Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump adminstration may be hostile to Net Neutrality;individual privacy.

From Open Media:

The Internet is at a turning point: Under Donald Trump, Net Neutrality now ‘faces extinction’ at the FCC,1 and the NSA is poised for a dramatic expansion in spy powers.2 Either we stand up now for our digital rights, or we accept a world where everything we do online is monitored by governments and ISPs, free expression is quashed, and Internet access gets more expensive.

The United States has always been a trend-setter for Internet policy across the globe. If we stop fighting for our values then the door flies open for oppressive regimes the world over to follow our regressive lead.

Our nimble team is ready for this fight -- and we’ve received some seriously good news: a generous donor has just offered to double your donation every single month for a whole year if you sign up as a monthly donor right now.

This could make a huge difference in our fight against some of the most powerful and well-funded interests on the planet.

At OpenMedia, we’re experts in using cutting edge digital tools to force decision-makers to pay attention to citizen voices. But building and sharing these tools takes a lot of time and resources.

Our fight wouldn’t be possible without the strength of our grassroots donors: it’s their donations that enable us to run high impact campaigns to defend the Internet in the United States and around the world.

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Here’s what we’re up against in 2017:

A President and Congress intent on dismantling Net Neutrality consumer safeguards.1

Out-of-control government surveillance threatening to turn the Internet into something it was never intended to be: Big Brother.3

A president-elect who says he wants to “close down parts of the Internet” and who actually will have the power to make that happen.4

An AT&T-Time Warner mega-merger that will result in less competition and Internet price hikes for average Americans.5

If we are going to keep the Internet open, we’re going to have to fight to protect it. To succeed we need you to donate today so we can unlock essential matching funds. Please join for this time-sensitive opportunity.

The open Internet is under constant threat, but because of people like you we know we’ll be there to protect it.

With gratitude for all you do,
on behalf of your OpenMedia team

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