Sunday, August 2, 2015

Obama wants to impose a dictatorship

From Campaign For Liberty:

President Obama wants more time calling the shots . . .

Not by changing our Constitution to enable him to run for President again -- but by stacking federal agencies with hordes of statist bureaucrats determined to impose a Big Government legacy that lasts for decades!

Even as I write you, I’m afraid the Obama administration is cooking up sweeping new regulations designed to stifle political speech, wreck private enterprise, crush the American economy with new draconian environmental rules - and more . . .

All without so much as a vote in Congress.

The good news is, there’s legislation to stop Obama cold in his tracks - if representatives and senators have the GUTS to pass it.

That’s why it’s vital you sign your "REIN in Big Government" petitions to Majority Leader McConnell and your U.S. Senators before it’s too late.

As you’ll see, these petitions urge McConnell and your U.S. Senators to cosponsor and seek roll call votes on the REINS Act (H.R. 427/S.226).

Introduced by my son, Senator Rand Paul, the REINS Act would STOP out-of-control government bureaucrats from ramming their agenda down the throats of the American people.

Will you please sign your petitions IMMEDIATELY?

The truth is, as President of the United States, Barack Obama has abused his executive authority as much or more than any President in U.S. history.

In just over six years in office, President Obama has issued over 200 executive orders.

During his eight years in office, President George Washington issued four.

Not only that, but President Obama has issued more than 400 Presidential “memoranda” - more than any other president - intended to pave the way for government bureaucrats to DESTROY liberty and gain even more control over Americans’ lives!

And unless you and I act IMMEDIATELY, I’m afraid there could be much more to come, including:

*** Massive gun bans. I’m afraid President Obama’s attempt to ban AR-15 ammo was just the beginning. The Hill newspaper recently reported that the Justice Department was preparing to release “more than a dozen” anti-gun regulations!

*** The so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” a shameless FCC attempt to SHUT DOWN free speech, guaranteeing the only opinions you hear and see are “government-approved”;

*** Internet controls as federal bureaucrats look to crush the one remaining bright spot in the U.S. economy with hordes of new regulations;

*** New EPA regulations giving federal bureaucrats control of virtually any parcel of land in the United States that receives rainfall, shut down utility plants, prohibit domestic energy production, and DESTROY our entire economy.

The truth is, for decades, presidents of BOTH parties and their federal agencies have abused their power to “rule by decree” - bypassing Congress and SHREDDING the U.S. Constitution - to impose their agenda.

In fact, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued more than 3,370 new regulations alone - adding 29,770 pages to the Federal Register!

That’s why you and I must act now to “REIN IN” Big Government before it’s too late.

If passed, the REINS Act would prohibit presidents and out-of-control government agencies from imposing regulations on American citizens with more than a $100 million economic impact without a congressional vote.

That means the FCC, the EPA, and Homeland Security can make all the “recommendations” they want, but they’ll mean nothing unless passed by Congress.

In short, these massive and bloated unconstitutional bureaucracies would be literally stripped of their power -- paving the way for their outright ELIMINATION.

But it won’t be easy.

The statists know passage of the REINS Act would effectively END any hope of “remaking America” with unelected and unaccountable government bureaucrats.

And after our incredible success at pushing Audit the Fed, they know good and well the impact you and I can have on Washington, D.C.

That’s why you and I MUST fight back harder than ever.

Over the next few weeks, I’m planning to massively turn up the heat on senators to cosponsor and seek roll-call votes on the REINS Act.

Using direct mail and email - in addition to internet, radio, and newspaper advertising - my goal is to recruit and mobilize a grassroots army to force roll call votes in both houses of Congress.

In fact, I’m hoping to contact up to twelve million Americans just in the initial push!

Then - once votes are scheduled - I’m planning to launch yet another mail and TV ad campaign, targeting key senators to urge them to pass the REINS Act.

The good news is, no senator wants to face reelection having gone on record AGAINST a bill to stop unaccountable Washington, D.C. bureaucrats from running our lives.

Even if President Obama chooses to veto the REINS Act, just forcing a vote on the bill will force presidential “rule by decree” to the very top of the American political debate in 2016.

So just forcing a vote on the REINS Act puts you and me in a win/win situation.

Americans don’t want a king or a dictator in the Oval Office. They want a President who is bound by the U.S. Constitution.

Not only will statist politicians who oppose the REINS Act pay the political price at the ballot box when faced with reelection . . .

. . . But, recognizing how much of their power is at stake, federal bureaucrats may start to think twice before imposing their radical agenda on the rest of us!

Now, this fight won’t be easy, so I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

First, won’t you please sign your "REIN in Big Government" petitions to Majority Leader McConnell and your U.S. Senators, urging them to cosponsor and seek roll call votes on the REINS Act?

And then, if you can, I hope you’ll make your most generous contribution - $30 if you can possibly afford it.

If that’s just too much, I hope you’ll agree to a contribution of $20 , or $10 .

Should you and I succeed in passing the REINS Act, we’ll strike a major blow against Big Government.

Bloated and unconstitutional federal bureaucracies will see much of their power stripped - paving the way for their outright ELIMINATION.

And if we don’t act, all of our victories could go up in smoke as we see the statists’ full agenda IMPOSED on American citizens without so much as a congressional vote.

So please sign your petition and make your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 , or $10 IMMEDIATELY!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. With handpicked bureaucrats in EVERY federal agency, Obama now plans to use the Executive Branch to ram through sweeping changes in policy to control speech, wreck private enterprise, install vast new environmental regulations, and more.

That’s why you and I must fight for passage of the REINS Act, which would stop the imposition of sweeping new regulations on American citizens without congressional approval.

So please sign your petitions and make your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 , OR $10 TODAY!

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