Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why are they so secretive about the health care bill?

From Campaign For Liberty:

I could hardly believe my eyes as I read through news headlines like the ones below coming out of Washington, D.C. just last week. . .

“New ObamaCare Bill Hidden in Basement”

“House Republicans Hiding Their ObamaCare Bill”

“‘Secret’ Obamacare Plan Leads Lawmakers on Hunt Across Capitol”

“Sen. Rand Paul physically denied House GOP Obamacare bill”

So when is the last time you saw a smoky backroom deal in Washington, D.C. turn out well for the American people?

I’m afraid you and I both know exactly where this scheme being pushed by House Speaker Paul Ryan is headed . . . and it’s not going to be pretty.

So unless you and I want ObamaCare in the form of “ObamaCare-lite” or even ObamaCare 2.0 to become a PERMANENT fixture in American society, I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

First, please sign your REPEAL OBAMACARE! petition to your U.S. Representative.

And then – if all possible – please agree to your most generous contribution right away!

As a physician, I can’t tell you how I’m saddened that I even have to write you this email. . .

I can only imagine how the voters who gave Republicans control of the House and Senate must feel after they went to the polls to vote for candidates who promised to finally repeal ObamaCare. . . they must feel betrayed.

And make no mistake, ObamaCare must be repealed!

Since it’s passage in late 2009, ObamaCare has been a disaster in every sense of the word as. . .

***At least 300,000 small business jobs have been lost due to the law’s high costs and regulations -- and at least 10,000 businesses have been forced to shut their doors;

***ObamaCare’s employer-sponsored premiums have soared by 32% since 2010 while individual market premiums have skyrocketed by 140%;

***4.7 million people had their health insurance plans cancelled by ObamaCare’s implementation and were forced to enroll in more expensive plans;

***Competition has been thrown out the window as 70% of the counties across the country now have only one or two insurance providers;

***Medicaid is being stretched to the breaking point -- with projections that new enrollees will send Medicaid costs soaring to $3.8 TRILLION over the next decade.

Yet, politicians in Washington, D.C. are handing us nothing but their usual games -– insisting on delays and now even secrecy to work on a “replacement plan.” 

When my son, Senator Rand Paul, went to get a copy of the proposed bill, he was turned away, and his request was flat-out denied!

Replacing ObamaCare with a free market, limited government solution like my son has introduced ought to be Congress' goal.

But if that was what Congressional leadership was planning, would they really be drafting their bill behind closed doors?  How much faith do you have they are going to really do what they promised us?

Remember the Patriot Act and ObamaCare itself were drafted in secret in order to make sure most members of Congress and the public didn't learn what was in the bills until after they were passed.

The truth is, using the budget reconciliation process -- which requires only 51 votes instead of the usual 60 needed to overcome a filibuster -- Congress has the votes right now to repeal ObamaCare.

With House Speaker Ryan and others likely to continue their behind-the-scenes funny business, you and I must demand ObamaCare is repealed NOW.

Not next year. 

Not when Speaker Ryan, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sing "kumbaya" together over some bipartisan scheme they all love.


That’s why it’s vital you act today.

With your help, Campaign for Liberty is prepared to pull out all the stops to make Congress listen by:

>>>Using mail and email to mobilize up to ten million Americans insisting that Congress use reconciliation to repeal ObamaCare;

>>>A non-stop PR blitz to explain, from a physician’s perspective, why ObamaCare must be repealed NOW!

>>>Social Media and Internet ads to explain to younger Americans how ObamaCare is a raw deal and urge them to insist that reconciliation be used for nothing less than full ObamaCare repeal.

I’m counting on you to make all of this happen.  It won’t be cheap, of course.

But if you and I don’t run this program, I’m afraid ObamaCare could end up being cemented on the federal books for good.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $15 TODAY.

I know that’s a lot. 

But you and I must spring into action.

Of course, if $15 is just too much, please agree to $10 or at least $5 right away.

The ONLY way to finally repeal ObamaCare is for Congress to stop running scared and stand and FIGHT. 

I’m counting on you to make that happen.

Please sign this petition and agree to your most generous contribution of $15, $10 or at least $5 IMMEDIATELY.

For liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

P.S.  House Republicans won’t even allow the American people to see the supposed ObamaCare replacement scheme they’re working on.

You and I both know this is bad, bad news.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please sign the petition to your U.S. Representative insisting they vote to REPEAL ObamaCare IMMEDIATELY.

And if at all possible, please agree to your most generous contribution of $15, $10 or at least $5 TODAY!

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