Sunday, February 7, 2016

Put pressure on Congressman Paul Ryan to Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

It’s time to MAKE ‘EM PAY.

On January 12, 2016, members of BOTH parties in the United States Senate resorted to a filibuster to stop my son, Senator Rand Paul, from passing my Audit the Fed bill.

7 U.S. Senators who are facing reelection in 2016 chose to stand with secretive Fed banksters instead of the nearly 75% of Americans who believe this rogue institution should be audited and exposed.

I know these Senators are betting that the memory of this vote will be overtaken by the presidential race.

They’re betting you and I will just give up and go home -- even after falling only 7 votes short.

But with your help, I’m about to show them they’re WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

In just a moment, I'll give you a link to find your special, personalized petitions to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and your U.S. Representative insisting on House passage of Audit the Fed.

You see, if you and I can follow up forcing a Senate vote on Audit the Fed with passage through the U.S. House for the third Congress in a row, it will dramatically ramp up pressure on the U.S. Senate...

...Maybe just enough to make the 7 vote difference next time around.

So please help me send a LOUD-AND-CLEAR message to every member of Congress:


The fact is, if you and I are going to maintain any semblance of the liberty and prosperity that’s long been every American’s birthright, sending this message is simply not optional.

The Federal Reserve’s disastrous print-now, ask-questions-later policies are destroying the American economy.

Our middle class is being gutted before our eyes.

Poverty is on the rise.

While Washington D.C.’s well-connected corporate fat cats and the Fed’s hedge fund billionaire buddies continue to rake it in like never before, the American median household income is still far short of where it was -- even at the end of the last century.

And while our federal government continues to release “official” unemployment rates in the single digits, they’re not even bothering to count those who have given up looking for work!

Now, studies show 37% of able-bodied Americans aren’t even in the labor force!

It’s no accident. It’s all due to Washington, D.C.’s out-of-control spending on outrageous boondoggles like ObamaCare, which has left our nation $19 TRILLION in debt.

But if you scratch the surface, you’ll see the Federal Reserve -- which prints money out of thin air to pay the bills when sky-high taxation and borrowing don’t make ends meet -- is the true linchpin of Big Government.

That’s why it’s never been more important that you and I force passage of Audit the Fed and finally show the American people the Federal Reserve system leads to:

*** Constant economic crises. Centrally planned interest rates and money manipulation lead to one economic bubble after another -- just as we saw in the housing crisis and as we’re seeing now in the U.S. stock market;

*** The destruction of the middle class. As the cost of everyday necessities soar, those who are NOT on the government dole are forced to make do with less as the value of their money sinks;

*** Currency destruction. History shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize our money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

In fact, a past limited audit authorized by the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act revealed that the Federal Reserve committed over $16 trillion to foreign central banks and politically-connected U.S. companies from 2007-2010.

That’s more than four times the annual budget of the United States!

Imagine what a full audit would reveal about the Fed’s “special” relationships and secret deals with Big Banks, Wall Street firms, large corporations, and foreign central banks!

Please sign your petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and your U.S. Representative demanding they Audit the Fed right away.

The good news is, your action is proven to make a direct difference. Grassroots muscle from patriots like you from all over the country put the Fed issue on the political map.

It’s the reason Campaign for Liberty got this critical legislation passed through the U.S. House with HUGE bipartisan majorities during the past two Congresses.

It's the reason we were able to overcome an all-out Federal Reserve public relations blitz and force Audit the Fed on the U.S. Senate's calendar for a public, roll call vote.

It's the reason we were able to get 53 votes -- even with three senators failing to show up!

Make no mistake. You and I are getting results.

BIG results.

Each and every one of these milestones was a major, historic victory.

Today, we’re closer than ever to finally EXPOSING the Federal Reserve and striking at the very heart of the Washington, D.C. Big Government Leviathan.

But what you and I do right now may be the most important.

With the presidential race raging, keeping Audit the Fed at the forefront of the American political debate is crucial.

Of course, after this U.S. Senate vote, I know many members of Congress – in both the U.S. House and Senate – think they’re done with Audit the Fed.

I want to show them that if they REFUSE to pass my bill this Congress, they could face a buzz saw at the ballot box from the nearly 75% of Americans who believe the Federal Reserve should be audited.

That means generating a massive grassroots outpouring of support from good folks like you, insisting on House passage of Audit the Fed NOW!

So please sign your petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and your U.S. Representative demanding they Audit the Fed right away.

If we can pass Audit the Fed through the U.S. House again under the new Speaker, Paul Ryan, it will only increase the pressure on the U.S. Senate.

And with the November elections rapidly approaching, every U.S. Senator who dared to vote against Audit the Fed will understand they must change and vote to EXPOSE the Fed -- or they’ll risk paying the ultimate political price.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

Your generosity today is also critical to helping C4L turn our focus to the U.S. House with everything from hard-hitting mail, email, and social media to Internet ads, a phone mobilization campaign, and even TV ads (if I can raise the resources).

The good news is, in an election year like this one, politicians listen a little better than they do at other times. So everything you and I do right now could have enormous impact.

Remember, your action is PROVEN to make a difference. So what you decide to do (or not do) right now will have an enormous impact on this battle.

I hope you’ll go all in.

I hope that, in addition to signing your petitions, you’ll agree to a generous contribution of $50 right away.

I know that’s probably a big stretch.

But every dollar is so crucial to finally winning this battle.

Even if President Obama ultimately vetoes, that’s still a major win for you and me. With the Audit the Fed issue at the forefront of the presidential race, any candidate who says they won’t sign Audit the Fed would be toast!

Of course, if $50 is just too much, please agree to $25 or at least $10 TODAY.

I know I've asked a lot from you. The truth is, words can’t get close to the appreciation I truly feel for all you’ve done for liberty.

But this is a critical moment. Please come through for me by signing your petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and your U.S. Representative to Audit the Fed, and then make your most generous contribution of $50, $25, or at least $10.

Thank you for everything!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. The statists mounted a filibuster to derail passage of Audit the Fed in the Senate. But if you and I can pass Audit the Fed through the U.S. House, it will dramatically increase the pressure on the bad apples in the Senate to vote to pass Audit the Fed.

Please sign your petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and your U.S. Representative demanding they vote on Audit the Fed.

And after you’ve signed, please chip in your most generous contribution of $50, $25, or even $10 IMMEDIATELY to help Campaign for Liberty mobilize like-minded Americans.

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