Saturday, March 26, 2016

Donald Clinton

I'm glad I'm supporting Ted Cruz for President. Donald Trump is such a lowlife sleeze. He has gone too far and has probably lost some support. I know he lost my respect. This is what I am referring to. Apparently Trump has low friends in high places. In this case that would be National Enquirer’s CEO David Pecker,who lives up to his name. Pecker has been running interference for Trump for a long time now and I'm sure they will publish anything favorable to Trump. They probably have nothing to worry about considering Trump will probably cover their liability IOW Trump will pay off the awards and attorney fees in a lawsuit. That is a sweet deal for the National Enquirer since it won't cost them any money. It will,however,cost them a lot reputation wise. The National Enquirer is a tabloid rag and they have been sued in the past. They may have recovered financially but they never were able to shake off their "libel" image. Like I said Trump is just another New York asshole who thinks he can buy the presidency. I would have voted for Trump if he got the nomination but not now. He is Hillary in drag. If Trump gets the nomination I'm voting third party. Do you think the Democrats are scared of Trump? Hell no,they are hoping he wins because he will rule like Hillary. Not only that but the Democrats publically said they fear Trump. Bullshit,they favor Trump. It is Cruz they fear. Don't believe me. Okay,where did you hear that the Democrats fear Trump? From the Democrats themselves. If the Democrats truly feared Trump they wouldn't publicize it. At least not to the general media. They would keep it to themselves. The Democrats may be evil but they are not stupid. If the Democrats truly feared Trump you would have heard it from Rush Limbaugh not the Democrats. Trump is a dirty dealer and has no business being President. Both he and Hillary are unworthy of the Presidency.

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