Saturday, September 6, 2014

Judge sets gay mafia back a few steps

From Public Advocate:

Have you heard the exciting news?

A U.S. District Court declared that Louisiana's traditional marriage law is 100% constitutional.

Instead of marching in lockstep with liberal activist judges, a federal court sided with nearly 80% of Louisianans who voted for Real Marriage protected by state law.

And the Homosexual Lobby is stunned.

They're suffering their first major defeat since the Supreme Court gutted the Defense of Marriage Act last year.

For months, radical homosexual activists ripped apart traditional marriage laws in dozens of states as activist judges forced liberal dogma on pro-Family Americans around the country.

Thankfully this ruling upholds the constitutional right of the people in Louisiana to define marriage as between one man and woman.

That's why we must build on this opportunity to encourage even more pro-Family Americans to join the fight.

Preserving the moral fabric of our country depends on patriots like you actively engaged in protecting our traditional family values.

If Public Advocate's supporters refuse to surrender and continue to fight every day to safeguard our values, we can win.

So please sign your "State Marriage Defense Act" petition demanding Congress take action to defend Real Marriage!

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. The Homosexual Lobby hit a roadblock after a federal judge upheld Louisiana's traditional marriage law.

Please help your Public Advocate defend Real Marriage against the Homosexual Agenda by signing your "State Marriage Defense Act" petition right away.

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