Tuesday, January 26, 2016

HUD prohibits medical marijuana

If you are on Section 8 housing or something similar to it that is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and you need medical marijuana to treat your aliments you may run into a problem. HUD has added medical marijuana to its "prohibited" list meaning if you are caught with it you will lose your housing. Other people in you state can use it medically but you can't. Meanwhile other people on housing can use pharmaceutical drugs with no penalty. They can even abuse them with no penalty but if you are a medical marijuana patient and you get caught taking your medicine it is out in the street you go. Who decided this? Some faceless, nameless bureaucrat at the federal level, just like the "Dear Colleague" situation. From what I hear this is the first time this rule has been implemented. If you are someone who is on housing and you think this is unfair then contact your Representative and Senators and tell them that you think this is unfair discrimination against medical marijuana patients. The DEA is not harassing state medical marijuana dispensaries so why is HUD bothering medical marijuana patients. If this issue personally effects you or you are tired of overreach by government bullies then get in touch with your elected representatives and let them know about how you feel.

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