Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keep up the presure to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership

From Fight For The Future:

In this email I’m going to tell you something awesome and then ask you to do something important. Ready?

Last night, we helped organize a protest outside an upscale restaurant in Washington, DC where Senator Ron Wyden had planned to hold a fundraising dinner. We had two dozen people there ready to hold a giant illuminated “Save the Internet / Stop the TPP” sign right outside the windows where his funders would be dining, but the Senator and his donors were nowhere to be seen. It turns out he decided to CANCEL his fundraising dinner rather than have his donors walk past our protest!

This is good news. It means Senator Wyden is really feeling the heat. But we need to keep the pressure on. He is literally making his decision about whether to support Fast Track legislation right now.

Call Senator Ron Wyden right now and ask his staff if they told his donors the truth about why they cancelled his fundraising dinner last night? Then tell him to oppose Fast Track for the TPP. Here are his numbers: (202) 224-5244 and (503) 326-7525 (go ahead and call both!)

We’ve been staying laser-focused on Senator Ron Wyden in recent weeks, because right now he literally holds the keys to the future of the Internet. Senator Wyden has been engaged in backroom negotiations with key Republicans over so-called “Fast Track” / Trade Promotion Authority legislation, a bill that would give the Executive Branch massive new powers to negotiate trade pacts like the TPP in secret and then ram them through Congress with no meaningful debate or amendments, just a simple up or down vote.

Just yesterday, Senator Orinn Hatch told media outlets that he was submitting his “final deal” Fast Track proposal to Senator Wyden by the end of the day. The Senator is thinking long and hard right now about what he is going to do. We need to make sure he hears from as many Internet users as possible TODAY calling for him to do the right thing, stand up for REAL transparency, and oppose Fast Track for the TPP.

Please pick up the phone and call Senator Wyden right now: (202) 224-5244 and (503) 326-7525

Speak from your heart, but be polite. Not sure what to say? Try this: “I’m calling to ask Senator Wyden to oppose Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and I’d like to know whether the Senator told his donors the truth about why he cancelled his fundraising dinner in Washington, DC last night.”

Can’t call? Click here to chip in $10 to help keep the pressure on and stop the TPP.

Senator Wyden cancelled his fundraising dinner last night because he didn’t want to face protesters calling for him to protect Internet freedom. Let’s show him that he can run, but he can’t hide. If we can get him to do the right thing and walk away from this deal, we’ll be closer than ever to stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership completely. If Fast Track fails, the whole TPP trade deal could come crashing down.

And that brings us one step closer to *ending* trade agreements as a backdoor route for lobbyists pushing bad Internet policy. The Internet’s greatest foes at the RIAA and MPAA have been using these secretive trade agreements to force bad Internet policy on the entire world for decades. We've finally figured out how to stop them; it just takes one last push.

We are low on funds to fight Fast Track and the TPP, but we’re still kicking butt. Please chip in $10 to stop the next SOPA from being passed in secret.

Thanks for all you’ve done! More soon,
-Evan at FFTF

P.S. If you can’t call or donate right now, that’s cool! Click here to tweet or email Senator Wyden today!

It doesn't matter when you call you can leave a voicemail if the office is closed. So if internet freedom means anything to you then put the pressure on Senator Wyden to do the right thing and oppose TPP.

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