Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sign the Petition to Slash UN Funding

From the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste:

Our politicians continue to pour your tax money into the United Nations.
When will they learn that the American people are sick and tired of throwing billions of dollars into this black hole of waste, fraud, and abuse?!

Please sign the National Petition ordering Congress to slash U.S. funding of this wasteful, bloated, anti-American bureaucracy. Washington needs to hear from you right now.

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has been battling out-of-control spending and taxes since 1984. But nothing gets on our nerves more than the federal government wasting billions and billions of our tax dollars to prop up the UN.

This den of bureaucrats, crooks, dictators, and thieves doesn't deserve a single penny of your hard-earned money, especially given the recent anti-Israel vote in the UN.

And yet, every year the politicians give in and fork over more and more American tax dollars to an organization that runs programs contrary to the interests of our country.
It's time to change that.

With fiscal conservatives now in control of Congress and the White House, we have an unprecedented opportunity to drastically slash U.S. funding of the bloated and wasteful United Nations.
But we need to make sure Congress' newly elected leadership and President Trump knows that this is a top priority for American taxpayers, which is why I need your signature on this petition right now!
Just click here to sign our National Petition to Congress. If we don't act quickly, Congress is going to send yet another giant check to the UN so that it can continue to bash America and undermine our interests.
Right now, Americans are paying $1.2 BILLION per year in DUES to the UN. We also pay $2.3 BILLION, or 28 percent, of the UN peacekeeping budget. Then there are the "voluntary payments" for special UN programs and funds. In one recent year, we gave the UN a record total of $7.7 BILLION.

America's taxpayers pay 25 percent of all UN expenses! And this is at a time when our own government is still running a deficit of nearly half a trillion dollars! This nonsense must stop. Please sign your Petition now.

Here is what your money is paying for:

•The UN is planning to construct yet another spectacular building in New York at a cost of as much as $2 billion.

•Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali has admitted that "perhaps half of the UN workforce does nothing useful."

•Third World dictators routinely fly to UN headquarters in New York to attack our great country and undermine our national interests.

•And UN-funded "peacekeeper" troops have abused the people they are supposed to be protecting and created a deadly and costly cholera epidemic in Haiti!

Congress must slash funding for the UN. American taxpayers should not be paying for this waste and abuse.
Sign your Petition right now. This is really important.

The new leadership in Congress and President Trump need to know that this issue is of the utmost importance for the American people. Especially right now, as our government continues to run massive deficits and the UN is working against our allies in the Middle East. Just click here.

And please, please ask everyone you know to sign this National Petition as well.

If we don't stand up now, Congress will continue funding the UN year after year and wasting our tax dollars supporting our enemies abroad.

That's how things work in Washington. And it's got to stop.

Sign your Petition. Tell Congress to stand up to the wasteful status quo and slash funding for the UN.
Thank you for all of your help.

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