Friday, September 26, 2014

Support Senator Rand Paul

From Rand 2016:

There are just 4 days left until I have to submit my financial report.

President Obama, his allies in Congress and establishment politicians in both parties are waiting to see if you're still in my corner.

Polls for key Senate races across the country show control of the Senate is up for grabs.

The liberals in Washington are counting on their big money Super PACs to push Democrats across the finish line and preserve Harry Reid's status as Majority Leader.

So the September 30th reporting deadline is a key test of our movement's strength.

President Obama and Harry Reid are hoping I fail to turn in a strong report on September 30th.

Can I count on you to help me prove them wrong?

I'm committed to fighting President Obama's disastrous agenda and winning at the ballot box in 2014.

That means fighting for 100% repeal of ObamaCare, ending the NSA's unconstitutional spying and always standing for life.

But I'm just one Senator.

You see, the politicians in Washington take their cues from you.

If I can turn in an eye-popping report by the September 30th deadline, candidates across the country will see the American people are demanding Congress to protect the Bill of Rights and stand up to President Obama's reckless policies.

And while 2014 looks like a year where conservatives can score major victories, it's vital we capitalize on a promising political environment with action.

That's why I hope you'll agree to chip in a contribution before the September 30th deadline.

Whatever you can afford - $10 or $20 - will help me reach my goal and send a clear signal to the Washington elite that the grassroots is primed to fight and win in 2014.

And believe me, the political class in Washington would like nothing more than to write the obituary for conservatives this year.

Prove them wrong by standing in my corner and helping me to submit the strongest report possible by the September 30th deadline.

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