Monday, September 1, 2014

Vigil for the victims of big labor and a petition against big labor

From The National Right to Work Committee:

We don't call it "Big Labor Day."

Today, we celebrate the American worker -- not the union bosses who compel workers to pay them tribute as a condition of employment.

It's vital we counter the Big Labor propaganda machine that uses Labor Day as an excuse to demand even more power over workers.

That's why this morning at 9:15 am, I'll appear on C-SPAN's Washington Journal to expose Big Labor's power grabs and make the case for worker freedom.

I've also recorded a Labor Day message and released it to media outlets nationwide.

Americans from coast to coast will also read my Labor Day columns in newspapers or hear me or my staff on the radio promoting worker freedom.

Most importantly, thank you once again for everything you have done to help fight back against forced unionism in these critical times -- and please, enjoy the Labor Day weekend with your loved ones


Mark Mix

P.S. I can think of no better way to spend Labor Day than by remembering the suffering of the tens of thousands of victims of Big Labor's violence and intimidation.

So please, click here to light your virtual candle and sign your petition today demanding action on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

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