Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Last chance to stop Sessions

From The Drug Policy Alliance:

As soon as tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will cast a final vote on the nomination of drug war extremist Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Email your Senators right away urging them to oppose his nomination.

Then, follow-up with a quick phone call to your Senators at 877-959-6082. Tell the person your name, where you live and say:

I am calling to urge my Senator to reject Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. He is unfit to head the Justice Department and will likely escalate the failed war on drugs and undermine state marijuana laws. Please oppose his nomination and the giant step backwards for criminal justice that he represents. Thank you.

Jeff Sessions would be a nightmare as Attorney General and is a threat to the historic progress you’ve helped us achieve.

He has an appalling record on drug policy, civil and human rights, and criminal justice reform.

Advocates like you have been flooding the Senate with thousands of emails and calls. The response has been overwhelming.

But now it’s our last chance to keep the pressure up before the Senate casts a final vote this week.

Make your voice heard: stand against Sessions for Attorney General.

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