Monday, March 16, 2015

Stop Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General

From Campaign For Liberty:

"Civil asset forfeiture."

More properly known as civil asset "theft," it's where the government SEIZES cash, vehicles, and other private property from individuals merely SUSPECTED of wrongdoing.

No evidence. No charge. No crime!

Sounds like something out of an Orwell novel . . .

But it's a tool frequently used by federal bureaucracies such as the IRS, as well as local law enforcement agencies at all levels of government.

And without your IMMEDIATE action, I'm afraid government use of civil asset "theft" could spread like wildfire across the nation.

That's why I'm counting on you to sign your "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax urging your U.S. Senators to vote against Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General.

I'll give you the link to sign in just a moment, but first let me explain why it's critical you and I DEFEAT Loretta Lynch's nomination.

You see Loretta Lynch should be nationally known as the "queen" of civil asset "theft."

And for good reason, too.

As U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Loretta Lynch's office SEIZED nearly a BILLION dollars' worth of private property under the guise of civil asset "theft" just in 2013.

And now she's one confirmation vote away from being appointed Attorney General - one of the most powerful positions in the country.

Referred to as "The General," the AG commands an army of 90,000 FBI agents, investigators, lawyers, pilots, clerks, even troops!

With over 4,000 federal criminal statues to enforce, the Attorney General sets the tone for law enforcement throughout the country.

Given the fact that during her Senate hearing Loretta Lynch boldly declared asset "theft" a "useful" and "wonderful tool," it seems clear she plans to massively expand it if confirmed as Attorney General. . .

. . . I can only imagine the damage she'll do to private property rights and individual liberty if handed control over 90,000 FBI Agents, investigators, lawyers, and troops!

I don't know about you, but I surely don't want to find out.

That's why it's critical you sign your "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax to your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY!

With her office seizing nearly a BILLION dollars in one year, there are numerous examples of law-abiding Americans having their property stolen and their God-given rights trampled on by Loretta Lynch.

Take the case of the Hirsch brothers in Long Island, for example.

Owners of Bi-County Distributors, many of their customers often paid in cash.

But when the Hirsch brothers made multiple large cash deposits of just under $10,000, federal agents accused them of attempting to avoid the reporting requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act.

Without so much as a criminal charge, IRS thugs - under the direction of District Attorney Loretta Lynch - SEIZED the Hirsch brothers' ENTIRE bank account - over $445,000.

To make matters worse, even though the DA’s office is supposed to initiate legal proceedings 60 days after seizing property, Loretta Lynch's office sat on the money for TWO YEARS - REFUSING to return it back to the Hirsch brothers.

Two years later, around the same time Barack Obama nominated her to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General, Loretta Lynch's office quietly returned the money - finding NO evidence of any wrongdoing by the Hirsch brothers!

If Loretta Lynch is confirmed as Attorney General, there's no doubt civil asset "theft" will massively expand all across the country.

And given the IRS targeting, intimidation, and harassment of conservative groups and organizations, you can be certain civil asset "theft" is a weapon Loretta Lynch will use to attack Barack Obama's political enemies.

That's why it's vital you sign your "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax to your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY.

Unfortunately, Loretta Lynch's love affair with civil asset "theft" is just the tip of the iceberg on why her nomination must be defeated.

You see, you can be certain Loretta Lynch plans to continue Eric Holder's practice of unilaterally expanding the authority of the Executive Branch and federal power.

Take a few examples from her Senate hearings:

*** NSA Spying.

When statist Republican Lindsey Graham asked her views on the constitutionality of the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program, Lynch boldly called the program "constitutional and effective;"

*** Drone Strikes on American Citizens.

Like Attorney General Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch flat-out REFUSED to state whether or not she believed the President has the power to carry out drone strikes on US soil against American citizens;

*** Executive Authority.

Loretta Lynch supports Barack Obama's misuse of Executive Orders to effectively overturn the will of Congress and write news laws via executive fiat.

If you agree Loretta Lynch's nomination must be defeated, please sign your Action Fax to your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY.

The truth is, Loretta Lynch's confirmation vote is expected to come down to the wire - potentially being determined by as little as one vote.

At the moment, four Big Government Republicans have publicly declared their support for Lynch.

So assuming all Democrats and those four Republicans vote for Lynch, she'll get 50 votes - requiring Vice President Joe Biden to come in and cast the tiebreaker.

That's why you and I must turn up the heat on the Senate like never before to DEFEAT Loretta Lynch's nomination.

So please sign your "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax urging your U.S. Senators to vote against Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General.

After you sign your Action Fax I must ask you to please chip in an emergency contribution to help C4L defeat Loretta Lynch's nomination.

As you know, Dr. Paul and I are bracing for another attack by the IRS on Campaign for Liberty.

The statists’ goal is to cripple Campaign for Liberty and perhaps even force us to shut our doors.

And Loretta Lynch as Attorney General could drive the final nail in the coffin.

So today I must ask you to agree to an emergency gift of $30 .

I know that’s a lot.

But we're talking about a position that commands 90,000 FBI Agents, investigators, lawyers, and troops.

This is not a game.

That's why I have no choice but to ask all Campaign for Liberty supporters to go above and beyond what they’ve done in the past.

But if $30 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $20 or at least $10 ?

Whatever amount you can afford to contribute, even if it's just $5, will help C4L turn up the heat on the Senate to DEFEAT Loretta Lynch's nomination.

So please chip in whatever you can afford to this fight.

But most importantly, sign your Action Fax to your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you in advance for taking action.

In Liberty,

John Tate

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