Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tell the Grand Jury to indict Hillary Clinton

Stop Hillary PAC:

Every day Hillary Clinton makes another campaign appearance or stump speech, she is one step closer to the White House...

Yet she continues to deny her culpability for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi -- and the illegal private email server she used to cover it up.

Now, the FBI just extradited a known hacker to the US to see how far Hillary's top-secret emails were hacked.

Friend, overwhelming evidence has been collected to justify legal proceedings against the former Secretary of State and would-be President -- but Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch still hasn't announced a start.

Enough is enough. It's time to call Hillary Clinton to account -- and time to end the Obama Democrats' stalling tactics and cover.

It's time for Hillary Clinton to be indicted -- and appear before a Grand Jury.

Friend, that's why Stop Hillary PAC needs your immediate participation in our "Hillary for Indictment" Grand Jury Demand today!

We must make Attorney General Lynch and her boss -- Barack Obama -- understand that we won't wait for justice any longer.

This effort must have the strongest possible support -- we need to add at least 50,000 signatures to our Demand -- so there is no question about the public determination behind it.

According to our sources, with no charges yet filed against her, Hillary and her allies in the media -- not to mention the fat cat leftist billionaires who bankroll her campaign -- are increasingly confident she'll skate away scot free and go on to win the White House.

We must show Hillary and her enablers they are wrong.

Will you add your name to the "Hillary for Indictment" Grand Jury Demand now?

And if you're able, please also make a generous contribution of at least $25 to help us distribute this Demand as widely as possible and ensure Hillary is held accountable.

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