Friday, December 9, 2016

Chelsea Clinton: Hillary's revenge

“The Clintons are like herpes,” actor Tim Allen said last month, “Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again.”

As if on cue, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has come back to life with a new plan to continue her family’s political dynasty – and she’s anointing her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, as our country’s next leader.

Hillary stopped sobbing over her defeat long enough to speak at Harry Reid’s retirement this week, where she announced that she’s throwing a  “thank you” dinner inside the Plaza Hotel’s elegant Grand Ballroom on December 15.

Of course, she’s not thanking her voters like President-elect Donald Trump is.

That’s not the Clinton’s style.

Instead, Hillary is making the event ultra exclusive, inviting only the most elite of her financial donors to the six-figure gala.

To get on this list, you not only had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her campaign, but you also had to host an event introducing her to other donors. The bar is so high that even longtime Clinton pals are complaining about being snubbed, according to The Washington Post.
What’s behind all this? According to sources closest to her, it’s plotting her next move to put the Clinton family back into power ASAP – and it links straight back to Chelsea Clinton.
Since voters rejected her last month, Hillary has tried everything from hopeless state recounts, to claiming Russians hacked U.S. voting machines, to trying to sway faithless members of the Electoral College in order to steal the 2016 election.

Still, she’s walking away a loser – this time.

But the Clintons never go away, no matter how much the American people demand it. Journalist Ron Fournier, a Clinton confidante, wrote on Twitter that “sources close to her” told him that “raising doubts about legitimacy of election, even w/out overturning result, is part of Clinton’s plans to keep her options open for 2020.”
That’s right; Hillary Clinton is considering another run for president four years from now, at the age of 73!

But critics says that announcement may just be a smoke screen
For once, Hillary may be doing something that doesn’t benefit her own political career — she’s trying to convince her top donors to shift their money to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, the Clinton’s cartel’s ace-in-the-hole.

A source close to the Clintons told The New York Post that “the Clintons need some time to regroup after Hillary’s crushing loss,” but “they will not give up.”

“Chelsea would be the next extension of the Clinton brand,” the Clinton insider said.
The plan is for Chelsea Clinton to run for Congress, maybe as early as 2018.

Chelsea will run for the seat of Rep. Nita Lowey, a 79-year-old far-left Democrat from New York, when Lowey retires.

Lowey’s district has two advantages: It’s a Democratic safe seat. Chelsea is unlikely to run into any serious competition there. And Lowey represents the city of Chappaqua, where the Clintons have a home. Chelsea doesn’t live there – she lives in Manhattan with husband Marc Mezvinsky – but that’s no problem for the Clintons. After all, Hillary didn’t live in New York before becoming its U.S. senator.

So, the plan is to put Lowey out to pasture and install Chelsea in her place.
So far, Chelsea has made a comfortable living by cashing in on her family name and access to power, and has been groomed for years by her power hungry parents.

Chelsea Clinton is vice chair of the ethically challenged Clinton Foundation, where she has taken a special interest in its fundraising operations. Coincidentally, she has an estimated net worth of $15 million and owns a $10.5 million apartment overlooking New York City’s Madison Square Park.
And like her parents, Chelsea’s media connections run deep. For example, in 2011 NBC News paid her $600,000 as a special correspondent, although she had no experience in journalism – or, as far as we could tell, any talent, either.

Chelsea only faces one major problem: Lowey is not stepping aside quietly. She says she has no plans to retire, Chelsea’s future plans be damned.

“You’ll have to ask Chelsea” where stories about her retirement are coming from, Lowey said. “I’m running for office. I currently serve, and… I will keep running.”

In fact, a New Rochelle newspaper first published reports that Chelsea plans to run for Lowey’s seat five years ago – but still Lowey hasn’t budged.

If Chelsea wants her seat, it will be over her dead body (which rumors say can be arranged in Clintonland).

But at a minimum, Chelsea will have to work for it, which is more than this 36-year-old grown child has done for anything else in her life.


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