Sunday, February 7, 2016

Protect your rights help reelect anti-establishment Congressman Tim Huelskamp

From Freedom Works:

The time for talk is over. It’s 2016, and that means it’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to fight for real conservatives like Tim Huelskamp. That’s what real conservatives do; we fight for those who’ve fought for us. And that’s why you and I must stand with Rep. Huelskamp. FreedomWorks PAC is putting our money where our mouth is, and I hope you will too. I’m not asking you to donate to us. I’m asking you to donate to Rep. Huelskamp, and I promise you that every dollar you donate will go directly to his campaign. That’s why I’m asking you to chip in just $5 to Rep. Huelskamp today.

The establishment wants you to sit behind your computer and do nothing. They want you to keep scrolling and ignore this email. They’re counting on you to abandon Tim Huelskamp, because that’s the only chance they have at beating him. Rep. Huelskamp’s fought the establishment before and he’s won. That’s why they want him gone. They despise him because he’s a real conservative who doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He’s got a 98% lifetime score with FreedomWorks, and you don’t get that by being an establishment hack. Pitch in $5 to keep a real conservative in Congress today.

Tim Huelskamp will never stop fighting for the values we share. He’s proven that every year he’s been in congress. That’s why he’s got such a big target on his back. And that’s why the Washington insiders want to take him out.

If you sit there and do nothing, the K-Street liberals will win. Government will keep growing, your taxes will increase, our freedoms will shrink, and we will lose the few conservatives we have left in Congress. And you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Only you can stop that from happening. And you can do it by donating just $5 to Rep. Huelskamp’s campaign today.

For Freedom,

Adam Brandon
Chairman, FreedomWorks PAC

PS – Remember, every dollar you donate will go directly to Rep. Huelskamp’s campaign. And in a race this close, ever dollar will count.

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