

Donate today and your gift will go twice as far to save the Internet.

Millions of people have spoken out. The phones are ringing off the hook at the FCC and in Congress. And Wheeler’s getting pressure from organizations, companies, tech investors — and even two of his fellow FCC commissioners — to abandon his proposal.

This outpouring of support has left us more inspired than ever to do what it takes to save the Internet.

But we need your help to win this fight.

Donate right away and help fuel the campaign for real Net Neutrality.

We’ve got less than three days to go. Can we count on you?

With thanks,

Candace, Carrie and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team

P.S. We’re aiming to raise $50,000 by May 15th to power our work to save the Internet. A generous donor will match all funds raised if we meet our goal. Please donate today. Thank you!

Contribute to the fire Harry Reid fund

From Fire Harry Reid PAC:

In November, we can flip the United States Senate and FIRE HARRY REID.

These midterm elections give us our best opportunity every to finally fire Harry Reid and end his reign of terror over the Senate.

With Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, the United States Senate has become an epicenter of corruption and a breeding ground for Obama's liberal policies.

That's why Stop Reid PAC has formed the Fire Reid Fund - a fund dedicated to removing Harry Reid as leader of the Senate and ultimately from the United States Senate.

Will you chip in at least $25 or even $100 immediately so we can fire Harry Reid?

Just look at a glimpse of how bad Harry Reid's Senate has been:

1.Pushed disastrous legislation, like Obamacare, government bailouts and budget busting "stimulus" plans, down our throats without any regard to their consequences - devastating small businesses and personal freedoms;

2.Been riddled with scandal and quid pro quo for his family and political allies;

3.Disparaged American patriots on the Senate floor -- calling them domestic terrorists;

4.Become a safe haven for liberty-killing policies; and

5.Encouraged libelous attacks on other Members of Congress, calling Republicans "greased hogs."

Historically, midterm elections are the best chance for a minority party to gain seats -- especially with an unpopular president like Barack Obama.

Conservatives only needs 6 seats in the Senate to fire Reid. And this will be our best opportunity this decade to win back the Senate. We must strike while we have the chance.

That's why I have created the Fire Reid Fund because you and I know Harry Reid will do just about anything to stay in power.

In the first 3 months of 2014, Harry Reid's Super PAC, the Senate Majority PAC, raised $11 million.

We need to match his fundraising efforts if we have any chance of winning back the Senate. Ray, will you join me in this fight by sending $25 to kick off the "Fire Reid Fund"?

Your contribution to the Fire Reid Fund will:

•Endorse and elect conservative Senators who will FIRE Reid as the majority leader;

•Organize in Nevada - starting now -- to defeat Harry Reid for reelection so he can't coast to victory, helping other liberal hacks across the country;

•Harass Harry Reid anywhere and everywhere he goes. Any candidate supported by Reid, Fire Reid Fund will support will support the conservative opponent; AND

•Slam Harry Reid on TV, radio, and online so that he cannot continue to twist the truth to a version convenient for him.

You see, only with help from fellow patriots like you can we capitalize on our best opportunity to finally get rid of Harry Reid and his horribly liberal policies that are not only ruining our country but also eliminating the American people's faith in our government.

Will you become a founding member of the "Fire Reid Fund" by donating at least $25 online right now? Or $100 if you can afford it.

Your contribution can help save America from untold disaster if Harry Reid continues to spread his cancerous control over the United States Senate.

I hope you are with me.


Greg Campbell
Conservative, Chairman of Stop REID

P.S. We have a plan to fire Harry Reid in 2014, but cannot do it without your immediate support of the Fire Reid Fund. His crooked leadership in the Senate has lead to scandal, the passage of Obamacare and abuse of power. Conservatives only have to pick up 6 seats in the Senate to fire Reid.

P.S.S. Become a founding member of the "Fire Reid Fund" today by donating $25 or even $100 online right now.

Oppose the gay bill of special rights

From Public Advocate:

The Radical Homosexuals infiltrating the United States Congress have a plan:

Indoctrinate an entire generation of American children with pro-homosexual propaganda and eliminate traditional values from American society.

Their ultimate dream is to create a new America based on sexual promiscuity in which the family values you and I cherish are long forgotten.

I hate to admit it, but if they pass the deceptively named "Student Non-Discrimination Act," that's exactly what they'll do.

Better named the "Homosexual Classrooms Act," its chief advocate in Congress is Rep. Jared Polis D-CO), himself an open homosexual and radical activist.

And it's dangerously close to becoming the law of the land.

Last session, the Homosexual Classrooms Act had 170 co-sponsors in the House and 39 in the Senate.

And with their 2012 Election Day victories, the Homosexual Lobby picked up where they left off in the new Congress.

That's why I need you to act quickly -- right away -- to protect our nation's youth.

I have prepared the official "Protect Our Children's Innocence" Petition to Congress for you to sign.

Please click here to sign it right away so I can rush it to the Capitol with thousands more.

You and I must defeat this disastrous legislation.

You see, the Homosexual Classrooms Act contains a laundry list of anti-family provisions that will:

***Require schools to teach appalling homosexual acts so "homosexual students" don't feel "singled out" during already explicit sex-ed classes;
***Spin impressionable students in a whirlwind of sexual confusion and misinformation, even peer pressure to "experiment" with the homosexual "lifestyle;"
***Exempt homosexual students from punishment for propositioning, harassing, or even sexually assaulting their classmates, as part of their specially-protected right to "freedom of self-expression;"
***Force private and even religious schools to teach a pro-homosexual curriculum and purge any reference to religion if a student claims it creates a "hostile learning environment" for homosexual students.

And that's just the beginning of the Homosexual Lobby's radical agenda.

In fact, it will set them up to ram through their entire perverted vision for a homosexual America.

My friend, I'm sure I don't have to tell you this is not a fight we can afford to lose.

That's why Public Advocate is leading the fight against this immoral legislation.

But I need your help to do it.

You see, it's becoming harder and harder to send my message to pro-Family advocates.

The radical Homosexual Lobby is working day and night to censor Public Advocate's warning about the Homosexual Classrooms Act.

That's why, along with your signed petition, I need you to seriously consider chipping in a special contribution of $15 to Public Advocate.

A contribution of just $20 will enable me to email 1,000 potential new supporters.

This is a battle for the survival of American values and the fact is, there's no time to waste.

The Homosexual Classrooms Act will turn America's schools into indoctrination centers and its classrooms into social laboratories -- and they're pulling out all the stops to pass it.

You see, they've disguised the bill's wicked purpose behind an innocent name: "The Student Non-Discrimination Act."

The Homosexual Lobby knows that if the public knew the truth about their radical agenda, they'll have no hope of success.

And they're dangerously close to ramming their perversity into law.

During the last Congress, the Homosexual Classrooms Act had 170 co-sponsors in the House and 39 in the Senate.

You can bet the Homosexual Lobby will try even harder with the new Congress.

You and I need to take action right now to stop the growing momentum of this disastrous legislation.

I've developed a massive program to launch the second they try to push this bill through in the new Congress -- mail, email, phones, and even radio and TV ads.

But that's only possible with your support...

None of these things are cheap. In fact, running a program of the size necessary to defeat this bill can get quite expensive especially with increases in postage and printing costs.

That's why I ask for your generous contribution. In addition to your signed "Protect Our Children's Innocence" Petition, will you contribute $15 or even just $10 or $5 right away?

$250 will allow me to email more than 10,000 potential new supporters. $100 or even $50 would mean 5,000 or 2,500 new chances to alert more Americans to the threat of the Homosexual Classrooms Act.

Every dollar counts in this fight. Even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will mean 500 or 1,000 new emails.

This agenda is nothing new.

In fact, other countries like Britain are already experimenting with this kind of legislation, such as mandating public schools inject pro-homosexual content into every aspect of education.

Word problems in math classes are now to include homosexual characters. History classes will document the "civil rights" struggle against the "oppressive" pro-family establishment.

And it's even started to infiltrate our state governments.

In parts of California, lawmakers "require schools to portray lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals ... as positive role models to children in all public schools."

Homosexual Rights Activists who attack Christians being held up as models of virtue?

If that makes you as sick as it makes me, you simply must join me in this battle for America's children.

Please sign the "Protect Our Children's Innocence" Petition to Congress and then send a generous contribution of at least $5 right away.

Your action will make all the difference.

And if all that wasn't enough to convince you that action must be taken immediately, there's more.

Many say that there will always be private schools and traditional homeschool families to teach traditional values to the next generation.

But the truth is, this radical agenda is NOT restricted to public schools.

Kevin Jennings, Obama's former "Safe Schools Czar," has clearly stated that "every school, public, private or parochial has an obligation" to teach a pro-homosexual curriculum.

In fact, Jennings denounced school choice programs as "very dangerous" because they make it much harder to impose the Homosexual Agenda on our kids.

"Lord forbid a Baptist or Mormon school," he added.

Jennings' ultimate goal is for all curriculum in "kindergarten, and first grade, and second grade – every grade" be infused with a pro-homosexual slant.

Traditional values will be squashed and demonized as old fashioned or out-of-date, or even as bigotry.

You and I cannot let them succeed.

Please sign the "Protect Our Children's Innocence" Petition to Congress I've prepared for you right away.

And along with your petition, would you please send a generous contribution of $15, $10, or $5?

The Homosexual Lobby has done their worst to censor my message about the Homosexual Classrooms Act -- and it's absolutely critical that I send more emails.

If you contribute as little as $20, I will be able to email 1,000 new people, maybe even more!

You see, every dollar counts in this fight so even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will make a significant difference.

Thank you so much for all you have done.


Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. Radical homosexuals in Congress have a plan to indoctrinate our children in schools -- both public and private.

But Public Advocate is taking a stand. Will you join me?

Please sign the "Protect Our Children's Innocence" Petition to Congress I've linked here.

And please, along with your petition, would you please send a generous contribution of $15, $10, or $5 right away?

Every $20 will allow me to contact up to a 1,000 potential new pro-Family supporters -- or more!