Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016 election results

First of all congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump. We men joined together to send Killary the evil witch packing. I don't know where she is going but I know one place she ain't going and that is back to the White House. Feminists were backing Hillary and they ate a big bowl of shit. The difference between the two rallies was as different as night and day. The Trump rally upbeat and optimistic while the Clinton rally you could here people crying.

Not only have we chosen a new President we have chosen to repeal old archaic marijuana laws. Five states have gone for full legalization: Arizona,California,Maine,Massachusetts and Nevada. While other states are trying to legalize medical marijuana: Arkansas,Florida,Montana and North Dakota. Only the proposition in Arizona went down in flames. All the rest past. Yesterday 4 out of 5 states told the federal government to stuff their prohibition and 4 states decided that they would give medical marijuana a try. Yesterday was truly an historic day.

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