Friday, April 15, 2016

Save Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

Trump and Cruz say they want to kill Net Neutrality. That's really scary – but if the Republicans in the House get their way, Net Neutrality rules will already be crippled well before the election.

Make a call today and tell your representative to stand up for the Internet by voting NO on the Republicans’ anti-Net Neutrality “rate regulation” bill.

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This week, the House will vote on a bill that will make it harder for the FCC to enforce its Net Neutrality rules while making it easier for cable and phone companies to overcharge you.

It’s just the latest and most dangerous example of the push by Big Telecom’s allies in Congress to chip away at the Open Internet rules and prevent the FCC from protecting consumers.

While the effort is being led by Republicans, we need to make sure House Democrats don’t give this effort bipartisan cover by voting wrong way on this bill.

The reason this bill is even coming up for a vote would be funny if the consequences weren’t so serious.

As part of the Open Internet Order, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he wasn’t going to use the power the FCC to regulate rates for broadband Internet. And a number of Democrats chimed in, agreeing that “rate regulation” would be a bad thing.

So Republicans are brazenly calling the bill, H.R. 2666, the “No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act” to make it seem like an okay thing.

But the bill defines the term “rate regulations” so broadly that it would prohibit the FCC from stopping telecoms from gouging their customers and make it impossible for the FCC to enforce parts of the Open Internet rules.

It’s light-years beyond what Chairman Wheeler said he was against, but the Republicans are hoping that a combination of chutzpah and mendaciousness will convince some Democrats to vote the wrong way.

It’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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