Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Four friends versus The People's Candidate

Do you know who is not in that photo? Do you? Care to guess? This is who:

Ted Cruz stands with the people. He is the true leader of America. He won't hand the election over to Hillary. The liberals are supposedly scared of Donald Trump. Bullshit. They are really afraid of Ted Cruz that is why they are hoping you'll vote for Trump. Trump is all hot air while Ted Cruz is a proven leader. When was the last time Donald Trump filibustered on the Senate floor for 21 hours to preserve your Constitutional rights? That has never happened with Donald Trump but it has happened with Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has taken on the Washington establishment. He has stood up to them. Trump is one of them. Trump is an insider posing as an outsider. When Cruz goes to work each morning the Senate is in session he is going into lion's den. Cruz has begruding respect from them because he has tamed the lions. Trump has nothing to worry about because he is one of the lions. Go with a trusted leader. Don't be taken in my Trump's bloviating but instead go with a trusted leader. Go with Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz is TrusTED.

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