Friday, April 15, 2016

Impeach the IRS commissioner

From Freedom Works:

The House Freedom Caucus has just renewed the push to impeach Obama’s crony IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Ever since Obama appointed him, the IRS has been plagued by scandals and corruption. He’s failed to clean up the IRS, he’s failed to protect your tax records, and he has failed you.

Congress has put this off for far too long. John Koskinen has got to go! Send the House Republicans a message today and tell them to impeach John Koskinen.

John Koskinen has covered up the IRS’s targeting of conservatives. He has lied under oath, he has lied to Congress, and he has lied to you. Well I’ve had enough of it, and I know you have too. That’s why I’m asking you to contact the House Republicans and demand that John Koskinen be impeached!

Together we can impeach John Koskinen.

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