Thursday, February 9, 2017

Audit The Fed more promising than ever

From Campaign For Liberty:

Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie have reintroduced the Audit the Fed bill (S. 16/H.R. 24)...

And now, we finally have a President who supports Audit the Fed!

We are only 6 votes away from defeating the Senate's filibuster, and there are 10 Senators who voted against Audit the Fed facing an electorate in 2018 who voted for Donald Trump...

All this means we have our best opportunity ever to finally pass Audit the Fed!

But we can take nothing for granted.

Federal Reserve apologists are on high alert and are already working overtime to make sure Audit the Fed does not reach President Trump's desk.

They know Audit the Fed would EXPOSE the Fed's corruption and cronyism.

So I've instructed my staff to double-down.

I've developed a multi-pronged plan to counterpunch the Fed's army of lobbyists and derail their scheme to scare and intimidate Representatives and Senators from cosponsoring Audit the Fed.

And I need your help to implement the first two parts of our plan:

FIRST >>> Campaign for Liberty must generate as many petitions from concerned grassroots Americans like you. Our goal is to bury Congress with a mountain of pro-Audit the Fed petitions by the time the first House and Senate hearings discussing Audit the Fed occur.

Those hearings could begin as early as mid-February, so please sign your to your Representative and Senators.

After you sign your petition, please share this alert with your family and friends, encouraging them to join you in taking action.

SECOND >>> You've been a long-time supporter of mine. And Audit the Fed has been the focus of Campaign for Liberty's efforts since I founded it in 2008.

You know the importance of contacting and mobilizing like-minded liberty lovers. But that costs time, money, and significant resources.

Resources, I'm afraid, Campaign for Liberty just doesn't have lying around.

Campaign for Liberty expended a lot of resources just to get where you and I are right now -- and it will take much more to reach millions of like-minded Americans to aid us in this fight.

So I'm asking you today to please make a generous donation of $10.

Your contribution, of whatever you can afford, will be put to immediate use where it's needed most.

Emails. Facebook. Google. TV, radio, and YouTube ads, if the funds can be stretched that far.

Every dollar we raise will help us flood every outlet to reach millions of Americans and fight back against Janet Yellen's Federal Reserve System.

I know you have already given a lot to this effort, but we have come so far and are so close to finally passing Audit the Fed...

It would be a shame if the banksters won because Campaign for Liberty lacked the resources to beat back their last, desperate attempt to protect Fed secrecy...

Can I count on you?

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie have reintroduced Audit the Fed (S. 16/H.R. 24)...

With President-elect Trump on record in support of the bill, you and I have our best opportunity ever to pass Audit the Fed...

But since the Fed's defenders are poised to launch an all-out blitz to bury the bill, you and I cannot take anything for granted.

So please sign your "Pass Audit the Fed" petition to your Representative and Senators.

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