Saturday, November 12, 2016

A thank you from NORML

From The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws:

Without a doubt, the landslide winner on Election Day was marijuana law reform. We legalized an adult's right to consume marijuana in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and California. We legalized patients' access in Arkansas and North Dakota, and we expanded their access in Florida and Montana. With resounding victories in red and blue states, it is clear that marijuana legalization enjoys mainstream, bipartisan support among the American people.

Over 20 percent of Americans reside in jurisdictions where the adult use of marijuana is legal. Well over half of US states now authorize the medical use of marijuana. But we must sustain these gains.

Now is the time to double down in our reform efforts. Not only do we need to ensure that our hard fought victories are upheld, but we also must push forward to expand the marijuana revolution elsewhere.

Our work is far from done and NORML plans on fighting harder than ever before to ensure that responsible marijuana consumers like you no longer face prosecution, stigmatization, or discrimination. But we need your help to ensure 2017 is our most successful year yet.
Your donation helps us mobilize the grassroots in cities and states to apply pressure to elected officials, to buy advertising to increase citizens awareness of the benefits of legalization, to provide legal support to assure that these new laws are implemented in a timely and proper manner, to host educational events across the country to defeat the reefer madness rhetoric being spread by the likes of Project SAM and Kevin Sabet, and to have a potent presence in Washington, DC to lobby Congress and the incoming administration to not upend these successful state programs and to amend federal law to comport with marijuana's rapidly changing legal and cultural status.
Can we count on you to stand with us?

Thanks to NORML and other organizations nationwide that got recreational or medical marijuana legalized in their states. As the newsletter states we had a lot of problems with the prohibitionists but we overcame them and we prevailed. We prevailed over a mountain of lies and scare tactics that in the light of reason are a spit in the face in the intelligence of the American voter and the American voters saw through their lies and deceptions. The only place that failed to get recreational marijuana passed was Arizona. Perhaps next time NORML can concentrate on getting recreational marijuana legalized there as well. No one should be arrested,prosecuted and incarcerated for marijuana. No one.

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