Friday, November 7, 2014

To the new Republican majority

Congratulations on your victory Tuesday night. You say you want to oppose Obamacare and that is great because that is why we voted you in. But you've been wrong on other issues. I've been hearing some things that have me concerned. One of them is that you want to undo the efforts of the movement to legalize marijuana. That would be very unwise. The marijuana pro-legalization movement enjoys support from across the political spectrum. I myself am a marijuana smoker and I lean toward the right because I've noticed their methods worked. But to continue the failed policies of prohibition don't work. All they have done is jailed millions of otherwise law abiding citizens thus overloading our jails and prisons. Where has this war on drugs gotten us? A militarized police force,the fourth amendment being trampled on and corrupt agents of the government taking our property. Private property that belongs to their respective owners and not the government. Are there conservatives that favor legalization? Yes,the late William F. Buckley was one of them. I spell it out real well in this post. There is more on marijuana here. Like I've said continuing the failed policies of the past accomplishes nothing. Nothing but tragedy nothing but grief so let's change directions. Like I said I would rather smoke a joint than hug a tree and so do a lot of other people.

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