Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Setting the record straight on Net Netrality

I'm getting tired of this anti-Net Neutrality crap. The anti's are going around telling everyone that this is a bad thing. It will put the government in control of the internet. It will kill innovation. Bullshit. Now the internet is protected from greedy corporate interests. ISP's that wanted to decide more favorable status to the big businesses since they'll be the ones who will be able to afford the high speed internet at a higher cost. A mom and pop operation operating in someone's garage may not be able to afford high speed internet at a higher cost thus their business not only suffers it may cease to exist which is guaranteed to make the fat cats even fatter. Net Neutrality puts Fred's Books on the same level as Barnes&Noble. It puts Rusy's Burgers on the same level as McDonald's. As far as innovation goes. Are you using the same phones they had in the 1950's? They used to use big bulky cable wires today we have light weight fiber optics. So there has been advancement in use of phones and the technology to improve their use. You know what? You've been lied to by 4 Cable and communication giants. One of which is out to show everyone that monopoly is not just a board game.

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